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Protest old umbrella police greece
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(get in here, faggots)

Protest old umbrella police greece
Protest old umbrella police greece

Source: SUBMIT / chan4chan URL: Info: JPG, 400 Kbytes (1247x831) Added by: enoeew (Mar 3, 2012) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
protest (196) , old (174) , umbrella (13) , police (265) , greece (15)

oooEYEooo: ..."I have the right to hold an umbrella in the rain"...1330796081559
Anonymous: My god, the police looks terrified!1330798744297
Anonymous: ^Well they should be... Greece is the land of souvlaki and souvlakis main ingredient is PORK!1330812382973
sumdumfuckr: the masses.1330850838678
Hughbie: Way to go gramps. You give 'em hell.1330851415690
Ceesaurus: Greece is filled with shitholes. Strikes and protests are increasing, but now change has come from it besides their economy is going down the drain. Can't believe how that once mighty country got so degenerated. We should let it die in peace instead of helping them euthanize themselfs, cuz that's not natural..1330851829136
Quantum69: ^i say we let it dye in piss1330852874350
MrPerspective: Fact : Greece got there thanks to the AMERICAN hedge funds amateur financial sorcerers.1333755372935
Anonymous: i´m sick of paying their debt. lazy fucking greeks!1347798373846
Anonymous: they going to get their asses kicked1347798504867
Bonefish: ^^MrPerspective you are right. Read Michael Lewis's book, Boomerang. He lays out just how American banking firms conned Greek officials into risky and ultimately ruinous financial speculation. The Greeks are to blame too though because they hid the dire state of their economy from the Euoropean Union when they asked for loans.1347799581144
Bonefish: I'm American by the way. Most of the big hedge funds, if they're not run by the large banking firms, they at least do most of their business with them. They're hardly amateurs though. They're out for mega-profit for themselves even if it wrecks many of the Worlds economies.1347802212330
Anonymous: The moochers class will not accept education. They will however accept the fruits of somebody else's labor.1355983107922
Anonymous: I am from Greece. We have survived sooo much shit, really worse than this. It is in our blood to be fighters. Politicians have made us look like we are scumbags. A lot of us are, and that's true. But the main thing is that we sure do not want to "destroy the global economy", we sure want to live with dignity. That's all... And a word to all of you. We won't go down, not that easily...1361558207868
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