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(get in here, faggots)

i hope you always find a reason to smile.
Smile advice smile (428) , advice (280)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 47 Kbytes (500x335) Added by: undefined (Dec 1, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Hughbie: There's enough fuckwits in this world to make me laugh everyday let alone no dramas there...1259676247667
Pyro: I have over an oz of weed left and most of my friends went home......I is happeh1259806337426
Furore23: On dark days there is always internets. Between c4c, ED, TGWTG, TVT, RLM, and the whatnots, there's always a commotion going on in my underwear.1286030797403
Anonymous: ^i demmand to know what those sites are1286051347896
Anonymous: I demand you either learn to spell or get your shit-hooks off the keyboard1286052200891
Bongochops: Farting always makes me smile, and 80's pornos1286055319372
Anonymous: Dipping my cock into a jar of pickles, then watching my roommate put them on a sandwich. Always makes me smile1286061828958
crackerkiller5: Graves mom always makes me smile1286087335997
Grave: ^it's kinda pathetic then, she's like 50 years old.1286087414684
Flarp: I smile best when I'm plotting revenge1286087676748
fingerofdoom: i smile when i surf /b/ everything is shitty IRL1286098214599
Furore23: Because I like you guys (GHEY), your demand is answered: c4c is obvious; Encyclopaedia Dramatica (LULZ!); That Guy With The Glasses (reviews of ALL the stuff, tonnes of comedy); TV Tropes (fascinating wiki on pop culture, media, etc); and finally...1286124152723
Furore23: Red Letter Media! The Plinkett Reviews on that site are AMAZING - insightful analysis of stuff like Star Trek and Star Wars as done by a batshit insane redneck serial killer. WAY better than it sounds, and you ALL should check out him with your eyes!1286124248511

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USA vs EUROPE highway
Usa europe highway speed limit fffuuu car trollface usa (443) , europe (91) , highway (14) , speed limit (2) , fffuuu (438) , car (386) , trollface (105)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 130 Kbytes (1000x1000) Added by: undefined (Dec 8, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Anonymous: hehehe!!1260361057565
Bubble: coz paint is good to1260362446515
Anonymous: 100 mph? that's too slow lol1260362770896
kinganonymous: haha!1260542816650
PUSSYDESTROYER: 60 hp top speed=55mph..ffffffffffuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu1260549759136
Anonymous: ^... right. 60 hp is a lawnmower1260554325746
hatakah: You can very easily get more than 55mph out of 60hp...1260587976118
SickNote: american cars go fast in straight lines, id like to see an american muscle car take on a european super car round a track1260588778217
PUSSYDESTROYER: ^^the little fucking cartoon thing there says EUROPE 60HP NOT europe fucking supercar1260593236560
SickNote: ^ yea but the person is implying that American cars are superior and all European cars are all small1260744527213
TASTYbacon: Wir fahr'n fahr'n fahr'n auf der Autobahn.........1260773052106
Terry: Who the fuck buys american cars anymore? biggest pieces of shit on the road, even the new ones. i'll drive a BMW any day, and pick up your mom with it, and fuck her in your room1260815583971
SickNote: ^ so you're what 11, 12 years old?1260840849494
crackerkiller5: thats swiney as another name1260845178619

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PEDOPHILE - a/s/l? O RLY? brb fbi
Pedobear pedobear (335)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: GIF, 47 Kbytes (504x888), Animated: 2 frames Added by: undefined (Nov 26, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
aNOMynous: calling pedobear a pedophile is like saying a grown up adult elderly grandma1259250496741
LittleDemon: ? eh?1259252048597
Anonymous: calling pedobear a pedophile is like saying a grown up adult elderly grandma - fail. this shit should be a meme u idiot1259253478886
aNOMynous: calling pedobear a pedophile is like saying a grown up adult elderly grandma - fail. this shit should be a meme u idiot - a whatwhat?1259259151266
aNOMynous: okay it's like calling a girl female... PEDObear IS pedo. You don't have to state that again.... *sigh*1259259610986
LittleDemon: ?eh ok thanks for clearinz that up...... But Pedobear isn't a pedo (by definition).1259269232999
aNOMynous: huh... then why is he called Pedobear and not Gerontobear?1259336430752
Anonymous: Not pedo, just likes little kids. There is a difference... LOL1259361463631
pocket: ^ Yeah- don't be pedophobic. He just likes kids, because he missed his childhood... like MJ1259374929302
aNOMynous: doh if I called you PedoAnonymous, wouldn't that imply something more than "liking little kids" ?1259418374293
aNOMynous: I guess Homobear just likes the human species then... :)1259418527978
Anonymous: he is a bear... bears love kids. Only you can prevent Pedophilia!1260433233296
Anonymous: pedophilia is wrong! its pAedophilia1265569719379
iprobablyhateyou: pedophile?... thats a big word for an 8 y/o1265570300855

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Yay! My game has downloaded
Game crack install fffuuu game (185) , crack (10) , install (2) , fffuuu (438)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 224 Kbytes (484x1730) Added by: undefined (Dec 8, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Anonymous: True, true!1260278141750
kinganonymous: LMAFAO, this true...i quit maple-story.... i playing xbox360 is awesome.. ROFL1260313319262
kinganonymous: haha ^ yep I quit maplestory, ...oh sweet xbox 360!! ( :1260315292808
kinganonymous: ^ you copy my names?.... LOL dude you awesome Xbox360! Haha1260315535731
Anonymous: true but not funny1260317103619
kinganonymous: lolz1261857853790
Anonymous: @ 9262, lulz.. me also quitting KMS.1261870025872
Easle: lolled1261941788325
Anonymous: @5872 ur right... gameolosophy . com /games/rpg/maplestory/maplestory-the-worlds-worst-game/1262133443246
r0man: Gone through that shit too often lawl1262178317214
mynamehere: YES!!1262204044642
Anonymous: it's funny because it's true1262245105288
Squirrely1: So true...1262254497757
Anonymous: the comic looks so cute lol1262805925549

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Broken penis fap fffuuu broken (20) , penis (1053) , fap (101) , fffuuu (438)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 91 Kbytes (696x618) Added by: undefined (Dec 8, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
iaksakkak: SCHLOK!1260279124580
Pyro: Wut?1260336299496
Anonymous: god damn attachments happens all the time1260525184932
Anonymous: i hate when that happens, lost my dick in my neighbor's dog once1260871217100
kinganonymous: WOOP bad, just use "Johnson's & Johnson's" Oil pure. Lmao1268026266430
crackerkiller5: ^or cooking oil^1268029269997
kinganonymous: ^ Lol I'dk1268029848285
DropkickMurphy: A glimpse into a not so distant future when prosthetic penises are made from gecko tails1268078660477
Samps: Wat1268090693547
Anonymous: gay1269710097900
HappyGoLumpy: bummer dude1270434892653
stureeeds: fncʞ ʎuo tɥıs is coufnsıug1270454439571
propapapa: that was weak1270615322340
ʇoן ɐ sdood pɐp ɹnoʎ: OP likes to draw dicks. and he found another pretence1278658642905

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School fart fffuuu trollface
School fart fffuuu trollface school (160) , fart (19) , fffuuu (438) , trollface (105)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 228 Kbytes (995x1107) Added by: undefined (Dec 8, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Anonymous: happens all the time i've done it 4 times in one exam haha1260526281755
Anonymous: olfactory win!1260701206820
Pyro: AHAHAHAHAHAHA YES1260911975414
>.>: WINN!!!1261477540820
Anonymous: lol, so much win goes into this picture1261535086797
Anonymous: ahahahahah1275336322801
HostiIityyy: lol1275336408881
Anonymous: OH MY FUCKING GOD MOAR!! HAHAHAhahahaha1275385567671
ElCapitan: LMFAO!!!!1275692011595
Anonymous: OMG FCKING YYEEEEESSSSS XD1275702869735
crackerkiller5: epic win sir1275704700719
Rorix: The story of my life1275741931698
Anonymous: omg i came with laughter1276549866933

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Boxxy boxxy (115)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 373 Kbytes (1600x1200) Added by: undefined (Dec 3, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
cogent: I'd love to see how that fucktard's life goes in 20 years.1259987983300
Anonymous: ^ die, please /b/ loves ya bawksssay1260608604469
4chansucks: ^ faggot LOL1260638708128
Boxxy: Epic faggot is very Epic.1260728626767
Anonymous: Me luv Boxxy!1260738675716
Anonymous: That's ba1263537228105
Daddy: I see what you did there...1263583919319
Anonymous: boxxy : win1263592556749
Pyro: the fuck1263595488650
Anonymous: boxxy boxxy boxxy1263691268140
TheTruth: can you do a inflatable doll of boxxy i'd like to buy it :)1265150998656
Anonymous: <.< wtf ??? tf??? wheres the dick slot (;_;)1271464043763
Swiney: He's got the same laptop as my stepdad, HP Pavilion g711271464294997
Warg: Someone help!! I still don't get why everyone likes Boxxy so much!!1271468433532

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Teacher board detention fffuuu teacher (22) , board (7) , detention (4) , fffuuu (438)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 129 Kbytes (1041x802) Added by: undefined (Dec 8, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Anonymous: hahaha thats sweet1260526317754
Anonymous: LOLLLL1262437773807
GuyNo7: HAHAHA!1262439713336
Hughbie: lol....I like...1262445121600
4chansucks: OP wins1262448437306
Reaxus: Bravo!!1262989470490
Anonymous: good effort1264753228599
Pyro: lol1264755658987
Anonymous: :D1272003086843
Greg: lol wish i had a teacher like that1272725909808
MAELSTHUR: xD1294409343383
Anonymous: PRICELESS1294416216942
Anonymous: i know her1294682136800
Aganonymous: YES!1300772505473

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