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(get in here, faggots)

COMPUTER GAMES - 1994 - 2010
Video games timeline video games (2) , timeline (31)

Source: SUBMIT / chan4chan URL: Info: JPG, 44 Kbytes (550x203) Added by: wildh (May 29, 2011) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Anonymous: true story1306677804525
faggit: true story.1306677886187
anonymule: ain't that the fuckin truth....still got my NES though...1306678032136
Anonymous: agreed1306775914600
Rorix: Videogames from 2002 on suck so much...with exceptions1306777720631
Weed: No exceptions!1306794518941
anonymule: Half life is an exception, gotta admit...1306800801354
Pyro: lol hells yeah1306835767206
Weed: Half Life was the beginning of the end. F*ck it.1306846260820
fiveby5: you kids today... donkey kong would kick your ass. bwahaha1306909124461
faggit: you know, i've been thinking of this while playing portal. maybe not 100% correct.1306978104698
Anonymous: old games are way harder but the new ones are just way too easy1306978221312
copperware: R-type for game boy kicked ass. I finished it and no-one would believed me! good old gaming days1307156862728
anonymule: you want hard.....fuckin play contra (NES) and try to finish without the cheat code. THAT'S HARD.1307197308321

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Sperm fap sock fail trap sperm (23) , fap (101) , sock (8) , fail (641) , trap (120)

Source: SUBMIT / chan4chan URL: Info: PNG, 361 Kbytes (1025x720) Added by: wildh (Jul 11, 2011) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Captngeetch: HA !!1310417524175
Banshee5: lol'd1310418600272
Anonymous: lolz galore!1310423197144
MrPerspective: "Oh shit, it's a trap! He fucked her in the ass. This stinks, man!"1310423705523
Captngeetch: ^ Rim Job...I mean Rim Shot !1310426465203

Anonymous: much wins1314208351138
MrSandyNigger: HA!1314431029823
Anonymous: why u no make babies ?1322186679795
Anonymous: y u no come into mouth instead? is better1322205738490
The Original Spoon: clevar1334008155183
BnSneky: hahahaha1334018813849
HWood: this seems so cruel...1334078769456
MWsRAGE_5: who the fuck uses a sock1334103048878

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Gun jump photo africa
Gun jump photo africa gun (192) , jump (151) , photo (1861) , africa (216)

Source: SUBMIT / chan4chan URL: Info: JPG, 119 Kbytes (1200x842) Added by: wildh (Jul 23, 2011) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Anonymous: Why is Seal skipping over an empty shell casing covered bridge holding an RPG launcher and grinning like the cheshire cat?1311431379935
Anonymous: some nigga lost his flip-flops...1311437016376
Anonymous: the correct solution to this problem is 12ga buckshot at close range1311449962458
djh123: as long as he has his key necklace he should be safe.1311463991832
Anonymous: "We prezident nao"1311727722162
darkstan: Kind of an amazing image, actually. And, ultimately, isn't this the kind of thing that many of us try to emulate, by whatever means?1311733578964
Anonymous: ^true dat stan^1311809180331
Anonymous: get down jamal you sillly nig nog.1346489516104
RubberG: Nigger stole my RPG-7.1346500153385
Anonymous: Like all of the others, just another dumb nigger.1346512778911
BnSneky: hahahaha kill it1346512791503
Anonymous: That's the boss nigger you have to fight when entering Camden1346518140639
Booboo Dice: Rocket Jump1346580887402
Anonymous: seal in da ghetto1346584661863

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HandzOff - Anti-Masturbatory Gum - Instant relief lasting up to 6 hours!
Masturbation gum masturbation (14) , gum (3)

Source: SUBMIT / chan4chan URL: Info: JPG, 81 Kbytes (500x375) Added by: wildh (Jan 3, 2010) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Sinonymous: is your hand in your mouth when you masterbate?1262530435675
robohitler: ^only if youre sucking your finger or eating your own cum1262543917556
Sinonymous: ^and are you?1262544053158
Wr104Gamma: the old spit and stroke is no more with this handy gum containing cayenne pepper and icy hot1262552282501
Bassman: I could do with some of that. Just can't stop!1262820272566
wrong¡: i need 2546 of this!1265438180882
RubyGloom: Relief? How is not jacking off a relief?1265451056301
Murloc: i'm guessing it makes u cum while u chew it?1265514035287
jackfrosty: Well thats an example of a solution to a non-existent problem if i EVER saw one...1267504530299
Feefdoodle: just cover penis with chewed gum and you wont want to touch it1267537848185
Hughbie: um....and what guy would actually buy this? Or accept this from their gf or wife? Gimme this shit, it will be used for oen thing and one thing only, to throw at stray cats fucking. Now there's a proper use for it.1267545532865
ʇoן ɐ sdood pɐp ɹnoʎ: i came1278602410449
Clownichter: I will take 5 boxes for tommorow1278641723341
the7rafe7: WHO THE FUCK WOULD TAKE THIS???1278645685157

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Forever alone lonely comic inception forever alone (39) , lonely (22) , comic (464) , inception (7)

Source: SUBMIT / chan4chan URL: Info: PNG, 783 Kbytes (792x3737) Added by: wildh (Jun 6, 2011) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
uberbarf: I was actually impressed by this one1307407440221
MrPerspective: My head hurts...1307423446445
Pyro: my mind= blown1307427053297
Tres: one of the better endless pastes1307442072260
Anonymous: Mindfucked. Thanks.1309294776314
Banshee5: nice...1309301477182
Anonymous: very meta. well done.1309306778357
Anonymous: Better than Inception1309307083332
MrPerspective: Butt which is the red pill, and which is the Viagra?...1309307919835
Last_Resort: Well done.1310868991455
Canit: This hurts my pancreas....and who's that behind me?1310880446592
clownichter: Awesomeness1310880759725
BAMBU: Forever incepted.1310893363230
Anonymous: Inception1311012840197

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Graphics vs xbox playstation ps2 windows difference
Graphics vs xbox playstation ps2 windows difference graphics (10) , vs (105) , xbox (16) , playstation (11) , ps2 (3) , windows (42) , difference (143)

Source: SUBMIT / chan4chan URL: Info: GIF, 1680 Kbytes (448x252), Animated: 92 frames Added by: wildh (Aug 12, 2010) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
kinganonymous: WIN.3pic (just have 2GB RAM, + Getforce Nvidia or ATI)1281607415293
Anonymous: All I know is that ps3 looked better then 360!1282789780351
TheKingGeek: Consolses SUCK1282789959490
Anonymous: ^ Really? Is there anything my lovely PS3 can't do?1282790020712
Your Mom: Design more console games?1282796488335
Limerick: Get you games for free?1282796576522
Anonymous: i don't get it why does windows look better then the xbox 360 when the xbox was made by microsoft which makes windows?1282800070318
Mike13815: Because the graphics card in the xbox only cost about a hundred and fifty bucks. you can save your $250 from buying that xbox and buy two 5770's that will make it look almost like a movie1282878008649
Anonymous: consoles suck1286556322401
Anonymous: hey didn't you hear? PC gaming is dead! Yea, the video game industry told me so.1286573905458
Seagull: Grrr why the arguments... Everyone knows pc looks better. Unfortunately if you dont want to spend 2 grand plus on a pc, you get a console....1286576593561
ElCapitan: Grow up and build a gaming rig like an adult....and do some FUCKIN COKE, you potheads!1286582679665
Anonymous: MAFIA 21286600123841

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