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George Carlin
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George Carlin was not just shocked to find out heaven was real, but that they were big fans...
George carlin heaven trippy george carlin (3) , heaven (14) , trippy (15)

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bananaman: heaven sounds pretty dope1255555222207
Anonymous: A drag is only used when your talking about cigarettes. its a hit if your talking about dope1258506739288
Anonymous: o rly?1258510174454

yah rly
Anonymous: NO WAII!!! :D1282720203868
Anonymous: this happen in real life...1296743321911
Anonymous: hahahahah i knew it1296743431574
Tattoos: The hilarious voice of reason. No one will ever fill his shoes.1308429822610
Grave: carlin is the man.1308431539377
Anonymous: hahahahaha1308431608589
Anonymous: it could be a drag with a joint a drag is three puffs lol and i say take a toke ersonally1323253528456
Anonymous: That's a very bad likeness of Carlin1323282526727
Anonymous: Looks more like David Carradine1323282628636
Anonymous: Throwing out your crap to make room for his stuff.1323292835767

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Comedian George Carlin comic RIP
Comedian George Carlin comic RIP comedian (4) , George Carlin (3) , comic (463) , RIP (26)

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SheikYabhutti: RIP Robert Culp1269933271517
CreepisKryp: RIP Ringo Starr1269933735655
greyhoundpaul: RIP Robert Redford1269951909356
zbloh: RIP Robert Paulson1269959468903
Anonymous: RIP Robert Preston1269959868133
iprobablyhateyou: RIP Taylor1269961028685
ano: Rip Torn1269986495925
the7rafe7: RIP Adolf Hitler1270033122220
Stalker: RIP Robert England1270033262693
Redrocco: RIP Lenny Bruce you fought the good fight1270033668755
Luv Killz: RIP Dana Carvey1270240802660
queefly: RIP Martha Stewart1270241018737
zbloh: RIP George W Bush sr1270251521988
Feefdoodle: RIP Billy Mays1270274205120

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Think about how stupid the average person is, and then realize that half of 'em are stupider than that.
George Carlin quote stupid average George Carlin (3) , carlin (2) , quote (122) , stupid (54) , average (1)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 23 Kbytes (460x441) Added by: GibblesNBits (Mar 23, 2012) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Smosh: Scary...1332523790647
Anonymous: Isn't true mathematically but still makes a good point.1332523842415
AnotherAnon: Depends on whether it is mean, median or modal average.1332524494398
SLIPPY!: ^ You just demonstrated which half you belong to.1332524549576
Anonymous: Let's suppose there are 3 people with an IQ of 150 and one with an IQ of 50. What average results in 2 people below average? :)1332524557371
SLIPPY!: Let's suppose 3 people argue about IQ on the internet. How many are below mean, median, AND mode average?1332525155439
Anonymous: Ah come on, there's no way that's true!1332753132668
Anonymous: ^ OH OK, MAYBE IT IS.........1332753181298
Tattoos: 2415, What the fuck do you know ? It's not a mathmatic statement, you fucking dick.1339359321944
Anonymous: you can't give stupidity a number you dumb idiots1339360562141
Anonymous: Time to trim the herd. Let's kill 4 billion morons1339377424532
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Link to this:,_and_then_realize_that_half_of_'em_ are_stupider_than_that.

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