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(get in here, faggots)

Hdd vintage ad hdd (10) , vintage (58) , ad (211)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 164 Kbytes (700x1016) Added by: NSFW (Aug 28, 2010) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Anonymous: fuck 10MB?! gotta get me one of those1283009193788
Greeft: FUCK I couldn't get one raw picture from my DSLR on that drive lol.1283019263963
MajorB: Hell i have mp3's that are bigger that that!!!1283033854275
uriar: nobody will never need so much storage..1283037586700
Anonymous: 10Mb for $3398.00? just go to show what a fucking rip off it used to be1283038676154
BriceFxP: Ah, those were the days. Fond memories.1283209718622
Anonymous: If only aerospace engineering followed Moore's... I want my fucking Jetsons flying car now you science nerds!1283213115792
Markonito: That represents remarkably good value if you ask me. I'll take ten thank you1283213300634
Anonymous: I have an old comp with a 4 MB drive...useless.1283217115230
Anonymous: i still have my spectrum 48k loads from a tape recorder - sentimental value1283868648211
Anonymous: Comodore 64 w/ cassette tape drive. I remember that shit.1285556494926
Anonymous: Remember when a meg of ram was $100 just back in the '90s?1285556560381
Nickeh43: Dude, that is a fucking sale. Is this at Best Buy or some shit? Because that discount is INSANE.1285564386971
hecramsey: I remember when cigarettes went up to $1.15 a pack. People were pissed, not about the price, about the change.1287199414939

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Link to this:'VE_BEEN_WAITING_FOR_-_$3398_10MB

Geek hdd
Geek hdd geek (80) , hdd (10)

Source: SUBMIT / chan4chan URL: Info: JPG, 66 Kbytes (400x449) Added by: * (Mar 29, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Anonymous: jobani v rot..1262380292759
ImaD00d: Holy shit that's a hot deal! Sauce for this so I can get one??1262417361319
kinganonymous: haha! so too Old 25 year, "15 MB"1262417765318
Anon: Fuck! We making 15 mb hdd already? Next, we go to the moon!!!!!!1265408991478
Anonymous: Finally! A place to store all my midis!!!1277420059188
Anonymous: Wow!!! I bet that could let you play pong in color!1277431362124
Anonymous: I hope they take payment plans]1277433409721
Anonymous: great deal!!!1277515947653
Anonymous: Awesome! Now I can put Duke Nukem AND Doom on my TRS 80!11!!1277522789276
⋐°ῶ°⋑: @1319: Tandy / Radio Shack TRS80 and similar series1277531421556
Anonymous: No way????1282682690233
Hellcat1138: WTF lol1282692678374
Anonymous: Hope its in cents...1283685820408
Anonymous: I actually remember these. Wow; we all wanted one *sigh* so long ago... Ooo my Petas gone Floppy.1283686037315

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File server SATA storage hdd computer
File server SATA storage hdd computer file server (1) , SATA (1) , storage (7) , hdd (10) , computer (149)

Source: WEB / apina URL: Info: JPG, 192 Kbytes (800x859) Added by: Anonymous (Aug 19, 2010) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Holzkopf: All of the chan4chan porn can be stored here1282233502160
Bubble: there is no porn on c4c when you're an oldfag, i watch porn as entertainment noa days, like watching a film... somthing to do for an hour to pass time,1282236135956
Bubble: I have to find new things that turn me on, or make it exciting, like fapping with superglue, Finish before it drys... faping over my grandmar, sticking my dick in my p.c cooling fan :(1282236239296
Redrocco: I count 2 dozen drives1282236343521
Redrocco: isn't super ATA wonderfull?1282236374672
Nono7000: Oh!!! AirCooling! Not so good for that! NEED WATERCOOLING!!!1282244945913
Anonymous: when I grow up I wanna be Bubble1282263137784
Anonymous: I think it needs more hard drives!1282740638798
Anonymous: Server towers useless unless your storing mass info1282742605410
Anonymous: How long for a defrag though?1282752381739
DutchGuy: that fucker must weigh a ton1282752614393
ThelemicMage: That is NOT SATA, look at the power pins, it's IDE1282774310161
Anonymous: think youll need more fans..1282787948627
Anonymous: I don't care. Everyone stop talking about this, it's boring. You better obey me.1282788087345

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Hdd hard disk
Hdd hard disk hdd (10) , hard disk (1)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 12 Kbytes (300x300) Added by: * (May 5, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Anonymous: Hard Disk ftw ;P1262032565760
Anonymous: Fap fap fap1262060404952
Sinonymous: disc1262096249435
Hughbie: The disc is a disk....which is a disc...disk?1262103328757
kinganonymous: "HARD DICK" Lmao1262124350350
Anonymous: ^lol idk1262125940681
Arschloch33: two decades ago, it was still floppy1357848095382
Anonymous: lol when ppl write HHD drive...1357874761377
Anonymous: when Recuva,com Did it for the Lulz1425865099535
Anonymous: aww thats cute. I miss hdd. not really. sdd is waaaaaay faster. guess what 2009? 2017 is waving.1502091193987
Anonymous: Apparently HDD's are still better for video and music files.1502105901711
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Computer network server hdd
Computer network server hdd computer (149) , network (8) , server (14) , hdd (10)

Source: WEB / apina URL: Info: JPG, 4712 Kbytes (2543x4209) Added by: Sallatos (Apr 5, 2011) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
StormTrooper: c4c's server farm?1302021275208
Zorro: This is how my new mini itx build is going to look like but then in 7 by 7 by 3 inches1302021335784
TitsMagoo: I see a blond. Is that normal?1302154490689
AZO: I see kurt cobain1306215694362
SouthernPride: that is alot of pentium 3 motherboards1306219728953
Anonymous: this the inside of a Blonde Woman... ? No way !1306249790148
Anonymous: Tits or GTFO1306249962890
Focktor: Pentium 2 .... crap!1306250115650
Anonymous: That's one of google's early server farms.1306250967360
SouthernPride: ^^ no, pent 3's, I can tell by the type of fan1306304249901
Anonymous: If you can tell by the fans, I can tell by the letters on them that they are pentium 21306305275428
Anonymous: that's fucking horrible! those cases should be closed. when they are wide open like that there is not proper ventilation to cool the components. engineer fail!1306306929279
Anonymous: ^ STFU Nerds1306317194991
user775: spacomputa...1306317266268

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Hdd cat
Hdd cat hdd (10) , cat (896)

Source: SUBMIT / chan4chan URL: Info: JPG, 41 Kbytes (594x365) Added by: * (Apr 7, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Anonymous: jesus that cat looks demonic1242029254116
UncleStrike: data protector1244654198143
Anonymous: zap!!!1245455420313
Anonymous: Warrenty is void.1264736882935
KarmaPickles: If this don't stop you from fapping to cat porn than I will keel you!1264738740424
Anonymous: how uses flopy this days?1265724627804
rockmin: cat getting static from downed HD1281490847675
ElCapitan: encryption kitteh1281494208135
Anonymus: I've downloaded a cat from Rapidshare1281528987184
Anonymous: weeee!!! ^_^1297001676744
Weed: I'm pretty sure that's a rat.1297011462354
Anonymous: Cat does a better job than Norton...1297014132629
Weed: It could be worse. You could be using Windows.1297023173959
DarwinIsDead: Hairy Smelly Black Pussy1297023232854

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Hi-res HDD hard drive dusty photo
Hi-res HDD hard drive dusty photo hi-res (738) , HDD (10) , hard drive (1) , dusty (1) , photo (1862)

Source: SUBMIT / chan4chan URL: Info: JPG, 895 Kbytes (1920x1200) Added by: user2000 (Jul 19, 2010) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
user2000: My own Wallpaper for you.1279542637992
Greeft: WOW, do you have that allover your house user2000, or just on your computer room walls?1279564323122
Anonymouse: couple of really strong magnets under the plate on the bottom right.1281148125919
hansi1954: I think that can not work anymore1281807430376
Anonymous: rly nice pic1281809391843
veranet: wow, how many megabytes?1330566480752
Anonymous: cool1330613002836
Anonymous: ha1330719828309
Decorum: How's your hard drive hanging?1330736867762
gypsygreen: that plater will never work again because of those few specks of dust1367162370392
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Geek hdd
Geek hdd geek (80) , hdd (10)

Source: SUBMIT / chan4chan URL: Info: JPG, 35 Kbytes (500x365) Added by: * (Mar 29, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Anonymous: WIN!!!1269893595566
Anonymous: NIce!!1269894158609
Balder: cool1270507592385
Squirrely1: Must be a Maxtor...1270517272819
Anonymous: maxtor was top of the line now its all seagate crap in a Maxtor box1276310318792
crackerkiller5: ^???^1276313080375
Anonymous: This must be a Maxtor... Western Digital rules!!!1276317459265
Anonymous: ^^wouldn't expect a nigger to understand1276317836313
Anonymous: obviously the guy turned a hdd into a grinder with sander wheel1276333227210
Furore23: OP DJs like a mad cunt.1276371468231
crackerkiller5: 6313.....i am not a geek my good sir, i have a life1276558604663
Anonymous: OMG that is SO painful to watch XD1285897017903
Derpaderp: @Furore23 Lmao, ily for that.1285919742121
Anonymous: ohh yeah~ $100 blade sharpener1286046438308

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Thank you Anonymous
Thanks redrocco hdd chan4chan thanks (11) , redrocco (24) , hdd (10) , chan4chan (343)

Source: SUBMIT / chan4chan URL: Info: PNG, 771 Kbytes (924x696) Added by: Redrocco (Aug 11, 2010) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Redrocco: 1281547845350
Redrocco: You know who you are.1281547886603
KingFap: why ?1281566099534
ksx: explain1281568363663
ksx: diy coupon?1281568410721
Nickeh43: Who are you? I don't know.. but I want to.1281582029230
Nickeh43: I think this mystery is solved. And I am extremely in love with generous anons. All of them if there happens to be multiple. <31284856303993
Hard Tymes: Your Welcome!1287937318961
Anti-PC Hero: Downloading warez FTW!1287949358132
FlarP: Anon delivers; literally.1287949885700
Chucktowndcroz: who's house is that?1287950069133
Redrocco: Dads crappy trailer is crappy1287956264502
Toxified: Nothing like helping ur fellow chan1319589629260
mischievious: Share with the whole class1334079310643

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Geek hdd mordor geek (80) , hdd (10) , mordor (4)

Source: SUBMIT / chan4chan URL: Info: JPG, 96 Kbytes (700x525) Added by: * (Mar 31, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Anonymous: lol1266793525797
Santa: holy mother of computers i want that fucker1266810005625
Anonymous: You can DL a shit load of porn with brazilian fart porn, granny porn, beastiality, japanese throw up porn, mouth shit porn....etc1266812365927
Squirrely1: ^ I like the way you think...1266816364233
Anonymous: ITS OVER 9000 gb of porn...1266868204477
The Irsh Guy: the gf's making me delete my porn :L1266870666188
kinganonymous: ^ my GF doesn't make delete my HDD porn, also i'm so horny with GF.. FUCK YEA! ;P1266891669971
Balder: a,b,c,d,e,f,g,......x,y,z, aa,ab,ac......1270508072950
Anonymous: haha almost all the drives are connected via IDE, only a handful are connected via SATA :)1274615715233
Anonymous: Looks more like 50TB1274626541660
FuckChinkies: Haha all that effort and these days you could do that on like 4 harddrives!1278689307892
Moongrim: Fine, I'll break out my 10 Exabyte drive then.1278720910294
Correctmeifi'mwrong: subject to high temps despite fans.1278721096256
crackerkiller5: 5927.....i was with you up until you said throw up porn1278738723282

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