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(get in here, faggots)

Things There Should Be An Award For
ITT award ITT (354) , award (4)

Source: SUBMIT / chan4chan URL: Info: JPG, 72 Kbytes (600x600) Added by: Grund1e (Jan 15, 2011) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Lyco: Me, myself and I... times 101295120287464
chrud: there should be the sexual oscars, for women who believably fake orgasms. also, a special effects award for the men who can pull it off.1295160647106
Greeft: There should be an award every year for the best motion picture that has been in the cinemas in that year.1295161142918
Lickathesplit: Best posing Palastinians ! every time i watch the news these guys are roaming the streets by the hundreds as if nobody has got to go to work, the next moment a speeding car is fiercely breaking, 20 arabs are wrestling themselfs out carrying one traffic victim, 20 other arabs help to carry the victim FOR FREE ! as if nobody needs the carrying money.. t.b.c.1295162359469
Lickathesplit: Next shot is a hundred arabs laughing and chatting on another street, somebody spots a camera and all of an sudden they are burning Israeli and USA flags ( bought in shops, with subsidiced money from Israel, EU and USA ) chanting allah akhbar and kill all Americans, zionist pigs and shit, the western world is no good, Israel is no good, USA is no good, blablabla. t.b.c.1295162716596
Lickathesplit: Totally denying Israels good intentions to create jobs and building projects by precision bombing abandened houses, and crack laboratoriums. fuck yeah, there should be an award for that..1295162901139
Anonymous: YOU'RE WINNER!1295174663880
Greeft: They should give awards every year for like the sciences and literature stuff and for humanitarian things man.1295176329403
Furore23: There should be an annual award given to whoever gives me the most money and the prize is a trip to the Sun.1295188093974
Anonymous: The most creative way to kill the most niggers without getting caught or attracting too much attention.1295212628788
uriar: couch potato of the year1295213888737
Anonymous: Deepest cunt1295277576234
Lickathesplit: There also should be an award for THE FANCLUB of JUSTIN BIEBER !!!1295280427523

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Lady gaga fashion award deer trophy
Lady gaga fashion award deer trophy lady gaga (17) , fashion (71) , award (4) , deer (28) , trophy (2)

Source: SUBMIT / chan4chan URL: Info: JPG, 400 Kbytes (1200x798) Added by: Anonymous (Nov 14, 2011) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
sumdumfukr: gary gaga approves1321251601468
Quantum69: crazy beach1321678830442
Anonymous: Somebody put a round between this cunt's eyes1321683109521
Anonymous: ^jizz?1321684901564
Anonymous: really? please explain her!1321687969507
BnSneky: what a skank1321688183139
Bunglicker: What happened to her meat dress I wonder?1326753312219
Anonymous: kill with massive fire !1326760857123
pimmelbrause: kill her with a dress made of PURE FIRE1326765253286
Spleen86: i love gaga!!!!!!1326775720721
Anonymous: it's a trap1326776558901
MF2012: poke her face1326832700322
Anonymous: kill her with a dress made of muriatic acid1326851845989
Mrsr. Gagulala: Hey you faggots look at me, just look at me, i suck your cock and ass, i am here, look at my dress...not strange enough? ok then i gonna dress like a bigger idiot, just that you notice me, i am gaga and this is my award for being so gaga, suck my pussy...i mean dick.1365385361812

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SO MUCH WIN - Award of Excellence
Win award smiley thread win (37) , award (4) , smiley (21) , thread (1022)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: PNG, 97 Kbytes (350x290) Added by: Anonymous (May 16, 2010) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Anonymous: PNG FAIL1274098842490
Anonymous:   ▲1357592621512
Anonymous: ▲▲1357592633249
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You're the lucky recipient of the coveted "Gayest Thread of the Day Award"
Gay thread award gay (469) , thread (1022) , award (4)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 67 Kbytes (864x569) Added by: * (May 1, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Anonymous: Young1258836842710
HsiX: Aw shit1258837979342
Anonymous: sexy1311550469983
Anonymous: badow1311550883498
djh123: lol1311562949386
salamicus: so let's make this a gay thread then .... so i wuz tweezing my ballsac this fine morn' and....1311574973972
Anonymous: urgh dude get your finger out my ass1311586205531
djh123: lol^^1314597240414
As-whole: this is fucking stupid1314599807407
Anonymous: weshrj1316153897597

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