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(get in here, faggots)

Consider what Charles Darwin said and then no one can comprehend why black societies are abysmal failures.
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Anonymous: Thomas Dixon, Jr., the Clansman... not Darwin1328922234803
anonymous: ^ is that supposed to make it less true?? Niggers are a failed race that nature would have allowed to die out if white man had not interfered.1328923185253
Anonymous: does it take clever quotes now to realize that niggers fail at life?1329007046386
Anonymous: ^ they don't. in fact, they have a much higher birthrate than white people. they do fail in africa, where most of the kids die at young age, but in western civilizations, they are backed by the white people's social systems. so in fact it's the whites who fail. at kicking them out.1329007304867
Anonymous: wow so this is the biggest amt of bs ever lol most children and communities have enjoyed the same rate of success with birth and as for advancing socially and technology hell the niggas in africa got us beat1330088877570
RubberG: ^ thought train induced by jenkem.1330099009487
Hughbie: Just one look at Africa dos indicate that something is not right. That place and now including South Africa is completly fucked up. Well done.1330149708980
Anonymous: What a load of crap. Africa "swarming with powerful and docile animals"?? I'd like to see YOU try to ride a zebra.1335113758977
bulbasaur111919: ^it is true however. What isn't true though is the intimation that the inhabitants of Africa never built anything enduring in the physical sense. They did and there is a lot of archaeology to prove it.1335116302635
Diversity Expert: Niggers will pass on to extinction.1335126909486
Anonymous: we can laugh at these truths but lets be honest its the white man who is on a path of total destruction of humanity.1335133876860
Anonymous: that's a (some) human thing, not a white man thing.1335134553694
WW3: Now think of the destruction that it comes when a nigger holds the highest office in the USA; Obunga and its welfare look alikes have pretty much bankrupted the country.1335141491568

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Link to this: ties_are_abysmal_failures.

CREATIVITY - If life gives you no money for hats, make a fro-hat
Creativity fro-hat afro creativity (2) , fro-hat (1) , afro (8)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 91 Kbytes (450x450) Added by: 127.0.* (Jan 17, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Anonymous: epic WIN1263019959985
Jovi: lol nicee1264377168446
TASTYbacon: The hat that never comes off........ahehehehe1264380296624
Anonymous: imfao1264380349250
crackerkiller5: i lol'd1264382281290
Limerick: Bet the upkeep's brutal.1281822149589
dxc: Gravity defying hair.1281838499378
TitsMagoo: He's got a matching pair of shorts ... ewwwwww!!!1281877301491
Anonymous: R.I.P. MC Hammer1281878347338
tehninja: lol1285560003813
Anonymus: creativity in niggerish: a fro hat. wow. you're so useful to mankind, filthy baboons1300675424250
Anonymous: Your jealous that a black man is 10x more creative than you. I want a hat like that :|1300684774795
Anonymousg of rubber: Instead of working Tyrone was carving his hair. Typical dumb nigger.1300705765854
Anonymous: lol you people hate prolly coz he got a bigger dick the you lawl1300705877200

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Link to this:,_make_a_fro-hat

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