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(get in here, faggots)

New Friend Requests!
Facebook sign religion jesus friend request satan destroy facebook (159) , sign (282) , religion (396) , jesus (226) , friend (56) , request (5) , satan (17) , destroy (4)

Source: WEB / apina URL: Info: JPG, 40 Kbytes (500x323) Added by: Skillmasta2001 (Jul 5, 2010) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Anonymous: they're both cool1278297592333
Anonymous: I deny the existance of both... wonder if Satan would buy my soul for unlimited cigars?1278397792300
rome_: ^not worth it1278410312459
bananaman: fuck cigars, we want tis'n'asses1278619353949
Anonymous: Holy shoot! I just friended Satan back yesterday! If only I had seen this sooner!!1278620754771
Nickeh43: *ignore* *ignore*1279442716648
AwesomeAnonymous!: Accept Jesus as friend! Make the first move and destroy Satan first!1287086560770
Flarp: Looks like Jesus might just destroy you, too. Maybe he'll just knock you bottom out.1287131137287
Anonymous: To accept Jesus' friend request, you must sell off everything you own and disown your entire family.1294707442520
omar's comin!: i blocked satan. hes a fag. i freinded Jesus, but only cuz i could look at his sisters pics (she has nitce tittays!)1296681924826
Anonymous: Ah,maaaan. How come the cool kids never contact me?1297502951393
pepe64: allah has poked you1355072008750
Uncle Harvey: Sorry, Satan, my ex-wife beat you to it.1355094685128
Anonymous: what if we just say yes and no to both, and get it over with?1586153908526
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The power to cause pain is the only power that matters. The power to kill and destroy. Because if you can't kill, then you are always subject to those who can. And nothing and no one cwill ever save you.
Darth vader Star Wars quote power destroy darth vader (19) , Star Wars (93) , quote (122) , power (26) , destroy (4)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 478 Kbytes (1024x768) Added by: Anonymous (Dec 19, 2011) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Moongrim: Epic Truth!1324303840401
NonComposMentis: Favourite-ed1324303900485
Vincent859: Which is exactly why there will never be "world peace."1324333022271
Anonymous: All Hail Lord Vader1324366831680
HanoverRed: that and the power to not be burned to shit by hot lava.... oh wait..1324433334302
Moongrim: There will never be world peace with religious wackos in the world.1324436701135
Anonymous: if you have power to not die.. then everything else is shit.1324442940166
djh123: dem clouds1324451616203
LemmyLaffer: And nothing and no one cwill ever save you1331072270426
Anonymous: autistic logic hurr durr1331078224813
Anonymous: someone update that suit1331087115367
Anonymous: killing me softly with wimp stuff, it hurts.1331087465226
Anonymous: apart from everything being easily usable for destruction in many contexts. killing is in many cases easy, doing it without getting caught might be too, but causing effectives isnt that much. anyways, pain that leaves the body is good if its not just hurt or permahurt but evolution of the self.1331087793182
Tattoos: I'm 47. Know how I've lived this long? Fear. The power of abject fear. A man steals from me, I cut off his hand. He attacks me, I cut off his head and stick it on a pole. Up high where everyone can see. Fear, that's how you survive. Civilization is crumbling.1331088046686

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Link to this: stroy._Because_if_you_can't_kill,_then_you_are_always_subject_to_those_who_can._ And_nothing_and_no_one_cwill_ever_save_you.

Asian hammer destroy wreck car
Asian hammer destroy wreck car asian (371) , hammer (15) , destroy (4) , wreck (3) , car (386)

Source: SUBMIT / chan4chan URL: Info: JPG, 517 Kbytes (1500x1060) Added by: zobinsky (Jul 4, 2011) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
NorwayJunkie: Eat the rich kinda thing?1309814937497
Anonymous: chinese copy of italian car gets destroyed in public1309817592112
veranet: well that fixes everything1309837580152
Aganonymous: GG1309839855655
Anonymous: he paid them to do it .1309840903311
Anonymous: That will teach you not to park in the wrong spot.1311616355374
Zorro: This is about some Chinese dudes killing their ex bosses lambo bcos they got fired.1311617062744
Anonymous: WHY DID U DO THIS? SON I'M DISSAPOINTED1311665428660
spz557: ^ No it's not!
Hughbie: you got the can do it. There are now more billionaires in China than anywhere else in the world. It's the place to do business....forget anywhere else....Russia is old for the rest of the world....yawn..1311670272304
Anonymous: ^ and still called communism, that's the best about it...1311675071357
Captngeetch: I love this scene in Fast Times at Ridgemont High !1311717973952
CockAsian: Evil sign of success must destroy capitalist driving device.1312047383314
sumdumfukr: stupid fucking chinks1314308292683

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