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Europe usa difference
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(get in here, faggots)

Usa europe army difference loli usa (442) , europe (91) , army (122) , difference (142) , loli (10)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: PNG, 359 Kbytes (800x600) Added by: Hughbie (Aug 9, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Americans are twats: So true1250043258341
Gorygames: Jawohl! Endlich die Wahrheit. Die USA haben doch garkeine "echten" Soldaten mehr.1250060296707
ARRRGGG: America still has a soul!!??1250069949737
ARRRGGG: America still has a soul!!1250069972163
Bubble: America stilI has a soul!!1250071133574
Bubble: America stiII has a soul!!1250071145204
Bubble: sorry i was on drugs then... i hope they do, maybe one day they will show it...1250072917765
Skinner: this isnt funny. Im not saying that because im american, im saying that because its just fucking dumb.1250105319896
sinonymous: NO YOU!1250105353258
Bubble: almost all red1250106068320
Bubble: Just the black at the top there...1250106106729
Anonymous: what Skinner said1250106984978
anon: I bet everyone posted above except for the black is the same IP address1250107028104
Brandon: And Jessica is the slut1250107882149

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Europe usa difference socialism capitalism lulz
Europe usa difference socialism capitalism lulz europe (91) , usa (442) , difference (142) , socialism (10) , capitalism (17) , lulz (14)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 49 Kbytes (707x482) Added by: * (Mar 2, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Anonymous: pretty clever. republicans should use this in their advertising1246065588181
Anonymous: in America the people have a right to keep and bear arms and... we do!1246145343743
Anonymous: wow socialists are dumb fucks1246626110170
Anonymous: All the way 1246145343743!!! ;)1246653057262
Anonymous: Wow, someone need to read up on a few things.1251196437338
jackfrosty: Yeah... Like never stand that close with a gun coz they could judo chop it out of your hand and then export it to mexico...1251197987282
randyvanburen: lol1251200366263
Anonymous: Pretty accurate.1255241286485
motha fuckn monkey: wow haha this is sooo retarded... way to go nihilists1255559546718
Anonymous: Europe isnt socialist you dumb fucks1259010221847
Meltinus: Let's show it for what it really is, eh? Socialism should have a tiny bag of money, a ratty beard, torn clothes, and no job. Makes more sense that way.1264876990328
Limerick: ^Why?1279068984333
Anonymous: i always prefered robin hood than prince john1279071667916
Anonymous: we need to get rid of niggers and then try socialism1279071837469

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Europe usa difference
Europe usa difference europe (91) , usa (442) , difference (142)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 226 Kbytes (600x1415) Added by: and1 (Sep 2, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Anonymous: there wouldnt be europe if it wasnt for the USA, WWII much? AMERICA FUCK YA! LOL at the world1251946002329
Anonymous: @ 1'st post , there wouldn't be a US if it wasn't for Europe you know?1252517162313
sage: sage this shit1252517969698
Anonymous: EPIC1252893981863
Anonymous: 2329 there wouldn't be america if it wasn't for europe in the first place DUH!!1252894177599
Anonymous: Why is it in all of these pictures they always choose the best Europe has to offer, while choosing som random ugly bitch for America?1256877667529
FalzeProphet: ^ because these pictures are a product of an ignorant US hater who just wants to remain in denial of the fact that the US *IS* a more refhned and advanced society than their own.1256878176309
ImaD00d: Funny how this shit used to actually sort of offend me until I realized teh nature of 4chan. Now it's mildly amusing. Getting old and tired, but still amusing.1256878407874
Hughbie: lol at FlazeProphet...refined and moving on to more important things....A mouse took a dump in a house.1256881466957
FalzeProphet: I never said we were the MOST refined and advanced... just more so than the original creator of this image1256882020651
Hughbie: Fair point then...I agree to that. These are getting a bit yawn now.... I think we need to pick on those cheese eating surrender monkeys now.1256882186531
Anonymous: Who's gotta take a shit on the flag of the European Union?1256969529268
ImaD00d: I'm with Hughbie. Fuck those frogs!!!1256972023432

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the main difference between Europe and the USA
Europe usa space moon difference europe (91) , usa (442) , space (94) , moon (54) , difference (142)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 42 Kbytes (640x480) Added by: Sparx007 (Apr 29, 2010) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Sparx007: ahh look at the flag waving majesticly in the wind ....... wind on the moon ...hmmm1272511024844
robohitler: ^myth busters busted that conspiracy with a flag in a vacuum chamber1272614918922
Greeft: ^Yes but there is also no gravitys in the moon.1272714578217
pocket: ^no gravites, eh? they must have reverse jet-packs on.1272720632124
Anonymous: How stupid do you have to be to comment here? Well, I've had a lobe removed, but still know that there was a rod in the moon flag to show it "waving" - I cannot believe that there are supposedly intelligent folk that stil think we never went to the moon.1272789931637
Anonymous: Could thanks the nazi for they learnings fucking americunts1272790933245
Greeft: ^There's no such thing as Rod!1272812465252
Anonymous: Sure u guys was on the moon, but the facts are that there aint no wind on the moon!1273122040562

TwoFaced: We1273131124667
TwoFaced: We're all living in Amerika, Amerika, it's wunderbar...1273131149372
Alfred666: ^ ramstine has a song thats almost like this1273131599671
TwoFaced: ^ I know.... I should sue them.1273131722535
iprobablyhateyou: You have all been proven to be, beyond a shadow of a doubt, retards1273154212664

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Pedobear europe usa difference
Pedobear europe usa difference pedobear (335) , europe (91) , usa (442) , difference (142)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: PNG, 212 Kbytes (742x451) Added by: Pedobear (Jul 27, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Anonymous: All the midget pedophiles are in Europe and all the fat ones are in the USA? That sir is racialism!!! There are pedophiles of all shapes and sizes all around the world!1249391136770
Anonymous: memefag1249451605904
newfag: ^ plain fag1249661615301
BeatsOnLosers: ^Newfag1250988088337
jackfrosty: ^Captainobvious fag1250992228183
TASTYbacon: ^fag obviously1251290324289
randyvanburen: ^ubber fag1251292502301
Hughbie: ^Here's a fag, there's a fag, everywhere is a fag fag.1251306770884
Anonymous: wtf?! I've seen one of those before.I don't know if its the same one but it was in front of a Coldstone IceCream Store.1251346844319
Anonymous: lol1251743149493
Anonymous: hella funny1252350898828
Necromancer: watch dateline, its all true!! lmao1257382907506
Tznu: LMAO!1257428626289

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Feeling superior to others because you were born somewhere just makes you a fucking idiot. You had nothing to do with anything great that ever happened in your country, so just shut the fuck up, I'm sick of your bullshit.
Difference usa europe difference (142) , usa (442) , europe (91)

Source: SUBMIT / chan4chan URL: Info: JPG, 246 Kbytes (600x2101) Added by: Anonymous (Jun 25, 2010) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Warg: FUCK YEAH!!! Finally, one of these things tells the truth: We pretty much suck equally!!1277461398770
Warg: ^(c.f. recent events in Soccer/Football)1277461426432
Anonymous: Y U MAD THO1277994284675
Anonymous: I invented the penis pump. What did u do1277996693201
GoinForSpeed: good shit1278028074728
Anonymous: so much fucking win1278028178456
pocket: Eurofags dress and speak with a gay persuasion, have poor teeth and overall hygiene, live in dilapidated shit-holes, and envy US culture because theirs is queer. Other than that, I suppose we do share some historical and cultural parallels.1278030526558
Anonymous: jealous guy...1278031081321
Ragnarok: Thank fuck for this. I thought that I was the only one that was tired of seeing the same "points" repeated in those threads.1278034585697
GripX: Showing only the good of europe and the bad of the US is a fail.1278109515300
Anonymous: Word1278120829346
Anonymous: fucking true1278122050693
Anonymous: All European final, 3 out of the 4 teams in the semi-finals too. Showing the rest of the world how it's done as usual.1278633871389
Anonymous: kick ass1278640922438

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Link to this: ing_idiot._You_had_nothing_to_do_with_anything_great_that_ever_happened_in_your_ country,_so_just_shut_the_fuck_up,_I'm_sick_of_your_bullshit.

The main difference between the United States and Europe
Usa europe troll difference usa (442) , europe (91) , troll (238) , difference (142)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 86 Kbytes (671x721) Added by: Anonymous (Sep 9, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Anonymous: wow, I can see the English Channel on the map1252482220465
Anonymous: lol1252487981423
DutchGuy: seems like win/win to me1252500471744
Anonymous: you well educated! do you think africa is in europe ?1252504494274
DutchGuy: YES1252505068116
Anonymous: than i have a bad news for u son1252505149982
Anonymous: kenya see the capital of Paris?1252536967957
Bugger Chan: He's saying Jessica Alba can be found in most of the US, while there are no dead Jews in Africa. I see ...1252878997251
Anonymous: non sense1252894336689
Hughbie: 5 cents?1252896993933
ThrillBilly: usa win1252910645449
Hughbie: no one wins..1252910937403
Anonymous: America wins, Alba is cute, and Emma is coming over to learn the ropes. Sorry Euro-Africa1252924473592
Anonymous: hem , is Africa1252930269894

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Usa europe difference
Usa europe difference usa (442) , europe (91) , difference (142)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 39 Kbytes (800x600) Added by: 127.0.* (Jan 17, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Anonymous: woohooo1246628334692
Anonymous: FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU... they're right! D:1246630223533
Crusha: xD1246635101823
Anonymous: yeah but we got all the arabian terrorist scum1246655066760
Anonymous: lawl.1246811707349
Anonymous: I'm American and damn proud of it, but guys, Europe just won this debate, hands down.1250213311997
Hughbie: Problem there is France....over 4 million friggen muslims and they are letting more in every fucking day....fucking cheese eating surrender monkeys...1250213861832
Anonymous: I'm glad American has a black President. Just too bad he is a far left wing asshole1250214427570
Anonymous: Hannity, FOX NEWS, was suppose to have a special report last night, Sunday, 9 Aug 09, but it never materialized . Yes, the program was not aired Sunday so it was googled and found the segments had been taken off of the internet as well. Wonder who did this? Wonder who blocked this? Is this our NEW Government protecting us?1250265363419
sinonymous: Yeah fuckin FRENCH, I realy HaTe AMERICANS. AMERICANS are for the cock and are not, I like spicks. FUCKING AMERICANS!1250265575955
Anonymous: I'm European and I have nothing against black people, I mean, I treat mine well1259310295338
anonymous: sinonymous is french? that explains a lot1259330426904
Smart Black man: acctually whites make up 75% percent of america's population whereas blacks 1/8 and 1 per million of those niggers is intelligent1262463770225
Anonymous: wow you might be onto something there...1264436524854

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the main difference between Europe and the USA
Europe usa difference fat europe (91) , usa (442) , difference (142) , fat (581)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 351 Kbytes (800x600) Added by: anon (Aug 13, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Anonymous: HAH! That guy got busted for... wait I'm being trolled1250476202157
Still Anonymous: Poor Europe - they are starving and only have fruit to eat and wine from crushed grapes to drink . Someone send them some hamburgers and fries ASAP .1250477372538
Anonymous: Europe's gay! Europe's gay! Europe's gay! Europe's gay! Europe's gay! Europe's gay!1250477481739
Anonymous: Incredibly black obese man.1250482282782
ThrillBilly: he's black.. but idk about incredibly black..1250484230833
Skinner: he could fly by flapping those titties1250511490199
Anonymous: 1250477372538 rather eat fruits than eat shit1250568453759
Cirus88: hihi european landser1250606826592
Anonymous: The white guy is juri van gelder he got busted for cocain use. Got kicked out of the army coz of it.1250632518951
Anonymous: How's those Olympic Gold medals doing Europe? Oh, you don't have all that many? How sad. You wanna come over to the U.S.A. and see some? Yeah, I know Russia and China are closer. You can just go see theres. Have fun.1250771697760
Hughbie: ^Ah yes, a yank. Obvious by the poor grammar and spelling. More interested in having the biggest things, the most things etc than actually having a real culture...but thats ok...USA in its current form (you always forget about the american indians) hasn't been around long enough to matter....Europe has been around for, oh just a thouand or so years...give or take a few centuries...1250785375159
Hughbie: ^ "thousand" before some smart arse know it all yank tries to show some form of intelligence...1250785524190
Anonymous: fucking yanks1250787745357
Anonymous: before there is a usa, europe debate, america has some great things, europe with it's many countries also has some great things. get rid of the crap of both and you've got shear brilliance. why no one likes america though is their arrogance. If you want to define who has contributed more to the world though, then I think England would win with it's inventions alone. Sorry septics.1250819713602

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Usa europe difference template
Usa europe difference template usa (442) , europe (91) , difference (142) , template (11)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 32 Kbytes (800x600) Added by: 127.0.* (Jan 17, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Anonymous: Finally, the truth. / Finalmente, la verdad.1242850392989
Anonymous: The main difference? The Atlantic ocean.1242850472241
Anonymous: a vertical grey bar?1243489388296
Anonymous: owns the USA1243522618863
UncleStrike: Afrika Rulez they R all Niggaz1244644921249
Anonymous: both get heavy snowfall?1244645423959
Anonymous: yeah, I guess...thats about it. Oh and lots of fucking idiots killing each other all the time..1244645528352
Anonymous: damn right 8863 Wait till they stop shipping to the U.S. the country will fold!1244652525386
Anonymous: they're both whites1251352375723
ImaD00d: One is a country and the other a continent?1251352688999
Hughbie: ^ finally someone got it right.1251356140599
TASTYbacon: were not as retarded =)1251492971845
Anonymous: i'm bored with bubble.1251660830129
Anonymous: china and africa arent in europe u dum shits1252441645666

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Europe usa penis difference
Europe usa penis difference europe (91) , usa (442) , penis (1050) , difference (142)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 35 Kbytes (640x478) Added by: edcedcedc (Jan 3, 2010) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
anonymous: thats fucking bullshit. im a eurofag and i know for a fact that my penis is only 2.6 inches when erect1262559874717
Anonymous: Im fron sweden 7.2"1262561265517
Anonymous: ^ including body MUAHAHAHAHA1262562198454
Anonymous: Yes, body and head. (you do meen the body of the penis, right?)1262562810525
Anonymous: actually this is total bullshit because eurofags use the metric system, americunts use the u.s. standard (inches) so on here, their numbers are actually centimeters1262567984632
Anonymous: Inches and centimeters are just two different ways to describe the same thing. Am avarage american penis is not longer in centimeters. And still inferior.1262591727641
Anonymous: They must only count the white US ppl. I bet the blacks have and inch or two to add to that equation1262597364801
SickNote: UK 5.5 inch?? I wish, lol1262653323693
nibbler28: WOW !!!! I never realized how "above" average I am... I'M GIGANTIC !!!! LOL Now tell me another joke1262680000217
LR: I'm from the US, I've got 6 inches here. I'm pretty sure the average across the board is 5.5", regardless of race or country in general.1262698542824
Anonymous: I just researched the website and other sites like it and the UK isn't even listed. This was probably made up by some brit fag to try to "one-up the yanks" well you didn't take into account that there is over 300 million people in America so the average is going to be moderate.1265172522904
Anonymous: the big question is why wasn't the UK listed? probably because they didn't even size up to the smallest dick to make the list1265172636930
Anonymous: 6930^ epic win1265182683544
Anonymous: fuck europe us is the best1269920260448

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the main differance between Europe and the USA - COLONIZED THE WORLD - HAVING NO IDEA WHERE EUROPE IS
Europe usa map difference europe (91) , usa (442) , map (98) , difference (142)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 82 Kbytes (800x600) Added by: AcidAlchemy (Feb 18, 2010) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Swiney: lol soo true1266512045664
stardog: Another eurofag post.1266514394276
Fuck the French.: Europe! Now one nation under Allah!1266516881128
Anonymous: Ha ha Europe! Close enough to the arabs to smell the stink, and get over run.1266520225217
Anonymous: I loled, because Georgia is in Asia, not Europe, as are all Caucasus countries south of Russia. So next time you want to make one of these, make sure you aren't an idiot first. GG. :P1267332563538
Anonymous: Georgia is in Europa, not EU.1267344881560
katlyng420: If Europe didn't try to "colonize" Isreal for two hundred years, maybe you would have to deal with train bombings?1267416969477
Anonymous: I lold, has some truth to it1267426031564
deadsmooth: Colonizing the world nothing to brag about. Set civilization back decades.1267428097456
beepb00p: maybe if we shoot all muslims on sight we won't have any more train bombings... hows about that?1267428433736
beepb00p: "Set civilization back decades." yeah, at least, what, 20 or 30 years? That's a few decades alright - LOL1267428515573
Anonymous: so true, damn americans think they are everything1271456221789
a78589645: Georgia stradles Europe and Asia. A little more than half the territory is geographicaly in Europe, and is recognised as a European State by the European commission.1271457946594
radada: Georgia is where we, Europeans, decide she has to be.1272734903226

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Monica Bellucci: Born in Italy ca. 1964 * Lindsay Lohan: Born in the USA in 1986
USA europe difference Monica Bellucci Lindsay Lohan USA (442) , europe (91) , difference (142) , Monica Bellucci (1) , Lindsay Lohan (10)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 330 Kbytes (801x590) Added by: * (Mar 11, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Anonymous: fuck yea USA all the way to bad when shes not on coke and or drunk shes way hotter than that skank1241581385259
Anonymous: yea...go the USA...we shoot each other when we can't handle the shit, invade other countries when we want shit, eat shit, look like shit, talk shit...hmmm..see a pattern?1241590048537
P. R. Bert: I say, can you see? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA1241590231853
Anonymous: so all the USA has going for it are coked up drunk skanky sluts...gee, thats something to be proud of....LOL1241590248713
Anonymous: gee can anyone say amy winehouse wtf usa haters fuck off1241935435840
Anonymous: ^^^Say what now Eurofag? LULZ!!!1241936252334
Anonymous: usa haters??? there no such things! just haters of epic fail1241938605432
Anonymous: Don't hate USA because we can fuck up your country, and Lindsey Lohan is a isolated incident. Euro has their crazy bitches too.1241941496501
Anonymous: USA = FAIL1241951926424
Anonymous: One of the few nice diffpics1241981255275
Anonymous: USA so full of shit, the only thing you fuck is your sisters. 12419519264241241987038129
Anonymous: Wtf are you taling about for the last like 1900 years fucking you though having sex with your cousin kept the blood pure i mean look at Prince Charlies WTF1241994977137
roflmobile: eurofags? usahaters? i direct you to the left side of the screen.....1241998718943
roflmobile: i love that picture!1241998950387

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Link to this:*_Lindsay_Lohan:_Born_in_the_USA_in_1986

Large Hadron Collider. Genova, Switzerland. Creationist Museum. Kentucky, USA
Usa europe science difference usa (442) , europe (91) , science (149) , difference (142)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 129 Kbytes (640x480) Added by: BlueFinger (Sep 30, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Anonymous: The Confederacy should stick their Creationist Museums right up their bible thumping ass!1254704861554
jackfrosty: Hmmm... God creates universe... Man creates more gods... Man creates LHC... LHC waks man with a meensy hungry black hole. Fuckin negroes!1254710223532
Anonymous: haha, creationists are stupid.1254778929299
SwineFlew: OTOH, the LHC failed on its start-up... Still not back online.1254795327259
Anonymous: And Darwin's Theory of Evolution film is too controversial for Amercia...seems most Americans just can't get their head around it....and thats 150 years after Darwin released his theory!! Its been proven correct, but most Amercians prefer to ignore the truth and also still believe the world is christians...they'll belive anything.1254796983601
Anonymous: ^just for the dumbarses about to comment, there is a film that has been released ABOUT Darwin's Theory of Evolution....Darwin obviously didn't make a film.....just thought I'd clear that up for any dumbarses here...1254797123150
ImaD00d: I live in the US and have had conversations with hundreds of people throughout my life regarding evolution. I have only met a select few people who actually disbelieve it - and I've never met ANYONE who believes the earth to be flat - even christians. So unless I've been trolled, 3601, you should get your facts straight before you generalize a group of people.1254799810370
Hughbie: Acutally right about the film bit not being released in Amercia...saw an article about it. But in he whole, you got trolled.1254807304469
ImaD00d: Hmmm, fair enough... that's why I put the disclaimer.1254808670290
Anonymous: Let's drop the Gay Bomb on Europe!1254921270203
Hughbie: Hey, lets just drop it on france. dddddDDdddonald seems to have an issue with it seems appropriate.1254921455352
Pyro: Lets do it1254921630478
DutchGuy: yay!1254921644934

Consider it done. Now enjoy you R&J cigars etc...

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Link to this:,_Switzerland._Creationist_Museum._Kentucky,_USA

the main difference between Europe and USA
Europe USA dog difference europe (91) , USA (442) , dog (514) , difference (142)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 179 Kbytes (500x341) Added by: * (Mar 8, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Anonymous: i like how the europe girl is wearing red white and blue1241581515354
Anonymous: well the french flag is red, white and case you weren't aware...1241584702545
Anonymous: lol.. pwned1241675941997
Anonymous: *facepalm.jpg* he didn't point out it was an american flag did he puusy frenchies trying to defend their continent fuck off china1241688654998
Anonymous: 1241688654998 duh dickhead...did he have to or r you too thick and if it isn't painfully obvious you don't get it?? You must be a yank.1241691974201
Anonymous: yeah I like how the girl is wearing the colours of the british flag too1245071597270
Anonymous: guys, aren't you forgetting about holland and fucking luxemburg?1245103845332
Anonymous: To be fair... the American is quite ingenious XD1245464135423
Anonymous: yeah I like how Brits think their shit doesn't stink, but will blame it on an american if they did.1245491800571
Anonymous: touché my son1249914469980
sinonymous: Of course it's your fault. there was no stink until amerikee came to be!1249921040803
Cheesetrap: 1249914469980>> pedobear's ears pricked up at that remark, he's taking it as an invitation lol1249921607526
Anonymous: 1241581515354 < We don' notice stuff like that, because we don't care about patriotism.1251196117886
Anonymous: its true... ive seen it. ugly ass brits running.. its terrible.1251217565608

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Europe usa difference
Europe usa difference europe (91) , usa (442) , difference (142)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 79 Kbytes (640x480) Added by: 127.0.* (Jan 29, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Anonymous: luckily the left image was taken in the middle-asian area, f.e. in afghanistan, iraq or somewhere else 'round there.... not in europe!1238505760437
Anonymous: LOL I doubt that fag. Been to London lately?1239837343708
Anonymust: 1up niggers. Most people who live in London were born in other countries.1239884389894
Anonymous: most people born in America are cousins LOL1240581308311
Anonymous: yanks are gay1240605811838
Anonymous: yank fags...ass fucking cousin shagging war causing falures LOL1240605875236
Anonymous: Lol @ jealous Euro and Aussifags. Taken a look at your countries recently? Too bad you're too gay to be a superpower1240606196577
Anonymous: superpower!!! more like redneck central...the blonde sums it up...1240630530956
Anonymous: usa - superpower. of what? faggotry?1240691107819
Anonymous: super power? lol not when ur 11 trillion dollars in debt lol america is like the annoying fat kid no one wants to deal with.1241193391571
Anonymous: good job there's no large amounts of oil here or they'd have to bully their way in as usual.1241199624638
Anonymous2: Fuck this! I live in Europe!!!1241199687349
Anonymous3: Everybody who lives in USA started as immigrants.1241199808665
Anonymous: LOL @ the "superpower" reply, 4 jumbo jets hijacked and all of the USA shit themselves, England had decades of IRA terrorism (funded by America) to put up with, war causing fuckers yanks kick no-one but there own people. COWARDS.1241205191342

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Europe usa difference anonymous boxxy
Europe usa difference anonymous boxxy europe (91) , usa (442) , difference (142) , anonymous (111) , boxxy (115)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 59 Kbytes (622x461) Added by: Anonymous (Aug 9, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
DarXidE: Bawxy!1250358978104
Anonymous: ^ You fail.1251195908913
Anonymous: All americans want to be seen... You have failed the purpose of Anonymous.1251196764722
jackfrosty: SHES ADORABLE! SHIT!1251197857694
randyvanburen: who the hell is that chick?1251200381875
Bubble: you don't waqnt to know, i burst my eardrumbs after 5 seconds on youtube so i would never have to hear her again.1251201588959
randyvanburen: are having a rough day there? ^^^^1251215677394
Anonymous: boxxy - how inspiring! :-31251215850697
Anonymous: I have been hearing rumors that internet celebrity Catherine Gomez Boxxy (some fans like to call her just Catherin without the ‘e’) had been found dead1251249941446
Anonymous: sdsdds1251250563531
Anonymous: shes greek you idiot ;s1254524506936
Anonymous: And yet, she isn't that good at climbing fences1254525724983
1234: Would everyone just fuck off with this shit? why give attention to some usless cunt?1254546877985
Anonymous: she's neither greek nor american you assfags, she's from the phillipines you dumb fucking cunts, l2internetz1254663847676

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Usa europe difference
Usa europe difference usa (442) , europe (91) , difference (142)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 120 Kbytes (720x488) Added by: 87.102.* (May 15, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Danie.: what the fuck is that supposed to mean.?1243052069908
Anonymous: Yeah that makes no sense.1243055349145
Anonymous: it means in europe, they jump to grab each other's balls, and in the US, they focus on safety and hygiene1243058673840
Anonymous: i filtered bong water through a maxi pad once, dried and smoked the unburned weed. I never have a bleeding gash between my legs, so I didn't feel bad about wasting the pad.1243405005278
FullOnIrish: Come on Ireland!1244079070747
FullOnIrish: Oh, and us Irish hate been in Europe...1244079228896
Anonymous: It means Europeans suck at making these things.1244151920387
Anonymous: Europeans are dirty, dirty people.1244155309500
Anonymous: Sorry >.>1244155377408
Anonymous: it's just because they don't bathe properly or regularly. underneath the funk, they're really just like everybody else. except negros who naturally smell funny.1244155429911
Anonymous: i have fungi under my armpits. occassionally i smoke it1244155623462
Anonymous: american men are big girls...more padding please for the nancy boys1244158762709
Anonymous: Us big girls can beat up your dad.1244160495498
Anonymous: My Dad fucked your dad1244160839189

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Europe and the USA - DE-FENCE!
Europe usa poem difference europe (91) , usa (442) , poem (13) , difference (142)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 127 Kbytes (799x923) Added by: c4c (Apr 23, 2010) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Anonymous: Well, unlike many other comparions on here, this actually is quite correct. Apart from the picture.1272577507455
Anonymous: Whoc ares, british and maericunst are same shit, english.1274279037505
Anonymous: Football > American Football EVERY DAY1274281279708
homerboy: hahahaaaa awesome!!1274295792474
NigBickDigger: Glory Glory Man Uniiiiittteeeeed. G1274296814729
Anonymous: Oh I get it, the difference between eurofags and America is that the eurofags chant gay poetry at there lil sissy kickball game and Americans scream profanity and support for their teams like normal heterosexual males. Thanks for clearing that up.1274307072836
Anonymous: Also before the soccer fags get up tight and start complaing, if your sport isn't gay, then where are your sexy cheerleaders at, hmmm? Football has cheerleaders, so does basketball. How about soccer and cricket? Nope just fags.1274307207822
El Capitan: "rain" "dreams" "heart"...stop singing poofy songs Eurofags!!1274309855449
gateway85: tits or gtfo1274311462839
TwoFaced: @7822, So STFU1274311949176
Anonymous: ^ok so kickball does have cheerleaders, maybe they should be seen more often to take the gayness out of the sport. AND STOP SINGING POETRY ITS A SPORTS GAME NOT A SHAKESPEARE FESTIVAL1274330575991
TwoFaced: ^ Blah blah fucking blah. Say what you want, but that shit is impressive ----> And it's not poetry, it's a song for fucks sake, learn the fucking difference1274332166988
Anonymous: soccer? wtf kinda gay name is that? its football you americunt... and the reason our game doesnt have cheerleaders is because the game is interesting enough without them, we wont get fucking bored shitless like we do during your gay assed shite sports1274341688695
AnarchoECO: Sounds about right.1274342472681

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Europe USA beach oil difference
Europe USA beach oil difference Europe (91) , USA (442) , beach (302) , oil (40) , difference (142)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 352 Kbytes (800x600) Added by: Anonymous (May 11, 2010) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
darkstan: Fuck.1273608875529
Malacath: hehehe...i can't deny that xP1273693423518
ghostoftime: all your euro shit is washing up on our beaches1273696800447
what the?: im pretty sure that the pic on the left is hawaii. judging by the hotel1273704328541
Anonymous: Problem, America? LOL1273762693456
Anonymous: and then they try and put a top hat on the leak... lol1273763286843
Anonymous: america thanks BRITISH PETROLIUM.1273771968340
Anonymous: This is what Americans get for making fun of Europe and the Iceland Volcano. I feel sorry only for the animals that live in the coastline and wetlands <31274381600276
Mr T: better on your beach than ours, carry on surfing :D1275663904493
Anonymous: lol america kept calling us britfags..... we showed them muahahahahahhahahah die birds dieeee!!!!!!!!1275692961450
Anonymous: BP strikes again1275708628905
slikwilly: @1450 you know this doesn't make you any less of a fag, right? Also, they project that if they can't stop the leak, the current will send the oil straight towards Euro-fag-land,,,,,, so, yeah1275712482320
Anonymous: BRITISH petrolium. Just like eurofags to fuck up and have to have America come and fix your shit.1275712597639
Anonymous: btw... england hates EU... so were not eurofags. britfags if you have to....1275712758920

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Europe usa difference
Europe usa difference europe (91) , usa (442) , difference (142)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 41 Kbytes (450x338) Added by: q000te (Aug 1, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Anonymous: Not all Americans are fat. I'm American, and I'm 51249180865577
Anonymous: Not all Americans are fat. I'm American, and I'm 5'5 and 102 pounds.1249180883414
anonlulz: Not all Americans are fat. I'm American, and FRIED CHICKEN.1249185673865
Znon: Not all Americans are fat. I'm American, and NIGGER CHICKEN.1249186733478
Anonymous: Not all Americans are niggers. I'm American, and NIGGER CHICKEN1249188284416
fattyyy: Not all niggers are niggers. Im nigger, and NIGGER nigger.1249189216213
Not Anonymous: Nigger all niggers are niggers. Im nigger, and NIGGER nigger.1249191060553
Anonymous: Europe eats their own farts!!1249197150380
fattyyy: ^ you fucking ruined it you piece of shit ^1249203442335
Anonymous: Killed teh combo, ya fuckin' bastard >_<1249204402808
coffeesick: Both of those girls are fucking nasty, just one more so1249226014656
Hughbie: Nasty girls are fat, Sluts eat chicken.1249228485994
Anonymous: whopper and fries fuck yeah1249451716340
Weazel: Let's not forget; Europe gave us Susan Boyle.1249472318790

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the main difference between Europe and USA
Difference europe metrics usa difference (142) , europe (91) , metrics (1) , usa (442)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 50 Kbytes (720x488) Added by: Omaha (Jan 6, 2010) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Anonymous: Britain is part of the EU and the have inches and stones and pints and fuck knows what else. (In sweden there is the swedish mile too)1262810434917
Anonymous: ^ The Brits are fooked lol and Swedes have Kronor but really Americunts METRIC SYSTEM ftw1264778707169
Terrorist Hunter: True .. Even in the US Army we use Metric....WTF???1264791204970
katlyng420: All us stoners know metric.1264832487811
Pyro: Weed is equal to happyness and Happyness is equal to or greater than shutting ur balls in a freezer1265184583444
Anonymous: ^ rambling irrevelant to picture ;)1268032606854
Anonymous: Its a plot, maybe... but still, STFU EUROPE!! thankyou... *exit screen now*1271069438206
Anonymous: yeah. the british money is 'orrible to understand. 2 6 pence is a farthing n stuff... horrible.1271442481566
Anonymous: ^get with the time man1271472111332
insurgent: fuck europe, why do you think we left there in the first place?1271479365837
Anonymous: because protestants couldnt celebrate theyre bveleifs because at the time our queen who btw has no power anymore was a catholic who thought anyone different deserved death1271508070343
Redrocco: aactually the Puritains we a such a straight laced protesant cult that Europe was glad to see them go, same thing with the Hugonaughts later1271508235546
Anonymous: 6 ft = 72 inches not 88, 1 m = 40 in = 3.3 ft; 1 Km = 3300 ft, 1 Mile = 5280 ft, easy stuff that everyone should know1271527931387
Anonymous: i agree with this person good work^^^^^^^^^^^1271798597471

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Usa europe difference sarkozy
Usa europe difference sarkozy usa (442) , europe (91) , difference (142) , sarkozy (6)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 110 Kbytes (675x445) Added by: * (Apr 18, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Anonymous: so whats better? :s1240109254996
Anonymous: the ones on the left aint Niggers lol1241801230583
Anonymous: ahh i get it, penis reference. but still french > niggers1241903062535
Anonymous: penis reference, french>all> sarkozy1241907259775
Anonymous: both ugly whores1243998478550
Anonymous: Carla Bruni ugly whore???? bury yourself!1246812731277
Anonymous: We smell better too.1246827398663
Anonymous: Sarkozy might be a total dickhead but to be fair his wife is hot!1247695482857
BeatsOnLosers: Mine's bigger than the average American. Yay. :31250052252381
Anonymous: THRO IT UP1255481739246
Anonymous: Im not being racist...i am totally against that. But Obamas wife looks like a monkey...for real! especially when she smiles.1255488454285
motha fuckn monkey: um nerds wtf the fuck is everyones problem with america and niggers on here?1255556190920
Anonymous: ^wtf the fuck??!!? LOL1255573478597
Anonymous: OWNT1263978607641

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the main difference between Europe and USA - Fucking Trolled
Difference USA europe troll difference (142) , USA (442) , europe (91) , troll (238)

Source: SUBMIT / chan4chan URL: Info: JPG, 78 Kbytes (800x600) Added by: Anonymous (Aug 19, 2010) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
fingerofdoom: good point.1285746850553
Clownichter: Well said1285818403349
God: this is inaccurate.. forced integration, equality for the unequal, up is down, out of touch with reality, delusional bullshit1285818575608
Anonymous: nigger jew1288032809492
g-man: I remember when trolling meant something1288175119536
Anonymous: An oldfag like you would g-man1288192671291
Anonymous: The main difference is that Europe is a continent and the US is a bad ass mother fucking country.1288225150391
anonimis: ^ well said1289093026941
mrisom2009: Shouldn't the USA be on the left?1289353571745

Weed: As right wing as you are? No way. You're staying on the right until you start caring for people.1289423979729
Leonn: Butthurt comments on what should be a win thread. Fucking shit.1289515520694
Anonymous: but who is the troll? lol1293770169134
::1293764994775.jpg::  1293773880990

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Difference europe usa music
Difference europe usa music difference (142) , europe (91) , usa (442) , music (89)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 68 Kbytes (712x488) Added by: anon09 (May 18, 2010) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Anonymous: Lars is danish, Kirk is irish/filipina, Robert is mexican. And you're forgeting all european acts like Rammstein, Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin.1274212295218
cebollo: and Boyle is from Venus1274212401422
Luv Killz: ^ true that! A vision! An Angel, A Virgin! An Anomnomnomally!1274213124847
iprobablyhateyou: that bitch ain't no virgin i bought her hymen on ebay1274219266877
Anonymous: they both suck equally. at least susan boyle didn't lose her talent 20 years ago1274221145552
Anonymous: ^perhaps but they still made 5 epic albums up until that point and Boyle has yet to do the same1274223403825
Furore23: I know which one is prettier in a dress.1274377911414
Anonymous: Have you even heard Susan Boyle's version of "Disposable Heroes" ? Listen to it and you will neevr need to return to Metallica's version ever again...1274391155689
Anonymous: ^she'll do that to music... I was sold when I heard her rendition of Samantha Fox' Touch Me (I Want Your Body). Not to mention Britney Spears' Slave 4 U and Sir Mix-a-Lot's Baby Got Back.1274392518347
iprobablyhateyou: ^for me it was her cover of Khia's "My Neck My Back"1274405842212
Anonymous: MURICA FUCK YEAH1275621217902
Anonymule: in fairness this is the most compelling one ive seen, so therefore. the worste troll.1276244365432
Anonymous: Epic Fail.....Lars is from Denmark he's not american1280340977427
Brockett99: the best metal is from europe1280342590110

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Europe usa difference
Europe usa difference europe (91) , usa (442) , difference (142)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 339 Kbytes (1280x1024) Added by: * (Apr 7, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Anonymous: i see they don't comment on this one tho hahaha USA USA1241581329777
Anonymous: what has the usa achieved over all these fucking years sending that fucking shuttle into space? hows that dipshit? Happy?1241589977713
P. R. Bert: CHALLENGER...1241590266158
Anonymous: That was then. This is now. Funding banks, lobby, war, cut nasa's budget. Lucky we have the internet now so rednecks who don't know the difference between star and planet can brag about being american.1241610142641
Anonymous: y'know what's funny? I was always pretty sure we (UK) launched the first public transport shuttle. So that's how it works? YOU buld something, and then we make it again but make it useful :)1241795231901
Anonymous: we had a sattelite in space first, good enough for me.1241903276774
Anonymous: Oct 4, 1957...Sputnik from RUSSIA was the first satellite into space you dumb yank....try again looser...1241915223996
Anonymous: He means before some snaggle toothed limey, you dog fucking Brit.1241936492330
Anonymous: lol...whatever....Yanks still failed...1241953765549
Anonymous: wouldnt be for our rockets u would still be in the dark ages,, ur satelites would never have made it in space fucking fags1242016642759
Anonymous: haha...your usa is the only country in the world that makes rockets....but then u are a yank so I guess you haven't learnt that there are other countries in the world..1242018754988
Did someone FART?: heyy..there we go 1242016642759, a good ol yank who thinks USA is the centre of the world and the be all and end all. RUSSIA had the first satellitle in space dickhead, NOT usa, so suck that one...oh, and they had the second in space as well...and GERMANY had the first rocket in amuricah achieved NO firsts...too FAIL..1242019377821
Anonymous: doesnt it look like its compensating for something.1242055602574
Anonymous: HAHA....1242086409515

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The main differences between Europe, Japan, and USA - THE FINAL INTERCONTINENTAL 21 ROUND BOUT OF THE 21ST CENTURY
Difference usa europe japan difference (142) , usa (442) , europe (91) , japan (344)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 1562 Kbytes (1600x4611) Added by: * (May 24, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Anonymous: UBER FAIL ak47 is a gun mainly used by poor countrys in africa, albert einstein moved to america and 4chan is a group of people from different cultures. so once again UBER FAIL1243190741253
Anonymous: LOL at every utter failure of the human species who thinks in countries and continents. You silly people will need a world-wide (planet-wide) catastrophe to get the real picture. John Lennon was right. Imagine no countries, no religion.1243191164365
Anonymous: ^ there is a world wide catastrophe, its called American Intervention / Interferance, until the yanks keep thier fucking noses out of everyone elses affairs, there will always be conflict, America DON'T own the globe, so stop thinking you do. 9/11 was well over due, i only pray for more disaster stateside.1243195402356
Anonymous: Wtf? Why doesn't america have Metalica and Pantera on there musical culture?1243210615871
Anonymous: ^ Because they aren't trained musicians.1243213002436
Anonymous: ^ because your a jackass.1243213291480
Anonymous: ya clealry this was made by some european that has never been to the US1243277418815
Anonymous: Eurofag here and this is full of fail.1243285070739
Anonymous: here we go again...let's see all the loosers take the bait...go on, bite down hard on for the hook!!1243286345742
Anonymous: fuck you guys, trinidad wins it...every time....1243292338388
Anonymous: ya man...lets all go smoke some weed and chill out...1243297951373
Anonymous: There is a worldwide catastrophe. Its called Niggers and Catholics.1243298045340
Anonymous: I'm with #1373. I think #5340 forgot a race/species/religion that is a factor too ;)1243298319856
Anonymous: Mexicans/Gorillas/Scientologists.1243304175765

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Europe usa obama difference
Europe usa obama difference europe (91) , usa (442) , obama (226) , difference (142)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 68 Kbytes (800x480) Added by: * (Mar 8, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Anonymous: I agree, european politicians look boring, whils american ones dont. some american ones anyway..1242502993921
roflmobile: you apperantly doesn't know anything about politics1242509482113
Anonymous: ^ you apparently can't spell or speak English properly...1242523010822
Anonymous: prescott vs obama? surely it shouldve been brown vs obama, nto alot better but more appropriate1243802174608
Anonymous: europian may look like shit but they keep thing runing1244088244554
realist: nice pupets the wise and the cool dolls!1244987017644
Anonymous: This image just highlights the ignorance of the american people.1245019534217
Anonymous: why not consider Berlusconi and Bush??? ahahahah1246805599882
Anonymous: John Prescott is Awesome! He punched that Arsehole with the Mullet! Let's see BO do That.1246823184786
Anonymous: What's with all the american favoured comparisons?1246831834693
Anonymous: ^the yanks were getting upset that the world outside of their own little mess was better than them so they had to make up these pathetic comparisons....1246842534249
Anonymous: lol ive seen more of these making europe look good such as the dog walking one1246846003133
Anonymous: exactly....thats why when the yanks make one it is a limp duck effort..they have nothing good1246846625583
Anonymous: No, you Euro fags have to try to prove that you are better than the US. The US can give a shit less what you fags think.1246847843174

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the main difference between USA and Europe
Usa europe difference wtc 911 epic win terrorist usa (442) , europe (91) , difference (142) , wtc (92) , 911 (70) , epic win (1) , terrorist (25)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 60 Kbytes (725x499) Added by: * (Feb 24, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Anonymous: fucking exellent1241801273965
Anonymous: Funny...thosae fucking PUSSIES in Europe needed the US to bail them out not once....but TWICE. Fuck Europe, stupid assholes. They oughta all be speaking German right now...and we'de probably have a better time negotiating with Hitler's kids than the asshole in Europe.1241828020246
Anonymous: France = Europe? Thats a new one...Dumb we go again with their ego powertripping "we own the world but know nothing about it" bullshit...1241832201488
Anonymous: negotiating!!! LOL...USA can't even negotiate with pissy nth korea....they just give the usa the finger...and you're doing so well with Iran as well...HAHA1241834501274
Anonymous: To be honest, he's talking about in the WW's. If it wasn't for America, Europe would be destroyed. So kiss our ass. AND, Iran? Who cares about them? We don't give them a serious thought in the day. But when Korea bombs you guys because we don't care, don't be giving us the finger, because they HATE YOU TOO. Fucktards.1241942310848
Anonymous: HAHa.....another tosspot egotistical yank. FUCK you...your military is useless...Korea will bomb YOU guys you dumb fuck, not why don't you take your lack of intelligence, your fucked attitude and ram it up your FAT yankie obese arse.1241951374112
Anonymous: why don't you fucking newfags go make some oc and stop posting in the same fucking threads the same fucking points1241954305986
Anonymous: you must be yank....trying to tell us all what to do....GTFO ya poofter...1241954537611
Anonymous: HAHA....poor yankie getting upset....go have another burger fattie..1241954604256
Anonymous: 1241954305986: you actually want newfag OC?1241954784795
Anonymous: HAHA <31242194348313
Anonymous: 2 bad the jew americans ruined Europe and our wonderful Third reich. The fact that soviet union did 90% of the nazi stomping makes the gay statement that USA is the hero of the day even more gay.1242194530245
Anonymous: allright everyone seems to forget that most americans are of european decent so were all the same so stop hating both of u. im english but have nothing against america or any other country infact. u who hate becuase of your own ignorance!1242205204458
Anonymous: i hate ignorance...ignorance hates me...such a perfect relationship...1242210512267

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USA vs Europe - USA fails so fucking hard
Usa europe difference FAIL usa (442) , europe (91) , difference (142) , FAIL (640)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 1415 Kbytes (1370x4000) Added by: \m/ (Jan 28, 2010) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
katlyng420: That's a lot of shit talkin from the worlds most genocidal continent. Go eat your blood pudding weirdo.1264655079775
Docthebastard: Eating a faggot in the UK ain't the same as eating a faggot in the US1264680954472
Anonymous: there wouldne be a europe with out america, WWII much?1264749630469
KarmaPickles: Fuck you Eurofags! Europe is worst country in all of Africa! You get art, it's gay. You cannot beat Kolbe, fucktard.1264756241536
Terrorist Hunter: Lame1264763970202
KarmaPickles: I was trying to be, whole thing's lame.1264769660409
Terrorist Hunter: @KarmaPickles comment was for pic not at you1264791729508
BernardTheRetard: What's funny is that these Eurofags actually believe this shit. The only one I would agree with would be the cars. Everything else is better in America. And besides, you people fail anyways for trying to compare all of your countries to the US, I guess since we are so superior to you in every way that you eurofags think the only way you could beat us is to team up. LOL fucken sissies1266820876942
kinganonymous: << this create france?, how fucking the bible american!? still Eurofag kid.1266821934788
Sissy Cheeks: Sorry Yanks, We are just suffering from a loss of identity as we have mostly switched to the Euro, & Muslims & Turks are everywhere now. it's all we have, trolling you.funny how we hate you, but want more then ever to be you.1266845195556
killzMinuz9: take us back please1266850939461
BeaversNDucks: u can take any subject and bias it one way or another1266851178590
BasementKing: Soccer? Better than American football? Enjoy your score of 1-0, eurofag.1267328193868
Anonymous: ^yep1267336275456

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