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(get in here, faggots)

Ism comparison capitalism to Tyler Durden
Capitalism fascism socialism anarchy hedonism triforcism tolliam narcissism prism alcoholism catholicism technocracy tyler durden politics vs

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 155 Kbytes (500x1000) Added by: DeadSoul (Jul 13, 2010) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
capitalism (17) , fascism (5) , socialism (10) , anarchy (6) , hedonism (1) , triforcism (1) , tolliam (1) , narcissism (1) , prism (3) , alcoholism (1) , catholicism (1) , technocracy (1) , tyler durden (2) , politics (128) , vs (105)

Aninymous: > and then there's "Priapism."1278980272665
pocket: jism1278980477270
Anonymous: Durden FTW1279411045709
Grave: lol I started loling at cubism1282512628174

crackerkiller5: ^???^1282530494432
Limerick: It's a cracker thing.1282534752771
so_what_if___: fap-ism.1282680478226
HappyGoLumpy: @2665 LOL!1282930698698
Anon: tag whore1285718635350
Mutt: Isimectomy?1285718764808
Chris Hansen: tyler derrrrism1286230131975
Anonymous: I laughed my ass off :D1286754411713
rock: nice actually just shit1292021165812
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FASCISM - "When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross." - Sinclair Lewis 1835
Fascism sarah palin cross flag

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 71 Kbytes (640x509) Added by: * (Jun 13, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
fascism (5) , sarah palin (30) , cross (31) , flag (113)

Anonymous: WIN1245108136590
Anonymous: LOL.1245140009294
UncleStrike: I'll move to Canada!1245158834425
Anonymous: still hot!1245167386617
Anonymous: still hot??? You need help. Seriously....Like get help NOW.....1245171136997
Anonymous: She was never even lukewarm.1245190674723
NT: still hot for a fucking politician though1245197228572
Anonymous: On the way -- Best looking American President evah1245233837707
Anonymous: @NT; check the pic of her sucking dick. Uber Hawt1246365156964
Anonymous: faggot libs want women to look like Oprah1246829585542
Anonymous: Sinclair Lewis--- Nobel prize for FICTION WRITING...1248149290227
Anonymous: Sinclair Lewis wasn't alive in 1835.1251919227746
Sinonymous: Yes she was1251919558141
randyvanburen: wtf? gtfo!!1251921027714
Link to this:"When_fascism_comes_to_America,_it_will_be_wrapped_in_the_flag_and_carrying_a_cross."_-_Sinclair_Lewis_1835

Liberal fascism
Liberal fascism

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 20 Kbytes (500x500) Added by: * (Apr 11, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
liberal (8) , fascism (5)

Moongrim: Another coloring book from the Far Reich.1271432771764
AmericanTool: ^ heh good one1271446173100
Moongrim: Eliminating Republican Double Standards one arse at a time.1272597983578
Rush Limbaugh: I suck Glenn Beck's dick1273022607730
Anonymous: Kevin Rudd's Bible1277196207801
boss: It is a very good book. Read it before you judge it .1277217573204
Furore23: Since when was Mussolini an American? Sure he was fat enough, but still...1277222763722
Anonymous: Goldberg is a jew1290356272752
Anonymous: Obama's Little Red Book1290361030820
Weed: Same shit, different jew.1290365213290
Anonymous: >goldberg1304384186322
BnSneky: ^^hahahahaha1304384811807
Anonymous: jews don't care about ideology as long as they end up on top1333812201615
Anonymous: McDonald's already has a CEO1333971331600
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Fascism: Concentrated Private Control of Wealth, Control of Information, Massive investment/Manufacture of arms and military equipment, suppression of labor movements.....Sound familiar??
Fascism usa nazi flag youtube

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 42 Kbytes (648x450) Added by: flarp (Jan 23, 2010) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Fascism (5) , usa (445) , nazi (175) , flag (113) , youtube (55)

Anonymous: Familiar, yes... but i'd choose America today over Sovjet 50 years ago if I really had to choose. And maybe I'd run for president too.1264217564141
katlyng420: Better do domething soon or you might not be able to tell the two apart. The Bush family are facists and so is Obama.1264657958160
Alicezza01: nop, there is /b/1264966432122
_nH8Te_: Fail. GTFO. America, FUCK YEAH!1266810658788
Anonymous: lol1275694853466
Anonymous: solution? run for your lives numbers, run for your lives. 95% dont give a shit, because they only want to.. exist. and dont matter how this existence shall be1275709876332
Flarp: What is the saying? I love my country but I fear my goverment.1283975512118
Anony: fascism ≠ national socialism you idiots1290211128555
al: I'd rather live in a fascist US, than a muslim Europe.1290211867752
The Evil Twin: God bless America!1290326880590
sickfuck88: ^^ GODDAMN RIGHT!1290404111439
Flarp: Agreed. God bless America. But, let's be the decent place we give ourselves credit for, and quit polishing turds. This is a great country. But it's a fucking joke compared to what it can be. Time to pull out the stops, quit treating the rest of the world like dicks, stop walking on backs, and rise to the glory that is the founding principles of a beautiful country.1290404446717
Furore23: ^ And that's why we haven't given up on you guys yet. Your noble experiment is not a failure yet.1306600344434
Anonymous: Don't fear your government, let them fear you.. mohahahaha1311072800449
Link to this:,_Control_of_Information,_Massive_investment/Manufacture_of_arms_and_military_equipment,_suppression_of_labor_movements.....Sound_familiar??

Autonomy socialism statism capitalism anarchism marxism liberalism fascism
Autonomy socialism statism capitalism anarchism marxism liberalism fascism

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: GIF, 53 Kbytes (1051x994) Added by: * (Feb 3, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
autonomy (1) , socialism (10) , statism (1) , capitalism (17) , anarchism (1) , marxism (2) , liberalism (1) , fascism (5)

clunk: NA1249372377716
bisecktchual: fuck capitalism1271543909911
Anonymous: You got somethin better faggot?1271545306962
Anonymous: fuck commies1271545352310
Anonymous: libertarian - socialist?? wtf? like generous jew1271545788706
Limerick: In summary, anarchy FTW.1271549235227
Warg: Fuck everyone. Politics will cease to exist when I rule the world.1271575670730
Anonymous: for god sake open an history book.... fascism was socialistic, they created welfare in italy1271576763648
Furore23: We need capitalism too. The best politicial systems will basically stay in that central circular area, but shift around a bit in response to changing circumstances.1278347089326
Weed: Oh, so that's what Cubism is!1293159810457
blackal: Capitalism wins.1293160404558
Anonymous: A vote for Warg is a step to progress!1293160854472
AwesomeAnonymous!: apathy1293236142260
Anonymous: what about jewocracy?1293236286935
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