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(get in here, faggots)

Middle finger cry sad girl fuck you
Middle finger cry sad girl fuck you middle finger (66) , cry (63) , sad (50) , girl (386) , fuck you (30)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 418 Kbytes (1600x1200) Added by: * (Mar 26, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Anonymous: pedobear went too far1248311391101
Bubble: She's still alive... if you ask me he didn't go far enough, that finger should be wedged p her cunt still.1248874973340
Anonymous: ah Bubble..geez, bad day at the school? settle ok? Please...1248879911889
Anonymous: Needs a good screwing - that'd make her cry!1252263180933
Hughbie: ^in tha bin...pull your head
Bubble: snap her head off and put it in the washing machine, shut the little bitch up.1252263493316
Anonymous: suck it cunt1253055283675
jackfrosty: Fuck bubble, who shit in your apple jacks? Lets make it all better with teh fisticuffs eh? Lets 'ave a smile then!1253065460869
randyvanburen: oh Bubble... how do you know that?1253075483363
cracker_killer: 1101......nice1253079220908
Bubble: becasue i do, the amount of times i had to pull out clumps of hair... fucking hate kids, young ones, like this, break every finger on her hands by bending them backwards, stand her against the wall and falcon kick her in the face a few times till she's unconsious1253087531710
Anonymous: Off the scum that spawned the little heathen1253160284636
Anonymous: Yes, in need of some attention, especially between her legs!1253548131733
Anonymous: suck my dick now or ill break your nose, youfucking prick1255742512597

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Tall stomach navel girl
Tall stomach navel girl Tall (19) , stomach (13) , navel (2) , girl (386)

Source: SUBMIT / chan4chan URL: Info: JPG, 144 Kbytes (768x1024) Added by: Anonymous (Aug 24, 2010) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Anonymous: IL FUCK HER1282612256976
Squill: me too1282612571212
Anonymous: INTRIGUING girl! Would like to see moar of her please! Foreign sauce. Is backstory there?1282614119790
Anonymous: Looks Brazilian.1282614358232
Holzkopf: She needs a large cock1282640565485
Anonymous: Looooooong legs + small waist = copious amounts of man-paste!1282642082267
Moongrim: Who's the Giraffe?1282652641651
Anonymous: A 14 yr old girl from Brasil with a growth disorder, 6.8 ft1282654789124
AlienNation: Is it me or do these two guys look happy?1282655960386
dxc: I'd still hit it.1282730092305
GMS: her flange is almost nose height.. that reminds me, whats that fucking smell?!1282730190319
Moongrim: Future porn star1282737435483
9790: Thank you OP (and TY 9124 for infos)!1282782153462
Anonymous: I'd hit that.1283128556681

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Thread omg girl
Thread omg girl thread (1021) , omg (7) , girl (386)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 47 Kbytes (400x300) Added by: Hughbie (Aug 5, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Anonymous: you will fucking suck it.slut1250805389571
Anonymous: ^ too young to laff at your needledick eh?1250807149524
TASTYbacon: ^ I hate pedos. DIE SCUM1250854392988
DutchGuy: ^ i concur.1250854483279
Anonymous: me too1250859256423
Pyro: indeed1250878050286
Anonymous: To the mines you sniveling slut.1250889649642
BuggerChan: "Penis goes where?!?!?!"1252147647868
roflz: oh my lordy!1252160205820
::::::::::::::::::::: this one time--in band camp----1252216123848
jackfrosty: "boxxy's dead? NOOOOOO!!!"1252225238623
Anonymous: no cookies??? fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu....1277021907451
Anonymous: Pyro smoked all the weed? FFFFFFUUUUUUUU1277024866630

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Pedobear laugh girl flexible pedo
Pedobear laugh girl flexible pedo pedobear (335) , laugh (51) , girl (386) , flexible (44) , pedo (206)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: PNG, 210 Kbytes (360x460) Added by: Anonymous (Aug 4, 2010) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
sickfuck88: PEDOBEAR says niiiiice1280889280439
crackerkiller5: rofl1282636899694
creeper: Wow..... guy in the back!!!!! lol1283000408282
Anonymous: last time i did this they said the could see my panties, so this time im not wearin any so there.1283129845196
Anonymous: ill buy that for a dollar1283949083183
SinBadGrandDad: I will see your dollar and raise you 4.1284114597994
Anonymous: i see your 4 dollars and raise you 81289228035539
BnSneky: what are they laughing at1289228219616
Anonymous: The man at the center is Eduardo Paes, mayor of Rio de Janeiro. PEDOMAYOR!1289228935139
Anonymous: pedobear !1295024586882
Anonymous: run little one............Danger close1295028354784
Decorum: Their laughing because "she" has a penis.1330563422634
Anonymous: ^ It's '133057545199
Anonymous: ^ It's ' "they're" not "their" ignorant decorum democrat liberal, hippy, pothead, freeloader douchebag1330575492165

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Photoshop dog sled rapist courage wolf leo run girl compilation
Photoshop dog sled rapist courage wolf leo run girl compilation photoshop (445) , dog (516) , sled (3) , rapist (6) , courage wolf (15) , leo (1) , run (29) , girl (386) , compilation (58)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 217 Kbytes (1200x833) Added by: Captngeetch (Sep 21, 2011) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
HanoverRed: nice job on this one, well done1316604057600
djh123: lmao at leonardo in the back1316604107964
Anonymous: i love that little running cunt, she da best1316607232649
RKB: WIN WIN WIN1316608358178
XITS: yeah_photobomb squirrel1316609367819
Quamtum69: Fucking lulz!1316641972781
Zorro: shop's face in it1316642143515
been there bangin': shoopified....har...want....good werk.1316646994406
Anonymous: in secret, the dark lord captngeetch forged a master meme1317106704307
Khalthar: That's not SPARTAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!1317106866632
Vincent859: OH HELL, YES!1319206109375
Anonymous: wait.....this looks shopped1319208092117
Vincent859: ^ I seriously doubt it, and I'm a self-proclaimed expert.1319208575307
pedobearVer2: y is the BP oil co. logo on teh girls jacket?1319209504442

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Pony horse girl
Pony horse girl pony (30) , horse (154) , girl (386)

Source: WEB / apina URL: Info: JPG, 73 Kbytes (640x480) Added by: Squirrely1 (May 3, 2010) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Choadboy: That girl is enjoying the show just a bit too much.1272932873654
jackfrosty: LOOK at mah horse, my horse isnt grazing...1275039617326
jhenry922: she jus' thinkin' 'bout the black stud up the road in the cotton field1275435058331
Swiney: Fuck you, jackfrosty, fuck you, i now cant get that song outta ma head1275435422622
Anonymous: I wanna be the one on the bottom...1275443645872
PirateBob: She's just waitin her turn ...1275449729992
flap: how amusing:D1287321193294
Anonymous: funny pirate1296232187649
BnSneky: funny1296232399980
Anonymous: sick1296234231556
Banshee5: doesn't beat this though
Anonymous: I own a horse.....1296237960772
Brabbit: she is happy because she is getting sloppy seconds1296237966811
crackerkiller5: hung like a horse1296238274780

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Light room box girl photo
Light room box girl photo light (38) , room (48) , box (51) , girl (386) , photo (1860)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 294 Kbytes (2048x1365) Added by: NSFW (Mar 17, 2011) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Pinhead: "You solved the box, we came, Now you must come with us. Taste our pleasures."1300383125217
Anonymous: sauce?1300385105239
Weed: Silly girl, that's not how you triforce.1300385221746
lowlife: Damned fingerboxes... How do they work?1300387294815
XITS: It so looks like Chloe Moretz.... don't no from where1300799430605
HanoverRed: Tits or go the fuck home1300799516988
Anonymous: Remake of Hellraiser ?1300804009577
Anonymous: its from the movie let me in1300913506372
bingolong: ^ correctamundo...1300913698844
Anonymous: Fonz, u here?....1300913903914
Weed: "Meh" Americanization at best.1300913998723
Heypoopstick: lookit the butt plug shes using next!1300915107946
MACKY83: It's from a movie called "let me come in"1304826999878
Anonymous: She can bite me anywhere she wants.......1310629960412

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Retard pool girl
Retard pool girl retard (42) , pool (134) , girl (386)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 310 Kbytes (900x675) Added by: * (Jun 8, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
UncleStrike: for overseaz!1244776515633
Anonymous: Owen!1244781803871
Anonymous: eehhhh you guuuyyyyz... RooOcky rOOad?1244784254702
Anonymous: I've seen a lot of shit. But that's over the top.1246538445908
Crusha: omg someone get that away!!1246553041917
Anonymous: That shouldnt be allowed in public fucking view!!!1246568056338
Anonymous: I see PedoBear in the corner pucking!1246570325875
Anonymous: PedoBear is pucking ? Pucking what ? ^^^^^^^^^^^^^1246572314197
Anonymous: fap1246684394404
Anonymous: HOLY FUCK! KILL IT!! KILL IT!!!!1246859188449
Anonymous: Give her some pocket stones.1249910518660
Anonymous: Slot likez teh wahta!1250128564440
hunnybunny: man the pitchforks gentlemen, its going to be a long night1250204973643

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Reaction american idol omg surprise girl fan justin bieber
Reaction american idol omg surprise girl fan justin bieber reaction (7) , american idol (3) , omg (7) , surprise (104) , girl (386) , fan (17) , justin bieber (28)

Source: SUBMIT / chan4chan URL: Info: GIF, 1955 Kbytes (375x279), Animated: 94 frames Added by: AnotherAnon (Jun 4, 2012) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Anonymous: AnotherAnon: mind posting the story behind this?1338827823680
r120603: Two girls, One cup.1338831235913
eXcellently: First goatse reaction1338831694131
Greeft: First exposure to a Binx2 shoop.1338832117637
MadNiggerish: meat spin1338832134552
Anonymous: American Idol reaction.1338832509167
HanoverRed: Thier teen idol didn't win1338832523596
Greeft: Whatever you do guys, to avoid the let down from the above suggestions, DON'T GOOGLE THIS IMAGE! When you find out what really caused this your brain will implode from the inane mundanity of it. Mine did, wibbleee wobblee woo woo.1338832630769
Greeft: SHIT! Someone posted the sheer horror of it while I was typing lol.1338832695275
fiveby5: greeft's was better. (in that sick, omfgwtf kinda way)1338871522449
Anonymous: so much pussy in such as small space i can smell it from here1339116456666
Greeft: All I can smell is poo.1339116777470
anonymule: Thank god for Sons....1339119994827

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Professor boy girl
Professor boy girl professor (6) , boy (103) , girl (386)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 357 Kbytes (810x1410) Added by: * (Apr 3, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Anonymous: LOL1257120506554
Pyro: HAHAHA teh dog has teeth marks in its ass1257121006978
Tznu: .lol1257121166246
Anonymous: DESU!1262482893512
Anonymous: Man im from lithuania and thats humiliation of my people. i hate this picture. it only shows how dump and not aducational you foreigners are1271761760174
Warg: THAT'S HOT.1271842540226
Anonymous: funny1272955108101
Anonymous: Hey Lithuanian... Nice upside down 'b' in dumb.1273013777848
shooptrooper: lol id still hit it1273035214175
Anonymous: who drawn this?1278983823688
so_what_if___: train me too! (i wanna see whats in the bag)1280171420191
Quasimodo: lol!1299235375953
Anonymous: If the child is feral, why has it written in Korean on its cave walls?1299245420978
Boa Hancock: Hey Iithuanial... What does aducational mean?!!??? You should be taking the classes as well... You're a stupid faggot.1299472984233

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Dog girl glasses
Dog girl glasses dog (516) , girl (386) , glasses (158)

Source: SUBMIT / chan4chan URL: Info: JPG, 457 Kbytes (2001x1380) Added by: Squirrely1 (Apr 6, 2010) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
backudog: the dog in the middles thinking "they want me to do WHAT!?! kill me please!"1270574998314
Choadboy: 2, 1, then 3.1271371998955
Vassago77379: I'd buy that for a dollar!1271374497644
Anonymous: ha! dog's got a tiny little hardon.1271806282556
Cuntfux: Frank from Men In Black 2 :) >>>>
Cuntfux: It's Frank from Men In Black 2 :) >>>>

^7644 heh
Furore23: Two girls, one pup.1306764381621
Bonefish: Geek-girls are sexy!1356131710706
Capeta: the one in the left is kinda cute, i'd infect her with AIDS in a heartbeat if i had the chance1356131855618
Anonymous: ^Well, at least you admit you're a disease carrying freak.1356132039598
nigel: mom daughter dog good threesome1356498770841
Dolphin Killer: the dogs aroused...1357463024713
bib: "You lookin at my weiner?"1357483305548

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Girl dog laptop smile christian
Girl dog laptop smile christian girl (386) , dog (516) , laptop (42) , smile (428) , christian (50)

Source: SUBMIT / chan4chan URL: Info: JPG, 284 Kbytes (667x533) Added by: * (Jul 25, 2010) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Anonymous: $100.00 says she does doggy style.1280027159223
Fastrabbit: i would hit it1280064786788
Anonymous: The dog is cuter than her?1280068581894
Anonymous: dog is cute, but girl is - SECSEH! :oP1280072388421
Anonymous: < see, computers are wholesome irl.1287634826555
flaRP: Dog is perplexed why such a hot girl would be using a fruit computer1287648557968

^^^ religious = sexually repressed. hence "SECSEH!"
BnSneky: Wat dog looking at1287665343187
sickfuck88: i'd fuck her while the dog licked my balls1290394269708
queefly: I wonder if she puts creamy or chunky peanut butter on her pussy and asshole for the dog to lick off?1290394477351
sickfuck88: she just doesn't wipe after she shits1290395195999
Flarp: That's one christian I would throw to my pants lion1290407756355
Ray Ray: me and my daughter can do her...1290466379346
Mankind Sucks: I think the dog wants it's dick sucked...1294711016917

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Elevator ninja girl
Elevator ninja girl elevator (3) , ninja (26) , girl (386)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: GIF, 488 Kbytes (360x272), Animated: 37 frames Added by: * (Mar 21, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Anonymous: ninjas don't do back suplexes STOOOPID1246492919764
Faust: LMFAO!!! Hell Ya!!!1246499031887
Crusha: haha hes so low!! owned by lil asian girl1246540611827
Anonymous: that what u get for not letting a lady go first1246684913887
Anonymous: fuck yes.1246868777595
Anonymous: damn fuck1249025510688
Anonymous: I hope she broke that piece a shit's neck1254341053124
cracker_killer: white people rob too...1254344548864
Anonymous: there are no black chinks (not many anyway)1254348376816
FalzeProphet: PWNED Fucker!1254957889755
Anonymous: Indeed1256677398366
spoon: K-SLAM!!! That chick's been trained!1261549716967
sunseterat: "You messed with the wrong pussy"1261554048836
bro: lol fuckin pwnage thats awesome1261580771357

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Girl military gun
Girl military gun girl (386) , military (118) , gun (192)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 75 Kbytes (512x341) Added by: * (Mar 10, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Anonymous: jews, distroy their childrens minds, to serve their agenda1243600209992
Anonymous: just like Africans in most of the countries north of south africa, and a lot of the extreme muslims in the middle east...and I could go on and one...but hey, not much different to a certain country where going on a killing spree with a gun seems the done thing....though this does happen now in other countries too.....wat a fucked up world we live in...1243601888565
Anonymous: This shit exists with jews, arabs, and in some way the USA (guns 4 everyone, it will be safe lol). Civilized countries don't really do this crap, at least not on this level at this age in masses.1243609600959
Anonymous: ^LOL -Civilized countries- Isreal is NOT third world you know Mr know it all.1243628485314
Anonymous: girlscouts fukken rule.1243628643744
Anonymous: I would fuck them1243628817729
Anonymous: last one on right end with pigtails ftw1243629625389
Anonymous: at that moment, pedo guy learned an important fact about approaching little girls carrying bayonetted, loaded assault rifles...1243686604728
Anonymous: Someone alert pedobear!1248707542594
Samps: Would you feel like robbing a house if every law-abiding citizen in the whole fucking country had a gun?1248713775269
Anonymous: Would you go out on the street if every fucker (including the all the stupid and angry people) had a gun?1248719004845
Anonymous: Machievelli said if you arm your citizens, your country will never be fully conquered... which I agree with, unless you push the genocide button1248719895728
Anonymous: good old sowjet times1249409965557
Anonymous: Those are not isralies, the uniforms are eastern european and those are AK-47s1256277345972

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THANKS, OBAMA. You've spent my lunch money, my allowance, my inheritance, 35 years of future paychecks, and my retirement. You asshole.
Obama middle finger girl thanks obama (227) , middle finger (66) , girl (386) , thanks (11)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 50 Kbytes (600x750) Added by: iaksakkak (Dec 30, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
anonymous: exactly !1262181180439
Wr104gamma: Shut your whore mouth about black jesus1262209163212
Anonymous: caption pretty much sums up the future of America1262220078803
Wr104Gamma: ^Terrorist who hates his country.. George Bush taught us how to love the fuhrer now walk in step and pay my welfare you fat pig1262253319100
Anonymous: So it's Obama's fault? I thought Bush was the one that spent 5 trillion on a false war in Iraq when the real threat was Afghanistan? And borrowed 1 trillion from China to fund the war, which we will have to pay back eventually with interest. And lost half my mutual fund savings? Or was Obama president from 2000 to 2008 and not Bush? I forget??1262277109656
nothing: More pandering to the Foxtards1262319477671
dodgeboy: money is not real, federal reserve creates it out of air. everything else is secondary1262369721112
Anonymous: yeah, that fin war is expensive!1262391583510
Anonymous: The problem with the USA is that they have the chinese cock so far up there ass that they taste cock!1262391657186
Anonymous: Whatever, someones fucked up!!1262391949462
Terrorist Hunter: Good Post!1262474714848
Anonymous: yeah, like we're ever paying china back, how many niggas ever pay back a slope cash advance store, my point exactly1263274715791
Samps: 9656: Obama's the one who thinks we can spend our way out of it. He's making it worse than Bush could have ever hoped to.1263274838527
spoon: The maker of this poster is stupid. But to the little gitl . . . Tits or GTFO!1263281288759

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Link to this:,_OBAMA._You've_spent_my_lunch_money,_my_allowance,_my_inheritance,_35_yea rs_of_future_paychecks,_and_my_retirement._You_asshole.

Japan plush bear girl hug
Japan plush bear girl hug japan (345) , plush (39) , bear (91) , girl (386) , hug (40)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 42 Kbytes (599x954) Added by: Squirrely1 (Apr 23, 2010) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Anonymous: Pedobear1272596393822
Anonymous: japanese pedobear1274729314437
BloodSpiller: pedobear!! :D1274901343936
Anonymous: pedobear retarded brother tedybear1280795715506
Anonymous: Lol, that girls getting raped1281684109135
Grave: no, she is hugging a bear.1281685707951
the7rafe7: pedoderp1281689855249
Anonymous: pedoberu1281717155294
Sharmikfrost: Pedobear gets it easily in japan.1282410847874
Anti-PC Hero: The western world are too obsessive about pointing out potential pedophiles :)1282412086995
Quadra: Japanese sure like to dye their hair "brown.1282582315836
Furore23: ^^ We wouldn't need to bother if the whole Asian economy wasn't founded on pedotourism.1282585771188
Anonymous: asking for it1282592822133
Anonymous: yo! Pedobear~1355148274742
Name: Comment:

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Santa cry girl
Santa cry girl santa (40) , cry (63) , girl (386)

Source: SUBMIT / chan4chan URL: Info: JPG, 219 Kbytes (1366x1600) Added by: zorak (Dec 27, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Anonymous: HO HO HO. THAT WAS FUN!1265373563923
Squirrely1: Looks like Santa got more than cookies...Good for him...Lil Hoe...LOL1265387739600
Anonymous: she would have a happy face on if she hadn't been a naughty girl this year1266203246889
akingu: it always hurts th efirst time1266206322777
Anonymous: STOOPID KID1266275495714

nova66: and the mall still charged mom for the prints.1266301300370
Anonymous: Thats not milk in that glass....1266381400801
smk1987hot: santa gift my dick to her1267002876297

come baby!? Lmao
Anonymous: mummy i felt his pee pee in my bum bum1267766147228
Anonymous: he got the cookies, but she got the milk >.>1279318443172
Arsonist: he got cookies she got da milk1279318464543
Anonymous: no, that's my joke1279318808308

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Bacon thread pig girl chase bacon (42) , thread (1021) , pig (72) , girl (386) , chase (24)

Source: SUBMIT / chan4chan URL: Info: JPG, 83 Kbytes (500x470) Added by: concordnhguy25 (Jun 10, 2011) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse

parrot: The next youth game...pig fucking1307810022938
CockAsian: Yeah get that piggy1308715843969
anonymous: giddyup1314932424646
Hughbie: Someone has their hand up the pigs arse...1314956025714
royalblood1985: So...any good photoshoppers? loll1314982202190
Anonymous: I want to be that pig1322089622544
user775: bring me that pig!1322089739531
KamikazeProject: much laughter.1322094610506
SirBit: Fucking rednecks.1322138192497

Vincent859: Anal fisting -- some start young.1322150592987
The Original Spoon: She had that exact same look when I got MY sausage between...1322156811108
Quantum69: poor pig, he'll never shit the same again1322157779722

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Girl girl (386)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 14 Kbytes (200x274) Added by: * (May 10, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Anonymous: she just sat on my cock1253055717304
jackfrosty: She just saw /b/...1253065293750
Pyro: she just saw her pic on /b/1253065398299
roflz: She saw a nude pic of her on /b/1253072650660
Bubble: Hurts when i pee coz i got VD1253095494967
Sinonymous: ^hahahaha1253128753683
Oxymoronic: Too old.1253133653364
Anonymous: Can I sit on it????1265112620708
Squirrely1: She found my secret folder...1265372241278
shitface: looks like messi after the Germany game1278246926231

Anonymous: win @shitface1278360932305
so_what_if___: 2 girls, 1 cup. "thats MY cup"!1280171718284

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Madeleine mccann girl eyes
Madeleine mccann girl eyes madeleine mccann (2) , girl (386) , eyes (484)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 75 Kbytes (400x500) Added by: * (Apr 19, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Anonymous: So, so tragic! A beautiful little girl.1253125597346
donaldd: mother said to me ................1253126149840
cracker_killer: is this haylee?1253169727128
DutchGuy: fuck beautiful, this is a miniature pennywise1253192597890
Anonymous: Madeleine McCann.1253197042839
Hughbie: No shit? Did you do a degree to work that out?1253197845934
Anonymous: Who cares, she's dead.1253199316526
Bubble: dead? she looks ok to me, but of a bruise on her left eye, few teeth missing... she's fine.1253199588552
Anonymous: Yes, dead. If you investigate the case, you see she is more than likely dead and the parents are behind it1253207474809
Bubble: ^ if you investigate my basement... you see she is more than likely alive and the parents none the wiser. This is trap?1253208231681
Anonymous: hide and seek champion 20071255204817864
Squirrely1: ^ good one...1255277890332
DutchGuy: and 2008 and 20091255280138850
Anonymous: All ages of cute sold to wealthy Muslim sheiks.1255312345526

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Girl cat
Girl cat girl (386) , cat (896)

Source: SUBMIT / chan4chan URL: Info: JPG, 55 Kbytes (600x800) Added by: Anonymous (Nov 17, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Bubble: t.v's kinda impresed...1258490219800
johnnynothumbs: Mommy can you cook dis for me?1258517629971
Cogent1: That kid is a piece of shit, just like the fuckhead that took the picture rather than taking the cat outta that shitkid's hand.1258832151588
Anonymous: this kid should be killed by all cats1259515885583
Pedo Bear: tits or GTFO1259520885453
Sinonymous: That's just how I hold 'em, before I add them to the crab pot. Mmm... MUD CRAB!!1!1259603971303
Anonymous: that's not a cat or a girl, get it right c4c!!1259907565651
Squirrely1: I has kitty...1259908536641
jacek: poor kitty...oooh1259951539879
danie: D:1266896004256
_nH8Te_: Stupidass1266897418297
Anonymous: dumbass parents with a fatass kid1266901962862
crackerkiller5: the cat is fucked1266910621714
chad: she is doing it wrong1267312299833

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Doll girl gun photo art
Doll girl gun photo art doll (108) , girl (386) , gun (192) , photo (1860) , art (1151)

Source: SUBMIT / chan4chan URL: Info: JPG, 106 Kbytes (720x478) Added by: killzMinuz9 (Mar 19, 2010) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
CreepisKryp: Interesting gal.1269040041294
Anonymous: If you touch me there again, Pedobear, the Barbie gets it. Do we understand each other??1273341919834
Anonymous: leve the doll alone it did nothing wrong1280801169370
Greeft: Nice.1299879387196
NonComposMentis: Do it faggot!1321222263627
BnSneky: Fuck Yeah1321223503920
koda12: pull da got dang trigga1321236310115
Anonymous: This picture...Ive seen it on the tinylotuscult1340154494215

SinisterME: "Bring the pedobear to me, or the kid gets it."1340330919731
Rebecca likes Black: "im tired of you molesting my doll brother, fuck me or the doll goes"1340353042787
mota: Unsure if artistic or just creepy1346842657829
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Hi-res beast monster girl cry cg art
Hi-res beast monster girl cry cg art hi-res (738) , beast (125) , monster (59) , girl (386) , cry (63) , cg (60) , art (1151)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 410 Kbytes (1680x1050) Added by: johnqaz (Feb 10, 2010) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Anonymous: why so serious1269743002449
robertpaulsin: om nom nom nom1271859845117
throb50: old friends1272012432807
Mace: Reminds me of AI1272964415207
Anonymous: impressive1274589470382
Anonymous: /b/ <---> Lolli1274761751959
Anonymous: malak1282328465837
Dakara: Impressive indeed1286301439951
Twinchlian: some sloppy work on her hair. otherwise impressive indeed.1286304672920
Anonymous: Hey Twinch, sounds like a bit of the ole green monster there...1286305326244
CaptainSmackfap: Good stuff1286319937386
Twinchlian: Pardon Anonymous? I didn't get that. Please enlighten me.^^1286323707442
Anonymous: mare1344607029484
inonymous: Beauty and the machine.1346131520607
Name: Comment:

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Grimace grape girl hug pedo
Grimace grape girl hug pedo grimace (1) , grape (7) , girl (386) , hug (40) , pedo (206)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 93 Kbytes (400x375) Added by: l33t (Nov 14, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Anonymous: Nigga thinks the Grimace is where grape drank come from1258166698861
Redrocco: ^rofl the Grimace pisses grape?1258214763398
Anonymous: Can the virus kill the Grimace? "Nothing can kill the Gimace."1258230186922
dunsk: he'll tie you to a radiator and grape you1269493400155
Anonymous: Pedo Grape ?1269508158318
Jannyrodden: Typicall wht mom deletes her special genes.1275579003482
Anonymous: White trash and her oreo cookie1275586112714
Anonymous: kem sabe um link bom1278677556868
Anonymous: lets just say he liked picking from the kids menu1282944526296
kufhfz,jghj bn: who's raping who?1301951485688
Anonydog: jannyrodden has alien mother?1344422963200
Smeggy: The original Grimace was evil and had four arms, he played the badguy untill the hamburgler was created. Several years later, Mcdonalds corp. then made the Hamburgler less of a thief and more gay.1344484603691
Anonymous: White trash bitch, oreo cookie and a giant grape. What is this world coming to?1344509172475

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Fat jabba girl sketch
Fat jabba girl sketch fat (581) , jabba (4) , girl (386) , sketch (4)

Source: SUBMIT / chan4chan URL: Info: JPG, 33 Kbytes (570x474) Added by: c4c (May 4, 2010) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Redrocco: best one yet1272973430554
kinganonymous: Roflmao1272973582865
lollers: lololol1279504915858
Anonymous: jabas going to be pissed1279532863187
devshade: ns oc!1279532937236
the7rafe7: send him to teh rancors1279577078517
GhostNinja: ^ which are on the planet of Felucia!!1279577169791
Anonymous: ah-ja-na-lou-la-nipple-pinchy1279590013401
Anonymous: naked kid1279599776739
Anonymous: lold1279599788267
Anonymous: HAHAHAHA. That's the best one ever. :D1279670419788
NOT A PEDO..much: LMFAO1287954689188
Anonymous: i fucking love these lmao1297205723206
Anonymous: funny, it just needs best shooper1311806728247

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Girl smile thumbs up
Girl smile thumbs up girl (386) , smile (428) , thumbs up (37)

Source: SUBMIT / chan4chan URL: Info: JPG, 68 Kbytes (540x720) Added by: XENU (Jul 28, 2010) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse

Anonymous: < she looks like that redhead on that 80's tv show, "TAXI."1280324152851
Louie De Palma: ^ NARDO!!1!1280325971592
XENU: The 80s were gayer than my dad1280421614984

XENU: Everybody, Make THAt FACE!1280496269140
XENU: how bout THIS one?1280706401992

XENU: ____goes where?1281962334735
PIratebob: 0_0 It goes where?1281964059665
XENU: HERE!...ror...caption, or use this pic at will, guys. Shes a kick ass friend of mine.1281975400775
XENU: glad this one was chosen...hope many more follow suit, but shes a pretty kick ass chick friend of mine1282395744354
blutschwingel: looks like Alf.1282655442369
xes: i'd bang her1282700803369

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EwokMyWeewok + CitrlAltKick own the internet and are niggers
Gnaa girl gnaa (7) , girl (386)

Source: SUBMIT / chan4chan URL: Info: JPG, 73 Kbytes (664x662) Added by: * (Mar 31, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Anonymous: EWWW WTF1256631465367
Anonymous: gnaa ftw! go gay niggerz1256665942891
cracker_killer: ugly bitch1256675120883
Squirrely1: Her name is 4 chan...1256724459299
Anonymous: Oh great.....a "next generation" IT nerd. Fucking born loooooooser.1257102241573
bib: I don't know what this is supposed to mean.1257198826100
Anonymous: a rasict white girl who wanna be asian?1273085686666
Anonymous: Well, i cant believe noone said this before soooo HERP DERP1276487400142
Furore23: 'EwokMyWeewok'? Is she the man now?1279306010924
veranet: Priceless, I wanna party with this kid1279307841866
white pride ww: i kinda like her...1279312425171
Anonymous: at least she managed to get in "niggers"1282881875508
Anonymous: that is what happens to white girls who get niggerdicked. shame. oh well......1283383492323
Anonymous: disgusting, you were rasied like an animal, if you havent lost your v card yet, im sure you will soon, your hella ugly, and your hair looks like garbage1288428461612

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Pedobear bear statue young girl WTF
Pedobear bear statue young girl WTF pedobear (335) , bear (91) , statue (79) , young (90) , girl (386) , WTF (513)

Source: SUBMIT / chan4chan URL: Info: JPG, 601 Kbytes (500x1971) Added by: 79.102.* (Jun 13, 2010) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Anonymous: MAJOR WIN1276857884499
Furore23: Oh that poor turtle fell over on its back and everyone is just making fun of it.1276869001780
Anonymous: umm its a bear1281245046310
Furore23: ^ *facepalm*1281275624406
Furore23: *AHEM*. It makes me weep to see such a majestic specimen as this Brazilian river kangaroo being so cruelly mocked by these heartless children.1281275704688
Greeft: Quack!1281278734241
Anonymous: not so sure about it...but it really could be a Bear !1281279917341
Anonymous: PEDOBEAR1290636178566
Anonymous: niggers1293574442106
Anonymous: Rape that little cunt!1293834592788
MrPerspective: Wag the dog.1300503674382
pop3: teaching the kids early1300653937154
BQXXII: omg he hass one ball off and no dick....RIP pedobear1300675431777
Anonymous: omfg, the last pic is a FUCKING EPIC WIN!1329977405826

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Thread girl scream thread (1021) , girl (386) , scream (44)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 40 Kbytes (427x512) Added by: HornyBear (Nov 9, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Anonymous: Daddy drinks becasue you cry you little bawl baby1257778209569
BeaversNDucks: <-------\m/ is a girl?1257902702446
Pyro: no hes just gay1257903307858
TASTYbacon: I can't stand children when they cry . Bone chillin brrrrrr.1257905038325
DutchGuy: ^ i'm a dad myself. and i agree :D1257906103190
Anonymous: silly silly thats just her buttsex face1257927488650
akingu: cracker killer!!1257965942715
crackerkiller5: what?1257968091904
Anonymous: NOT PEDOBEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1258012229306
Anonymous: XD1258048817955
danie: get used to it, they all hate me.1258272337235
Anonymous: i like you danie, "big hugs"1258406815647
bib: ha1258426755529
Anonymous: ohh i like you little one ahright...1265009743771

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Swastika candle girl
Swastika candle girl swastika (83) , candle (26) , girl (386)

Source: SUBMIT / URL URL: Info: JPG, 33 Kbytes (410x350) Added by: * (Mar 9, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Bubble: Yeay, home sweet home1248875240572
Anonymous: the swastika USED to be beautiful1248892240191
Anonymous: Swastika with 4 points between the "legs" is an religious budist symbol1248901711708
Bubble: The other way round yeah... but this has more meaning to it.1248901929730
Anonymous: hang them1248903731472
Anonymous: this is the buddist swastika1258225891354
Anonymous: could be the native american wazoo1258236973104
Anonymous: Heil Hitler!1268960897327
Francesca: ^ Retard1268965138882
Anonymous: the swastika is still beautiful, just ask the monks in the himalayans. or do you hate eveyone who uses it?1271808129965
Warg: See - sometimes religion is okay. In this case, its a fire hazard, but whatever. Anyway, I'm gonna go sacrifice a goat to my alcoholic Heathen Gods. Bye.1271838044957
Anonymous: Greatest. Symbol. Ever.1277061676321
Anonymous: this is a hindu swastika, the arms are opposite to the nazi swastika. in hindusim this means a call for good fortune to all who use it!1277120552885
Anonymous: if the arms are opposite the nazi swastika, then this aint it!1277121126294

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Red hair girl asian
Red hair girl asian red (335) , hair (199) , girl (386) , asian (371)

Source: SUBMIT / chan4chan URL: Info: JPG, 68 Kbytes (399x600) Added by: BuggerChan (Aug 9, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
CK: i dont know who she is but i want to be her friend1249857182103
Anonymous: She looks vaguly familier but i dont know from where1250018887685
Anonymous: shes yoko of toppa guerren laghann1250024585802
Anonymous: Oh yea thats where i know her from1250041261549
Matt: god, i hate how youve got these japanese dudes writing epic fucking comics and what not, but the rest of the japanese fuck it up by trying to dress as them and they look nothing like them. good job, japan. good job.1250264269755
Anonymous: nice body1250275659336
Anonymous: 1250264269755 shhhh.... just let it happen1250328881670
Exile: Nice1250361314892
brutalninja: Cute asian girl, my favorate!1252675549934
Boreece: @5802 It's Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, not sure which one of us is the fag though, you for not knowing, or me for knowing :o Anyway: Need her in my collection :31254352703170
Anonymous: I'd tap that until the well is bone dry.1254357213650
Anonymous: LOL NASTY1256113412253
Anonymous: id tap that1256149685552
Anonymous: KILL IT1256150435955

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Cry girl
Cry girl cry (63) , girl (386)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 72 Kbytes (316x300) Added by: * (May 10, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Anonymous: yeah baby! Cry.1242691049681
The pony is: NOT yours.1242691160294
Anonymous: Pedobear killed her father when she wouldn't put out. I don't blame him.1242786058901
airforced223: It only hurts at first1260237839317
Anonymous: id kill her daddy too1260241924389
crackerkiller5: ^ha!^1260249511275
tinyoflotus: i used to have awhole folder of stuff like this. i gotta find it. they have a whole thread of it at tinylotuscult.1260256370306
TASTYbacon: *sob* *sob* Daddy Daddy wasn't there Daddy Daddy wasn't there to take me to the fair It seems he doesn't care ;_:1260260478247
johnnynothumbs: How do u make a 3 year old cry again?1260321192322
johnnynothumbs: Wipe your dick off on her teddy bear!1260321481245
cogent: I love the sight of spoiled children crying...1260321854649
Anonymous: any spanking pics?1260987763532
chrisy: there is no Father Christmas1260989813561
Anonymous: Get over it, or i'll take your ass next time!1265140580581

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Pedobear girl kiss plush
Pedobear girl kiss plush pedobear (335) , girl (386) , kiss (221) , plush (39)

Source: SUBMIT / chan4chan URL: Info: JPG, 62 Kbytes (620x308) Added by: Anonymous (Jan 16, 2010) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
aNOMynous: Mutual Nom Nom?1263600391764
Anonymous: WIN!1263822365687
Ferrum: LOL!!!1273641241801
Mankind Sucks: Awwwww!1293994586917
purestblue: woah, dude! WIN!1294080260663
Anonymous: Sooooo much win! =D1294086168982

BnSneky: run fast...... wee one1327097229792
Furore23: The grooming has to start early.1327097255572
Anonymous: Too old1327112053996
MrSandynigger: And so it began...1327117794207
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Pudding girl thread pudding (8) , girl (386) , thread (1021)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 21 Kbytes (350x350) Added by: * (Jun 9, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Anonymous: yeah puddin daddys cum in your mouth dirty whore1245041242663
sinonymous: leave cum hungry retard alone!1249503898304
Anonymous: Can I babysit???Tee Hee... :)))))))1249506217250
Anonymous: And, im out of here faster then a cupcake at a waist watchers convention.1271771910133
Anonymous: i like cunt, so what?1275425520830
Greg: LOL1275495273905
CerealKiller: derp1275508351552
Anonymous: That's not puddin' sweetie1275510550236
slikwilly: why of course you do fatty1278380908922
so_what_if___: pudding jar #42 and counting.. i wonder what her meals are for dinner.1280171667479
Anonymous: have my pudding1280796972814
FUBARWURMOM: and old bubblegum, pennies, dog turds.....etc1280799854487
Anonymous: shit, that scary....1282268209998
Nickeh43: Who doesn't like puddin'?1282293511929

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Am I a boy or a girl? Would you really care?
Boy girl trap boy (103) , girl (386) , trap (120)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 54 Kbytes (961x768) Added by: bbdevil (Jan 4, 2010) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
goinforspeed: dude1262564224181
anonymous: i'd love it if u were a girl, but i'd love it even more if you were a boy1262568426215
anon: well..i'm not a i hope it's a fact, it does matter1262569514934
Anonymous: You Decide..........1262943767306
SheikYabhutti: Yes.... yes you are.1262945456448
iprobablyhateyou: as a matter of fact i dont care1262969757860
GaylaB: For the few occasions that I can't tell by looking,,, I really don't care one way or the other... ;~)1263258218785
gmode: iprobablyhateyou = true fag1263262669599
iprobablyhateyou: oh no gmode figured me out ... just don't tell my parents1263263024887
anonymous: boy or girl, my dick would going in it's asshole anyway1263263175556
ImaD00d: ^Cheers, anon!1263363844642
gmode: you got it1263370145625
stevenlee: Im leaning towards a boy1266621499801
­Anonymous: its a TRAP1266621811924

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Rain grenade girl
Rain grenade girl rain (31) , grenade (16) , girl (386)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 322 Kbytes (1680x1050) Added by: STARFIRETAXI (Jul 26, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Anonymous: Cool picture, What is this from?1248714516447
serenityjon: saved to background folder cool pic starfiretaxi1249327155602
Anonymous: the girl is nice dotted1253737144555
Anonymous: "if it doesn't stop raining im gonna blow my self up"1253742986744
marcuserektus: 5, 4, 3, 2...1262927289956
darkstan: I can hear the piano...1264753786598
Stevenlee: my new background!1268339282615
Anonymous: shits about to hit the fan1268353934801
DropkickMurphy: she must be muslim1268355746365
Anonymous: This picture is amazing... Any story behind it?1320045600564
BnSneky: Oh My1320046146313
Anonymous: ^^ Maybe a version of "Little Red Riding Hood" from Jin Roh film1320072770463

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Bubble girl
Bubble girl bubble (35) , girl (386)

Source: SUBMIT / chan4chan URL: Info: JPG, 85 Kbytes (800x600) Added by: * (Apr 9, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Anonymous: Don't suck!1241045883817
Anonymous: OMFG !!! I LOVE BUBBLEs . WISH I HAD BUBBLEs .1250180875342
Bubble: y is this on here?1250185120941
Squirrely1: Bubble has a sparkling personality... :))))1250188646288
Bubble: fuck yeah i do nigger, i stole polos from my shope i did the paper round for, i done things i shudnt, i like... this one time at band camp... went down on the teacher... thats y i become one... but it hasn't happend to me...1253213696460
Pyro: Where was you wen i was in school?!1253213840161
Bubble: you still in schiil...?1253214185389
Pyro: No1253214328372
Bubble: ok1253553504305
Pyro: I wish I was if i could go to ur school1253560098149
Bubble: ;) if i knew any of my students where on here, or in /b/ i don't know what i would do...i might ask them if they have heared of these sites.1253560253521
Anonymous: My you blow so nicely!1268961159664
TitsMagoo: First she's like YAYYY!!! But then it pops soap in her eyes and she's like GAHHH!!!1282569524728
Anonymous: Usually drink, usually dance, usually bubble!1282578649774

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Girl allison harvard surprise creepychan
Girl allison harvard surprise creepychan girl (386) , allison harvard (17) , surprise (104) , creepychan (6)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 52 Kbytes (600x800) Added by: * (Feb 15, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
THEfapper: needs rapin1241292730112
Anonymous: creepy as fuck1241423046921
Anonymous: I fucked her. It wasn't good.1245232591668
Anonymous: is that her face when she orgasms?1245287362918
Anonymous: it's like a young courtney love.1245325165353
Anonymous: silly girl , that isn't the bathroom1245370265351
Anonymous: looks like a scared cat1245948062123
M State: akward1245951413611
Bubble: Pretty in Pink, but really... stay of the coke.1247766197543
Anonymous: Just about high enough to be totally obedient!1251828742163
PUSSYDESTROYER: looks like a racoon.1252987046152
randyvanburen: pink.... like it...1252990702894
cracker_killer: are a sick human being1253081255951
Bubble: are wrong1253086929917

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Anonymous girl
Anonymous girl anonymous (111) , girl (386)

Source: SUBMIT / chan4chan URL: Info: JPG, 202 Kbytes (1024x768) Added by: piggyslasher (Jun 14, 2010) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Furore23: Veteran oldfag.1279306190229
jacooker: What an ugly child.1280039699253
MR.FAMAS: WTF is that???1280041815836
Anonymous: ^ NUB ALERT^1280041856726
Anonymous: ^twink alert1294604011866
Anonymous: viva la revolucion :D1295026578918
BlazinWeed: MR.FAMAS gtfo you are a disgrace to the COD communtiny.1295026627118
daedal: <3 anonymous1295069699973
balder: Is Mara, I am sure!1295152503638
Anonymous: Giggling Midget Anon1311603938329
Anonymous: the new pokemon ~1311612088914
Anonymous: who is mara?1311614208477
Cobra: I'm six and what is this?1311614478529
Anonymous: the future1311724505433
Name: Comment:

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Post ending in 00 etc, etc
4chan note girl 4chan (628) , note (53) , girl (386)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 64 Kbytes (640x480) Added by: ­Anonymous (Feb 20, 2010) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
candismaw: ew. go to bed.1266786349985
greyhoundpaul: liver?1266787324539
Anonymous: Repaint your room black and tell your parents you are depressed and suicidal - Be a Emo bitch and stop smiling1269113579547
nigel: eat your brockley then go to bed1269144277577
i wasAnonymous: get a restraining order out on 4chan1269146758480
KarmaPickles: Go do your homework and stay off the computer.1269159538104
Daddy: Star tattoos on your face,Join a Cult.1269160420398
dodgeboy: dont grow up republican , be nice to people1269177306760
Anonymous: let your hair down1269321169234
Anonymous: let down your hair1269321176187
Dave: whoever you are little girl,- you've got a sick older brother... i vote... tell daddy1269330982710
KarmaPickles: brush your teeth for at least 2 minutes. Up and down. none of that back and forth shit!!!1269331618183
KarmaPickles: Always look both ways when crossing the street.... if not you'll be run over, have your head smashed and we will all laugh at you for it.1269337674966
Anonymous: pick a booger out of your nose and eat it1269370598835

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Girl photoshop cute eyes
Girl photoshop cute eyes girl (386) , photoshop (445) , cute (409) , eyes (484)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 154 Kbytes (576x768) Added by: londonman1966 (Feb 22, 2010) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Pyro: Welll yea i might hit that1266896765685
ZombiexLust: Same, and I'm a chck. XD1266900688974
missy: ^me too, and i am also a chick1266901936941
Anonymous: ^^i'll hit all three of ya. and i'm a dude... there's no god damn joke here. i wanna plow all three of ya.1266906969805
missy: ^ hehe1266919694697
Anonymous: DYKES!!!1277913960915
Anonymous: MIKE'S!!!1280028408231
sickfuck88: i'd cum in that pretty face1280043278771
Anonymous: I'll tap the dykes then1280043665252
Arsonist: she is lord of crackers1280043685749
sickfuck88: no i'm the lord of all crackers1280046411333
crackerkiller5: did someone say ccrackers?1280076820426
Anonymous: Vitamin D1280076916622
Anonymous: i would hit that if it didn't look like my sister1282428658496

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Anonymous: lol1266182300504
DutchGuy: reminds me of niles standish from crank yankers. yesyes?1266184358834
Anonymous: my hirs is amazing1266231100282
JesusWept: You may pass go!1266255652754
themadhatter666: its a fuckin trap1266295561128
Anonymous: Allice is that you1271845491519
Anonymous: from the Guinness commercial on US TV1271983151783
Anonymous: its a dirty sanchez in training kit.1290753576699
Munster: There you go Mr Peanut...1290761915731
Maddi: This looks like my sister...she was always the sexy one.1295878096906
Anomolous: Love this pic -1297240553367
Anonymous: I say, good show old girl!1297245918581
TinFoilHatGuy: she blinded me with science1298199445768
Anonymous: now if she'll just let me suck her dick1298533756351

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