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(get in here, faggots)

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I am happy to learn of this!
Happy pink snake thread foo

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 196 Kbytes (720x540) Added by: * (Feb 14, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
happy (110) , pink (74) , snake (69) , thread (1022) , foo (1)

Pyro: Me too1263183747674
Anonymous: so am i1263183891691
crackerkiller5: me three1263189219335
Anonymous: pssst1263189286816
4chansucks: ^GTFO1263229030589
ANNONAMOOSE: fuck you snake. ur mouth has no tooth. why would i care for your opinion, you cant even bite mouses...1266345437606
Cherry: I will not tolerate such an indecent use of words towards the adorable snake. gtfo good sir.1266356345959
Limerick: This statement calls for a meme^^^1266356694761
Cherry: Fuck yea.1266356738714
Anonymous: hah lol1266361196476
Anonymous: if you have to call for a meme, newfag....1266503519896
lonerstoner45: this white1267291976285
Anonymous: This snake.... is tight1271562858259
Warg: This snake... is right.1271573707456
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Baby beer happy smile
Baby beer happy smile

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 22 Kbytes (430x323) Added by: mirkat (Apr 4, 2010) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
baby (246) , beer (68) , happy (110) , smile (428)

mirkat: cheers1270391963229
whackoguitarriff: that's right. get us alcoholics started young1270901215539
kangaroojoe: My glass is half full...1270919787504
ǝsnɐɹqןǝɯɯıd: ... and my mom is half dead. Hehe1280417418143
Nickeh43: Startin' em early, I see.1281503707838
veranet: "kin yooo belif dat way.. way... ah watress tried to kard *burp* me!?!?1281504170281
Uncle Harvey: NORM!!!1281505453472
Burrgeezy: Hey Sammy!1281628860339
uriar: thats one happy baby!1282494816147
Anonymous: i would kill my self if i had to be in a kindergarden with a hangover...1282511141817
Quadra: Baby looks like he's had a pint or three.1282516300994
Anonymous: Parenting win. Here the parents obviously want their baby to be happy.1282516714515
Furore23: You're supposed to filter it through a tit so the fuzz don't suspect.1303573208557
Anonymous: beer can be used to help underweight babies gain...1314838747484
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Happy baby
Happy baby

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 16 Kbytes (405x385) Added by: * (Mar 30, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
happy (110) , baby (246)

Anonymous: KILL IT WITH FIRE1240933913896
Anonymous: mommy gonna give me some titty!1245004265927
Archadae: Dont kill me mom!1268340521640
Anonymous: Aaah! You craazy,1268349507686

Anonymous: "AAIIIII trolled ya"1268409433442
c4caddict: pyro get em1268415182362
Anonymous: featus1269461869131
skapunkeric: happy hes not a nigger1269507568339
Khalthar: He sees what we do here! 4chan has improved his life, and he will forever be a member!1271333104858
fap: ^^ lol anon1272826468436
Crazy8s: looks like me and the first time i came1272839538302
Wr104Gamma: AWWWwww green baby shit... I see them tittay's!!!!1280379910707
Anonymous: aww look who's looking forward to sucking momma's titties1280664636493
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Smile black girl nigger happy
Smile black girl nigger happy

Source: SUBMIT / chan4chan URL:!.jpg Info: JPG, 105 Kbytes (465x700) Added by: * (Jul 22, 2010) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
smile (428) , black (392) , girl (387) , nigger (630) , happy (110)

Anonymous: WTF Urcle? Kill it kill it kill it !1279826255753
Anonymous: gay crackhead Urcle1279826343224
Anonymous: Gayfish ☛ Kanye West1279827546302
IMPALER OF TWATS: LMAO thats funny shit there1279842195963
Amber: i'd hit it, maybe1279848673965
Warg: Its spelled Urkel, you pissshits!!1279867203198

Anonymous: thats a fucking bitch1279921022920
Anonymous: sorry for the misspell you nigger rigged eurofag1279997882543
Anonymous: it's ɡɐʎƭisɧ KANYE WEST !1280000263889
Anonymous: ɡɐʎƭisɧ !1280000299676
Anonymous: nigger please!!!1281139715132
Anonymous: Bottom Line...1281141660321
Anonymous: GAYF!$H !1281160918458
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Happy fat
Happy fat

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 38 Kbytes (400x447) Added by: bananaman (Sep 27, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
happy (110) , fat (582)

Squirrely1: How the heck did she get her bottom of her swim suit on???1254085733200
cracker_killer: scooby doo and the gang cant even solve that mystery1254106322253
Punctillious1: butt they don't fall down1254112497645
bananaman: that bacon will just straight to her thighs1254158759428
Anonymous: In case of emergency, her ass can be used as a floatation device.1255057956579
zalzankavol: If she caught fire I'd be scared to throw water on her!1255187483692
Anonymous: DAT ASS1265859879555
JLOCO39: now that looks like a fun ride right there.1265872666626
Anonymous: how the fuck does she fit on her toilet seat1269608951598
Anonymous: She ate too many Kraby Patties1269836419631
slideon01: when she sits around the house , she sits AROUND the house1270047395678
ieatnuggets: bitch! gimme back han solo.1270063505487
Furore23: Something that fat doesn't deserve to be happy.1278092239779
Anonymous: Man's that's Just wrong!1278326642876
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Happy easter photo nigger family bunny costume hungary fekete pákó

Source: SUBMIT / chan4chan URL: Info: JPG, 258 Kbytes (480x672) Added by: Anonymous (Apr 21, 2011) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
happy easter (1) , photo (1862) , nigger (630) , family (209) , bunny (73) , costume (139) , hungary (110) , fekete pákó (1)

Anonymous: jungle bunny?1303400880112
Anonymous: <<<< WTF???1303402250325
Anonymous: That ugly slut had to settle for a nigger.1303416587383
Weed: The British re-make of "North".1303424563600
Greeft: ^I'm pretty sure that message isn't written in British.1303426820252
Anonymous: RASSENSCHANDE !1303428837335
Anonymous: Hungarian. Happy Easter, blah blah blah. Fuck off Black cunt, your not Hungarian! Go back to where you came from!!!1303429300813
RubberG: The fuck are niggers doing in Hungary??1303437628971
Anonymous: ^ "Fekete Pako" (or Black Pako) came to Hungary (from Nigeria) for a better life. He sang Hungarian folk music once which some people found funny, so some producer decided to give him his own CD. They invited him to TV shows for the WTF experience, and he's been famous for it eversince. See
Furore23: Why are any of you pretending that this is a language?1303463022910
Anonymous: Hasenpfeffer for Easter dinner! Yum yum.1303613785177
EvoStar: That is what you get for wishing for a 6 foot chocolate bunny.1303842460331
Anonymous: Bam-a-lam whoa Black-bunny!1303843075674
Anonymous: chocolate bunny is filled with AIDS creme - do not want1303847442408

NORTH KOREA - The Happiest Place on Earth.
Happy korea disney

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 77 Kbytes (750x600) Added by: * (Jun 14, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
happy (110) , korea (21) , disney (24)

Anonymous: LOL1245109584246
Anonymous: North Korea = Best Korea1245115183336
Anonymous: North Korea = One Total Fuckup1245125402100
o_o: directly after Iran, China, Mosambique, USA1245180494304
Anonymous: I LOL'D1245187656572
Anonymous: i rotfl'd1245480267599
BuggerChan: North Korea: where fun is mandatory.1249383632423
an0nymouse: Turn North Korea into lake of boiling liquid glass1249386243968
Anonymous: ALL HAIL KIM JONG-IL!!!1250222612219
Hughbie: You mean to say Kim Jong is the fucking head....he's fucked that country up so good not even 4chan could do a better job...1250224796920
Anonymous: ALL HAIL KIM JONG-IL!!!!1250571687683
BenardTheRetard: its a small world after all......1265417687633
LePop: lmfao. Why don't people just move from N. Korea if they dont like it there?1265636002810
ILoveyouBitches: Because Kim loves the people of N. Korea very much..1265650102200
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Happy blood face
Happy blood face

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 395 Kbytes (640x661) Added by: 89.240.* (May 19, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
happy (110) , blood (160) , face (904)

Anonymous: Explain.1243029636735
Anonymous: the guy has more makeup on than the chick? emofag..gtfo...1243041812692
BeatsOnLosers: Not Emo. Emos wear thick black eyeliner with black nailpaint, not pink lipstick and bronze skin, you fucking moron.1248975688124
Anonymous: only a true fag would kno exactly wat it was1269065658674
Captain Obvious 2: Easy, both male. Doh1269105037321
Anonymous: i asked them to eat my dick but i didnt mean dat1269136514593
John.dounut: Blood face? Must be period1275172607681
ADAM: Russia?1276042907560
NAZI: no1276072476516
Anonymous: cocaine?1278367259949
Anonymous: My thoughts to 99491278367829952
Anonymous: Hostel part 31278383557587
Redrocco: the chick on the right is just creepy1318209311378
Anonymous: lesbians love you everyday of the month1367895157901
Name: Comment:
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Happy fight blood
Happy fight blood

Source: WEB / ircimages URL: Info: JPG, 137 Kbytes (1024x940) Added by: Anonymous (Jul 9, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
happy (110) , fight (83) , blood (160)

Anonymous: "but we happy, right?"1247273741779
Anonymous:'re doing it right1247729236727
Hughbie: yeah....right. More like "Oi cunt...sit here and smile or we'll keep smashing the fuck out of you" taken...."now enjoy that smoke....its your last".....1247760623857
Anonymous: them are the guys that beat his ass1250548856133
DutchGuy: lose a few teeth, gain a few friends1250675772874
Hughbie: ^they aren't looks Russian (might be wrong) but they certainly aren't his friends...if he lived after that pic he's lucky. I know a few "lovely" russian boys and they are "oh so friendly"....when everything is going their way...1250697717373
zalzankavol: They must be Scots, despite that stupid writing1255188288955
Anarchist: hes arite lads, just alil blood.1260047850898
Rodart: they are russians.1260090058589
Anonymous: the text says: Making someone to pay their debts doesn't have to be serious business... these boys enjoy their job! Raipr from Kuusankoskis activities on Talinns casinos got him into serious debt, he fucked 3 prostitutes for ''free'' foulmouthed the bouncers and took a cab to his hotel room to clean the minibar. After a while Igor and Vasili came to negotiate the debt, and as the picture shows1260309356648
Anonymous: everyone is happy and everything is ok. Sometimes just negotiating is enough...1260309543367
Anonymous: finland vs. russia (5miljon people vs. 200miljon people ??!)1268532796181
Anonymous: Oh I met guys like this before.. I introduced to them to my shotgun.1277446127291
Flarp: I'm not sure that he's smiling. Seriously, look at the outline of his jaw.1277455059489
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Fffuuu stairs upskirt happy
Fffuuu stairs upskirt happy

Source: SUBMIT / chan4chan URL: Info: GIF, 49 Kbytes (1041x789) Added by: * (Aug 7, 2010) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
fffuuu (438) , stairs (45) , upskirt (44) , happy (110)

kinganonymous: XD1281217794535
Anonymous: *fap fap fap*1282961877686
Nickeh43: lol kyoot1282962429994
Raptor Jesus: last frame should be a FUCK YEAH or rape related1282972430747
Limerick: Why?1282972487907
PeaceFromGer: Its time to rape my now1284990312848
Anonymous: TIMMEH!!!1285467311905
Anonymous: :31285625596147
Anonymous: agree with rapt000r!1285744467726
Flarp: YAAAAAAAY!1285802470626
Anonymous: Because fuck yeah and rape is what all the cool kids doing nowadays.1291409250327
Lily84: nom nom1291409303406
Hitman 47: Wow finally Mr. Fffuuu!!!! Gets some good Karma for a change.1291412449187
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Happy gollum
Happy gollum

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 15 Kbytes (400x442) Added by: * (May 9, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
happy (110) , gollum (5)

weeone: my precious1254865947246
toxic: lost its humor by now1254865992363
Anonymous: fap fap fap1254873231960
Stu: I dream of stepping on this fucker's head1255019892439
zalzankavol: Should not be so proud of that cock ring1255187525853
Anonymous: when sauron's hand was cut off and usildor picked up the cockring it grew SMALLER!!! that should help explain its function.1287268917522
hi hater$: its gilbert1287270178398
Anonymous: wats tater precious?! wats tater!?1287270621965
FLArp: At least make the bitch sign a prenup. Sure, you're happy. But you know statistically what happens in marrage!1287298517784
Anonymous:   ▲1287301776474
Anonymous: ▲ ▲1287301790166
Harvey: When did Lindsay Lohan get out of jail?1287308189270
rock: Gollum is a useful metaphor for wall st bankers?1292584715143
Weed: Don't he have any pits of lava to jump into?1292592910396
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Happy cat
Happy cat

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 391 Kbytes (710x600) Added by: * (Apr 9, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
happy (110) , cat (896)

Anonymous: i want one1247002549211
Anonymous: :31247053085919
Anonymous: YAY!! HAPPY CAT!!!!!!!1247078223609
Anonymous: Fuck Off Cat . It isn't Caturday yet .1247078356863
Anonymous: buddha cat1247087469760
Anonymous: no blood?1247121071836
Anonymous: =^.^=1247127921819
Anonymous: ^^1250811638566
Anonymous: definitely gots the "3"1250818804196
Anonymous: :+31251253505915
ThrillBilly: ha ro1251259140514
jackfrosty: Fuck you kitty youre gonna spend the nite... OUTSIDE!1251259412707
ImaD00d: ^almost forgot about that band. I'm grabbing a torrent now.1251267676770
Furore23: Let's play Jeopardy: "Happy".1277308328888
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Photoshop hillary clinton happy eyes
Photoshop hillary clinton happy eyes

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 43 Kbytes (748x577) Added by: jackfrosty (Sep 22, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
photoshop (449) , hillary (5) , clinton (17) , happy (110) , eyes (485)

weeone: I have a collection of these shops, saving tis as well1254668044417
Anonymous: that's hillaryous1312566528757
Anonymous: tits or gtfo1312574602287
BnSneky: ^^lol1312575284909
Anonymous: 3 cocks for that face.1332182661582
Anonymous: and a cuban cigar up her 90 year old snatch1429096787762
Anonymous: Sep 2017: She could have stayed quiet and counted all her money in peace but instead this POS is making the rounds on every news outlet blaming everyone but herself for the poor decisions she made. If one person on earth could save Drumpf's presidency, it's this arrogant. loud-mouthed, selective memory having POS.1504932759296
darkstan: ^No. All of that is wrong.1504934726928
Corporatocracy 2017: ^ Drumpf & Hillary are on the same side. Take note of name #36 on the list here ---> https : //www . clintonfoundation . org/contributors?category=%24100%2C001%20to%20%24250%2C000&page=71505025971362
Anonymous: PANTSUITS AVERTED.1505449787576
Anonymous: If your not totally humiliated by the loss,,,,nobody's home1505498931513
Anonymous: TPP AVERTED.1505505617764
Anonymous: ^^^^ Now there’s all this coverage of her attacking Comey, and I think that’s fair, but it is stupid. Right now we need Comey, as he is the star witness in taking Trump down for obstruction of justice. Going after his credibility only helps Trump, at this point.1505910646360
Anonymous: Par for the course how Hillary supporters avoid discussing Debbie Wasserman Schultz. http : //www . eutimes . net/2016/08/slip-of-tongue-debbie-wasserman-schultz-admits-dnc-collusion-for-hillary-clinton/1505965954368
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Happy hail satan

Source: SUBMIT / chan4chan URL: Info: JPG, 132 Kbytes (600x781) Added by: * (May 24, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
happy (110) , hail (2) , satan (17)

zalzankavol: Hail a tan? He has no tan! What a douche.1255188888680
zalzankavol: And get some polish on those jungle boots douche bag!1255188965388
donaldd: bad picture. That thing is not peeing .1255189268469
brutalninja: .........brutal1255247308850
Anonymous: brutalninja i agree1258845318622
Anonymous: the master will bong you like HELL for that1258851084658
Pyro: Bong? WHO SAID BONG?1264139835366
kaz: i did1264141394989
AGENTDORK: theres nothing satanic about that star. i haz it painted with glow in the dark paint in my celling its represents the 5 elements and its called a pentacle1265413560276
ironmikie: ^^^Cool story bro1265415352808
smeter: yeah that story was so good. you should tell it again.1270768605603
eddieo: and squat like a retard1270780461792
Anonymous: It should say "I'm too lame to fit in with everyone else so I do extreme things to get attention which makes me think people like me but they really talk about me and will never remember me after high school until someone brings me up randomly and someone else is like 'Oh shit are they alive still? Doubt it...'"1270791581544
Anonymous: 4 invisible DICKS!!!1270828039306
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Women happy
Women happy

Source: SUBMIT / chan4chan URL: Info: JPG, 132 Kbytes (460x3707) Added by: Banshee5 (Jun 28, 2012) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
women (379) , happy (110)

r120628: so true1340887201580
Itzcuintle: =)1340897227349
darkstan: This, of course, is the main problem with women.1340924604892
Itzcuintle: Could be summed up with, women are never satisfied, men are satisfied with beer.1340925681469
Banshee5: ^and boobs.1341311523144
Anonymous: Kimberly Nigro1367201757353
Banned: tl;dr forever alone1370393344485
RubberG: ^ posted from Corrlinks.1370393862132
fiveby5: why is father listed twice? (that was rhetorical)1370402826128
Banshee5: ^because a lot of girls have daddy issues so we need to make sure that it's in the list1370456216674
Quantum69: Is that it? :)1370457188559
Banshee5: No that's not information technology.1370639196527
Quantum69: ^LoL!1370639364797
DrSoapBox: I can give you 8, pick very wisely!1450510526543
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FELINE FACTS: Why do cats purr?
Cat info happy purr

Source: SUBMIT / chan4chan URL: Info: JPG, 95 Kbytes (423x538) Added by: enoeew (Mar 17, 2012) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
cat (896) , info (382) , happy (110) , purr (1)

MrSandyNigger: So they hiss and claw at me when they are happy? Got it.1332004968868
Anonymous: FAIL!! they purr even when no-one is around1332020817113
enoeew: Maybe at that point they are suicidal, who know with cats.1332021088625
Greeft: ^^ How do know?1332030241334
Greeft: ^^^ How do you know even?1332030258569
fiveby5: finally! accurate cat information!1332039116968
Anonymous: 569 - believe it or not there's things called video cameras, they can record images when humans are not around...1332351474677
Greeft: ^ How do you know they aren't purring because the video camera is there?1332451430627
Mr.Anon: cats purr because they are evil1332452140742
darkstan: Cats rule.1332463944128
Quadra: They may also purr after injury.1334768590248
optimus: thats not true, cats purr for almost everything eating, petting, scared, relaxed etc........1334772606781
Anonymous: < that was cool.1334773085304
HWood: lies I tell you - LIES!!1334789333896
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Nickeh43 smile baby happy
Nickeh43 smile baby happy

Source: SUBMIT / chan4chan URL: Info: JPG, 898 Kbytes (2832x2128) Added by: Anonymous (Jan 4, 2012) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
nickeh43 (41) , smile (428) , baby (246) , happy (110)

Everdark: yay happy drool lol inb4 sick fuckers1325651231640
Anonymous: lovely pic is lovely1325651261913
Nickeh43: Better times... I love that kid so much.1325651913585
Grund1e: Cute picture!!1325675775695
spz557: hmm, wouldn't turn her down.....(on the right)....1325676395755
Quantum69: ^lol, thx for stating (what would be) the obvious (everywhere else except in a place like this) :D1325676497714

RKB: Oh wait a minute, I forgot. You don't have any tits. Disregard last post!1325687658690
spz557: ^Q69, LOL. U never know on this site, stating obvious needs to be done sometimes.1325711577394
Choadboy: What type of mother feeds a kid plastic peas?1325722280261
HanoverRed: Great picture1325729105552
Nickeh43: Hey at least it's not plastic ice cream1325732930488
Redrocco: or latex cheeze1325733014630
Ranxerox: Never understood why anyone would let a child crawl around on the same floor we all track filth from outside on. Dog shit, cat shit, homeless crackhead shit, you name it. Would you eat off the floor? Probably some of you'tards do but no one in their right mind would so why would let your little baby crawl around on it?1325733767122
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Happy girl sad boy hug
Happy girl sad boy hug

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 153 Kbytes (1200x900) Added by: * (May 17, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
happy (110) , girl (387) , sad (50) , boy (103) , hug (40)

Anonymous: Dude, you're in, hit it before puberty does!1248707640295
Anonymous: That's all we really wanted as kids. Mommy!1248758920862
Anonymous: pull the mask off!! there's a bear under there!!1248766578624
Anonymous: i bet hes hard and shes wet1249666742254
Anonymous: funny how you get the attention when you didn't want it and then when you want it you get none.1254340529807
Stu: he's got a twinkle in his eyes... he is silently very glad1254345405755
zalzankavol: He is reaching for her hairless muffin1255187702636
Anonymous: i'd be reaching for his hairless weeiner!1265112543319
beepb00p: fags.. LOL1266716501841
AnonymousYoz: damn, hugging that girl, and hes not happy.. dont care what age he is, hes crazy.1266972211304
Anonymous: Ha....kids1266981477133
Chester: I'd let her hug me anytime1266984392954
lookingloving: He's thinking: "Oh no, not another night of babysitting!"1267453901398
Anonymous: she could give me a huge too lol1280866569709
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Happy fritzl
Happy fritzl

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 22 Kbytes (219x219) Added by: * (Apr 9, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
happy (110) , fritzl (38)

Anonymous: :-)1242166472179
Anonymous: He's not your Average Joe1248816236219
-...-: I hear he does a good price on basement conversions !!1248816673803
Chuzzle: ^LOL1248909051577
Anonymous: What a nice family man...I wonder what all the fuss is about...1248946392940
Anonymous: Why so basement?1255554546149
TS: Shit I forgot my name again. All credit goes to TriforceSlash for that wonderfull comment.1255554571678
grollstuhl: hey, all he really needs is a hug and a daughter he can rape1291148884342
Anonymous: Lock him up with some horney niggers1296084130317
Vincent859: He ALWAYS looks like he's up to something... of course.. he has been... so...1324253291174
Bonefish: "Why yes, I have a basement."1350954929817
i like pudding: hi grandpa :)1352082962987
Anonymous: nigbolu1522309577338
Anonymous: Is he dead yet?1522441029767
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Beer happy smile girl fest germany sunglasses
Beer happy smile girl fest germany sunglasses

Source: SUBMIT / chan4chan URL: Info: JPG, 172 Kbytes (960x659) Added by: * (Mar 15, 2010) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
beer (68) , happy (110) , smile (428) , girl (387) , fest (1) , germany (43) , sunglasses (41)

geenstijl: want1268639427382
dodgeboy: women and beer = a good day1268753361133
missy: ^ agreed whole heartedly1268807976215
DutchGuy: drunk women and beer = best day1268808177273
Anonagain: ^^drunk naked women and beer=awsome day1268832575853
missy: ^ at all of you, definately dont have to be drunk to = awesome day1268835323374
fap: fap1272824385300
Anonymous: 2nd from the left. 3rd from the right hot also.1273037191505
Who Me?: ... mmmmmmmmmmmm, Spatenbrau from Munich ~(-=1273037782667
Who Me?: - girls are cute too !1273038467766
sickfuck88: 3 but i'd slap her hat off first1290030492781
Anonymous: 2, 2, 2, thats all I have to say on the matter...1290030660151
Anonymous: Deutsch Frauen sind die größten!1290040047497
Anonymous: Too ba Germany infested with muslims now. I even seen stinking niggers in Bremen!1290048421780
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Happy cat
Happy cat

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happy (110) , cat (896)

nix: <31252058931982
DutchGuy: :31252067822863
Winnar: <:D1252100310903
Anonymous: KAH-YUUUUTE1252104062198
::::::::::::::::::::: =^-^=1252119689150
ThrillBilly: ha ro kitty1252123157553
nix: <З1254178706771
God: Cute1255164875649
Edie: gay1255796820200
federalfugitive: a man who owns a cat is either as faggot or an asian which is still a faggot...1255800316789
Pyro: I aint gay and I have a cat1255800728395
BlubberButt: Cutest things evar.1255803481581
cracker_killer: 6789......i have to disagree with you on this one, i love cats1255803612615
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Army happy face boy weapon finland
Army happy face boy weapon finland

Source: WEB / apina URL: Info: JPG, 123 Kbytes (1066x715) Added by: mdcherveny (Apr 18, 2010) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
army (122) , happy (110) , face (904) , boy (103) , weapon (107) , finland (6)

deadsmooth: Finland rules but they should go back to the blue swastika.1271605985998
Anonymous: Shrek1275059263383
Anonymous: eyes made me lulz1275099858430
slikwilly: from the look on the soldier's face, maybe the gun is safer in the lil boy's hands anyway1275100096135
Anonymous: ^ agreed1275140728391
joker: why so asian?1279579315806
Solomon Grundy: the rifle is surely safe however, this sick corporal deserves a court-martial for this....... if finns have some discipline in their army...1285457330566
Anonymous: timmmaaayyyyyy1285472499227
TitsMagoo: He's staring down her blouse at a giant pair of titties. THAT'S why!1285502565159
DarbyCrash: ^^^^ finno-ugrians are related to mongols1289081823700
the7rafe7: holy shit nice ak1289085285259
Doyousmell: its jim carey1290775285220
slay: it's cousin to ak, it's rk-951297612003617
Anonymous: Valmet rifle?1297618427480
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Egg eyes face happy
Egg eyes face happy

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egg (59) , eyes (485) , face (904) , happy (110)

ghostoftime: you are what you eat1273892019900
Anonymous: Beck Bagged1273899802968
Anonymous: He took "egg on your face" litterally.1273926902530
Furore23: Now I;m hungry.1273929602599
Anon: lololololololol1281132142422
blutschwingel: now i’m hungry for pork roast1281460510704
Hammy: ham and fried egg.......yum1283026813723
CHANmh: I lol'd1289148872108
gta: Fuckin omlette faced1289148996596
BnSneky: needs bacon1289149311933
chrud: this is your brain on your brain...1294695306513
Quasimodo: eggsellent!1331906650268
Anonymous: ooh i love Frank Black1331910290476
Anonymous: The yolks on you. hahaha. I need to get a life.1331911114993
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Happy cat
Happy cat

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happy (110) , cat (896)

Furore23: Blee!1277301339391
Bun: Ka-yuuuuute! :D1277301575472
Anonymous: He's totally tweaked out1283463762835
Anonymous: YAY1283496763760
SouthernPride: C is for Crack1283497025782
uberbarf: awesome kittay1307495730632
Midgeinc: Happy Cat Is Happy1307572255247
Anonymous: cute1332760568546
Anonymous: what breed is this ?1332760603199
BnSneky: kill it1332760635550
Anonymous: The pose somehow reminds of one of those embarassingly posed Olan Mills photos.1332802672802
Anonymous: WHAT BREED IS THIS HAPPY CAT?1335671924587
Anonymous: ^A happy breed! Can't you tell?1452186262513
JimTheHammer: Punchable face1459589685871
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Happy bread
Happy bread

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happy (110) , bread (27)


Furore23: I'd be happy too if I was a piece of toast and a cup of coffee. That shit is win.1277127754810
djh123: nom1315213765833
Quasimodo: lol1334066167990
Cheesecake: Hi bargain store bread! haven't seen you in a while - hows the kids - yeah i know pedobear , lol1422212175244
Crackhead FezMonkey: Butterface and marmalade eyes. I'd hit it. On drugs.1453570075538
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Funny content collection

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Obama bush happy
Obama bush happy

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obama (227) , bush (61) , happy (110)

CreepisKryp: Now for the kiss of death.1270365298882
bodowg: Just smile and like it nigger1270656949478
CreepisKryp: ^Bush is a nigger? 0_01270698711160
AmericanSpirit: lol1270702667397
WichsWam: feigning fuckers, hang em both1303142799822
Anonymous: "I love you cuz"1303172252618
Anonymous: 2 evil assholes1357946119726
HotPawt: Bush and the Bin Laden family were tight. Oil buddies. Made lots of rials and dollars together.1357964171973
Anonymous: Bush and Saddam Hussein were even bigger friends, old Bush used to visit his buddy with his whole family, they had such spledid dinner parties, but then communist were replaced with muslims1357997699427
Capeta: Hippocrates1358004507807

Anonymous: "hows the New world order going?" "its on track sir"1358034032406
Anonymous: "Congradulations Barack! I'm so glad you replaced that duffus son of mine." "Thank you George, it's gonna take at least two terms to cleanup his mess though."1384449986115
Bonefish: ^Lol.1384450026490
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Tom cruise oprah scientology happy
Tom cruise oprah scientology happy

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 32 Kbytes (500x350) Added by: * (Mar 31, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
tom cruise (4) , oprah (4) , scientology (11) , happy (110)

Anonymous: WHOA!!! I nailed you bitch! Got that booty good didn't I? Hahahaha1245444989739
Anonymous: rarrrr1245832081832
beepb00p: he should kick nigger oprah's teeth down her throat, then gouge her eyes out1266756237460
Anonymous: Fuck your couch!1266823851390
kinganonymous: "Ball lightning"1266826220406
aNOMynous: Wouldn't that be scientologly happy?1266826702484
Anonymous: i see the aidsfactor is high1267125880789
Spermany: attention whore...1267127936746
Bestrea2002: Not happy, crazy.1294753485885
Anonymanx: Hoooooooooo!1294755160325
Anonymous: tom cruise is still .. in the closet1294774564467
BnSneky: ^agreed1294775073866
Rumorluvr: That's crazy white people1294779716248
Anonymous: "Scientology! Yay! Fuck yeah! Woohoo! Top Gun!"1294788763541
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Happy cat food photo
Happy cat food photo

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 102 Kbytes (640x960) Added by: mkld3430 (Dec 10, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
happy (110) , cat (896) , food (247) , photo (1862)

bananaman: hahaha, nice!1260460214330
Anonymous: hell yeah1260522082961
jackfrosty: foolish kitteh... The letter E is good for you!!!1260790674725
Anonymousdude: OMNOMNOMNOMNOM1260831360567
davethecaveman: "you're gonna be trippin!"1276811573207
Grave: E is for EIDS.1276815034846
Anonymous: rape face!1307285533222
BnSneky: Kill the Kitty1307286910995
Anonymous: nom nom nom1307293050637
uberbarf: I LOVE "E"1307313177330
Anonymous: Keeeewl1321530795527
Anonymous: CATholic church of the divine meow1350851790139
Cheesecake: At first i was like - then I was like1423189092742
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Monkey happy melon
Monkey happy melon

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 9 Kbytes (210x251) Added by: * (Jun 10, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
monkey (79) , happy (110) , melon (32)

sickfuck88: don't feed the niggers1289023116984
7munkee: their craving IS genetic1291985981973
Weed: That's what you get for not fisting, bitch with no tits.1292007923409
Weed: So make like a tree, and GTFO.1292007943873
Anonymous: JayZ getting hand fed1292008263682
BnSneky: whoa1292008965444
Anonymous: nigger please1305870894526
Anonymous: arnold schwarzenegger feeds a nigger.1305872034878
Gantzkas: ahahaha1309682752917
Cobra: You're just gonna eat it like that?1309700987672
Anonymous: oh lawd 1/3 mercy!1311294226360
Anonymous: RIP Kanye West1311295858318
Anonymous: Handouts from crackas never stop because crackas are suckas !1311308382928
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Comic tale frog fairytale happy end

Source: SUBMIT / chan4chan URL: Info: PNG, 354 Kbytes (666x2620) Added by: Lexicon (Jan 14, 2012) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
comic (464) , tale (6) , frog (55) , fairytale (1) , happy end (1)

Moongrim: Does that mean he's gotta marry her?1326645292927
Anonymous: If she lives, yes.1331842284233
veranet: that shit's water tight!1331926689969
Anonymous: i lol'd1332046140824
El Capitan: I don't see him stopping1332050759997
BnSneky: hahahaha1332076507191
Nabbo: lol1332094732537
frob: HELLO, my BABY! HELLO, my HONEY! HELLO, my RAGTIME GAAAAL!1334572301163
Blackbenny1973: doesn't matter, had sex1334572440636
Anonymous: _1422417157403
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Happy desu smile
Happy desu smile

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 27 Kbytes (476x420) Added by: * (Apr 9, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
happy (110) , desu (42) , smile (428)

Anonymous: :-)1242166479763
Anonymous: ^ more faggotry from this faggot.1255211848719
literalka: Shut the fuck up Swiney.1255213051343
Anonymous: fdkbbcfdkbbcejcbhjjdbscjhdbschjbdjcbhsjdcbjshbdcehjwbjdbhsejcbhjjdbscjhdbschjbdjcbhsjdcbjshbdcehjwbjdbhsjdhcbhjdsbchjbsdcbsjdbhcjhdbsjbcjdcjhbschjbdsjchbhdsbcsc jdbjdshbchjsbdhcbsjdcbhjdbchsdbcjhdbscjhdsbcjhdbcjhdbscjbsdchjdbjscbhdcbdshbcbdshcjbdshcjhdbcejwcbedsjchbdfshbjbcdksrngfkrjnfkejfbrkbfhbdsjhcb wkew3io4jr483rhjdwehjd23bdsknxkjqwbqdkbwkdbkqwbefkdb2beekewwkebwk3bfbwue3u3bkf3kwedksjbfkbew.bkef1309865524955
Cobra: DESU DESU DESU DESU DESU... LOL WUT? Rozen Maiden, no, no.1309868207379
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Happy cat basket photo
Happy cat basket photo

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 64 Kbytes (700x570) Added by: bananaman (Dec 4, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
happy (110) , cat (896) , basket (6) , photo (1862)

Squirrely1: :31259972489456
DutchGuy:  :31260018286991
aNOMynous: : :31260019455423
marshallovemd: &(:3 Gay cat with bow in hair.1260020836169
Anonymous: fuuuuuuuuuuuuuu1260618362920
Hughbie: Sun, basket...happy cat is fffuuu1260630722323
[M]: Tight1260632524400
Archadae: :3 :3 :31268340345116
Grave: :21268343159996
Grave: Mine is broken :(1268343168174
Anonymous: :3 :31268880954434
Anonymous: honey get my rifle1268882769755
lonerstoner45: cat basket, is.............????? baskety :31269323669699
Furore23: I wish I had a basket to be happy in.1278698148766
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Happy dentist mask
Happy dentist mask

Source: SUBMIT / chan4chan URL: Info: JPG, 87 Kbytes (462x353) Added by: * (Apr 11, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
happy (110) , dentist (12) , mask (82)

Pyro: This is cool/creepy1250819634807
DutchGuy: prolly hilarious when you're doped up on anaesthetic1250820821655
Pyro: id imigane1250824692512
Anonymous: scary, too1252728800715
Pyro: i want one tho1252728845957
hunnybunny: looks like bunny1285184630521
ElCapitan: nao open other hole1285189610116
chrud: she makes me strangely horny...1285191655848
MrPerspective: Spongebob Dentalplans!1298277113475
Anonymous: Get away form me woman you only have two teeth1298431247728
Anonymous: Get away form me with that thing! you only have two teeth!1298431308278
StormTrooper: I just have to show this to my dentist next week1298439035178
Stalker: Is it safe?1298439113416
oooEYEooo: ..."the GYNO'S mask is even better"...1298461957270
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Sarah silverman happy
Sarah silverman happy

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 50 Kbytes (376x490) Added by: * (Apr 28, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
sarah silverman (5) , happy (110)

Anonymous: do want1247642831675

Anonymous: She looks like Ann Frank.1247645498697
Anonymous: i think she is a nasty whore...she slept with kimmel c'mon she has to be fucked in the head a little1247795536225
battlestar: ^ Your just jelious,.. of Sarah...1247802527488
Anonymous: yummy1248704497381
martyr: looks too much like a rat1248705279200
Anonymous: she is hot b/c she is so funny1248750509840
Adolf Hitler: What is this?1248757481697
Anonymous: she is a hot jew, hitler1248758982558
Anonymous: I would eat the matzo out of her shit1248840531754
federalfugitive: i wanna so fuck this bitch..1248847397234
Anonymous: No can't be aroused...she's a jew..MUST FIGHT BONER1250011864386
lastwinj: she needs a dick in her ass, stat1250013593942
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Happy fat party
Happy fat party

Source: SUBMIT / chan4chan URL: Info: JPG, 97 Kbytes (800x600) Added by: * (Mar 31, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
happy (110) , fat (582) , party (202)

Anonymous: at least she can laugh about it1244593310800
Anonymous: Buttsecks?1244594486848
Anonymous: ^ you can have much sex...many folds to tuck your weiner into and pump away..1244601570511
Anonymous: eey cab!1245022935290
Anonymous: always a fat one in a herd of chicks..1245024424707
Anonymous: fat one, thats an understatement..., she's a behemoth..1245024963548
Anonymous: Oh lawd who is that sexy beast in the yellow??1245028765679
Anonymous: a hippo in disguise..1245032095501
Anonymous: one big fat mutated tit on legs1245034601494
Anonymous: I bet she gets more dick than the other girls.. nigga dick i mean1245089455757
Anonymous: next year's #1 pick for Steelers nose tackle. "you gonna' finish those fries?"1245097043190
Anonymous: Maybe I should eat YO coenbreah!!1247534814880
Anonymous: This picture is gross: there's steeler's fans!1247537120392
Anonymous: That is one of the uglyiest mascots ever.1247571066358
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Beer cleavage festival look cute happy photo
Beer cleavage festival look cute happy photo

Source: SUBMIT / chan4chan URL: Info: JPG, 90 Kbytes (800x784) Added by: Zorro (Sep 19, 2011) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
beer (68) , cleavage (77) , festival (9) , look (113) , cute (409) , happy (110) , photo (1862)

Paz120: spill it man1316465607294
maüs: This pic looks familiar, its been on this site before1316466411713
LastResort: Thats okay, it's good enough for a second round1316468769588
HanoverRed: I want to be there1316525133701
Lickathesplit: DAT BEER !!1316526195541
Zorro: MINE MINE MINE1316532527956
UriAr: halo motherland tell me how you doin1316539544249
Anonymous: 2nd from left is a cutie1316540127335
MrSandyNigger: motherland?? FUHRERLAND!1316932821959
spz557: Love the German chics, fucken hot!1316947327497
Flarp: ^ Yup1316948107982
Anonymous: middle back holy gawd gorgeous1317106491222
Anonymous: So who jerked off into the beer this time?1318339496758
Anonymous: Welcome to bavaria!1327703735565
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Happy black africa group photo
Happy black africa group photo

Source: SUBMIT / chan4chan URL: Info: JPG, 1390 Kbytes (2048x1536) Added by: weeone (Aug 10, 2010) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
happy (110) , black (392) , africa (216) , group (274) , photo (1862)

sickfuck88: DAMB! they all really do look the same1281399476509
Proud Real Nigga: Shut the Fuck up you Albino Nigger1284992405172
Shitskinkiller: Those moochers are happy because some gullible white people (and also through Western government-theft) sent them lots of money/food, now they can continue breed like rats when white people pays for the party...1285001277445
Anonymous: the one got big belly button1285003991245
Anonymous: IS THAT ALL THE SAME KID?!1285006477827
Anonymous: i dont think thats a belly button.. looks more like a cone inside his stomach1285006564466
Anonymous: Little Niggas are COOL1285014572427
Anonymous: thats no cone... it's a grain of rice1285059481755
Anonymous: SAY CHEESE!! now get back in your cage.1285063488900
Anonymous: CAN YOU SOPT THE NIGGER?1285117040528
Anonymous: Ahahahahah, look at all the minority's with AIDS!1285288163374
Anonymous: as long as they are in Africa, they're just really cute animals1285291569940
Anonymous: the belly button of the kid in red shorts in the bidle... o_01285327319637
Leashedhate: I can't sopt anything.1285906321472
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HAPPY PLANE: Will kill you and everyone you love - Happily.
Happy plane

Source: WEB / ircimages URL: Info: JPG, 39 Kbytes (600x492) Added by: lostpckt (Jul 10, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
happy (110) , plane (78)

DutchGuy: so would I.1250815431572
Anonymous: interesting -- can anon provide id?1250817650137
DutchGuy: My ID is in my other victim's pants.1250818141151
Anonymous: some kinda Dutch Treat eh?1250825785353
Furore23: Aeroplane Jelly for meeeeeeeee.1277307278944
djh123: :D1312629897271
Furore23: I wish MY eyes were cannon.1312638340859
Anonymous: I'd be happy too if I had cannons for eyes lol.1312683136116
#62: post ending in 69 decides how i fuck my daughter tonite1312781257513
NorwayJunkie: Lol, it's funny coz the plane looks like a happy face1312811163474
Anonymous: Turret gunners had the shortest shelf life of any Airman, rarely surviving more than five missions.1380358015695
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Happy owl
Happy owl

Source: SUBMIT / chan4chan URL: Info: JPG, 26 Kbytes (800x438) Added by: * (Apr 11, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
happy (110) , owl (48)

Nickeh43: This cute owl makes up for the terrifying owls I just saw1277621233712
Anonymous: u faggot, am happier than you1277633456409
Sir Phobos: ho ho, i just came in your mom...1278033937350
Bun: lowl1278035031767
crackerkiller5: o rly?1278038906401
Burrgeezy: I CAME1281413214621
Nickeh43: That story was a hoot!1282688564865
sickfuck88: HAHAHA! stupid assholes1282688665493
Cunt81: LOL u felled down!1303780851890
BnSneky: what in the fuck...................1303781292568
Anonymous: He's stoned!1303781950932
Anonymous: ooh harro preese1303788889249
MrSandyNigger: ror you so funnee1312102088460
Banshee5: awesome1312102498999
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Happy face
Happy face

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 44 Kbytes (604x453) Added by: Itsatrap (Sep 9, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
happy (110) , face (904)

jackfrosty: Shes got that "i has a dick in my hand!" look and he has that "shes got my dick in her hand!" look.1253028374933
Anonymous: and it's grrrooowing! cool1253029282807
sickfuck88: #2 please1290032032831
Anonymous: #2, what you need a shit?1290032125159
fav: dun beh on teh friend zone1293154844394
Anonymous: me 2 feel this she needs far from here in dick1293156516579
fuckpig6: nigger1293156532537
Anonymous: A white male with a white female on THIS site?! Am I hallucinating?!1293158185187
The Evil Twin: "I'm gonna fuck this little pussy tonight!! WoooHooo!!"1293161298585
Quantum69: Acid or xtc will do that to ya! ;-)1364560516240
Quantum69: ^^^Almost unheard of, huh? Don't worry, there's still hope for russia...1371219845680
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Cat sink happy
Cat sink happy

Source: SUBMIT / chan4chan URL: Info: JPG, 55 Kbytes (650x646) Added by: Anonymous (Feb 18, 2012) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
cat (896) , sink (17) , happy (110)

Furore23: Hee hee!1329577060875
Anonymous: I has water pleez1329599782466
Hughbie: Fill 'er up...1329613270662
Anonymous: turn that tap on full power pleez1329615322230
Anonymous: if ya can't bet'm, join'm. plox plug the drain and turn the taps on full while holding the cat down until it drowns.1329615514271
Anonymous: ^err beat'm1329615583685
MrPerspective: ^^ ^^^ I spot some dog persons...1329958860123
bigT95: Pussy Tap..1331255159841
nigel: cute factor 91367205925255
Anonymous: @4271, if I ever meet you, I would beat the shit out of you, and then there'd be nothing left, you sad little faggot!1367235370504
Pope.On.Rope: He's not being baptized, he's a cat-lick.1367239444731
Anonymous: ^OUT!! That's a TERRIBLE Joke! Get off the stage!1367585835744
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Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 22 Kbytes (500x374) Added by: * (May 27, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
happy (110)

ALICE: OPEN WIDE LOVE!1251511820666
ThrillBilly: nice eyebrows, skye.1251526773846
ThrillBilly: syke*1251526781908
<font color="#701010: skey*1251660141660
Anonymous: html fail1251666318379
Furore23: One's an innie, one's an outie.1277309682969
Anonymous: ALRIGHT!! $500.00 - NO Niggers and NO Anal?! Let's GO....!!1277311468948
Syke: i heard someone say my name1277321530603
Anonymous: her name is jessie andrews and she fucks like hell1316640925315
Anonymous: RIP Maggie Gylenhaal1316664305274
Bonefish: A bit homely, but nice smile. I'd lick her all over.1366356474289
Anonymous: Wonder how sweet she taste between her legs mmmm fresh fish1366358164965
Bonefish: ^Mmmm, slurp.1366358261896
Samù Verona Merda: maaaaah1366373451409
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Happy weed
Happy weed

Source: SUBMIT / chan4chan URL: Info: JPG, 65 Kbytes (450x600) Added by: Pyro (Nov 9, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
happy (110) , weed (325)

Pyro: if u didnt already know, Im high as hell so check out the news page first then go here ( i know it isnt that god just do it)
Pyro: good not god.....fuck i think i stayed up too late1257775898915
Hughbie: Good god Pyro! You stayed up late?1257777619949
Pyro: I think so i cant remember1257785201402
Hughbie: You too huh? Fuck I hate it when that gonna smoke that?1257899601945
Pyro: yeah but here ill share with ya LETS TOKE IT UP!!1257901390803
crackerkiller5: we all know thats you pyro1257901865149
Pyro: ok you caught me1257903477758
Bud: who else but pyro1269927754344
Keep It Lit: Thats a good in quantity but not very good in quality1270022864796
Pyro: I keep the good shit in back1270256285128
Urban_Botanist: KeepItLit, you're a moron. What because you can't see the resin glands up close? Because it's not sparkling like diamonds? That's because of the pic. There's nothing wrong with that cannabis. I bet you buy all your weed anyway. What the fuck do you know, son.1270284258941
beepb00p: Only a matter of when, not if, mr. pot-head gets busted. Pot smokers aren't particularly bright to begin with, and sooner or later someone will drop the dime. Enjoy your loooong vacay at the state pen :)1270289367566
Pyro: Meh ive had worse happen1270350412228
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Happy dog
Happy dog

Source: WEB / ircimages URL: Info: JPG, 154 Kbytes (1400x1050) Added by: Anonymous (Dec 27, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
happy (110) , dog (516)

Anonymous: nice dog, can i see your pussy now?1262015804777
Anonymous: I would be happy too :(1266853447868
DropkickMurphy: How the fuck did this make it through to random1266869690127
Anonymous: BLI: wtf? TITS OR GTFO!1268346771338
Philbert: aww... that's a cute shut the fuck up... TITS OR GTFO!1273701294204
ImYourMomBIATCH: tits or gtfo is gay, she should take 2 cocks on the mouth and 2 in the ass for best effect1307313624837
uberbarf: IS that some sort of corgi mix?1307317469705
Anonymous: She doesn't look like it. I'm not sure about the dog.1307317958395
BnSneky: fuck the dog, post it1307318088568
Anonymous: Id be a happy dog too if she were my owner.1307650270708
crackerkiller5nigger: FUCKING SHIT DIE BITCH1319705246486
Anonymous: hes only happy caus hes gettin a handjob1320175309128
Anonymous: ^^ red rocket red rocket1320195323166
HWood: ^ hahahaha !!1320270529100
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Happy smile dog
Happy smile dog

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 35 Kbytes (463x380) Added by: * (Apr 15, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
happy (110) , smile (428) , dog (516)

seww: awww1239917887233
Anonymous: He's trippin balls, man, that's not so cute -_-1239959431584
Anonymous: thats where my dope went1240020974109
Anonymous: <<< This is how my aunt's cousin died. It ain't funny you guys.1240023538646
Anonymous: win1240112636969
Anonymous: dude im fucked up1246415880198
Anonymous: d'aww1246483561847
daddy: aaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwww1257554088136
Anonymous: Pyro i found your dog, think he ate your stash!1258911885730
Anonymous: lol @ 86461258945222621
Anonymously known: doggy+pot=this1260694034888
Anonymous: he CAME1260719686811
Hughbie: nope....Pyro got to him...Pyro....srsly dude.....1260724844719
Anonymous: Need moar weed1260807723627
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Happy interracial nazi conversation

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 57 Kbytes (450x560) Added by: jackfrosty (Oct 4, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
happy (110) , interracial (178) , nazi (175) , conversation (1)

Anonymous: "then, I smashed my nigger husband's face on the curb with my bare hands!"1254699288380
jackfrosty: NOOOOOO DRUGS R BAD MKAY?1254699738266
THEanon: Obviously shopped. Not even meth could cause this kinda shit.1254699843618
Anonymous: This is from a movie called Neo Ned, i think1254702823153
Anonymous: she is a self hating nigger.... the best kind1254710039336
Anonymous: And he is a nigger loving nazi, the best kind!1254733734127
cracker_killer: ^nice one^1254760035401
Anonymous: hes a white killer whos raping nazis so this is his undercover-shirt und his wife1259611584943
federalfugitive: lol @ 3618, i know a couple of so-called nazis (nazis died when germany fell), living out here n california, in northern cali u have a few nazi gangs, cliques, whatever u wanna call them and alot of them are pretty cool with blacks, asians, whoever...they claim their beef is with jews and the government and it's all about respect, they say all they want is for u to respect them, the white race .1259638297242
federalfugitive: Nazis are usually cool with other races aslong as u respect their race and beliefs and dont race mix...Skinheads are the ones who usually hate everybody and wanna kill all no whites and whites who dont conform to their WHITE WAYS...1259638427694
crackerkiller5: that black chick is hot1259644187633
Anonymous: this thread has been taken over by niggerdom1259652156700
Anonymous: Nazis are fucking stupid and should be sterilized. We are all humans. There is no such thing as "race mixing."1261058129806
ChainsawSodomy: yes there is such a thing as race can make some very good looking ppl.....BUT AT WHAT COST.....1263134492902
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Happy funeral
Happy funeral

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 28 Kbytes (600x450) Added by: * (Apr 7, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
happy (110) , funeral (16)

Anonymous: must have been good friends :)1243694116624
zalzankavol: he has the "I just fapped on the casket" look. Or worse....1255188789512
donaldd: american "good boy" ?1255188844400
Anonymous: he's happy because thin guy went before fat guy.1255212337666
cracker_killer: hes happy because of the 2 for 1 at the buffet later.....1255236673812
Anonymous: If I had the choice of which one I would like to be, I'd probably choose the dead guy. At least he's probably been laid.1255239292289
Stu: spose he could have just reached in and eaten a chunk of the dead fucker1255355199579
Comedy Writer: I haven't lost a relative; I've lost a Thanksgiving table competitor.1255374675555
Jewboy: He's suprised, I think mainly because he's actually a woman. Those arn't man boobs.1255374943980
Hitler: ^I totaly burnt your grandparents to a crisp lol. We cool?1255384865636
whitehead: Thank god the fuckers' dead!!! Time to eat.1255384985280
Anonymous: He did it.1255400364980
Pyro: Killed him over a tatertot1255400431698
Tznu: ...Good times1255724719236
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Happy cat mouth photo
Happy cat mouth photo

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 423 Kbytes (1000x665) Added by: * (Jun 15, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
happy (110) , cat (896) , mouth (126) , photo (1862)

BeatsOnLosers: Looks like Boxxy.1247550885947
Archadae: true1268340498885
Anonymous: u lil sweetheart1268357418175
Anonymous: cats always win1268372753842
4chansucks: :31268373550841
Anonymous: Maybe it's Boxxy's cat?1269831696465
Anonymous: cute! :31269916216951

Furore23: Truly, this cat is accurately described.1303222404536
Anonymous: kill it1303223341882
Capeta: looks like he told a joke and is waiting for some laughs1357106468769
Name: Comment:
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Happy face
Happy face

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: PNG, 241 Kbytes (314x306) Added by: vaughany (Jul 21, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
happy (110) , face (904)

Anonymous: Hayden is so gud with her mouth...1248195408335
Brandon: I wish I could fuck her so bad..1248315542273
Anonymous: someone should turn that into a do it faggit pic1248318715769
Hughbie: ^ well go right ahead.1248320207135
BeatsOnLosers: Um... "Happy" or just fucking... fucked?1248972019711
BeatsOnLosers: Or a pornographical "O" face?1248976498854
swhite: the12 incher is out the shot ;)1248976921395
haydenfan: oh hayden you re so sweet i love you1262980688443
SheikYabhutti: It would work as either a "Do it faggot" or a "Surprise buttsecks"1262988347613
NSFW: or "I WILL CONSUME YOUR TESTICLES". No? Just a thought..1262993809652
Daddy: I love you Hayden!!!1262995207576
SheikYabhutti: Drain, yes... Consume? I think not!1262995591276
Anonymous: foresfull deepthroating then a nice round of rough ass fucking1269223975216
Kib: OMG it spins!!!!!!!1269225490207
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Happy black monkey smile
Happy black monkey smile

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 35 Kbytes (540x380) Added by: Anonymous (Nov 29, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
happy (110) , black (392) , monkey (79) , smile (428)

Sinonymous: Ahhhh... family reunions1259493518699
Anonymous: <-- proof of evolution1259516824714
SickNote: no evolution, just two monkeys1259526725925
Diablo56: Family gathering1260379313647
Ironmikie: Look how that black guy put a purple headband on that monkey!1260421098400
Anonymous: Look their twins!1260545539370
LePop: Is that Obama and Michelle?1264688726151
Hughbie: sorry which one is the monkey?1264690301639
Anonymous: Now that's a baby only a mother can love1264695735731
Anonymous: i wanna be a monkey1264890656217
Anonymous: If I was a nigger, I'd want to be a monkey too.1264924461636
Anonymous: i hate white people that why i only fuck white bichts to much easier to get hehehe im black too haters1270555644388
Hughbie: ^racist.1270555693500
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