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(get in here, faggots)

Background sarah palin vampire monster korea art
Background sarah palin vampire monster korea art background (467) , sarah palin (30) , vampire (16) , monster (59) , korea (21) , art (1155)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: PNG, 113 Kbytes (1440x900) Added by: No1010101 (Mar 15, 2010) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Creepis: I see Palin has made her mark on Korea. lol1268691305662
Anonymous: pretty cool, though... that pic... not Palin in her own self...1268699840646
bananaman: <cum guzzler1268769119460
Anonymous: she's gone rabid1268806947235
KarmaPickles: She needs NUTRIENTS!1268809018122
Anonymous: now make a prOn out of it *fapfap* ^^1271259576664
BRIBE CW: Suck dis u silly fkn hoor1274687229815
Russian: Real life Sarah Kerrigan. You know they fap to that!1275155962231
Anonymous: an obama fan made for the election. my job had a printer that had very little blue and yellow ink so i made the black and blue shades of red and printed away1286312728727
mohammed el-allahd: ugly cunt1298378465220
that_guy_named: I knew that she could be part of Twilight1298507893579
Anonymous: she went berserk and started sucking smurfs1298508740957
Squirrley1: I love her...1298513749121
Anonymous: good pic but wtf does korea have to do with it? thats japanese fucktards1298521481996

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NORTH KOREA - The Happiest Place on Earth.
Happy korea disney happy (110) , korea (21) , disney (24)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 77 Kbytes (750x600) Added by: * (Jun 14, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Anonymous: LOL1245109584246
Anonymous: North Korea = Best Korea1245115183336
Anonymous: North Korea = One Total Fuckup1245125402100
o_o: directly after Iran, China, Mosambique, USA1245180494304
Anonymous: I LOL'D1245187656572
Anonymous: i rotfl'd1245480267599
BuggerChan: North Korea: where fun is mandatory.1249383632423
an0nymouse: Turn North Korea into lake of boiling liquid glass1249386243968
Anonymous: ALL HAIL KIM JONG-IL!!!1250222612219
Hughbie: You mean to say Kim Jong is the fucking head....he's fucked that country up so good not even 4chan could do a better job...1250224796920
Anonymous: ALL HAIL KIM JONG-IL!!!!1250571687683
BenardTheRetard: its a small world after all......1265417687633
LePop: lmfao. Why don't people just move from N. Korea if they dont like it there?1265636002810
ILoveyouBitches: Because Kim loves the people of N. Korea very much..1265650102200

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Bear parade north korea
Bear parade north korea bear (91) , parade (18) , north korea (9)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 161 Kbytes (990x630) Added by: Anonymous (Jan 15, 2010) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Anonymous: This is in Korea... not in China.1272599252720
Anonymous: NOT CHINA, korean fruit loops...1272636431523
Furore23: But is it Good Korea or Evil Korea?1278427316888
Limerick: If you have to ask . . . .1282959658495
fingerofdoom: i think its good korea, i dont see any kim jong l1282960219909
growstoope: ^ silly, kim Yong is the leader of GOOD Korea1283160762907
AlienNation: I love Korean women1283161627319
Craphere: Alien^ i love them to but only naked ^_^1283161663953
Knome: so shopped but lol1286480973258
Anonymous: Shopped, really? Thanks for pointing that out, Captain Obvious. You SHOPFAG!1286481403452
YuLiekPicturz: lol this is shopped, i can tell by the pixels and the fact ive seen a lot of shops in my time1286481433492
Anonymous: China, North Korea, same!1295922342152
Anonymous: i'm 45 and what the hell is this?1295950422667
eyedol: i could have sworn they were all the same woman1304772174191

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North Korea meanwhile North Korea (9) , meanwhile (7) , korea (21)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 62 Kbytes (420x571) Added by: Anonymous (Aug 9, 2010) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Anonymous: Sauce? PLZ!!!!!!!!!!!1281324853671
Anonymous: Need moar IMG's like this1281324868513
Anonymous: you idiots learn the difference between chinese and korean characters, Korean have circles, chinese have mostly straight lines, these are chinese1281461308251
Anonymous: and Korean faces look like they caught fire and got beat out with a shovel - VERY FLAT!!!1281462213906
Anonymous: still waiting for some links...1281462576967
Dr.Goebbels: North Korea is best Korea ... ooooh yah!!!1281465846764
Anonymous: need moar!1281543071139
Knome: missiles....missiles...MISSILES!!!1285598602750
Anonymous: silly korea, we all know your not that well fed.1285623487335
Anonymous: YESSSS1285633141590
Nix: This is China you idiot! and I din't know china comunism have this kinda Hot stuff.... lol1285653137149
Anonymous: :1285653804764
Anonymous: "We will kill them all".1285653850331
Flarp: Korean characters have circles, huh? lol. There are only 23 characters in Korean. And (I'm sure this will piss someone off) the biggest difference between China and Korea is a border. Just think southern China ;-)1285688115786

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Korea dictator magic story history kim jong il korea (21) , dictator (7) , magic (7) , story (204) , history (112) , kim jong il (10)

Source: SUBMIT / chan4chan URL: Info: JPG, 68 Kbytes (480x576) Added by: Anonymous (Jul 22, 2010) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Anonymous: would be amusing to see a side by side comparison between Paulie D of Jersey Shore and this lil guy!1279801091106
Anonymous: Can't be for use in schools in NK, like for real, right?1282762497271
Anonymous: How about I slap your shit?^1282762708367
Anonymous: You sir, are an idiot!!!!! ^1282762799481
Antiphon: More like Kim Jong ILL nowadays....1282767068830
anon: i've seen it before1282777965225
Anon: I wanna fuck his mother's Patriotic and Revolutionary Vagina.1282780042178
AlienNation: pics or it didn't happen1282780962556
veranet: That's one hell of a vagoo if you can walk out of it.1282793890168
sumdumfuk: faggot1282810387636
crackerkiller5: what kind of gel does he use?1282810535771
Phadrus: That is fucking awesome!!! Absolutely Brilliant! That is how they explain the lack of doctos in N. Korea. They didn't kill them along with anybody else who was educated, they ran away in shame.1287668074900
BnSneky: South Korea is Best K................ooops1287669066659
Clownichter: ITS FUNNY CAUSE ITS their minds1287713100431

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North Korean leader, Kim Jong Il, 69, has died
North Korea Kim Jong Il dead news North Korea (9) , Kim Jong Il (10) , dead (135) , news (207)

Source: SUBMIT / chan4chan URL: Info: PNG, 599 Kbytes (649x1198) Added by: AnotherAnon (Dec 19, 2011) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Anonymous: Goodbye best Korea1324272017400
HungLoh: Hope you get butt fucked by Hitler in hell for an eternity, motherfucker.1324279170336
Anonymous: It will be funny when the fat kid with the 'modern hair style' starts a nuclear war1324279355663
MrSandynigger: I am going to mourn his death by I've been doing all my life in North Korea.1324289237747
Vincent859: ^ Mr. Sandy, you from North Korea? Harsh, dood.1324289342635
Anonymous: He was1372734798805
Anonymous: He was Il, now he dead1372734857557
Anonymous: ^ no U dead.1372791974122
Anonymous: The bomber died1381535956441
Anonymous: that's one ugly chink1381542406604
Anonymous: @5663 foreshadowing1570302111640
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Korea military parade march soldier
Korea military parade march soldier korea (21) , military (118) , parade (18) , march (9) , soldier (57)

Source: SUBMIT / chan4chan URL: Info: JPG, 1700 Kbytes (2362x1272) Added by: Zobinsky (Jun 6, 2012) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Anonymous: Congratulations! Hitler himself could not have done a better job!1339001000963
Smosh: Heck, not even Monty Python could outdo that.1339014677544
Ceesaurus: O look, it's the oompa loompa army with no rockets to throw..1339022231684
Anonymous: Party rock is in the house tonight!1339306464811
ivanivanich: You know there are actually 2 north koreas. The North Korea and the North of south korea lal1339345857526
Ceesaurus: I like the helmets though, they seem to plan an undercover operation in NATO's troops.1339502685439
RubberG: Those are pilots helmets. Copied from Chinese helmets?1339525415150
Tattoos: My mom says there's a lot of black people in China. Black people love big hats.1339526266537
Anonymous: ..."North Korea-China-Russia-Middle East verse America"...1339625977121
Anonymous: time to rocking, lads. america is waiting for you..TAKE IT!!!!1340039621154
Anonymous: Gangnam style!1354070778177
Z0MBIEJ0N: ^we all knew that was coming..1354086968234
Mota: Impressive picture.1354093391628
Anonymous: organization is the key to success, this is why they are best, no homo1364415478977

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Head break South Korea
Head break South Korea head (183) , break (12) , South Korea (1)

Source: SUBMIT / chan4chan URL: Info: JPG, 146 Kbytes (980x726) Added by: Zobinsky (Dec 21, 2010) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Flarp: oh noes! His accordian ears fell off. Fly! Fly Korean dumbo! Fly! to the safety of racist birds.1292944019282
weeone: that shit is creepy, the accordion eyed things...... *shudders*1292944126103
Anonymous: fuck that shit < its simple physic's . cement and composit stone has no tensel strenght1292948222841
Anonymous: bull shit, thats just a window blind...1292948701693
RiddleMeThis: I love the way that Advanced Level physics (couples and moments) are obvious, whereas basic spelling and grammar ("physic's", "composit", and "tensel") are not important. Learn the words, *then* use them. You must be this loquacious to be heard properly.1292951282551
Anonymous: ^ i love how cock monkey have to put down others to make themselves feel better about being dumb1293241981320
styleguy: ouch1293246390638
Furore23: No, the Riddler is dead right. The odd mis-key is one thing, but you have to improve your English, Anon. Start with capitalisation and punctuation, they're fun!1293254279154
MrPerspective: Oraaaa... HAI-YAH! Because sometimes even an epic facepalm isn't expressive enough. (^_^) For example:1312679920251

<---- "A facepalm isn't enough to say how stupid Anon 1320 was."

Even this bear can't bare it.
djh123: gif or it didn't happen1314181456948
Anonymous: seriously, wtf is everyone talking about here?1314181604455
djh123: ^ur face1314795039946

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North korea north (1) , korea (21)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 138 Kbytes (730x537) Added by: * (Jun 26, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Faust: Iol, oh fuckin no1246418251541
Anonymous: ALL HAIL KIM JONG-IL!!!1250222620468
Anonymous: so rovery!1250230802920
Anonymous: ALL HAIL KIM JONG-IL!!!1250571700829
Anonymous: ALL HAIL KIM JONG-IL!!!!1250571711521
DutchGuy: food is for pussies1250584687246
DutchGuy: ^Might actually be him... after all, he's a self-confessed internet genius.1250602414339
lastwinj: no korea, is best korea1250608695951
randyvanburen: nuke 'em....1250609900831
Acronymous: Looks like a job for Team America World Police. FUCK YEAH!1250610745417
TASTYbacon: I'm so ronry1250611935306
Anonymous: Dickheads, should check before adding posts. This is already posted above.1275601220593
TopGun: Niggers : 0 , jews : 0 , muslims : 0 .... Well no that bad...1275601653655
Furore23: Here we see Kim Jong-Il standing in front of the assembled national stockpiles of oil, minerals, grain, electronics, and spare parts.1277307718439

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Missile korea
Missile korea missile (15) , korea (21)

Source: SUBMIT / chan4chan URL: Info: JPG, 413 Kbytes (1200x684) Added by: Anonymous (Apr 19, 2012) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
springer: To Israel with love1334861927351
Dr. Dietmar Posselt: your mom's dildo1334869934445
Anonymous: ammo for Barrets new "over 9000" ca. sniper rifle1334879121420
Anonymous: ammo for Barrets new "over 9000" cal. sniper rifle1334879172989
bananaman: but can it turn corners?1334881893522
MrSandyNigger: Can it do the tokyo drift?1334882420349
RubberG: I give you, the bore machine! We will tunnel to the center of the Earth and explore its mysteries!1334886344929
Anonymous: fail or win?1334977006752
DrEvil: Ah yes, an intercontinental ballistic missle currently being developed by North Korea... Bah, we have dismissed this claim1336268921252
RubberG: Thunderbirds Mole1336297974237
Anonymous: Wait a minute, that's my phone number.1349473439197
Ghostoftime: World War 3 underway.1349480034698
Anonymous: One per nasty jew, that should clean Earth.1349495781254

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Sarah Palin on Glenn Beck's Radio Show: "We gotta stand with our North Korean allies"
Glenn Beck quote news North Korea fail Sarah Palin article Glenn Beck (2) , quote (123) , news (207) , North Korea (9) , fail (642) , Sarah Palin (30) , article (57)

Source: SUBMIT / chan4chan URL: Info: JPG, 108 Kbytes (511x1645) Added by: Zobinsky (Nov 25, 2010) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse


Anonymous: Wow, does she fall down a lot?1290702975737
Anonymous: Retardation: it's a family thing1290704096963
Anonymous: Sound clip (0:59)▶
Anonymous: Sounds like she doesn't even realize her mistake? She says: "...also ... stand with our South Korean allies..." Is she planning to stand with both sides?1290725186908
Anonymous: Sarah Palin on 2012 will for teh Lulz1290727652826

<waste of cum
Phadrus: I hate Sarah. Hate, hate, hate. But, she has to know the difference between North and South Korea. She just fucked up.1290868682609
Yage: Epic FAIL. GOD BLESS AMERIFAGS!!1290883433850
darkstan: Stupid bitch. McCain has a lot to answer for, bringing her onto the national stage. If she did porn, I'd watch it, otherwise, I hope she gets eaten alive by raccoons.1290885255183

Cuntfux: She really is a dumb cunt :-/ She must just be a puppet for someone else. She can't have gotten this far by herself...1290925767104

W H A T ? ? ? . . .

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Link to this:'s_Radio_Show:_"We_gotta_stand_with_our_North_Korean_al lies"

Army korea kim jong il
Army korea kim jong il army (122) , korea (21) , kim jong il (10)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 458 Kbytes (651x500) Added by: Sasi (May 22, 2010) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Sasi: cute garden dwarfs!1274486571169
Anonymous: we represent the oppression guid , the oppression guild1274915371276
Anonymous: ME SO HORNY1275016682952
DutchGuy: 3.... 2... 1... DISCO!!1275058475514
Anonymous: ^ you'd screw "3, 2, then 1" ! Dutch, you are HARDCORE. you kick the dos-equis guy's ass!1275060406979
Anonymous: ^lmao1275167668824
Anonymous: apparently there isn't a single tailor in the entire country1275178912943
Anonymous: Nuke the fuckin' lot !1275352024577
Anonymous: 2943, yes there is, one single tailor1275430079642
Furore23: Relax, guys, NK got shit. THEY HAVE NO FUEL RESERVES. Even their rocket programme is starving, and that's supposed to be their ace. If Qui-Gon Sung activates his Hate Machine, the war will last about twenty minutes and North Koreans will finally learn what a hamburger looks like.1275493624144
veranet: @Furore23 - I'd fly there for the opening of the first MikeyD's1275584036427
Cheesecake: R.I.P. hitler1275584884139
Anonymous: korean james brown (SEOUL MAN)1275585209354
Furore23: Yeah, much as we all love to hate on Murka, we secretly love you crazy fat rednecks and your over-powered war machine. LOVE you.1275668561882

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This is an artist's impression of an apertment complex in Seoul, South Korea, due for completition in 1015
Troll 911 wtc building korea troll (238) , 911 (73) , wtc (104) , building (74) , korea (21)

Source: SUBMIT / chan4chan URL: Info: JPG, 796 Kbytes (742x1567) Added by: MegaShit (Dec 10, 2011) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Everdark: lol1323527306250
MrSandynigger: HAHAHAHA1323528491474
Quantum69: damn, they don't waste tiem do they?1323543518172
Anonymous: From below looks like its exploding...1325541641497
Anonymous: ^I kinda feel you missed the point by a large margin, numpty.1325614303259
Anonymous: i have a fears of heights - would feel strange living there1325614548216
Lickathesplit: Yes, Dutch architects have great sense of humor indeed.1327060531712
Ghostoftime: looks like some kind of infestation....1327246905783
Anonymous: ^ no U1327430712428
spz557: 1015 or 2015?1327436719758
Anonymous: its 1015 just a bit of delay with the electrical work1327445741678
HungLoh: The new apartment complex in South Korea, has sparked a furious response from critics who say it resembles the collapse of New York's World Trade Center after the 9/11 attacks. It is what developers are calling a "pixelated cloud" - a profusion of box-like extensions jutting out from the middle of two tower blocks, and fusing them together.1327447083566
Anonymous: the twin towers never looked like that, they didn't even collapse at the same time. fuck you whiny america, you're not the navel of the fucking world.1327456775772
Anonymous: ^oh yeah, then what's that big chunk of bluish lint sitting in the mid-west?1327458749327

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Link to this:'s_impression_of_an_apertment_complex_in_Seoul,_South_Korea,_du e_for_completition_in_1015

Cannon shock wave hi-res ship ocean navy korea
Cannon shock wave hi-res ship ocean navy korea cannon (17) , shock wave (1) , hi-res (738) , ship (42) , ocean (46) , navy (12) , korea (21)

Source: SUBMIT / chan4chan URL: Info: JPG, 1810 Kbytes (3000x1998) Added by: killzMinuz9 (Mar 26, 2010) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Redrocco: USS Iowa (BB-61)1270012056192
Santa: now that is cool1270023260300
the7rafe7: the whales are like WTF?!?!1270030569222
jackfrosty: KUh-BEEEEWM!!!1270270980873
Anonymous: dunno the old battleships could have turned in a circle when and if the would have only used the front or rear guns.1271093731736
Anonymous: fap1271185398194
DropkickMurphy: Something, somewhere, has just been intensely fucked1271185484349
Pyro: Cooool1271200846478
anyanon: this awesome picture brought to you by the U.S. Navy...1271203089769
Furore23: Must be hard for the sailors to play basketball with all that racket.1278274983470
Anonymous: Fucka you Dolphins, and Fucka you whales1278292115473
Anonymous: 16" 50 caliber fun, and that was down in the carribean not korea1278352920538
Cactus: This wasn't Korea. Our battleships didn't mount cruise missiles then.1278359106731
Anonymous: I said LUNCH not LAUNCH!1278359199199

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Kim jong il Korea make-up
Kim jong il Korea make-up kim jong il (10) , Korea (21) , make-up (29)

Source: SUBMIT / chan4chan URL:,%20North%20Korea.jpg Info: JPG, 50 Kbytes (500x634) Added by: Anonymous (Jul 25, 2010) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Anonymous: I just want to be me1280064370221
orag: :O!!!1280099062798
Anonymous: kimmo's mom?1280099097723
Anonymous: nice joker costume fag1295966402296
Weed: "I'm just a sweet transvestite".1295968814199
Squirrely1: Weed is that from Rocky???1295976469649
KriSega: RIP adam aunt, megan fox, ke$ha1296012621817
Anonymous: BEETLE JUNG-BEETLE JUNG-BEETLE JUNG!!!1296013319375
rock: i have nothing personal against transvestites..i just dont want them in my neighborhood1296039056637
BnSneky: hahahahahaha fagot1296039309192
mohammed el-allahd: grinning cat!1298377987498
Your Dad: Marilyn Manson??1298499061767
Anonymous: Weekend at Bernie's (Kim's) after he croaks.1298506971320
Anonymous: dammit, now i'm hard1298520996168

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Korea launch fail photo
Korea launch fail photo korea (21) , launch (12) , fail (642) , photo (1862)

Source: SUBMIT / chan4chan URL: Info: JPG, 695 Kbytes (2500x1851) Added by: Zobinsky (Apr 15, 2012) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Blackbenny1973: ***Failed***1334581609790
HanoverRed: I bet afterwords they celebrated over some Chinese food and a bullet to the head1334601744630
Anonymous: Without the chinese food1334601844983
fiveby5: north korea is best korea (at failing)1334621770639
sumdumfucr: windows 2.11335412254585
RubberG: Playskool/Fisher Price Fun Room.1335444443708
Anonymous: acer monitors lol most of the shit in that room was made outside n korea probably1335485787744
oooEYEooo: ..."Australia is not America"...1339784167874
Mackan52: Guy on the left is like, "Ok how do we explain to our fatso leader1339786052336
Anonymous: LOL1367490020257
Never.Say.Ah.So: They'll put the cartoons on later.1367501310487
Anonymous: Well, it was nice knowing you all...1367506158718
Anonymous: fucking north korea1368532194832
tokerator: PSYops headquarters.1368573630309

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Kim Jong Il Dead: 17 Bizarre Details About the Dear Leader's Life
News North Korea Kim Jong Il government death dictator news (207) , North Korea (9) , Kim Jong Il (10) , government (21) , death (91) , dictator (7)

Source: SUBMIT / chan4chan URL: Info: JPG, 398 Kbytes (640x2957) Added by: Quantum69 (Dec 23, 2011) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Arschloch33: Dear in the sense of "expensive"1324690246697
fiveby5: what a loon!1324699791286
idrankallthebeer: nobody fucking cares.1324713767990
Moongrim: So North Korea had it's own version of Fox News, too.1324743792126
Anonymous: mmmm... roast donkey, now that's good eating!!1372451797935
Anonymous: Prolly killed himself when his kid started to hang out with rodmen1374623365972
Anonymous: typical chink1374634614806
Anonymous: Even as much of a piece of shit fag he was I think a leader like him would help out alot in america with all these nigger criminals!!!1376623807917
Anonymous: crazy bastard1389651145737
Name: Comment:

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Link to this:'s_Life

Korea info korea (21) , info (382)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 753 Kbytes (1000x3500) Added by: Redrocco (Apr 12, 2010) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse

gotta love the shades


Anonymous: how i can haz post pics on threads?1272397222515
Samps: ^To post a pic, try keyboard command 'Windows Logo+L.' then paste the URL of the image you want to post. It may accidentally log you out. If so then the file 'system 32' is blocking it, as a misguided safeguard. Run a search for it and delete it to the Recycle Bin (you won't need it, unless you plan on running REALLY old software in the near future.)1272414042145
Redrocco: STFU Samps, thats not very nice.. to post an image in a thread put the id number inside colons like this :110977:1272474055160
Weazel: stop trying to make the kid commit newfaggery rocco, how come you posted the number in colons and no pic was posted?1272477567261

see, simple. i ddnt have to remove ysstem 32 but others might
Redrocco: ^^only works at the beginning of the line1272488147711
Robbatan: north korea is best korea!1290964497517
Anonymous: damn they crazy1290966435177
weirdboy: America is by far the craziest country in the world1290969495753
Anonymous: yeah, we'll show you crazy wit dos A-bombs mofo!1290996445866
Hitmancodename47: All I know is that his mother had a Patriotic and Revolutionary Vagina.1293054529577

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Memorial korea war usa statue
Memorial korea war usa statue memorial (5) , korea (21) , war (189) , usa (445) , statue (79)

Source: SUBMIT / chan4chan URL: Info: JPG, 422 Kbytes (1600x1066) Added by: Zobinsky (Jul 27, 2011) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Lickathesplit: Gotta admire them for their endurance, they're still looking for the enemy...1311775287582
Furore23: I'm so sick of street performers.1311777386111
Anonymous: Korean war veterans memorial, Washington.1311778081224
Anonymous: their kinda dumb, they've been looking in the same place for how long1311778103180
bingolong: Nice idea with the ponchos, no need to put any detail on the figures...1311782899662
Stalker: Why am I getting the message that someone believes soldiers are stoned?1311783496605
froggywentacortn: Cool pic !1311783975305
djh123: i bet those look creepier at night1314182403441
Anynonomoose: statue mime artists perhaps?1315244130189
Anonymous: god bless these dog eater killers1315244837161
Anonymous: nice1315245036242
RubberG: Is the stone imported from China? Was the sculptor from China? You know, like the MLK statue. Niggers, you have a real reason to complain now but your silent???1315246527220
Anonymous: After WWll our enemies stopped opposing our superior tanks, ships and aircraft, They learned from history and fought us like we did the British in the war of Independence. Blend into the civilian population and snipe us to death. It's still going on today.1371615269642
Anonymous: Must be the troops from the frozen Chosin.1371861283897

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If Wikileaks was releasing North Korean secrets Julian Assange would have been given a Nobel Peace Prize...
Assange prize peace north korea assange (6) , prize (4) , peace (14) , north korea (9)

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Weed: I don't know. For what I've heard, going black only to come running back is pretty darn impressive. Truly, Obama is an inspiration to us all.1302802130541
Anonymous: Overrated1302898335111
English School Boy: Assange is a pedo1302898620656
Anonymous: I'm supprised they haven't, he deserves one just as much as 0bie does...1302898952783
precious: if obama can have a nobel peace prize, he needs at least 1001302904024209
Anonymous: What exactly did Obama do for his peace prize cept bein a nigger?1302904165662
Greeft: ^He created peace and love throughout this and every other world.1302904351456
Anonymous: Oh right, ok. I must of missed that then.1302904421694
XITS: Fear requires secrecy. Truth requires Peace.1302904934842
Greeft: Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.1302907510540
Anonymous: suffering leads to 0bama or a democrat getting elected...we are screwed1302908657744
Anonymous: If wikileaks was realeasing Russian secrets Julian Assange would be dead by now...1303152837868
Cunt81: ^ What he said.1303152949643
Anonymous: If wikileaks was releasing actual secrets, Julian Assange would be actual news1303410608472

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Politics korea crowd
Politics korea crowd politics (128) , korea (21) , crowd (91)

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Anonymous: ..and today's news:

Anonymous: we bomb the south, we start wwiii, history will remember me - Kim1290576433178
Finest: ^^ maybe so, but after china and russia mess with israel and get both of their asses stomped at the same time the whole world is have to get involved and everybody will kiss ass and be friends.....people around here talk shit about israel constantly but they are some hard ass mother fuckers and dont play around.1290577129243
dodgeboy: ^because they own the U.S.1290698514917
bananaman: Jews probably own this website too...1291233227672
Jesus: m00t is a jew?1291251677622
ImYourMomBIATCH: Long live the DPRK!!!!1291253345582

Anonymous: once a year1291881706923
PeaceFromGer: Robots!1292360533103
Anonymous: ZOMBIELAND1293029253734
BnSneky: wait.........what the fuck1293029724193
Anonymous: Funny, they don't look ronery.1307532500740

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Samcheok Fishing Villiage Folk Museum
Hi-res penis cannon weapon Korea hi-res (738) , penis (1055) , cannon (17) , weapon (107) , Korea (21)

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Anonymous: no! Fuck YOU!!!!1290275874228
Burrgeezy: What is it gonna blast with piss?1290276382660
ajmisback: wow a penis cannon1290276485594
al: shoots blanks.1290277013608
Leashedhate: Don't shoot until you see the whites of their eyes!!!!!1290374351133
Anonymous: mayonnaise cannon1290382602854
:O: OMG!1291524560279
Jesus: Constructed to protect the village from the British, it surprisingly functioned well.1291535540544
Anonymous: jew propaganda1291536399635
Munster: A german helmet...1291541259693
Anonymous': ooo this was bak wen the sculpted my cock to scale1291543505534
Anonymous: Used around the turn of the century to squirt sunscreen on lady liberty?1291603153829
Anonymous: penis park korea : youtube . com/watch?v=IKsSwKbp2LI1291831677494
BnSneky: what the..............1291833350514

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Korea metro disco
Korea metro disco korea (21) , metro (19) , disco (5)

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Anonymous: stoned.1257918907340
ImaD00d: Blue jean baby, L.A. lady, seamstress for the band. Pretty eyed, pirate smile, you'll marry a music man. Ballerina, you must have seen her dancing in the sand. And now she's in me, always with me, tiny dancer in my hand. Jesus freaks out in the street handing tickets out for God. Turning back she just laughs. The boulevard is not that bad. Piano man he makes his stand in the auditorium.1257919993988
ImaD00d: Looking on she sings the songs. The words she knows the tune she hums. But oh how it feels so real, lying here, with no one near and only you, and you can hear me when I say sofly, slowly: "Hold me closer tiny dancer. Count the headlights on the highway. Lay me down in sheets of linen. You had a busy day today".1257920168125
Pyro: Dude i would ride that shit on acid and get lost1257920587704
Anonymous: cant i just get home without all this shit...1257931707932
federalfugitive: shit looks nice...1257958967816
Samps: Why can't the 7 train to Manhattan be like this?1258001021280
Furore23: They can't bear to be without karaoke, kimchee and Starcraft for twenty minutes on the train, or they'll start to realise how miserable they are.1286029469618
AnonymousRed: The only downside is that the blacklights make the hooker blood more visible.1286074824144
Hitman 47: Tiny Dancer Lyrics lol. I really like that song.1292434050936
Anonymous: Couldn't have something so cool here. Niggers would fuck it up.1292434115249
blackal: Niggers fuck up everything, literally.1292434337376
Francesca: I see this everyday, unfortunately.1301158246821
sadeghol: where is destination..؟1301190340206

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