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(get in here, faggots)

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Black Persons - PERCENT OF TOTAL
Black usa stats map black (392) , usa (445) , stats (85) , map (98)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 604 Kbytes (1280x997) Added by: pocket (Aug 3, 2010) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Anonymous: Looks like the United States has Herpes!1280798932343
Anonymous: ^More like AIDS1280799654887
Anonymous: No safe way to get to Florida that I can see.1280799787592
sickfuck88: fuuuuuuuuuuuck! that shit sucks i'm moving1280802814835
Anonymous: and to think we could have sent most of them back to Africa right after the Civil War.. BIG MISTAKE!! HUGE!!1280803554346
sickfuck88: we should've just shot'em1280804380625
Anonymous: now i know where i can plan my next hunting trip1280804475228
Anonymous: It looks like you could get aids just by swimming in the Mississippi.1280804489171
Anonymous: Bicycle theft statistic charts look exactly the same. So do the charts for poverty, illiteracy, rape, murder and crowded prisons. What a coincidence!1280805051729
Anonymous: No, they BELONGA AFRICA; running around with shit in their hair, bones in their nose, and spears in their hands!!1280805284851
Anonymous: Look at that spot in Nebraska! Is that the KFC headquarters?1280808035264
Anonymous: well shit, looks like I'm moving to maine1280816915700
Anonymous: Utah's looking better than ever. Lowest Brady score in history and now no niggers. Too bad about all the religitards though.1280833938285
athiest: doesn't matter where you move, sooner or later they will get to you1280836616876

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Muslim Distribution - Sunni - Shia
Islam map muslim info Islam (102) , map (98) , muslim (92) , info (382)

Source: SUBMIT / chan4chan URL: Info: JPG, 557 Kbytes (2480x1302) Added by: XENU (Sep 4, 2010) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Aryan: Islam must be eradicated from the face of our planet1283579111352
savageman69: its like a virus1283580139912
Anonymous: Albania and Turkey you're not Europe !1283588485218
xox: ^ absolutely RIGHT!1283650079524
darkstan: All religion is virus.1283663021102
Anonymous: ^ agreed1283668738525
chrud: hmmm. religion is the opiate of the masses, opium is the opiate of the masses, and they both come from this same area. bomb it! ...but save some opium1283709080681
uriar: how come europe isn't green? It's full of muslims...1283721101112
Anonymous: 'the war on terror' the biggest lie ever packaged.1283721201580
Anonymous: Hmmmm - it looks like a Butterfly with Gonorrhea...1283728615949
Anonymous: Eradicate Mecca; without their rock, they have nothing to worship1283729789574
sumdumfuk: green = low iqville1284032939874
lex: hmmm, i think this map is wrong. UK, Sweden, France should also be green. Unfortunately the plague has hit them hard.1284383601609
Anonymous: ^ did you ever thought1284384258489

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Flag map world photoshop
Flag map world photoshop flag (113) , map (98) , world (14) , photoshop (449)

Source: SUBMIT / chan4chan URL: Info: JPG, 254 Kbytes (1680x1050) Added by: Redrocco (Aug 2, 2010) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
sickfuck88: cool pic1280780900314
Nickeh43: OOOO purty1280785089893
Malacath: africa is a friggin rainbow of colors!1280787813174
Anonymous: This is going to be much more easier to recall all the countries name!1281804003537
Anonymous: pretty cool idea1281838652619
dodgeboy: bravo !! cool1281904235259
Dutchfag: Bomb everything smaller than Benelux so we dont have to remember all those stupid tiny shit countries with their stupid flags and their stupid freedom and their stupid stupidness being so small1281962473933
Jovi: That.... is damn neat-o1282201769901
Greeft: I say we bomb every country that is really flat!1282207408817
Anonymous: im glad the photoshop part is pointed out, otherwise i would have thought it was a satellite immage1282758203146
shAdow: americans should definately not own alaska, there just gonna fuck it up like all there shit. they shouldnt b able to leave america either.1282871095844
Anonymous: antartica failure!1282872824586
Anonymous: Greenland has a different flag1282914616575
Anonymous: my flag look awful, no space enough lol1282921356763

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Overview of the Slave Trade Out of Africa
Nigger map africa slave mad nigger (630) , map (98) , africa (216) , slave (51) , mad (5)

Source: SUBMIT / chan4chan URL: Info: JPG, 230 Kbytes (1203x768) Added by: LemmyLaffer (Jun 7, 2012) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Quantum69: Madagascar had it easy tbf1339060311552
RubberG: Biggest mistake the world ever made.1339064957235
r120607: Not one arrow to the tobacco and cotton fields, Oprah.1339082610538
anonymule: Incidentally, due to higher life expectancy, the slave population in the US grew to over 4 million without having to buy any more than the initial 600,000. If you ask me, the US got a better return on investment. If south America took better care of their slaves then maybe Rio wouldn't be such a shithole today. Still trying to find your point tho, op.1339106047328
anonymous: ^ "better return on the investment" LOL! We have millions of useless, degenerate niggers. This country is being dragged down by niggers and the nigger enablers.1339107660294
anonymule: ^ at 12% of the population, I don't know what's worse, the "niggers" you speak of, or the fact that at 64%, it seems whites are doing a better job at dragging this country down with their unwillingness to tow their own line, pay their due taxes, and educate themselves beyond 17th place in the rest of the world. If anything, Indians (from India) and the Chinese will be taking over pretty soon....1339108081675
anonymule: So this country is fucked, sure. But it ain't due to blacks you dumb slag......with your idiotic racism, it blinds you to what's really going on. WHITE people like Mit Romney will sell this country, brick by brick, to China. Get ready for it. But it won't happen until long after Obama is president. One "nigger" as president won't undo the 43 before him, you small minded pricks1339108326784
StormTrooper: WTF is the problem? Isn't labor mobility a *good* thing?1339730043179
Itzcuintle: Tunisia didn't seem to be that active in the slave trade. Interesting...1339735480417
Anonymous: 7235 very true1408163615288
Anonymous: What is never mentioned is that there has always been slavery in Africa. Even today more than 20 million people in Africa are slaves. For a few hundred years, Whites also had Black slaves. And who sold these slaves to the Whites? Yet the media acts like only White people ever had slaves!1408166076777
Anonymous: ^And let's not forget the Irish (political prisoners) who rebelled against the English, and were sent to the New World as slaves in the 1600s to work for English merchants.1408238082419

kika world
the "biggest mistake" was a) to buy black slaves from the jewish and muslim slave traders in africa and ship them to places they'd never have reached in their logboats and b) to declare them "equal".

row row row the boat

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Corporate connection info map coca cola pepsico BMG sony mitsubishi FOX Virgin Danone Unilever corporate (5) , connection (4) , info (382) , map (98) , coca cola (9) , pepsico (1) , BMG (1) , sony (4) , mitsubishi (1) , FOX (33) , Virgin (23) , Danone (1) , Unilever (1)

Source: SUBMIT / chan4chan URL: Info: JPG, 892 Kbytes (2048x1003) Added by: Redrocco (Jun 17, 2010) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Furore23: Good thing there's none o' them corporations round where I live.1276789553977
Anonymous: So who's the chick left & a little down from the first "C" above the Electra logo?1277990925845
Anonymous: ^ I'm guessing Madonna Ciccone based on her vecinity to those media corporations.1277992796364
Anonymous: Ahhhwrseinr kthxbai1293084736256
StormTrooper: Needs to be updated1293093090418
NorwayJunkie: So fucking what then? of course there'll be connections that's how economy works aint it?1309646192709
Anonymous: ^ moron. the point is there's no variety even though it may appear that way.1309949865346
Anonymous: IOW you can't buy anything without supporting corporate bullshit. It should be illegal for a company to own shares in a company. Only individuals should be allowed to do so. Would be fun to watch the circus.1593013422738
Anonymous: I put a corporation in a corporation so you can business while you business.1593030150618
Anonymous: i put a corp in my crop feeding a murder of crows until some cross section is crossed out of a crummy slingshot1593130000509
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Xkcd map east west xkcd (8) , map (98) , east (1) , west (1)

Source: SUBMIT / chan4chan URL: Info: PNG, 27 Kbytes (565x348) Added by: Anonymous (Jun 28, 2011) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Anonymous: ur not Eurocentric enough1309220477978
Anonymous: where is the far east?1309224730674
Anonymous: I assume this is some kind of troll1309245626287
Greyhoundpaul: easier if u live in the uk. east is east and west is west.1309266054665
Anonymous: Idiot. If you were muslim you would realize Mecca is the center of the world.1309294680409
Anonymous: the Earth is round, dumbass. It's not always about you.1309295024724
Anonymous: SIlly anon, America dose not exsist.1309297291796
Anonymous: it is easy, west west is there where niggers & rednecks live, east west is where the white people came from and live, usa is just a place where crazy people from all over the world live, btw asia (where pcs are made) is next to east west.1309300343281
UriAr: that's wcous Jerusalem is the center of the world amerifag1309301643251
Anonymous: But there is neither East nor West, Border, nor Breed, nor Birth, when two strong men stand face to face, tho’ they come from the ends of the Earth.1309318752632
MrPerspective: Typical americanocentric fail. They won't make their lives easier with the metric system, either. :-P1309396435163
AnonymousR: The explanation is really simple: deal with it!1309928978528
djh123: haha1312448612311
Zorro: You dumb shit europe invented this shit1320080025558

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American news...Fucking retarded!
Usa geography news map fail compilation usa (445) , geography (4) , news (207) , map (98) , fail (642) , compilation (58)

Source: SUBMIT / chan4chan URL: Info: JPG, 811 Kbytes (797x1837) Added by: MegaShit (Feb 12, 2012) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
greyhoundpaul: lol1329065093462
ThreeCamels: Not a Fuck was given.1329069956534
StormTrooper: American news coverage blows. It's more infotainment than real news1329090567463
Anonymous: Reporting in USA disappered with Walter Cronkite. Now ROBOTS read a teleprompter and think they are providing a service. TV is total waste in USA and nothing more than an excuse for relentless ads for mindless corporations, drug makers and lawyers. CANCEL YOUR CABLE or SAT service.1329683345715
anonymous: ^ TV shows and ads full of niggers,. That alone was reason enough to cancel cable.1329688080783
Anonymous: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA1329695365726
Kuder: They put London into England, wrong place, but hey.....the only right Country (or Continent)1329756376507
bigT95: DUH!! use your fucking Sat Nav you Jerks!!1331256004757
Greeft: Colman's mustard is made in London?1331256737425
Anonymous: stupid fucking inbred yanks1333997074404
Anonymous: Another fine piece of investigative journalism brought to you by Captain Obvious1334029622974
BoobPirateBob: Brought to you by the country that invented Google Earth!1334034553711
Anonymous: You Euro trash do realize it's not even remotely possible for an American to inbreed as much as any European does?1334034672854
Anonymous: zionist agenda: dont educate the population, they might start asking the wrong questions.1334071192291

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United States of America - Hippies and gays - Rednecks and ignorant bible thumpers - Eskimos who live in a warm climate - Sarah Palin and other idiots
Usa map usa (445) , map (98)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 402 Kbytes (1526x1195) Added by: Anonymous (Jan 2, 2012) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Quantum69: Sarah palin & djh123, wait!......that explains everything!1325487611335
Moongrim: Spot On.1325515755959
Anonymous: person who made this was clearly from jew york1326149071324
Oldandevil: Hipsters?1326159799629
fiveby5: lol i think the "hippies and gays" are on the wrong coast (they belong way over there in the pink)...1326159908488
MadNiggerish: everyone there is a faggot1336566066640
Anonymous: Mormons in L.A.? Try Junkies, Actors, Models, Gays, and Mexicans.1336622945672
Anonymous: california should be labeled "faggots who cant drive worth shit"1342415264416
Anonymous: and where do you live in all this????1352777664476
Anonymous: CORN!!!!!1352777786816
Anonymous: I've seen better1352812773409
Michoacan: why NYC not say jews jews and more jews?1352813743202
Spartak: Where is Hawai?1352821941702
loadrunner: Well, I'm from Corn, then I went more Corn, I TRIED sharks and gangs and retards, and now I'm Basically Empty1352822423426

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Music info chart map underground
Music info chart map underground music (90) , info (382) , chart (156) , map (98) , underground (2)

Source: SUBMIT / chan4chan URL: Info: GIF, 134 Kbytes (1554x1026) Added by: Zobinsky (Aug 29, 2010) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
NSFW: Hah, I catch a tube from the animals almost daily.1283085571901
mACÄK: this is so stupid1283385431144
M_Gore: ^hey RETARD!! explain/DEFINE YOUR STAT. It's an excellent and very true genealogy for all-genre'd music. If you got knowledge or an EAR for that, you would know. Only stupid scene on this entry is your brainless, lost comment. FAIL.1283436988988
ProgHead: J S Bach? Otherwise, good show. I live in the Soft Machine thru Radiohead neighborhood.1283633734298
NSFW: ^ Had Bach not revolutionised music back in the 17thC, we'd still be singing modal/atonal gregorian chants. All modern music stems from Bach.1283637707287
Furore23: I roam all over the network, but I rarely stop at any of the stations.1330952837551
Quasimodo: I'm heading to Delia Derbyshire via Bjork!1330953141528
Furore23: ^ Delia Derbyshire IS the all-time Champion of Sounds.1330953704217
Anonymous: Missy Elliot sits wayyyyyyyyyyyy too close to 2pac >_>1331339102928
ethelred: We have a civilised persopn here - Norma Waterson and Ewan MacColl?1556331701618
Anonymous: dbz1566135873608
Anonymous: What a load of crap1566139670674
Anonymous: ^faggot1568068231941
obadiah: That's a half-truth NSFW. You forgot the influence of folk-musiic1568074502592
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Random tsa airport usa muslim map smile freedom t-shirt random (13) , tsa (12) , airport (17) , usa (445) , muslim (92) , map (98) , smile (428) , freedom (57) , t-shirt (73)

Source: SUBMIT / chan4chan URL: Info: JPG, 849 Kbytes (1188x1512) Added by: Squirrley1 (Sep 7, 2011) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
bloodfart: the bomb is in his hat1315409036910
Lickathesplit: Judging by his smile, he must love the cavity searches..1315413854117
Anonymous: RIP BlazinWeed1315414883371
Anonymous: Welcome to Jihadi Mealtime, we will now be making the mac and cheeses with candied goat fat and Arak.1315430384269
Anonymous: All morons above me. This man is a SIKH. Not a MUSLIM.1315598138760
Anonymous: sandnigger?1315598325605
djh123: ^who cares what he is. first and formost he's a person with feelings.....................LOL^1315598378549
bloodfart: his shirts to tight1315598577720
Quantum69: he looks indian though, sikhish?1315598771856
bloodfart: duh this guy isn't a Sikh he looks more like he's happy1315600052889
MrSandynigger: He's sikh.1315602731124
bloodfart: nawh I bet he's from florida dude1315602809384
RubberG: His hat, it looks like a penis head. Those silly punjabs!1315648920683
Anonymous: just means the airports are doing a good job1315689402370

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facebook - December 2010
Facebook connection map facebook (159) , connection (4) , map (98)

Source: WEB / tehgiraffe URL: Info: PNG, 3862 Kbytes (2368x1179) Added by: Choadboy (Dec 15, 2010) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
YuLiekPicturz: hmm yeah seen this before.. looks kindof cool.. but it really isnt =p1292449341892
Anonymous: wow1297529548762
☺☻: I PREFER FACEFUCK1297538485532
Anonymous: nice1297603430584
CheeseofdarknesS: its awesome how the internet can transport around the world1297607057796
user775: poor russia1297607179716
Anonymous: No Shitbook in Burkina-Faso ?1297615949608
Grave: no egypt? :)1297630699609
balder: @☺☻ in your face?1297640697116
Anonymous: retards1297699923983
Weed: Stalking people has never been so easy.1297707855744
Anonymous: Russia has its own social networks1298220968576
Uncle Harvey: Hey, that little dot must be me!1298232918840
Anonymous: WTF my country is shining... hate people here HATE HATE HATE1298321562978

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Cannabis Laws of America
Drugs usa marijuana weed legal law map drugs (143) , usa (445) , marijuana (69) , weed (325) , legal (2) , law (29) , map (98)

Source: SUBMIT / chan4chan URL: Info: JPG, 1178 Kbytes (4800x3000) Added by: Zobinsky (May 23, 2011) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
ElAhrairah: Why does this need to be so complicated?? 1.) make it legal. 2.) tax it 3.) ? 4.) PROFIT. 5.) stop bitching about it.1307364566144

Anonymous: i need to move1307365484418
RubberG: Make it legal and niggers will only have crack, pimping, car jacking and home invasion .1307378963519
Last_Resort: ^^^ Make it legal and whitey won't ever get up in time for work1307385408479
Anonymous: Niggers don't ever get up for work.1307398470928
dp6tf: HELL YEAH MAINE1319159608298
Anonymous: The only folks it's making rich are the anti-drug forces. and those who sell it- White Drug Lords. Imagine That.1319206377637
Anonymous: why so fucking complicated? either make it legal or illegal, across all states1319237357348
Anonymous: ^ It's complicated because the government declared a "war on drugs". The cannabis users are fighting back, and winning. ;)1325073920990
Anonymous: norml is trying to get colorado legalized in 2012.1325131747157
ScrotumLips: Completely NSA legal weed = Too many people waking up and thinking. Such people are more difficult to control. ~US Government1327187080909
Sweet F&A: Prop 64 in colorado on 2012 ballot makes it legal in small amounts,,We have the walmart of weed1327202869995
Sweet F&A: Hundreds of brands earwax butter soap mouthwash cakes chewables soda bread ,, the sweetest buda on earth prices are coming down1327203570717

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Death Row
Map info capital punishment usa Map (98) , info (382) , capital (2) , punishment (6) , usa (445)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 1504 Kbytes (2000x1290) Added by: anonymous (Mar 16, 2012) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
RubberG: Still amazes me that anybody would want to keep a murderer or child rapist alive.1331857280437
fiveby5: LOL. i like how "exceptional cases" are crimes against government, and not against another person. killed somebody? raep/assaulted them? no problem. don't you fucking dare act treasonous, though.1331859768498
Anonymous: Yeah, and Texas has a fast-lane. You do a particularly violent crime & you go to the front of the line.1331915735140
gookheadcrusher: i wish we were civilized in the usa, not1354674872825
Anonymous: Because of the over 100 people who've been exonerated from death row by the Innocence Project. Only capital crimes require a unanimous decision beyond a reasonable doubt and they get it wrong, how many innocent people went down on lesser evidence?1376297330672
Anoman: @Rubberfag. Killing the murderer doesn't bring back the victims. Killing the murderer makes you just as evil as the murderer himself.1376319069748
Hughbie: ^ evil as the murderer. True should just torture them till they die of natural know, infection, hunger etc!1376319177279
Pragmatic: ^by murdering a child, your value as human being decreases, hence its acceptable (and even preferable) to kill him.1376319220527
Pragmatic: *it was meant to Anoman. not you Hughbie my love ;)1376319250816
Bulbasaur111919: ^ is be more inclined to say that it would be preferable to set all of the human wreckage to labour program's so at least they can put back into society. Doing away with them solves nothing.1376325141463
Anonymous: LOL Mexico and South America the people do all the executions1376326062856
Zorro: There is nothing better than a deserved execution.1376326127317
Anonymous: kill all criminals; hunt them like the useless animals that they are1376354264315
djh123: lmao half of my state but not the other half? :D1376354344370

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Nuclear Explosions since 1945
Nuclear explosion map nuclear (18) , explosion (65) , map (98)

Source: WEB / tehgiraffe URL: Info: PNG, 437 Kbytes (1944x1611) Added by: * (Mar 22, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Anonymous: somehow i fear that this map needs soon some updates -.-1253736759486
darthwyll: crazy..1262484026990
eF-Jay!: BOOM!!!1262492235112
Anonymous: 1000 nuclear tests in USA, thats what you're payin taxes for1262547084812
themadhatter666: USA USA USA!!!!1262609672961
mh: Novaya Zemlya at the top doesn't include Tsar Bomba, which was more than 20 megatons (it was 50)1274351045467
Youngin: I'm sure japan got nuked... amirite?1274354031299
Anonymous: asiacentric map? eurocentrics where its at! GMT is the centre of the world!1274364349958
Anonymous: suped humans1300959903500
BnSneky: nice1300960569756
Anonymous: i love how russia looks like it has pocadots1353473293932
Anonymous: Where is the chart for Nuclear Explosions before 1945?1516988727643
Anonymous: sodoma y gomorra destroy whit proto_nuclear_explosions1516993993533
Anonymous: ^^^Nazi Auto-Correct: "I love how your dick looks like it just had Pocahontas."1517100918624

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The Gulf Of Mexico Mess
Oil spill bp gulf disaster info map oil spill (39) , bp (29) , gulf (3) , oil (40) , disaster (22) , info (382) , map (98)

Source: SUBMIT / chan4chan URL: Info: JPG, 1116 Kbytes (1632x1056) Added by: Redrocco (May 22, 2010) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Anonymous: Kinda looks like a T-Rex...1276937439879
Furore23: Oh Anon! You think everything looks like a T-Rex.1276968341400
Josh Dick: I nuk'd1277221669260
Quadra: Something else to blame the British for.1284879025144
Anonymous: obviously is a triceratops obviously obvious troll is obvious1285448623743
Anonymous: Fucking win for the Brits! Americunt shit-stains love oil so much we gave it to them for free and they still whined like faggoty little bitches.... It made me proud to be British to see BP doing this to the redneck coast. It was no accident; Tony Hayward did it for the lulz.1285498270315
NUCK FIGGERS: Two things, all the environmentalists are faggots. Crude unprocessed oil gets reabsorbed to the earth retards, get over it. Secondly, Britain is the biggest fail there is. I'm going to lulz when Muslims destroy your country.1285738431614
Anonymous: fake. on the inset picture someone just drew a black widow spider.1285742983792
Anonymous: the anonymous "brit" is a troll. no brit is as aggressive as this. this must be an american trolling.1285743020774
NotSoMuchAnonymous: Looks like a giant schrimp...1323532452501
HungLoh: ^Shrimp^1323533832408
BnSneky: what mess?1323534743385
liplocker_code3: Gulf of Messico, then.1417131378418
ethelred: You don't understand. The Unided States of Amurrica has to have oil coz they're the Greatest Nation in the Werrrrrld1550449933736

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Nigger Cay
Google earth nigger cay map google earth (4) , nigger cay (1) , map (98)

Source: SUBMIT / chan4chan URL: Info: JPG, 62 Kbytes (677x494) Added by: themadhatter666 (Dec 22, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Dave Chapelle: *pops head in* <,< >,> Niggers!1265737359940
MindFuckz.: Otherwise known as, Afrikka.1267582264622
crackerkiller5: shoped...1267600586814
Anonymous: it's not shopped retard.. it's a small island just east of Cuba...1267653651825
Furore23: Is this where the infection started?1277998095548
MrPerspective: I find the word "Cay" deeply offensive!1305774080426
TatMike: cay means "smells"1323695290878
Anonymous: hahahaha1323695630993
RubberG: Already has a targeting site on it, Those cross hairs are for nuking it from orbit. O/Cay?1323724867408
Anonymous: This must be another one of Rick Perry's vacation spots.1323727255408
Anonymous: Decay.1458901118353
americans: nigger stole my island1458911597391
americans: that is where welfare started?1458911669778
americans: all the nasty white women are going there1458995266496

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Hungary map
Hungary map hungary (110) , map (98)

Source: WEB / tehgiraffe URL: Info: JPG, 301 Kbytes (1280x960) Added by: Anonymous (Jan 15, 2010) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
aNOMynous: I am hungary for a hungarian girl1263578005270
SheikYabhutti: If she's Hungary for my Pole, I'll Czech her Netherlands1263588401702
Anonymous: If she's Sweden Russian to Finnish I'll bend her over a Cuban Bangor, Maine!1263627574769
Anonymous: hahah love the jobs on the UK1274884274591
Anonymous: iceland should be called volcano1274885677548
ElCapitan: Weed, Beer, Chocolate, Octoberfestland...nuff said1274916241214
Anonymous: i HATE RONALDO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1276175746193
Anonymous: Hungarian womens are most beautifull womens in Europe like polish womens1276361566438
Furore23: Pizza, hotels, guns... this map claims that Europe is basically paradise.1276369331112
Robbatan: im from octoberfestland i we are the real beer land!1288029590843
Anonymous: last minute hotels in tunisia?????1299896400744
bingolong: I'm from Iceland... what is this??1299898035433
DarbyCrash: @6438: Hungarian womens are also the sluttiest womens in the I hope u go to Hungary one day and have a nice time :D1302179787556

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eurofags are fagfags - buttsecks fags
Europe map europe (91) , map (98)

Source: WEB / ircimages URL: Info: JPG, 114 Kbytes (500x637) Added by: Ixidor (Dec 26, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Americounts: Merry christmas1261820119413
SickNote: thats quite funny1261857664830
Anonymous: u got us there!1261869530272
Anonymous: we got baal's swedish are dick1262891575407
Spermany: noice, germany gets fucked1262893335898
anonymouse: They might have tried to make spain (that's the face for you Atlanticaly Challenged fags) look like a spick1262897374264
Anonymous: owned!1263216979504
Anonymous: funny, as you can cleary see, germany is the butthole. STUPID GERMANS! I KIEL U1263233236510
Pyro: lol1263237786485
Anonymous: as you can see, sweden is unable to get a hardon...1263247013470
flarp: Portugul is the brain? Wait, hold on here. WTF?1263249876587
xllxx: huh, and the british just stand there observing.. SHIT! they got Holland :(1263465001777
Spermany: germany's shitting out all of eastern europe1263484768318
Anonymous: Haha! our dick is bigger than your "florida" dick.1263508851404

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Map earth
Map earth map (98) , earth (79)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 427 Kbytes (1600x1200) Added by: * (Feb 8, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
sunseterat: I didn't know earth was gay.1261728188849
Anonymous: Its not, u are...1261732270721
Anonymous: ^win1261800993160
cOckwarmer: look at the nile man1261828515294
Anonymous: africa....1274466538620
Anonymous: nile, cool1274485871760
Tito: FUCK YEA, Venezuela owns South America!... /m/1299179865161
KriSega: look at sea, sea is wet1299182574799
Anonymous: fap earth1301178871886
BnSneky: nice1301179771159
XITS: 5294 i c wat u did thar1301180257580
Anonymous: teh gheeey1302014182644
GibblesNBits: Where's your Canada nao??1335310285735
halfmast: LOL no fucking canand1335335870546

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Poll: Do you believe in God? AMERICANS - Yes, they're that stupid
Poll god stupid map chart religion poll (7) , god (79) , stupid (54) , map (98) , chart (156) , religion (396)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 101 Kbytes (750x600) Added by: YuLiekPicturz (Mar 1, 2011) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
anonymule: Europeans: Marginally less stupid than Americans.1299020674489
Anonymous: and if you believe that your dumber than most, belief isnt stupid trolling for belief or nonbelief, that is what is stupid1299028875842
Anonymous: Imaginary friends are for children and gullible dupes that are scared of their own shadows... and Muslims that keep their women like cattle..1299031183690
StormTrooper: It's one thing to believe in God. It's quite another to try to force others to believe or kill them if they don't.1299031628794
Anonymous: agreed storm, but I also feel the same about people who believe in nothing or believe to strongly in something that they try to force feed it to anyone hence religion trolling even if your an aethiest thats your religion stop trolling it :P1299031891349
StormTrooper: Agreed, anon. Makes sense.1299033240156
Westin: Well the europeans brought the belief of god over to us, so its all the eurofags fault.1299105873967
Anonymous: Who had the crusades, Inquisitions, and wars between Protestants an Catholics? EUROFAGS. Case closed and stfu.1299140062748
AnonymousR: Bible beaters can eat a dick, but I'm getting pretty tired of these worthless atheists too. Believe it or not, there are things in this universe that transcend your jaded view of the world.1299613547919
Anonymous: ^ And who has slain the pagan Indians? Witch hunts also occurred in the states. Who wanted Evolution be replaced by Creationism in class?1299613697872
Anonymous: ^^ The universe can and is better explained without your religious delusions entering the equation.1299628004439
SLIPPY: 7919, proof or your retarded religion doesn't transcend shit1299629199412
MDMA: I knew Iceland was a godless country. That's where Bjork comes from1299892166309
Robbie: God(s)=Bullshit... no exceptions...1300480593131

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hey Jude
Hey Jude lyrics song map flowchart hey Jude (1) , lyrics (18) , song (18) , map (98) , flowchart (23)

Source: WEB / ircimages URL: Info: JPG, 51 Kbytes (500x667) Added by: MND169 (Nov 4, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
FalzeProphet: Wow... MAkes the song far less impressive once you put into flowchart form.1257370849273
Anonymous: its wrong1262727107484
DutchGuy: do one of these for a johnny cash song and i might just not kill OP on sight1262797424389
Anonymous: The Chorus?1262801706892
Anonymous: lyrics are not complete. FAG!1277316263999
Phadrus: Hey Jude, logically broken down. Do not deviate from plan.1289640257795
crzy4dointhis: that's perfect. how awesome!1290743005170
al: right.1290743066388
ShitStormTrooper: It's obvious McCartney wrote that. Commerical hack.1290750609496
Phadrus: Does Commericial hack = Successful?1290780049604
ShitStormTrooper: ^ Yes, if success is measured in dollars or pounds sterling. Meaningful and thoughtfulness? Not so much.1290786670317
Jude: My Name Is JUDE!:D1290903209488
Feefdoodle: 1290903670693
Phadrus: Jude? Are you goig to let us down?1290913262743

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Map texas
Map texas map (98) , texas (3)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: GIF, 92 Kbytes (968x900) Added by: * (May 27, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Anonymous: FUCK texas1244435651760
Anonymous: home of steers and queers!1244447458572
Anonymous: and hustlers and bangers1244459521471
Anonymous: mexicants1262460760726
Tokunbo: Errr, tell me again, where is this supposed to be1262530788215
Anonymous: FAGGORTY1271601207518
Warg: Nevermind. I would nuke this place too. Nothing good comes from there.1271658091286
Anonymous: Mexico1271661407771
ElCapitan: the TAINT of America1274749709239
slikwilly: H-Town whut up1274751222525
Wolf 6: 1286: what about SRV, you fag1274751247607
Anonymous: just make it easy on yourselves and label it mexico.1310363732959
Anonymous: coke county lol1311557134284
MarkosT: One of its counties is "Jeff Davis" - tells you everything you need to know, 3 tooth minimum1311560116350

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Map map (98)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 342 Kbytes (1245x1245) Added by: * (May 29, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Anonymous: i lold.1244417482686
spoon: mm hmm1263162651732
Anonymous: i love how americans will get none of this1263172454543
ImaD00d: Hay, I got some of it...1263180965994
Samps: I'm a southern american by birth, and I get all of it.1263181284515
SheikYabhutti: I love how Eurofags have deluded themselves into thinking they're so fucking smart and witty1263183598829
boss: bout says it all1263184039373
SickNote: I love the way us Europeans are so fucking smart and witty1263262346191
\m/: ^ grammar1263273854752
Anonymous: All Americans are circumsized!!!!!!!!!!1263295795702
joXnka: What's that on Bulgaria.. a fckn Gypsy Wagon ROFL1263323622687
Anonymous: Why on Russia is a talibaned head guy? Not some of the communists?1271845689108
Anonymous: its russian cap. I like totalwar its nice. whats in Switzterland1271849690918
darkwing duck 421: 404 country closed. aha ireland and germany best countrys and best depicted1272695151548

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Apparent Gayness Of European Countries In Relation To Non-Gay Appearing Countries Such As The U.S.
Map chart Europe US gay map (98) , chart (156) , Europe (91) , US (4) , gay (469)

Source: SUBMIT / chan4chan URL: Info: PNG, 85 Kbytes (1738x1332) Added by: pocket (Feb 4, 2010) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Anonymous: RUSSIA RULE..FUCK YEAAAAAAA!!!!1265320483178
Anonymous: Russia is not Europe, Asia, Africa... the world?1265362591807
Anonymous: ^ none of it gay as france1265378165751
Anonymous: British are uber-gay looking 90+%1265378768275
Anonymous: lol eurofags have nothing to say cuz they know how fucking gay they are1265378897873
Anonymous: eurofags dont give a fuck about some faked chart-maps you rag1265501379394
Anonymous: ^ If u gay europers are so high above getting trolled, why did you post- retard? Look at your fucking citizens man... a bunch of bloody homos.1265562534538
Anonymous: ^ I prefer homos to retards. You can really tell that it was all the farmhands that was shipped over to the USA.1265570295599
Anonymous: this is a fake. There's NO fucking way an americunt would have even HEARD of many of these countries, let alone pick them out on a map1265570754539
Anonymous: It could have been made by an immigrant, they make all the best work in the USA (Always has)1265572134232
Anonymous: 4539: ur totally fail.1265573301315
Anonymous: 4539- name 3 US states, Euronigger. without using wikipedia. and ur still gay1265584108940
Anonymous: lulz figures france would be the gayest. you know every country who they surrender to buttfucks them1271447652456
The Devourer of Lulz: An American having a slight knowledge of geography?! There's something wrong here...1271454764653

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Map germany map (98) , germany (43)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 1747 Kbytes (2816x2112) Added by: Redrocco (Jun 2, 2010) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Anonymous: they got greedy1275537834125
Furore23: Should have just grabbed the chance for a little genocidal payback. I'm just saying what we're all thinking.1276883330516
hoden crabs: ^ "should have"?? get your facts right, kike cum dumpster.1280881701934
Furore23: ^ They ARE right, Nazifag. Your existence is proof of that.1280916625606
Anonymous: It has Neuwied, but not Andernach? FFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUU1280922599799
Frozen Puck Sucker: Hitler - The European Tour 39-451300937644738
Anonymous: furore, you have no clue what you're talking about. so STFU1301174594861
Uncle Harvey: France got all of that for providing an invasion area so they could get rescued1301185577572
Anonymous: SIEG HEIL!1301829450250
wdfdsdv_ö: You always got three chances ww3 and a german world...1303642753758
Furore23: Okay, Anon, set me straight: what bullshit made-up nonsense is flowing through your retarded head that YOU think I'm talking about? I guarantee you will have missed all of the points, forever.1303656040232
Anonymous: Hundreds of thousands of German civillians, mostly women, children and old people were killed in German cities during the war through Allied bombings ("moral bombings"). The Red Army killed and raped every German woman from the Eastern German territories between 7 and 70 years of age. Most of those who couldn't flee committed suicide. About 3 million German men were deported to Siberia,1303687149794
Anonymous: after 5 years over 1/3 of these were dead. Another 2-3 million German soldiers disappeared in the East. Several ten thousand German POW have been starved to death by U. S. soldiers in the so called "Rheinwiesenlager"s, the int. red cross was not allowed to intervene. Talking about genocide, planned mass murder, eh…1303687393357
Anonymous: You forgot to mention the post war ethnic cleansing that killed or displaced some 15 million entic Germans living outside the new territies of Germany and Austria. And the policy of starving the population of occupied Germany in the period 1945 - 1947. The chance for a little genocidal payback was duly grabbed.1303719818801

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EUROPE - Truly the worst country ever.
Europe africa map europe (91) , africa (216) , map (98)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 69 Kbytes (600x750) Added by: 78.148.* (May 10, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Anonymous: thats wrong on two levels1242258628195
Anonymous: oh look..a map made by americans!!! oh one..1242264498374
Anonymous: Trolls. Cunning.1242315454685
Anonymous: LOL Europe a Country??? hahaha, since when amerifags LOL1242325009462
Anonymous: choo-choo! Looks like the trolltrain has arrived.1242357102301
Anonymous: Wow...1242373659411
Anonymous: if any more fucking nigerians end up in italy then this might as well be true...fucking african cunts ruining everything...1242384652870
Anonymous: Italy..more shiny heads than a wanking convention ^1242419375676
Anonymous: ^ haha..true true...1242439146105
Anonymous: Lol. I'm a yank and this map truly reached dumb-ass level. Dammit. Why do us Americans have to be such dumbfucks?1246812099230
Anonymous: ^^ It's genetic1250659165825
ImaD00d: Haha! What dumbasses! Showing a picture of South America and calling it Europe! People are soooo fucking stupid!!1250659947392
FastLube5114: Give this man a beer1250660961517
Anonymous: u all r rediculous1250662749891

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The Penis Size Worldwide
World penis map size world (14) , penis (1055) , map (98) , size (17)

Source: SUBMIT / chan4chan URL: Info: JPG, 218 Kbytes (1014x717) Added by: anonymous (Mar 18, 2011) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Anonymous: makes no fucking sense (the scale)1300545411743
Zorro: i seen that one, the ppl in grey country's have no fucking penis!!!:o1300545456587
penfold: since indaia and pakistan used to be one contry seems all the ppl with slightly bigger dicks wanted to go to pakistan. lol total crap this1300574362388
Greeft: That key on the left is in FEET by the way.1300583104253
GalacticStar: Italy here i come bitchezzz1300583525193
Anonymous: it's centimeters, you morons.1300738906270
NSFW: This is dicks1300743844523
Weed: We're talking flacid, right?1300751038466
Anonymous: Imagin the guy who gathered this information..."I am conducting research for a stupid C4C post... show me you dick"1300759935426
MrPerspective: @ Zorro: well spotted, lol. Keen eye, sir... I meen, hombre!1300763447667
MrPerspective: @ 5426 : I wonder which of the grey countries was the one where he went and didn't survive saying that? :-P1300763604419
AZO: wait, how far do you stick the ruler into the fat?1300802415690
MrPerspective: ^ wait, you need to sharpen that ruler's tip first. }:-)1300863218618
Anonymous: gray is gay1300872151490

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You have 3 nukes of this size. Where would you put them?
Nuke map nuke (22) , map (98)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 87 Kbytes (1014x750) Added by: 85.17.* (Apr 2, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
bananaman: all of them in the middle east, the result would be a giant crater full of free oil!1255556628933
Anonymous: shit that would blow up the world if they were that big i'd have them all aimed at other planets and see if they are full of life haha1255568010364
Anonymous: All of them in bush's ass north korea and san francisco the americas gayland1256673788637
Anonymous: I would aim all ten at1261822045610
Anonymous: New York, Washington and errrr Surrey1261822543443
Spermany: I would put them on ebay -> profit1261827648935
TASTYbacon: Japan cause they kill whales and all......but on the other hand they do make some badass technology. I guees I'd have to dope the nukes on the Romanians and Turks!!! Fakkin Ate 'em .1261828750287
Anonymous: I'd use them as doorstops1261831627174
DutchGuy: all three up donaldd's ass1261831678727
joXnka: On the US of course -_-1261836797602
sqwrrl: Right where i live, cuz my life sucks. (also canada [damn mounties])1261926565479
akingu: africa and israel1261930477422
NiggerHater: africa, get rid of all them filthy niggers1261932568550
anonymous: all 3 onto the USA of course ! :)1261936945299

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Tld domain map
Tld domain map tld (1) , domain (3) , map (98)

Source: SUBMIT / chan4chan URL: Info: JPG, 1993 Kbytes (7001x3541) Added by: * (Apr 2, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Furore23: Snore, no one cares about all these unimportant places. There's places where they speak English, and third world crapholes. Take your pick.1277300584877
kosty88: ^ there are no unimportant places you idiot1277324406446
the7rafe7: ^ you1277336270347
Anonymous: ^^ are1277337844760
Anonymous: ^^^a1277338448896
Grave: ^^^^ is1277340000306
Anonymous: ^ =(1277342130290
Grave: ^ *trollface*1277342765405
Anonymous: ^ lol1277388647823
Furore23: I can't believe someone would defend the existence of non-English speaking places. They should be scorched off the planet and hurled into deep space.1302802565182
Anonymous: ^ fail1302903511357
Anonymous: Everyone knows I'm right. English is the winning language, and everyone else is just fucking around being an obstacle to progress.1302969411575
Anonymous: jaja el ingles es re básico!! English is very basic!! and dense, boring to learn!1303023387901
Anonymous: ^ Then stop crying and learn it you smelly spic.1303044939943

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Map body human anatomy underground subway map (98) , body (36) , human (37) , anatomy (42) , underground (2) , subway (25)

Source: SUBMIT / chan4chan URL: Info: JPG, 221 Kbytes (984x1575) Added by: Redrocco (May 11, 2010) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Anonymous: how much from anus to bladder?1275012488440
Anonymous: Look at the size of that brain... must be female1275014306144
CerealKiller: ^n00b1275014437370
Furore23: What oh no GET IT OUT GET IT OUT.1303061671229
Gantzkas: Ah the london underground...1309725055253
Anonymous: Where are all the most entertaining organs? Ah! It appears that the powers that be have once again removed the parts that are the most fun.1353403358300
Anonymous: where's the map of the foreskin?1507761760928
Name: Comment:

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DOUCHEBAGS OF THE U.S. - Classified By Region
Douche map usa douchebag socal brocal whigga guido redneck douche (6) , map (98) , usa (445) , douchebag (1) , socal brocal (1) , whigga (1) , guido (3) , redneck (34)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 107 Kbytes (500x1100) Added by: Anonymous (May 20, 2010) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Furore23: What a rich diversity of cunts can be found the world around.1274390643729
cOckwarmer: o lol1274783818531
CreepisKryp: Well...women want disposable dildos...these are the waste product. Scarface was my favorite COMEDY.1274784624647
Anonymous: damn im bottom right lmfao sept smokin blunts is the shit and ridin low in a fresh whip is pimp to niggro gettin head as well should be on the list.1278424689264
Furore23: ^ You fail English forever.1278434171719
Grave: Scarface, connecting douchebags.1278439854577
Anonymous: Your mother fails english forever eurocunt.1278440061132
Anonymous: britfags are still britfags and uglier then americunts1278440098845
DudeThatWasWeak: eh. im from IL, the wiggers arent that bad here. not compared to some other places >.>1278447992805
Wolf 6: I'm from SW Indiana and there are wiggers and fake rednecks here. I think someone around here pissed in the gene pool...1278449758131
Anonymous: should just be niggers1278475091997
Anonymous: oh yeah well im from texas and i have a super hot girl friend who sucks me off every morning and i make over 40 dollars an hour sitting on my ass all day looking at 4chan1278515744297
Furore23: ^ Anon4297 is a thirteen year old boy full of cake who is destined to die alone.1278522270617
Anonymous: 0617 dont be mad that im actually 17 and maken more then your dad and your penis looks like a 3 year olds1278701626835

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Europe map country flag
Europe map country flag Europe (91) , map (98) , country (8) , flag (113)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: PNG, 368 Kbytes (1479x1494) Added by: Anonymous (Dec 18, 2010) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Anonymous: Padania!1292673789281
Anonymous: Damn jap Bavaria ... fells like the fucked up winner in the end ...1292673859666
Anonymous: This picture does not accurately depict the correct borders of several nations1292679647273
Lickathesplit: ^ Right about that, we shouldn't cheer to soon, Belgium isn't ours yet..!!1292706792137
Anonymous: it depicts ireland in day :)1292796504387
Antiphon: Whos ever done this must have smoked a lot of pot or must be a plain dumbfuck1296486705532
Antiphon: And I know that its suppoes to reflect something like "ethnical borders", but many regions arent correct, Greece would be bigger, not smaller, and fyrom would be part of bulgaria, and Franken would be seperated from bavaria and.....1296486870270
Banshee5: @Lickathesplit Yet? what are you planning? Unless you have a cave troll your plan wont succeed!1296553240368
Anonymous: haha Belgium is sow dutch!1296570064471
blablablue: where did austria go?1296590859679
Anonymous: Padania FUCK YEA!1296595620806
Anonymous: all da perrdy colors!1296601143185
Anonymous: I live where two colors collide. Can you guess where?1296603897623
Weed: I dunno. France?1296603962926

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Penis map
Penis map penis (1055) , map (98)

Source: SUBMIT / chan4chan URL: Info: JPG, 386 Kbytes (1270x1600) Added by: anonymous (Aug 8, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Anonymous: looks like europe1250741644329
Anonymous: This amuses me.1250752283525
Anonymous: fake...1250763149634
Anonymous: ^^^ no shit1250786150990
whitehead: The fine state of Florida is our proud stiff dick!!!!1250786328358
ImaD00d: Florida is pretty much Americas cock. Hangs the other way though. I live near the mushroom head!1250790206980
cockwarmer: so in the christopher street according to this Image1250807980431
Anonymous: clever1250809140462
Samps: this is real...1251833929839
Samps: I live near Jackson Heights, at 82nd Street. So I live right above the gooch area. Which figures, if you know Jackson Heights.1251837362995
Anonymous: my imaginary friend tells me i need to cut the foreskin off that penis1283378060148
cool: you got a Jewish imaginary friend1284167426892
Flarp: My imaginary friend is not Jewish; at least I don't think that he is. I haven't been able to see this imaginary invisible penis. Or have I? You: 0 Peter Griffin: 1! Wat?1284168221176
...: fucking retards its new york learn to read1288659034390

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Plan gtfo usa map soldier chalkboard strategy plan (13) , gtfo (31) , usa (445) , map (98) , soldier (57) , chalkboard (2) , strategy (2)

Source: SUBMIT / chan4chan URL: Info: JPG, 172 Kbytes (1000x670) Added by: Anonymous (Aug 24, 2011) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Sonny Bonds: Hmm, sounds crazy enough to work.1314197170383
Last_Resort: ::sigh:: "No, no....just....stop. Let me redraw the map and we'll start from the beginning....again."1314235352489
djh123: mmmmmmmmmm uniforms :D1314310022524
derpyderpderp: Iraq+USA=Pangea1314725288868
Anonymous: the guy who farted this plan out must be a fucken genius1314892633546
Banshee5: Remember Dj's fetish... CHECK *marks something on noteblock*1314892755706
Quantum69: ^Nope, tell me banshee, i luuuurv secrets?1314893378334
Banshee5: dude... she just told us she's into army outfits...1314893474523
Anonymous: ha, i wanna see their faces when they find out that "IRAQ" isn't the continent on the other side of the atlantic ocean1315896095236
Anonymous: ^ just what i was thinking, lol1315927298143
Lobster shooter: bombing allah out of every single muslim subhuman is our duty1315948809401
Lobster shooter: allah is under my dirty shoe as always1315948845223
YuLiekPicturz: Soldiers leave country, no more war - you cant explain that1315948882616
Anonymous: smart move - might as well get away from a war you cant win1315954483376

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Israel palestine map
Israel palestine map israel (75) , palestine (19) , map (98)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 84 Kbytes (809x539) Added by: * (May 21, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Anonymous: owned?1243029553256
BuggerChan: In b4 jew-bastards, etc.1249393993641
Anonymous: You just got jewed there a camera there der der and dar1249451550665
Anonymous: Kaboom! works great on ugly green scum on your Holy Land1249496203250
Anonymous: BuggerChan. learn some history stupid rednack. There is no such place as palestine. Its an envantion of dumb arab fucks.1249634823375
Anonymous: i hope hamas kills every fucking jew in palestine (wich is that territories real name)1251726975118
battlestar: lol,..i hope you go back in time to 1938...1251731569217
Anonymous: proving the value of anti-cancer therapy -- lookit that cancer shrinking!1251755766865
penguins4fuel: ^FTW! :D1251756842203
Anonymous: like a turd slowly gettting pissed off the map1251764720487
Pollo: fuck the nazijew1251897610856
Anonymous: Pales keep using the same strategy expecting different results. Fucking morons1251952562916
Anonymous: attack Israel, lose war, lose land, cry to the UN; attack Israel, lose war, lose land, cry to the UN; attack Israel, lose war, lose land, cry to the UN ... loop1251952683513
Anonymous: Why didn't we just leave the SS alone?1252002412976

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Canada hat map canada (22) , hat (64) , map (98)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 17 Kbytes (450x300) Added by: 78.147.* (Jun 1, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Anonymous: you want me to fix your truck? drive around back, but look out for the moose, eh1243940025773
Anonymous: much like scandinavia is europe's hat1243942411612
Anonymouspedo: what does that make mexico? south america?1243999259496
Anonymous: Mexico is America's colostomy bag.1244043166153
roflmobile: you're doing it wrong, usa is canadas pants! lulz1244065824232
Anonymous: Canada isn't shit to America except there lumber company. That's the only reason we keep you pancake fags around.1244070504153
Anonymous: leave canada alone you guys. yeah, they're not very important for anything, but they're quiet and well behaved for the most part.1244076869496
Anonymous: contrast them with our US negro population. see? they're pretty good afterall, aren't they?1244076950845
Anonymous: Once the negros are dead your argument will be invalid.1244078200304
Anonymous: that's not what this is aboot, friend1244314379136
Stewie: i'm not your friend, guy!1244332408982
Anonymous: i'm not your guy, buddy!1244364997957
Anonymous: I'm not your buddy, friend!1244365470694
Anonymous: he's not your friend, guy!1244367219457

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Link to this:'S_HAT

Usa map
Usa map usa (445) , map (98)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: PNG, 88 Kbytes (1357x628) Added by: gzilla (Apr 8, 2010) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
KarmaPickles: Slightly off. I'm Indiana and we're "Jesus and Meth" not "Civilization".1270688252822
Anonymous: pretty accurate for the ballpark1270970102629
Wolf6: Karma, that depends on if your from Knox county, where I am. We are/were the Columbia of Meth1271036437443
pocket: i have been to 6 regions1271456429917
somedumbfuck: omg im dieing laughing over here @ safrica1271458465144
Anonymous: Pyramids in Chile?? GTFO - Rest is ok tho1271460194974
Squirrely1: It must be 420 because I live in the Potheads area...1271467517377
slikwilly: LOL USA Jr. C'mon Brittards, you know you want to say something about that1271470331893
Anonymous: I have never heard the UP of Michigan considered "Civilization"1271477180521
Anonymous: Master race LOLLOOLOLLOLOOL1271606106436
Anonymous: tech support lol1272806266451
alkolol: fuck yeah master race1272806340151
Anonymous: French are Lazy? I'm french and...I've got to admit this ^^1272929479723
Anonymous: love tech support1274194540157

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Asteroid 2012 DA14: Close Approach to Earth, Feb 15, 2013
Asteroid Earth science astronomy map almost asteroid (3) , Earth (79) , science (149) , astronomy (11) , map (98) , almost (2)

Source: SUBMIT / chan4chan URL: Info: JPG, 82 Kbytes (800x799) Added by: Anonymous (Mar 9, 2012) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Anonymous: holy fuck! that's not a lot smaller than the moon.1331281646742
CockAsian: To bad it does not hit, we need some excitement.1331504187583
Munster: Fuck yeah, Santa Claus is coming...1331571999129
sumdumfuckr: i'll give it 20 bucks if it lands on the middle east.1334221908391
immadragon: ...thats no moon...1334270099692
fiveby5: meh. it's a zero on the torino scale. no danger. i don't know what it ranks on the torino gt scale, tho.1334277744680
Smeggy: Doesnt have to hit to kill us, just mess up our orbit enought to freeze or fry us.1345292053377
mota: What is the tolerance range of the predicted pass? We could still be fucked yet!1345293058174
Bonefish: There is an expected cumulative risk of Earth impact, .0033% (1 in 3033) sometime between 2026 and 2069, says Wikipedia.1345294089848
Bonefish: It's estimated diameter is 45 meters, it's weight, 130000 metric tons so if it did hit the Earth it wouldn't destroy civilization but, it would fuck-up the day of quite a few million people.1345295388105
Bonefish: ^^^^^It rates 0 on the Torino scale.1345295529745
huck1944: lets all get excited and have a party on feb.14,get drunk and ask our girfriends to get married1345295873378
Arse Not Ass: NOting to worry about here, Armageddon is two months earlier in Dec 2012.1345331781694
Anonymous: ^ still today is the 20161460581597998

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Link to this:,_Feb_15,_2013

Railroads Leading to Auschwitz
Auschwitz railroad map auschwitz (4) , railroad (3) , map (98)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: GIF, 27 Kbytes (491x484) Added by: * (Mar 5, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Anonymous: Karl Marx started it.1265072382859
Sparty: railroad on the sea?|?|?| look on greece1265144318391
Waffles: ^ ever heard of a boat dumbass1265188923479
Anonymous: all railroads leads to auschwitz1287608105781
BnSneky: ^agreed1287608285735
Anonymous: seems to me that all railroads lead away from auschwitz...1287608433370
waberlohe: a lie is still a lie when it's told 6 million times1290618652335
Anonymous: Don't believe the Jewish Media Propaganda !1290619970337
Anonymous: Mussolini got the trains to run on time? But did Hitler?1290621119316
Anonymous: ^^Unfortunately people will believe in lies for thousands of years, look at religions.1295672391303
Anonymous: It was a fucking big propaganda hoax...get over it..fuck get a life...many more whites than jews died FFS1455389965601
Anonymous: There are more holocaust survivors now than lived during the war thanks to the jews scamming the German government for money for 70 years.1455390670758
Anonymous: the north sea to baltic sea is my favorite railroad1455496849248
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War map art war (189) , map (98) , art (1155)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 606 Kbytes (1146x940) Added by: TASTYbacon (Dec 28, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
kinganonymous: cool.1262004846652
iHateClearpeople: Wonderful1262774991585
Spermany: sweden and norway are o1262791463382
Spermany: ^penises1262791480871
spoon: cool stuff
jackfrosty: Holy fucks.... Bravos drawer...!1262956753865
Anonymous: I want THIS in EXTREMELY BIG inside my room!1262981305379
Anonymous: finland! finland!1265662908387
Sparty: nice map awesome1265752283646
Limerick: @anon1: the penises?1267072161554
Anonymous: MOAR !!!1271601075583
Warg: That is cool as hell.1271658276471
Anonymous: Russia...OM NOM NOM NOM1271660546835
Furore23: Yeah, Keith Thompson is frickin' awesome. His dieselpunk works are just unbelievable, everything looks like it weighs a fuckton and really works.1278347484403

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Europe globe map world
Europe globe map world europe (91) , globe (5) , map (98) , world (14)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: PNG, 122 Kbytes (541x541) Added by: Anonymous (May 24, 2010) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Mohammed: Got Mosque? No? You will soon enough!1274716200478
Anonymous: NUKE IRAN!!!!!!!!!!!1274725880198
TopGun: FUCL ISLAM, FUCK ALLAH he likes to take it in the ass you lnow this MOHAMMERD like you and your mother like it!1274726637980
Mohammed: There is only one God & Mohammed is his prophet.(repeat 7 times a day forever) SUBMIT! >>>1274727020891
TopGun: Mohammed , your mother has been fuck by a camel and she loves that. FUCK ISLAM , FUCK YOU RETARD1274727419429
Mohammed: Your sins will be paid for in full by the next generation who will submit to islam & it's teachings! ALLAH AKBAR!1274731814225
Anonymous: nuke iran1274747410836
Hell'o: Europe is not muslim ?? are you retarded ??1287564666817
BnSneky: Nuke em all1287569488615
Anonymous: lol islam is coming to you ...stupid fags1287603344652
Twinchlian: Yeah, ask those guys in Malmö how they be doing now. Better put that islam-fantasy back in the drawers.1287603881285
Abdullhead-slayer: Loser-ragheads multiplies like rats in Europe...1287607237118
Anonymous: the place where human modern history began1287616611630
Anonymous: for all you retarded americans,IRAN AND IRAQ ARE IN "THE MIDDLE EAST" so FUCK OFF1287795019939

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the main differance between Europe and the USA - COLONIZED THE WORLD - HAVING NO IDEA WHERE EUROPE IS
Europe usa map difference europe (91) , usa (445) , map (98) , difference (143)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 82 Kbytes (800x600) Added by: AcidAlchemy (Feb 18, 2010) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Swiney: lol soo true1266512045664
stardog: Another eurofag post.1266514394276
Fuck the French.: Europe! Now one nation under Allah!1266516881128
Anonymous: Ha ha Europe! Close enough to the arabs to smell the stink, and get over run.1266520225217
Anonymous: I loled, because Georgia is in Asia, not Europe, as are all Caucasus countries south of Russia. So next time you want to make one of these, make sure you aren't an idiot first. GG. :P1267332563538
Anonymous: Georgia is in Europa, not EU.1267344881560
katlyng420: If Europe didn't try to "colonize" Isreal for two hundred years, maybe you would have to deal with train bombings?1267416969477
Anonymous: I lold, has some truth to it1267426031564
deadsmooth: Colonizing the world nothing to brag about. Set civilization back decades.1267428097456
beepb00p: maybe if we shoot all muslims on sight we won't have any more train bombings... hows about that?1267428433736
beepb00p: "Set civilization back decades." yeah, at least, what, 20 or 30 years? That's a few decades alright - LOL1267428515573
Anonymous: so true, damn americans think they are everything1271456221789
a78589645: Georgia stradles Europe and Asia. A little more than half the territory is geographicaly in Europe, and is recognised as a European State by the European commission.1271457946594
radada: Georgia is where we, Europeans, decide she has to be.1272734903226

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TheTrue Size of Africa - A small contribution in the fight against rampant Immappancy, by Kai Krause
Afrika size Africa ratio compare hi-res map afrika (1) , size (17) , Africa (216) , ratio (3) , compare (1) , hi-res (738) , map (98)

Source: SUBMIT / chan4chan URL: Info: JPG, 728 Kbytes (2482x1755) Added by: YuLiekPicturz (Oct 14, 2010) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Anonymous: If Africa's so big, why is Europe and North America full of niggers?1287070187137
sickfuck88: because it's illegal to kill'em1287071364607
TITS: White or gtfo1287074853407
Anonymous: the american dream. 5million niggers swimming back with a jew under each arm1287731417704
Anonymous: Land of Aids1287736097251
FLaRP: Because big game sure can cover a lot of land, fast!1287737559248
Uncle Harvey: Germany is trying to invade Michigan!1287846155850
Anonymous: Capital of AIDS.1287861517106
FlaRp: If it's so big, how come nothing all that interesting ever happens there?1288862399677
Anonymous: Where's Atlantis?1289106953376
Anonymous: I'm white but you huys are soooo f#%kin dumb! You have so many "niggers" cause you took them there! There might be more AIDS but theres also more humanity!1305116739121
Anonymous: Niggers1305117294956
Last_Resort: I wish the tsunami smacked africa instead of Japan1305129632691
sadeghol: why are blacks so stupid,stupids continent1305130203419

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Link to this: pancy,_by_Kai_Krause

LAUGH OUT LOUD - Hold down F11. Now.
Haiti earthquake map Haiti (19) , earthquake (21) , map (98)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 74 Kbytes (642x621) Added by: NSFW (Feb 4, 2010) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
bill gates: virus,computerfuckedonut ckick1265313378826
NSFW: *Anti-troll spray*. Holding F11 simulates an earthquake (full screen toggle) and provides epic lulz.1265313711259
joXnka: I loled so hard it is above epic1265408679408
naterls: ^^^ MEH TOO OMFG LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL1268979258765
gateway85: that was funny1268980530989
Dragon: Freakin hillarious!1271444716286
chemicalmix: haha1271454228878
Anonymous: i have to admit this was a cruel but also very ingenious way of providing LULZ.1271454444192
Anonymous: fuck Haiti1271467732479
Anonymous: I FUCKIN LOLED1271472147919
Syke: LOL1271494234514
mudspunk: whats so funny about even more niggers lookin for handouts1271494329282
Anonymous: fucking lol'd a shit out1271584962828
Anonymous: sih, I told it rotate -90 "Lol" map1445024675496
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Austria australia troll map austria (7) , australia (15) , troll (238) , map (98)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 41 Kbytes (457x364) Added by: * (Mar 18, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Furore23: This is WRONG. Should be brown, not green.1277124034265
llamados0: American geography lesson!1277484585488
Anonymous: Is dat Africa??1277486823815
TwoFaced: In that country they has kangaroos in basements1277489608330
anonymous: ↑ Win ↑1277499084913
NSFW: and everyone knows that unnamed island there is Tanzania1277505421350
Goatse's Butt Plug: I masturbate with raw shrimp.1277509944282
Anonymous: thats miami beach and cuba1283899708352
interwebz: ITS AUSTRALIA AND NEW ZELEND1283908760820
Anonymous: Yeah, I didn't know the Czech was by Australia...hmm1283909982299
Anynomous: ^^ learn2read, czechfag. On the other side, shouldn't be that island labeled Hungary?1285066671221
Anonymous: ^no1285067026570
WhiteShark: hey you miss Slovakia at the bottom1285067123904

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World cannabis law map
World cannabis law map world (14) , cannabis (20) , law (29) , map (98)

Source: SUBMIT / chan4chan URL: Info: PNG, 65 Kbytes (1480x625) Added by: MegaShit (Oct 4, 2011) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
MegaShit: Vacation destination chart.1317736452971
Anonymous: marijuana.1317738973652
Anonymous: cp?1317738984204
Nick4OneLove: ganja for sure1317739053335
Anonymous: lol no one knows whats goin on in africa1318866843178
Anonymous: Singapore, no shit!1318882789888
BnSneky: i gotta move1318883195390
Merrimon: I thought this said "Cannibal law" at first, totally became a different experience1318886058382
Anonymous: Weed is legal in Mexico.1319357626612
Anynonomoose: Peru and Bangladesh??? That's all? So Sad!1319543271375
Quasimodo: WOW!1319544029418
Capeta: this is wrong1321223783396
The Original Spoon: What is the story of how so much of the Earth has come to the consensus that smoking pot should be a crime. Seriously, through what negative media program did this happen?1321228287558
Conman: this looks shooped!1321228390761

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Niger - Too much of a coincidence?
Niger chicken map nigger niger (2) , chicken (63) , map (98) , nigger (630)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 47 Kbytes (899x675) Added by: * (Apr 5, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Anononymous: lmao1238948776858
Anonymous: faggotry1239126950206
Anonymous: O.o1249977138203
jackfrosty: Oh hohohoho! BURN!1249983745829
stan666: an look at this one. i wonder if this site was made by a child1250062262922
Anonymous: HAHAHAHAHA1250087099356
sinonymous: dat dere be gospel true1250088340441
Anonymous: rofl!1250109763864

Dr robotnik's pingas: Super LAWLS1251170358705
cracker_killer: ^^^^lol!!!!!!^^^1251881320981
TASTYbacon: ^^^FTW lmfao1251898795300
skinner: the black guy is a Federal Fugitive. no shit.1251905616950
Hughbie: no..he IS federal fugitive...that boy has a nose for chicken, fried chicken that is.1251905934202

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Map earth upside down perspective
Map earth upside down perspective map (98) , earth (79) , upside down (15) , perspective (28)

Source: SUBMIT / chan4chan URL: Info: JPG, 363 Kbytes (1600x1105) Added by: Anonymous (Apr 1, 2012) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
RubberG: Finland, Sweden and Norway are now erect.1333273477357
Hughbie: About right...1333273578765
springer: Map made in Australia1333293883779
Cunt81: Hooray, I am now closer to the equator! Wait wut?1350890913654
Anonymous: Like a goat on the left puffing out a cloud on the right. heh.1351257662778
Anonymous: turn your head to the left and it looks like a duck standing on something1351276997415
sms1982: it is duck on left side1351403152115
Anonymous: alaska looks like sideways cameltoe1351406682975
Quantum69: Italy's now bicycle kicking the shit out of Sicily1361903203743
Anonymous: and afreaka is still a shithole full of nigger monkeys1361940875960
Asslover: this way round you can see how huge russia really is. i mean half of asia is russia!1361989116162
anonymous: africa is twice the size1362219047664
adamlanza: ^twice the size of what? a pile of shit and Aids?1362252885709
ButtPersonThing: Butt.1421542555166

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Norway map norway (12) , map (98)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: PNG, 97 Kbytes (804x698) Added by: Furore23 (May 19, 2010) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Furore23: ^I thought you are cool"? Is that supposed to be English?1274376215725
Nukubu: Norwhat ?1277318829715
Anonymous: Sooo true1277683630150
Anonymous: As a norwegian, I enjoy knowing that other people in the world suffer in order for me to get my luxuries.1277767205235
Anonymous: the Most common name in Oslo is Mohommad, y'all niggaz need to man up and Viking out on those fuckers!!!1278013102627
Anonymous: Lol, Norway. It should be Sweden instead, cause then we've got walls all around us .1278014043189
phojes69: Veldig bra1278149619719
Furore23: Norway, Norway, Norway!1278154833564
Anonymous: Haha sweden kicks your ass Norge!1279151236753
red: Norway? No way!1279208391614
Anonymous: alt for norge!1279241389418
Anonymous: Norway > all!1280409866693
Twinchlian: Ohh. Whalepussy. Fapfapfapfap.1282171044808

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Tsar bomb nuke paris france map circle
Tsar bomb nuke paris france map circle tsar (1) , bomb (57) , nuke (22) , paris (13) , france (28) , map (98) , circle (27)

Source: SUBMIT / chan4chan URL: Info: PNG, 993 Kbytes (750x536) Added by: TopGun (Jun 3, 2010) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Ferrum: BOOOOM1278111700554
Anonymous: do it plz i asked nicely1278127698992
Anonymous: all you gotta do is kill 25 frenchies without dying to get it!1279579351535
Panatronic: sounds good to me1281213360913
Anonymous: there's a place called ORLY haha Frenchfags1281218436619
blutschwingel: ORLY?1281458511456
8U4ll: uncultivated.... Orly is an airport near Paris !1282083625165
Anonymous: not after this bomb1282708057665
Anonymous: you can bet it.. with 50 megaton!!1282773608349
FuturerMovement: BOOM and the world is happy again ^^1283481330522
Anonymous: Orly is also a city dumb fuck!1283512581212
Anonymous: ^ Without FRANCE usa would'nt exist BITCH! And STFU with WW2, USA wasn't the only nation fighting!1283512683465
Flarp: 57 megaton, and it had a leaded casing to reduce it's force and fallout. lol. With a normal case it would have been about twice as powerful. FTW (and I aint talking that for the win crap. I'm talking its REAL meaning: FUCK THE WORLD. With 100m you most certainly could.)1284485316451
Anonymous: And nothing of value was lost.1286241798606

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