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(get in here, faggots)

Help! We're being oppressed! - Christian - Jewish - Non-Religious - Other
Jew christian religion graph info chart ratio jew (197) , christian (50) , religion (396) , graph (31) , info (382) , chart (156) , ratio (3)

Source: SUBMIT / chan4chan URL: Info: GIF, 13 Kbytes (350x262) Added by: crzy4dointhis (Aug 17, 2010) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Limerick: Blatant falsehood and victimization.1282947882207
Moongrim: That's America for ya1282949591994
satan deputy: what?1286221472972
Antiphon: Soooooo fuckin true1286673831404
Knome: eh not really1287074640907
Anonymous: Have you ever heard of muslims or budhists? I can tell you that they are more than 10% of all people1287077381621
Knome: muslim and jews are more than 10%1287182682751
oooEYEooo: ..."yet JEWS control the so called 'SUPERPOWER' glad"...1287224457687
Shitskinkiller: Christian-bashing jewboys controls the media, so no wonder...1287252395841
hecramsey: Looking up AltaVista 25%1287298639805
FLArp: Thus proving Pac Man eats Jews1287303952627
Muhammad: LOL flarp you always crack me up1287304110454
Abd: ehmr... wtf? majority of christians?? in A WESTERN COUNTRY?? wtf, in sweden bweleivers aren't even 10 %1287355172769
Anonymous: The pacman chart of Christianity rocks1287373590316

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Link to this:!_We're_being_oppressed!_-_Christian_-_Jewish_-_Non-Religious_-_Other

TheTrue Size of Africa - A small contribution in the fight against rampant Immappancy, by Kai Krause
Afrika size Africa ratio compare hi-res map afrika (1) , size (17) , Africa (216) , ratio (3) , compare (1) , hi-res (738) , map (98)

Source: SUBMIT / chan4chan URL: Info: JPG, 728 Kbytes (2482x1755) Added by: YuLiekPicturz (Oct 14, 2010) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Anonymous: If Africa's so big, why is Europe and North America full of niggers?1287070187137
sickfuck88: because it's illegal to kill'em1287071364607
TITS: White or gtfo1287074853407
Anonymous: the american dream. 5million niggers swimming back with a jew under each arm1287731417704
Anonymous: Land of Aids1287736097251
FLaRP: Because big game sure can cover a lot of land, fast!1287737559248
Uncle Harvey: Germany is trying to invade Michigan!1287846155850
Anonymous: Capital of AIDS.1287861517106
FlaRp: If it's so big, how come nothing all that interesting ever happens there?1288862399677
Anonymous: Where's Atlantis?1289106953376
Anonymous: I'm white but you huys are soooo f#%kin dumb! You have so many "niggers" cause you took them there! There might be more AIDS but theres also more humanity!1305116739121
Anonymous: Niggers1305117294956
Last_Resort: I wish the tsunami smacked africa instead of Japan1305129632691
sadeghol: why are blacks so stupid,stupids continent1305130203419

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Link to this: pancy,_by_Kai_Krause

Universe science earth galaxy ratio info
Universe science earth galaxy ratio info universe (25) , science (149) , earth (79) , galaxy (32) , ratio (3) , info (382)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 724 Kbytes (790x2200) Added by: Redrocco (Feb 17, 2010) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
c4c: somebody's gonna get a few extra karma points when i have time to deal with this.1266433238380
greyhoundpaul: feeling a little small and unimportant1266433731170
pocket: If it were in the center of our solar system, Jupiter would be inside of it. (from wikipedia)1266448518304
Anonymous: and on the opposite side you have scientologists and fucktards who think toweling up women in black ninja suits when they go "skinny dipping" is the universe's most important thing1272972042848
grubenkumpel: are you sirius? or betelgeuse1273221443732
Anonymous: atheists: if these planets are so huge then how come i am looking at them on my small laptop?1273222544655
Grave: wow look earth is bigger then VV Cephei! FUCK YEAH!1273223370995
Anonymous: jupiter-sun scale seems kinda off to me1273226033851
ImYourMomBIATCH: 1273222544655: You are a nigger, arent you?1273241801349
Anonymous: That bitch Aldebaran should put down the doughnut.1273244638590
NSFW: Blew my mind the first time I watched it.1281746131567
AlienNation: ^ good video. thanks for sharing1281746289628
XENU: i jsut watched that yesterday, its kick ass1281746350852
blablablue: are you sirius? Oo1281791830892

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