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(get in here, faggots)

RIDDLE TIME - You're trapped in a room. One door leads to heaven, one door leads to hell.
Birds riddle heaven hell door question birds (67) , riddle (4) , heaven (14) , hell (22) , door (35) , question (218)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: PNG, 336 Kbytes (1044x926) Added by: Anonymous (Nov 5, 2011) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Lolusername69: ask either bird "what door would the other bird pick?"... and pick the opposite to what he says.1320492160270
Tres: ^ actually, you need to be a bit more specific. "Which door would the other bird say goes to Heaven?" (The other bird may like Hell)1320492343825
MrSandynigger: ^Read the Q you two. The birds dont know that the other one exists. If you ask that, they will say "What bird?"1320493589897
MrSandynigger: That is if you're upto the god mode challenge.1320493649379
Tres: ^ I don't always God mode, but when I do, I construct a sentence with multiple clauses, of which at least one contains an if.1320494878711
Greeft: Karl Pilkington knows what to do lol. ==>
Greeft: Ask one bird "Are either of the following statements true? You tell the truth and are by the door to heaven; or You are the liar and are not by the door to heaven." If the bird says yes go through it's door, if it says no go through the other bird's door.1320500155570
Anonymous: God mode is easy, you simply ask "If I asked someone who always say the opposite of what you're saying what door would he tell me lead to heaven?"1320500385783

^As I've just given the answer to god slayer mode, who gives a fuck?

Anonymous: Grab both birds and start opening a door. No Bird wants to go to Hell.1320503564842
MegaShit: Eat both birds, sit and wait for the next dufus to come along, and then see which door he chooses.1320511148310
Anonymous: “If I was to ask the other guard what gate they were guarding.. what would they say?”1320524203568
Greeft: I've just noticed the last line about hypothetical statements, so my solution would be better phrased as a direct question to one bird. "Is it true you are either a truthful parrot perched by the door to heaven? Or you are a lying parrot perched by the door to hell?"1320565068827

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Link to this:'re_trapped_in_a_room._One_door_leads_to_heaven,_one_door_leads _to_hell.

This problem can be solve by pre-school children in five to ten minutes, by programmers in an hour and by people with a higher education... well, check it yourself!
Circles math riddle circles (2) , math (51) , riddle (4)

Source: SUBMIT / chan4chan URL: Info: JPG, 60 Kbytes (640x360) Added by: ManWhore (Apr 7, 2012) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Anonymous: 21333773670419
I'm 4yo and: 8888 = 81333774300249
Greeft: Loops, loops, it's all about loops.1333776700155
Cerisette: Then it's 2! ^-^ Yaysies! ^-^ What a fun puzzle, heehee! ^-^1333776770346
HungLoh: I can't get it to work with i.1333779401421
Thatsguy1: ohh ok, i get it :)1333791438775
Anonymous: how the fuck do you get 2 ?1333819293269
MegaShit: It is 21333819880104
shalaschaska: 7 min... am I better than a pre-schooler then?1333823349159
fiveby5: numbers. meh!1333824154188
greyhoundpaul: tired, hungover, prety much retarded on a normal day. can not do this :(1333903122953
EuroFag: well, found in 5 minutes... 21333904907428
djh123: 421334052684163
Quasimodo: -11334054557700

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Link to this:,_by_prog rammers_in_an_hour_and_by_people_with_a_higher_education..._well,_check_it_yours elf!

This is the hardest riddle ever made, but it has an answer. If you can correctly answer you win all my internets. here goes:
Logic riddle dictator logic (17) , riddle (4) , dictator (7)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 130 Kbytes (610x455) Added by: hugodude (Mar 14, 2010) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Creepis: with the ENTIRE POPULATION OF 100 playing the game there is NOBODY LEFT OVER to enforce the rules, shoot the losers, etc. THIS RIDDLE IS FAAAAIIIILLLL!!1268523549519
Anonymous: The first guy simply tell the color of the hat of the person in front of him. The next guy needs to tell that color if he wants to live, but the population can agree on a code allowing them to also tell the color of the hat of the next person in the line (ex: if I use a high pitched voice in my answer, this mean you have a blue hat; deep voice = red). This meets all the riddle requirements.1268525691586
Anonymous: ^I doubt that the dictattor will play the game himself, and he probably know how to load and fire a gun himself... but of course they could decide tor beat him up as he is 1 man against the 99 he threatens to kill1268530121403
Anonymous: ^that was for Creepis1268530244201
beepb00p: Nuke africa, all muslim nations, all brown-skinned nations, execute all muslim immigrunts, RIDDLE SOLVED1268533303939
Swiney: ^WOW couldnt agree more1268533381564
Creepis: beepb00p, YOU DO THAT! YOU DO EXACTLY THAT! Let's see how far you get and how many Hitler Youth help you. I like your odds so GET STARTED!1268534255950
Anonymous: he said you can't talk unless he talks to you first, he gets asked what color hat he has and then a timer for 5 minutes...he could ask the dictator what hat he has or just tell the guy in front what hat he has since he said at the end of the timer they have to say what color...1268560560627
Anonymous: Did anybody win all his internets?1268616090722
Anonymous: The single file line makes a narrow "U" shape. The person in the front will be staring out into the distance or a wall or whatever and the last person will be looking at everyone else. They will also be standing next to each other.1268630480728
Rusty Shacklford: Well it says in the riddle the people can pick a different color so they should know their hat color...1268762493617
chemicalmix: ive heard this riddle before and been told the answer? so if i tell everyone the answer.. do i still win?1268771474548
Babbah-boey: fuck dis. i already have more internets1268795325667
Baracus: I give them 99 red hats and 1 blue. Anyone who doesnt see a blue hat says red, the first guy says red if he hasnt heard someone say blue hat.1268834361620

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Link to this:,_but_it_has_an_answer._If_you_can_correctly _answer_you_win_all_my_internets._here_goes:

Riddle hanging riddle (4) , hanging (24)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 98 Kbytes (1000x1000) Added by: greyhoundpaul (Apr 9, 2010) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
SaTaN: Iceblock.1270827938509
iprobablyhateyou: he pissed his way into the air and the noose... elementary1270828351252
Anonymous: ^It could be a turbo shitstorm1270839498550
Anonymous: BTW. there is ALWAYS a puddle beneth ppl who hand themself, you pidd yourself. (remember to go peepee first to limit humiliation. (toe drip dont look cool)1270839579277
anonymule: ^ I think humiliation is the last thing on the mind of a dead person. I vote block of ice.1270840555704
KarmaPickles: ^^ member to go peepee? You'll shit yourself anyways, geesh.1270847043448
Anonymous: most shit don't run so it wont stain the floor just your underoos1270893941413
Dave: man climbed on iceblock, put noose around his head, ice block melted, man hanged.1270921362850
Anonymous: Cops didn't notice humungous block of ice smuggled into the cell, where? In his humungous asshole? Morans!1271629411640
the7rafe7: he was trying to get one of those super orgasm things and he held himself up with his huge penis1271630058224
Warg: He used magical bouncy water to jump into the noose.1271654321308
Anonymous: how can you tell when a nigger is well hung ? his legs have stopped kicking ! :D1271713655787
Anonymous: he jumped off a block of ice1271718394119
Anonymous: dry ice he used dry ice!1273728894446

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