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What is Chan4Chan?
Chan4Chan is an image hosting site. It automatically mirrors pictures from various specific sites, and lets visitors submit images from the web.

How does it work?
There are two image buckets: /incoming, and /archive.
The /incoming is full of new images. Every minute new ones are added, and old ones get deleted.
The /archive contains images submitted by visitors from /incoming and other sources. Good ones get locked and stay there, the remaining get deleted.

What are the image sources?
- is the infamous image board created in 2003. It is the site where internet memes such as "lolcats", "rickrolling", and many others were born.
- is the Automagic People Image Naked Archive created in 2008. It is a simple to use site with lots of random images.
- is most famous for its photoshop section where an image is posted and members turn it into something completely different and race for votes.
- is a robot that grabs images posted in various rooms on IRC and archives them with the ability to comment.
- is a Hungarian nonprofit image site mainly relying on IRC for image links.
- is a Hungarian site with images gathered from social networking sites. Mellbimbo means nipple.

Archive images
Things that count to get an image approved:
- epicness, humor, high resolution, rarity, historical purpose, popularity, shock value, originality, cuteness, information.
Things that cause an image to be deleted:
- low resolution, boring, already in the /archive, huge watermark, illegal content and other factors.

Most images get watermarked, except:
- smaller sized ones (most with the "thread" tag)
- pix where the watermark would ruin the point
- where the source is relevant/respected and the two watermarks would overwrite each other

The following properties are visible for an archive image:

Image title:
- For now, it isn't really a title but a transcript of any relevant text appearing on the image (following capitalization and spelling mistakes).
- Image width, height, file size, number of frames if animated.
- Gives information on where the image came from (URL, Added by, etc).
- Click on the username to find out more information about them. If it isn't a link to a profile, it's an anonymous submit (not using a real username).
- [Random] - YES: funny, weird, amazing, rare, informative, meme, cute - NO: boring pix, simple porn, copypasta.
- [Porn] - YES: straight, lesbian, beautiful, etc - NO: jailbait, furry, gay, penis, ugly, non-porn (lulzy pr0n will be moved to /random).
- [Lolpad] - Drawings created in LOLpad right here on chan4chan by the visitors.
NSFW flag:
- [Yes] - Not safe for work. It is probably not a good idea to watch these images in public places or at work.
- [No] - These are mostly innocent, but there are no guarantees. Even text could be unsafe at work. Its comments could also contain NSFW image embeds.

These are the image options:

- This image hasn't been locked yet, and so anyone may delete it if it's illegal. Whether the image will stay in the archive or not is unsure.
Report abuse:
- This image has been approved in a cleanup process. If you click "report abuse", it will land in a queue, and moderators will decide its fate. If it's urgent, a copyright issue, or you wish to dispute the moderators' decision, write e-mail.
Link to this:
- A link that you can copy/paste to allow others to see all image info and comment on it. It contains the image's ID (a unique number referring to the archive entry).
Submit to...:
- Submitting good image links to Facebook, Twitter, Stumbleupon, Digg, and Reddit is appreciated.

There are different ways you can filter images in the archive.

Fresh mode:
- By default, you are only shown images that stayed after a cleanup process AND have been verified for attributes (category, NSFW flag, etc).
- If you turn fresh mode on, you only see images posted since the last image review. Everything submitted by visitors lands in this 'section' of the archive.
- It is not a real section, just an "added-since" filter, based on the fresh mode marker.
- By turning NSFW mode on, you get to see images with the NSFW flag set to 'Yes'.
- By turning NSFW mode off, you only see images with the NSFW flag set to 'No'.
- Choose a category to filter images based on that.
- Tags filter results so you only see images with the specific (approved) tags added to them.
- By creating the URL yourself, you can combine category and tag filters. Example: /category/random/tags/porn.
- A search looks for matching tags and image titles as well. There are a few special keywords...
- animated: animated images (with more than 1 frame).
- by:username: images posted by someone (only if they used their real username).
- id:number: jump to a specific image by ID.
- url:site-url: find images based on the original URL.
- mycomments: show all images you commented on, and highlight your comments.
- mypix: all images in the archive by you.

You can change the way images are shown in the archive:

- Bump "on" lists archive images in the order of their comments. Whichever image is on top received the last comment.
- Bump "off" lists archive images in the order they were posted to the archive.
Page view:
- Thumbnail: It is the default. Image thumbnail is on the left side, comments are next to it.
- Image: The full sized images are listed, and dynamically resized by your browser in real-time if they're bigger than 1024x768 pixels. Comments are below the image. Be careful with this one, it eats a lot of bandwidth, 50 are loaded on one page. This mode is used when you go to

Guide for tagging
General guidelines

- Tags are not auto-approved. They are only visible / active once approved on image review.
- Do your best to add tags that are already used. Do not just add whatever comes to your mind.
- If you're unsure which tag would be best according to the previous rule, do some research first.
- Do not use special characters. Allowed: a-z, 0-9, -, and space.
- Do not capitalize tags unless it's a name. Do not use full capslock either (except FBI, PVC, etc.).
- Before you add a tag, ask yourself: is anyone likely to search for this?
- Add tags that will actually help someone find the image.
- It's better to miss a few good tags than to add bad ones. Add only whatever is surely appropriate.
- Tags are usually in singular or plural. Please stick to using whichever version has more pictures (birds not bird, eyes not eye, spider not spiders, car not cars).

Tags encouraged (click tags to see examples)

- "4chan": everything 4chan, mostly screenshots of epic image board threads.
- "Background": good quality and cool looking images that can be used as wallpaper.
- "Cute": very cute things, or beautiful / cute women. Admin reserves the right to decide what is cute enough ;)
- "FFFuuu": rage comics.
- "Girl": pictures containing a girl or girls. Not women or teens, but girls.
- "Info": a compilation of information about a subject.
- "Thread": for images that can be used in forum threads. Do not tag forum screenshots as "thread".
- "Photo": for good quality images that are gems of photography, and images about photos (or taking photos).
- "Porn": funny / weird images that capture moments of the porn industry and fetishes.

Tags discouraged

- "Woman", "Man": many images have men or women in it. Such a tag doesn't really say much.
- "Funny": many pictures are funny. Unless it's something about being-funny specifically, it's useless.

Why tagging is great (check these out)

- Simple tags: Thread * 4chan * FAIL * Weed * Drunk * FFFuuu- * Background * Animated * Photo * Birds * Religion * Japan * Jesus * Jew * Women * WTF * Pedobear * Instructions * Science * Hack * Howto * Advice * Algorithm
- Tags with spaces: Rule 34 * Emma Watson * Star wars * Middle finger * Oil spill * Before and after * Thumbs up
- Tag combos: Nature photo * Pizza penis * Car accident * Cat photo * Thread troll * High comic

Image rules
- Do not submit images, or move them from /incoming unless you have read and understood all of the rules.
- You may only delete illegal images from /incoming, nothing else (not even spam).
- You may only delete illegal images and spam from /archive.
- Absolutely no "nude jailbait" images allowed. This is not the site for that.
- Put generic pornographic or nude model images into the porn category.
- Everything else (even funny / weird porn) should go to the random category.
- Do not click "report abuse" on an image unless it's illegal. Report any copyright or other concern in e-mail.

Comment rules
These are guidelines. Please do apply common sense in general.
- Do not add repetitive comments.
- Do not constantly use capslock.
- Do not add many comments of short size or with no real content.
- Do not comment on many images of the same kind (bearing the same tag) at once.
- If you start your comment with an image embed, make it relevant or funny. It should only be used in rare cases.
- Do not impersonate registered users.
- Use only locked images for image embeds so they don't disappear on cleanup.
- This is all about images. So comment on them, not the other comments.
- Do not use image comments as a 'thread' to argue with other people. This is not for that.
- No firsting. ('first!')
- Do not add pedo comments. Sick sense of humor is tolerated, but you do not want to invite pedos to comment. They really mean it.
- Do not post a link unless it is relevant to the picture in some way.
- Do not advertise for SEO profit. Links are nofollow anyway.
- Do not post any rickrolling, referral scheme game URL's or malware.
- Do not post phone numbers, e-mails, or personally identifiable information.

- When you comment, it "bumps" the image. This means that when somebody looks at the archive, the image you commented on will be first on the list.
- If a logged in user puts the real username in the name box, the name in the comment becomes red, otherwise it's black.
- Comments with a black name mean the poster was either not logged in, or did not use his/her real username.
- See comment rules on what is not accepted. Everything else is. But use the power of common sense, please.
- http:// URL's get converted to real links if you are logged in.
- There are several limit levels (same image in 1/5/10/30/60 minutes, global comment count in 1/5/10/30/60 minutes, etc.).
- Logged in users have more relaxed limits, they can post more comments in the same amount of time.
- You can embed only one image in a comment. To do that, start it with ":12345:" where 12345 is an archive image ID. Rules apply.

Karma score helps determine who the useful and active members are. Rewards are valid for 30 days. This means that if you got 50 points for an approved dupe report 30 days ago, your score will decrease by 50 tomorrow. It also means that if you do not visit the site for 30 days, your score will be 0. Obviously, you have to be logged in to get karma.

How to receive karma:
- Reporting duplicate images.
- Accepted images.
- Accepted tags.
- Commenting (not every comment, just one every 5 minutes).
- Visiting the news (frontpage).
- Deleting images in /archive or /incoming (unwarranted deletions get a ban!).
- Special rewards (original content, promoting chan4chan in an original way, etc.).

Every image you submit to the archive that doesn't get approved receives -1 point. But as long as at least 1 in 10 is accepted, you're still in the plus.

Members in the karma toplist can access the /incoming section.

What else is there?
Supersearch: a kind of 'advanced search' that shows image results without comments (200 / page).
Mindfuck: a game where you have to find hidden words on images.
Lolpad: it's like an online version of mspaint where you can draw together with others. See the lolpad category. chat with other chan4channers, see image submits and comments in realtime. a simple tinyib image board. ITT discussions are preferred here. a 4chan proxy (read-only viewing of 4chan boards). the twitter feed (cleanups, downtimes, news). funny memes on t-shirts, mugs, baseball caps and more.

Q: How do I get access to /incoming?
A: By making your way into the karma toplist, getting 5 images accepted from the last 30 days, or by getting a lolcard.

Q: When will my images get accepted?
A: The admin could see it when you post it and lock it in a few seconds, on the next cleanup (which could be weeks), or never (in which case it gets deleted).

Q: Why did my image get deleted / not accepted?
A: Most likely reasons: repost, not good enough quality (resolution, light, etc), or just "meh". See the archive images section on what gets accepted. Or better yet, just check out /random in fresh mode=off - there are over 20,000 accepted images.

Q: I submitted an image but I don't see it in /incoming.
A: Read this page again, please. You can't post to /incoming directly, that content comes from other sites.

Q: I submitted an image but I don't see it in the /archive.
A: You forgot to turn fresh mode and NSFW on.

Q: How do I embed an image in my comment?
A: Please read the section about comments.

Q: Is this 4chan?
A: No. This is Chan4Chan. We like images, creativity, and unusual humor here. 4chan has a lot of that. But this is not 4chan.

Q: Is this affiliated with 4chan in any way?
A: No.

Q: Is this thing anonymous?
A: Even moderators can't see your IP or reveal your username on images and comments you submitted anonymously (only 1 admin, who doesn't really care). If you're paranoid about who might be watching your Chan4Chan activities, use chan4chan on https (no valid certificate, but it's better than plaintext) and block Google Analytics. Feel free to raise any privacy concerns in e-mail and I will do my best to address them.

Q: Why is it not my username displayed on images in the /archive?
A: When you move an image from /incoming, the last name is used that you specified (for an image submit, a comment, or anything else). If you /submit an image, all you have to do is put whatever name in the "Name" box. If it matches your logged-in-username, it will be clickable and will take visitors to your profile.

Q: How do I shot web?
A: I dunno, LOL

Missing something from the FAQ? Please write mail.

How Chan4Chan works
Fishing for worthy images

The image archiving process
1) Images are pulled automatically from the internet into /incoming.
2) Users move images they like from /incoming, and /submit from other external sites to the /archive.
3) Good images are locked once in a while at random.
4) There is a big cleanup every few weeks. All images in fresh mode (added since the last review) are selected for deletion, worthy ones are un-selected. Delete button is pressed. This usually leaves about 10%.
5) Remaining images get tags, title, proper category and NSFW flag set by moderators and the admin.
6) Admin reviews all image properties one by one in reverse order, deletes bad tags, adds missing ones, fixes titles, etc.
7) Admin moves fresh mode marker to the date of the last reviewed image.
8) All tags get approved for reviewed images, participants get an e-mail with details.

What makes it special?
- No annoying ads, popups and design elements. Just pure epic.
- Lots of images on one page - 50/page in the /archive, 400/page in /incoming.
- Option to view images without thumbnails right away.
- Content from the best sources combined on one site in real time.
- Only the best images stay in the archive, based on the same principle since the site started.
- Tags and image text (titles) help you find the picture you're looking for in no-time.
- Toggle the NSFW flag so you can look at 4chan images without having to watch your back.
- The SEO friendly URL's and content allow thousands of new visitors every day to find what they're looking for.
- Unfiltered opinions from people from all around the world without taboos.
- Anyone can delete images, even without logging in. This allows for a much faster solution in case of abuse.
- Anyone may post comments, even without logging in or filling captchas.
- Abuse and spam is handled quickly and effectively, while still allowing freedom of speech (even when it hurts).

Target audience
- People who are only into 4chan for the images.
- Lovers of memes and funny / rare internet pix.
- Bloggers looking for eye candy for their articles.
- KnowYourMeme and ED staff.
- Freedom of speech activists.
- Psychologists :)
- Designers looking for raw photoshop material.
- Bored internet surfers.
- Funpic fans.
- Scientists, hackers, etc...

How to help
- If you have a Facebook, Twitter, Stumbleupon, Digg, or Reddit account: use it! Submit good tags and images for others to see!
- So you surf /incoming a lot... If you see something really good, click 'move to random' below the thumbnail.
- We cannot prevent people from posting arbitrary stuff (especially on other sites), so if you see anything illegal click 'Del' to delete it.
- If you find a duplicate in the archive (where at least one of the images is NOT in fresh mode), submit it.
- If you believe you would make a good moderator (got experience?) and would like to help out, send mail.
- Come to chat. It's fun.
- If you have a website, add the Random Image Widget to it. Your visitors will love it, too!

Random image widget

Do you have a website? Surprise your visitors with a random SFW (non-NSFW) image on your site.

Add a random Chan4Chan image to your site!

HTML Code:

Site history
- A basic first version of the site was created in January of 2009 in a day.
- The site was rewritten from scratch and a domain has been bought for it in March of 2009.
- Tags, titles (image text) and NSFW flag were added after the first 100 images in the archive.
- A personal collection of old funny images were submitted.
- Commenting wasn't popular until bumps were introduced. Then it jumped.
- In June of 2009, there was a vote whether "Jailbait" should be separated from the random category. So it was.
- Registration was added in July of 2009. First user to register was Bubble.
- One year after the Jailbait category was introduced, things got out of hand. Too many pedos started visiting the site because of it and posting CP into the /archive. The category has been removed along with all of the images in it.
- User profiles (with the option to like/hate) were added on the 28th of November.

Statistics (snapshot @ 09 February 2011):

- 50,247 members with a verified e-mail address.
- 5,326 women, which is a bit more than 10%.
- Average age of members: 33.
- 16 moderators.
- 40,000 unique visitors / day.
- 22,443,820 site hits in January.
- 115,866,366 image hits in January (6,130 gigabytes).
- 290 banned usernames.
- 24,333 images in the /archive.
- 38,877 images in /incoming.
- 68,711 approved image tags (7,910 unique).
- 724,506 lines said in /chat.

- E-mails that make sense are read, and replied to. No exceptions.

info [at] chan4chan [dot] com