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Capitalism coke
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(get in here, faggots)

Capitalism coke
Capitalism coke

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capitalism (17) , coke (35)

Anonymous: waaaaa.. to the victor go the spoils... fucking do something to make your 3rd worls ass wealthy1248730971746
Anonymous: y ima socialist :D1248737339535
my99Busa: All those other countries must have it right then, We're doing exponentially better in EVERY way. yeah... we're prolly fuckin' it up. WE'RE stupid. Wake the FUCK up!!! we're right and we're BETTER!1248756705279
Hughbie: I love capitalism...1248766513113
Anonymous: Joke about this all you want but basically it's one of the main reasons there will be no humans left on this planet within a 1000 years (or a lot less).1248767913894
Anonymous: I'd be surprised if we last another 20.1248769138207
Hughbie: ^and what makes you so sure of this?1248769152609
Anonymous: I draw a graph in my head. Time scale is from 5000 years ago til now. Variables: number of people on the planet, available natural resources, pollution, ozone layer, # of nukes, materials we consume, level of co2, i could go on. I'm no green guy but it's kind of sad to see my own species turn from a very special, rare and wonderful thing into the virus, the cancer that is killing /earth/.1248770367812
Hughbie: fair enough..kudos to you for thinking....more than most do here. Well you just need to look at what we do to in the shit we eat, drink, smoke, inject etc to realise that whilst special and rare, we in a broad sense aren't that smart these days. We create awesome shit...but it may very well outlive us...1248771750454
cockwarmer: okay. lets all be socialists, because real socialism works so good. (lenin, stalin, fall of the soviet union, vietnam, red khmer, china, eastern europe. and everything i forgot) YAY for the systematic rape of human rights. IT DOESNT WORK GODDAMNIT. suicide by hedonism is a lot better choice for ~our~ society imho1248772151793
Anonymous: So out of 'bad' and 'disaster' and looking for other solutions let's pick 'disaster' because it's a cool way to commit suicide. Wise you are, Yoda.1248772436610
Anonymous: How about we give Utilitarianism a shot?1248780163108
Hughbie: ^ Dude.....Utilitarianism requires thought. This requires brains, common sense and enough people with the former to enact it, educate others about it, and continue it. Gen Y and Co.....they won't even understand it let alone work it out. Nice try but no points.1248794143619
cockwarmer: yeah, thats pretty much my point. communism is a good idea and it has a lot in common with utilitarianism. but communism also requires every individual to understand his/her role and duty. it simply doesnt work. oh, and anon 6610: thats pretty much it. however it isnt bad and disaster, its doom and disaster. and disaster is much cooler imho.1248798495425
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