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Obama economy usa
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(get in here, faggots)

Obama economy usa
Obama economy usa

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obama (227) , economy (21) , usa (445)

Anonymous: well lets se..he went in nov 10...and its been in the shitter since october the year before so...1242520836522
Anonymous: he didnt go in on nov 10th asshole,, try jan. 2209 he was elected in nov.1243403210865
Anonymous: Obama obviously can't be blamed for the current status, do you guys remember that little "bailout" Ole GWB gave us? the 600 bucks or so? that was when the downward spiral was obvoius. Obama is just completing the plan GWB started. Namely taking our money (private) and giving it to banks with gov. majority shares (public). end result? America gets the shaft along with the rest of the free world.1243410613909
Anonymous: Watch da News Dude...Now with a Latino wench on da supreme court, we all will be speakin Spanish. Damn, might a been worth it if Hitler woulda won1243433012949
Anonymous: ^^ You mean the bailout Obama supported and voted for in the Senate? That bailout?1249074592601
Anonymous: No, but that fucking numb nuts who had the job before you did.1256661678276
Anonymous: No Bush did1256665263310
crackerkiller5: ^damn right^1261160113572
Anonymous: Hey, fucktards.. Bush isn't in office anymore1261385017238
Anonymous: Clinton is the one who fucked us up by making the banks give housing loans to people who couldn't afford them in the first place. That is how all of this shit started. Bush and Obama aren't to blame, but they certaily didn't make it any better, especially Obama.1261385167387
Anonymous: 1256665263310 <- correct1261551619514
Anonymous: i don't have to take this... im going home1261584695922
Anonymous: 1243410613909: Well said.1275326708801
Hi! im 13: if people with no money hadnt started buying houses with mortages, that would havehelped. If george (both) hsdnt existed, that would have helped. Obamadidnt do nothing wrong1275353648743
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