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(get in here, faggots)


Source: SUBMIT / chan4chan URL: Info: JPG, 379 Kbytes (1280x1280) Added by: Lexicon (Apr 29, 2014) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Tosser: You sir are a fucking moron. I would click hate but thinking about it.... I like when idiots wear an idiot uniform. It makes them easier to identify.1398798801216
djh123: ^he's showing off his gross teeth and he wants the world to talk about him as he tries to stand out from the rest of the people1398801998563
Captain WTF: I see no job are in this douchebag's plans. Thats ok because here in America we have welfare for all who are fucked up or just lazy.1398802755566

Oh lawd! Alright, lets start from the top..... how does he speak properly with 2 giant holes in his cheeks? can he eat/drink anything without having it all fall out? does he wake up to a puddle of drool on his pillow every morning? Hell, can he smoke a cigarette at all? WHY BODYMODFAG???? WHY??????
Chanonymous: Demanding attention but lacking any skills or talent.1398808775154
Anonymous: his teeth will rot out so fast from his mouth being constantly open1398818647586
fiveby5: I wish this "dude" would facepalm himself and accidently get his hand stuck in his face hole FOREVER.1398826327876
Anonymous: I'd throw dirt in it's mouth1399372854234
Anonymous: padlock right through both those holes....close it and lose the key. Dumb fuck.1399380901467
Lavalancer: Next, Dumb Fuck will hack off its dick & balls and stuff them in his mouth for all to see and puke.1399490815266
Anonymous: Thank god he isn't american.1399491162797
Anonymous: unemployable shitstain and a fucking embarrassment to the human race, euthanize the mother fucker!1420822219211
Anonymous: ^ I couldn't have said it better. The piece of shit will be on welfare and probably claim some kind of disability too. Shit, he'll probably claim some kind discrimination and want compensation for "hurt feelings". Kick him out of a van in the middle of a nigger ghetto and let them ass rape and beat him to death.1420822597633
Anonymous: WIGGERS OF THE WORLD:                Go die already.1424734748452

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