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911 joke 911 (70) , joke (55)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 76 Kbytes (440x587) Added by: Sheck (Jan 1, 2010) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Sinonymous: hahahahahaha, so true1262443220661
anonymous: God is Great! Praise Allah !1262452591579
anon: muslim cowards1262490462772
Anonymous: haha1262515291720
anonymous: Pay attention all you in the West...Even today we in Yemen are rising up alongside our brothers. The west will fall, yo uwill ALL die or join Allah. There IS no option any longer.1262539131607
Bubble: Got my vote^ Take it to em raghead!1262539336303
Bubble: owd up, this is no option? we all die or join Allah? that's a option... fuck, you just lost my vote. Fuck off back to your own internet and burn your moms bush to keep alight in the dark house makde of shit you live in, fuckin sandniggers1262539645830
robohitler: Allah sucks pig cock while being buttfucked by zionists1262544354219
anonymous: Allah created metals like iron and steel you fools! He is all powerful and sent it from the heavens ! I do believe the time for a new world is about to begin. This new time will be the way of ISLAM. Prepare for death and eternal hell eurofags & amerifags. Muslims are about to let all fucking hell loose on your people >:)1262550223318
Sinonymous: this time will be the time of SANE people not want to put up with INSANE peoples beleifs in GOD and DOGS and SOCK PUPPETS!!!1! We will burn all you dog fuckers and live without religion and travel to the stars and get pissed and shit1262550800881
Sinonymous: AND GET PISSED AND SHIT!!!!1!!1262551571163
Sinonymous: PISSED AND SHIT1111!11262555926949
anon: usa smokin' all you 3rd world, poor-ass, muslin extremist, towel-heads out1262565041123
anon: usa wins! go ride your camels and sleep on straw - coward tools1262565092897

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