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CANADIANS - Too stupid to know Americans DO have healthcare, it's just not government run.
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(get in here, faggots)

CANADIANS - Too stupid to know Americans DO have healthcare, it's just not government run.
Healthcare canada usa

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healthcare (5) , canada (22) , usa (445)

dodgeboy: keep yur shitty haalthcare and insult mine all you want , who gives a fuck ??? you gotta live with it not me. by the way asswipes I just had 10.000$ of surgery for free , i feel so socialist and oppressed i think i will go smoke a blunt without fear of aresst.1267191120490
killzMinuz9: not to mention i can walk around with my top off, this lady likes that1267191638370
Narlodapanda: ours is free, that means that I dont have to pay for an ambulance ride or xrays ect... and If I need medication, its half price... plus the government is paying for my GF's Birth control pills.... the only thing in the US is niggers and spics1267209112491

the only good thing from canada is the tragically hip
Narlodapanda: the only good thing to come out of the USofGay is... NOTHING!1267244233107
dodgeboy: if were your hat is mexico the anus ??1267297240918
Phalanx: Sounds about right dodgeboy. Currently we have a little problem with the shit backing up1267387917879
Anonymous: having health care you pay for does not count as having health care. of course you have anything you can pay for. morons. your country lets you die if you can't afford the medical care! sounds like fucking africa or something.1267391548905
katlyng420: ^Moron, if your payin taxes for it youre still payin. You just have far less choices on where it comes from. One thing you canadians need to remember is that the USA funds billions in medical research each year and Canada does not. Panda, I can go get birth control for free too and condoms and many other forms of birth control for free. It's called Planned Parenthood; way to be a racist btw.1267415016355
killzMinuz9: @katlyng i can't believe you could decipher what they wrote, and people complain about my shit, but anyway the great deal of research is done in public institutions like colleges, medical companies spend a lot of time developing competing patents for one of their medicines, thus cornering the market1267415419883
beepb00p: @katlyn - try keeping yer legs closed for birth control.1267423161895
Redrocco: umm if we have healthcare why cant I go to the doctor? oh that's right, I'm poor. So from where I'm standing the US doesn't have healthcare, get it?1270021342246
MeganAniston: As far as I know Alaska Natives get free healthcare as well. Most if not all Alaska Natives that live in rural Alaska even get paid airfare and lodging as well as FREE meals when they require medical attention and/or assistance in getting to the nearest hospital. But I also agree 100% with katlyng420 that if you're payin' taxes your'e still payin'.1270521401380
Anonymous: @Redrocco wtf you mean you can't go to the doctor? You don't live in a third world country moron, get your bitch ass up and go to the doctor they have to treat you. You can go to a charity hospital or a university hospital and either have to pay a fraction of the cost or none at all. But don't listent to me, when you get a gunshot wound or AIDS just stay home and deal with it1270526172438
Link to this:,_it's_just_not_government_run.

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