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Atheists: What year is it?
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(get in here, faggots)

Atheists: What year is it?
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Anonymous: Ehm... you don't have to believe in God to acknowledge that the gregorian calendar... after all it's just a numeric system that keeps track of the rotaions of the earth around itself, around the sun, etc. and helps people plan and schedule future interation with each other... it can be used without accepting, refering to or even thinking about God or his bastard son1267667243953
Zero: It's 2010 CE. (common era) look it up1267668106303
Anonymous: the year you finally gtfo!1267678511825
Anonymous: Jesus wasnt born on year 0 (or one) check it up.1267712926280
killzMinuz9: this year, and it is today, yesterday was yesterday, and tomorrow will be tomorrow, and it is still today1267715295649
Anonymous: whether you call it 'common era' or not doesn't matter, it's still based on the day of Jesus' birth. They've just changed the name. I'm still an atheist though, I accept some guy called Jesus was probably born then, jsut htat he's not the son of a false god.1267726647997
Anonymous: It does not matter if we use the gregorian, roman or mayan calendar... it doesn't matter if it started on this, that or another guy's birthday... all that matters is that we all agree to use the same system1267763809157
Sparty: is that the 4010 since the dead of dinosurus?1267955793465
Anon: irrelevant1268802046768
Anonymous: anon2 there was no year zero he was born about four years lATER1268996913518
Anonymous: 4707. year of tiger1270187670522
danganon: happy zombie jesus weekend1270223316536
Anonymous: In the year 2525 if man is still alive.1270226467493
Anonymous: atually it wouldnt be CE cause thats still after christ its just a non religous way of sayin it1270684861840

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