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(get in here, faggots)

Ritual funeral photo dead forest vintage ritual (8) , funeral (16) , photo (1844) , dead (135) , forest (50) , vintage (58)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 442 Kbytes (1280x956) Added by: beepb00p (Jul 26, 2010) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
beepb00p: where's waldo?1280112474912
Anonymous: I don't practice santeria1280112519637
Nickeh43: I ain't got no crystal ball1280117031246
AlienNation: Bohemian Grove1280117104466
absinthe: well I had a million dollars, but I1280117327965
Anonymous: I spent it all1286846787529
Mutt: Too gay for me.1286846976706
throb53: I shot the sheriff..............1289508891877
Anon_Казак: Viva cuervo1289509586994
MDMA: CSI Salem1298950327463
Uncle Harvey: He lies prostrate before Our Lady of the Holy Poncho1298953851361
Anonymous: bioshock?1333899640600
Pedo lives matters: Did they ever get to see the Wizard ?1592153245901
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Goat car kids
Goat car kids goat (19) , car (385) , kids (13)

Source: SUBMIT / chan4chan URL: Info: JPG, 2120 Kbytes (2592x1936) Added by: enoeew (Feb 19, 2012) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Anonymous: It was an ATLAS MOTH this big...really! So my turtle tried to eat it and it died.1329669069113
Anonymous: I question where that goat's left ear went. It was probably tired of listening to her bullshit and left of it's own accord.1329695618884
Ceesaurus: Bitch, look..look..! See ??? I am warning you, i will bitchslap you without spilling a single drup if you touch my shit. Now hang back and watch me drink some of my fine, juicy motherfucking sweet tasting beverage.. Biatch !1329699126918
bshaun2: " My cock is this big, just ask the goat"1329715138534
Cunt81: I bet that goat gets called "four eyes" a lot by its fellow goats and the locals.1329716449658
liplocker_code3: "Smell this! It's been up the goat's ass."1416867793627
Anonymous: I'll slap the shit out of you if you don't give me some !1416883791573
Queefly: Fucking ill-mannered children fight over meaningless bullshit. Meanwhile, Goat be super-chill with his hay.1416886345902
Anonymous: I'll slap yo face biach !1417574008468
Anonymous: Lisa & Bart, Goat attacks on car for finds the Tomato1592146256130
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COUCHES - They hate niggers too.
Nigger nigger (629)

Source: SUBMIT / chan4chan URL: Info: JPG, 80 Kbytes (750x600) Added by: * (Dec 27, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Sinonymous: Wow, it;s like that lable is floating in mid air and where did those eyes come from?1261933765234
bananaman: hahaha, I like that colour!1261934814112
NiggerHater: i bet that nigger whore filed a lawsuit1261935236609
Moongrim: Well she does match her furniture1271976381917
FascistZack182: @6609 I can't remember where I read about this, but it is real and she did sue the company.1271988006321
crackerkiller5: damn she sexy1271997412598
Anonymous: ^spear chucker1276233055158
Samps: 2 words: sharpie pen.1276249542400
Proud Mexican: I'll bet that nigger whore has shit out a half dozen niglets1276305471721
crackerkiller5: 5158......chucker spear1276313410844
Anonymous: ^pavement ape1276314186304
iprobablyhateyou: you guys are silly... the patch isn't for the couch. Niggers are born labels1276314768790
vengance: floating label&eyes??????????1276317181158
crackerkiller5: 6304......ape pavement1276558767763

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Jew nazi racism photo war hasidic hair
Jew nazi racism photo war hasidic hair jew (191) , nazi (174) , racism (52) , photo (1844) , war (187) , hasidic (1) , hair (199)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 193 Kbytes (886x862) Added by: decroder (Jun 8, 2011) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Anonymous: normally racism is funny. this one, not so much.1307549884860
MrPerspective: ^ Agreed. It's all fun and games until there's a pogrom or a genocide. Ha-ha, you're not amusing, stormtrooper.1307570468803
copperware: cool jew-marionette, but i can see the strings dude1307571987532
MrPerspective: ^ Nao THAT is funny! (And very much in the spirit of jewish humor itself, I'd say.)1307654639337
MrPerspective: What's the difference between the jews and the muslims? Answer : Muhammad can't take a joke.1307654695835
:-Devil: This shit ain't gonna end well1307989637514
Miso: ... I hate jews and muslims, but this, is not funny.1307989691604
MegaShit: I hate everybody, and this IS funny.1307990715329
Anonymous: Death Row in World War1307990782820
Anonymous: If it's any consolation, that Kraut ASSHOLE didn't live more than a few years more than the Jew he's fucking with... OY!!!1307996986831
Weed: Christian Bale, don't you have anything better to do? Oh, right... you suck.1307997819883
HanoverRed: I am not into this at all, cause its true1307999359236
UriAr: did he died?1308007468206
Anonymous: nasty shit. bet the nazi rot in hell1308008022230

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Weird ITT women weird (12) , ITT (354) , women (377)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 132 Kbytes (600x600) Added by: Anonymous (Jun 5, 2010) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Warg: TRUE.1275746787433
Cheesecake: i'll have to agree with that1275751404538
cybersinner: Yep1275752642681
Anonymous: op speaks truth1275789792315
Furore23: Well, I'm intelligent and funny.1275924398531
TotallyNasty: OP solved his situation by becoming a fag?1275925959798
anonymous: me too1275928479411
dxc: story of my life.1275928670442
TwoFaced: Sounds about right1275933771267
Pyro: Got the nice and funny part right1276981119116
Anonymous: ha! ha! you are all sexless nerds in your parents' cheetoh stained basements!1277499409328
Grinch: Fuckin eh.1277501557375
Satanass: YEAH, because you are fat and respect women! that's why!1277506721290
Moongrim: Thus God made GHB1277507065898

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Mirror pregnant
Mirror pregnant mirror (181) , pregnant (113)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 57 Kbytes (480x640) Added by: sptill (Jul 23, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Anonymous ?: That is one hell of a beer gut .1248386052795
ThrillBilly: you should try jogging..1249949282797
Actually: She should try anal1250011835513
Skinner: oh no he didnt!1250015577277
randyvanburen: haha cumdumpster1250015627705
Anonymous: I just want to poke i with a needle and see wha happens!1250017495764
Death: Don't hol it in any longer bitch . Noone is around . FART and let it out .1250019157182
Anonymous: needs application of fire1250025099127
Bubble: needs vodka knitting neddles and coat hanger.1250025238268
Anonymous: can it be that big?? THATS WHAT SHE SAID!1250765485625
DutchGuy: halp!1250779827770
lastwinj: i'd still do her.1250782053338
roflz: ABORT ABORT ABORT!1250785484626
Anonymous: White husband will be surprised by Black baby1250786224625

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Bubbles swim tits art photo
Bubbles swim tits art photo bubbles (9) , swim (36) , tits (2512) , art (1151) , photo (1844)

Source: SUBMIT / chan4chan URL: Info: JPG, 631 Kbytes (532x800) Added by: Buggerchan (Feb 11, 2010) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Anonymous: may i try them on?1269770408674
Anonymous: Valerie Morignat1272950790270
crackerkiller5: bubble?1272961699854
Anonymous: tits or gtf... oh... niceeee1275402875144
Anonymous: fap fap fap fap fap fappity faap fap fap ding first one done c[X1282602950456
Arschloch33: just nice1320591806624
Anonymous: farting in da pool, not cool1320759323839
huck1944: lets all go for a swim1352992921465
Stalker: I let the nice ones come up for air.1370683539361
Quantum69: Ass-powered jacuzzi, nice!1427068469460

... ^ Are you sure? LOL.
Anonymous: Frozen in ice.1592093696872
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Gun pedobear girl gun (192) , pedobear (335) , girl (385)

Source: WEB / ircimages URL: Info: JPG, 74 Kbytes (460x820) Added by: concordnhguy25 (Nov 23, 2011) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
DrEvil: Seriously world. What individual NEEDS a 50 cal sniper rifle in their home!?!?1322088974865
HungLoh: Obviously you were raised in the sedate suburbs. Go live in a ghetto for a while.1322089025893
MajorB: Yup pedobear best run the other way and leave her alone!!!!!1322098216290
Anonymous: good parenting! until she's found dead with 2/3 of her head missing1322104193723
Quantum69: GirlSolder, is that you?1322123728422
Anonymous: ^ girlsoldier's not here. too busy cutting herself.1322351273114
Quantum69: ^aww cmon dude1322583892745
Jackfrosty: ^^^^^^^Seriously mister evil GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY HOME1328256142207
Anonymous: ^ u need at least 50. cal to drop a pedo bear. any dealer will tell u that1328275042231
Anonymous: Y u no buy a t-shirt?1328277243784
Anonymous: one good anti-nig rifle per household. get yours today.1328278097444
Moongrim: Redneck darwinism. Guns are toys now.1328279580927
Anonymous: ^Er, there have been toy guns for centuries, SFB.1328280427849
BnSneky: she's ready1328280939380

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Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 378 Kbytes (900x1558) Added by: 127.0.* (Jan 21, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
skankers: wtf is this?1255396706290
Pyro: i like teh squirrel1255396791107
Anonymous: Aloha! opx1258397086464
Furore23: But... why?1277472602995
Warg: this guy's a demi-genius.1277527786694
Snork: And he wonders why he doesn't get replys to his singles ad.1277570129997
Squirrely1: Pyro...Mo too... :)1277570885843
sqwrrl: I'm glad you like me Pyro, but to be honest, I don't feel the same way about you.1277599889800
Anonymous: Dead body in the squirrel tail.1280293696448
crackerkiller5: im black and what is this?1280485398533

g-man: advert for sporting gear1286992411241
Anonymous: That's gotta be Svensk or Norsk, IKEA maybe?1364887213280
Anonymous: ^How do you screw that tog... oh, wait...1428384664370

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It's a Tarp!
Tarp trap ackbar tarp (2) , trap (120) , ackbar (11)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 41 Kbytes (480x363) Added by: harlick (Jan 3, 2010) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Sinonymous: fuck that shit! Wont lat me post a pic cos i've done too many but I havn't done 1 in ages and this shit gets posted AGAIN! I am annoiance1262546809914
PUSSYDESTROYER: oh shut up1265851095251
Anonymous: ITS A TARP, ON A RAT, IN A TRAP!!!1270285557621
Niklas: looool1281896722202
ElAhrairah: Dyslexics of the world UNTIE!1305742659655
Anonymous: it is a tarp.............1305744124439
Gantzkas: lol1310398202868
Anonymous: Tarp tarp tarp tarp tarp tarp tarp tarp tarp tarp tarp tarp tarp tarp tarp.1428856306156
Anonymous: The Internet's humble beginnings: Tarpanet.1592090011383
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X-men wolverine logan art claws comic blade
X-men wolverine logan art claws comic blade x-men (3) , wolverine (1) , logan (1) , art (1151) , claws (1) , comic (463) , blade (5)

Source: SUBMIT / chan4chan URL: Info: JPG, 237 Kbytes (716x1394) Added by: DeadSoul (Sep 10, 2010) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
GeekDorkGeek: AH! THE REAL WOLVERINE (not that Elvis impersonator from the cinema)! Thank you DeadSoul!1284077374708
XENU: looks the same to me man, minus the phallic hairstyle1284077535491
chrud: snkkt! sssnkkt!1284087316319
WhiteShark: Real Wolverine is on roids1284145733705
Anonymous: gay weeaboo shit1289255577818
Khalthar: Looks ready to rip someone a new one. Or would that be SEVERAL new ones?1293281254709
Anonymous: ^7818: "weeaboo?" That's a gen-you-wine Merikkan created Canadian Superhero right tharr!1293281906793
Anonymous: If he's the "real one", why does he have an injury in his left shoulder...1293295011963
Anonymous: Takes time to regenerate duh!1293298243139
Galgenplage: asshole fever1293308671140
Anonymous: 5491: "Berserker" type superhero should not look like fried peanut-butter sammich eatin, rock-a-billy rebel! Serious Business (LOL)!1293991784144
Anonymous: K-laws...K?1295550523790
theheat: <rockin the gay jeans1295551522525
BnSneky: what the.............1295551886108

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Watson picks a U.S. college
Emma watson usa emma watson (169) , usa (442)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 33 Kbytes (470x335) Added by: Anonymous (Jul 22, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Anonymous: wants the best, and gets it1248249531846
Anonymous: Sad. But in another way good, shes gonna flash tists/pussy like all other Usa celebs :D1248417407814
Anonymous: brown she like.1248465200317
Redneck: @7814: Yeah, tists. Good fucking job you eurofagian asswipe.1248471409377
Anonymous: So the loser that played Legolas in Lord of the Rings is going to the US - big mother fucking deal .1248493694261
Anonymous: lol, its ok, we have plenty american chicks here in England, we'll just go give them a good seeing too, they love our accents and they all want to fuck us anyway.1249080757607
Anonymous: Beatlemania's kind of over, 7607, Girls want to fuck black guys, and you know it.1249084279620
RoflCopter: damn it.... now she's gonna get fat.....1249087980157
Anonymous: So what college did you go to? I went to number 50.1249089010445
CK: how would she get fat just from living in the US?1249089015858
anon: u know... if one of you were in collage and was in the same one as her... you could get a serious chance with her1251855654227
th0r88: not if you can't tell the difference between a collage and a college you don't - TBH she's probably too thick to get into a decent British university1252011089508
anonymouse: "how would she get fat just from living in the US?" - You saying it's just Genetics that makes you Yanks so fat and not the fact that you eat all of India and Pakistan's calories on top of what you need?1262736900717
golo99: She wants a real movie career in the USA. /b/1262768057489

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Japan pig baby
Japan pig baby japan (344) , pig (72) , baby (246)

Source: SUBMIT / chan4chan URL: Info: JPG, 54 Kbytes (500x379) Added by: 60.53.* (Jul 11, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Fastlube 5114: Shake and bake1250279329142
DutchGuy: The people you meet in the rehab waiting room...1250292170780
ThrillBilly: awww, he looks just like his daddy..1250313613283
Anonymous: They are not Japanese.1253347393261
brutalninja: what a cute baby!1253348486944
Anonymous: weeel at least one can eat if annoying...1255024588811
Kaz: i lol'd1259046492297
Anonymous: ^^ what are you talking about? you can eat a baby too!1272762566895
Anonymous: whats this spot the diff???1278634121274
crackerkiller5: swiney?1278640258947
ivorycl: the on the left is female and on the right we´ve got a male.1278797779568
ivorycl: ^one*1278797793244
Anonymouse: I want to see her breastfeed the piggy1281420874442
torker: baby bacon is the best1281420934759

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Double penis microphone
Double penis microphone double (39) , penis (1050) , microphone (4)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 50 Kbytes (600x450) Added by: * (Feb 11, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
sunseterat: Dick head1261727789991
Anonymous: ummm??1262134337148
star master: o.O1262242235594
extr3mer: AWESOME.1265031915978
anonimous: mustage1265053512453
JeepChic: I need to invite this guy to my next party.....1268438739833
MsRaverFox: orgy!!1272674139490
MsRaverFox: double the fun1272674157774
alkolol: 100% PORNO GRIND1272799247172
Synonymous: redneck1272800054635
Anonymous: porn metal \m/1272808543936
Anonymous: I BREATH CUM!1272817053216
Anonymous: That seems like enough penis... but could we get more penis in there possibly?1272839570531

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Monkey ass finger poke
Monkey ass finger poke monkey (78) , ass (991) , finger (172) , poke (11)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 166 Kbytes (598x412) Added by: Anonymous (Oct 27, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Seiryoku: Do you think that I could get some (licky likcy) Maybe gets a little finger (sticky sticky)1256626206896

oh.. wait go there, Ha!
Deth:  ▲1272245655711
Deth: ▲ ▲ win1272245670516

crackerkiller5: suprise bung poke1272516537470
Anonymous: negro dating habbits?1272782749521
Anonymous: Pre-historic NIGGERS!!!1273027654429
marcelocent: if you dont know, all ppl come from the monkey :X1275535629437
crackerkiller5: ^o rly?^1275540081292
Grave: 9437, we share the same ancestor. dipshit.1275540252177
KriZ:   ▲ Deth u fail1276936843664
KriZ: ▲▲ YOU FAIL1276936855542
Anonymous: ^ thank you kriz i thought i had to triforce *facepalm*1277316955758

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Toilet toilet (133)

Source: SUBMIT / chan4chan URL: Info: JPG, 332 Kbytes (1024x1206) Added by: Synonymous (May 16, 2010) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Anonymous: In soviet russia toilets piss on you.1274041021977
adamtheocean1: ^ not funny.1274041590245
Cebollo: In soviet Russia, there's no toilets1274042272600
Anonymous: ^ win1274042991719
Anonymous: ^ lose1274047692358
Warg: ^tie. Its like kissing your sister.1274081984928
Anonymous: ^ redneck nigger cock sucker1274086438873
Anonymous: It's a bidet you jackasses.... And it's actually more sanitary then toilet paper.aduh...1278976496897
Anonymous: how does it feel, that you are drinking water that's been shot up thousands of asses each day. even though it's sanitzed and cleaned, still. you're drinking ass squirts.1279001899182
not anon: i soviet russia, toilet shits in you1279541857126
ConnwayTwitty: kinky1279541896847
NSMAnonymous: A self-pissing-on-the-floor toilet, in case you actually hit the bowl.1358352916285
Anonymous: ive seen use in europe to wash all the seaman to1358461881319

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Orphan cry make-up hi-res
Orphan cry make-up hi-res Orphan (3) , cry (63) , make-up (29) , hi-res (738)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 538 Kbytes (1926x1058) Added by: Squirrely1 (Apr 22, 2010) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Oneofus: Let me wipe your tears...with a brillo pad.1272745953863
8===D: Orphan, good movie.1272757270495
Anón: ^Seconded1272761097996
morejava: water resistant makeup is cheap whats the deal?1272977486575
darkwing duck 421: ^not cum resistant.......1272994755638
Uncoolio: "I'll be OK Daddy - you just relax and GO TO SLEEP!"1272996283185
Furore23: RIP Chloe Moretz.1274040561953
CerealKiller: <3 this movie!1274067805698
Andywho?: hot1274087736135
Anonymous: Fap fap fap1274333877460
Anonymous: omg vid link plox!1274335031837

Anonymous: moar!1274336055972
Anonymous: SAUCE NAOW1274336191399

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Gay tattoo snow exercise
Gay tattoo snow exercise gay (466) , tattoo (269) , snow (113) , exercise (9)

Source: SUBMIT / chan4chan URL: Info: JPG, 433 Kbytes (1224x1200) Added by: concordnhguy25 (Dec 16, 2011) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Vincent859: uuuuuuuh... why, Stamey, WHY!?1324045837771

Stamey, your e-Harmony match has been found...
Vincent859: [runs away, screaming like a little girl]1324085714855
Anonymous: Thanks for finally posting your picture Furore23. Now make sure you use condoms so you spread your AIDS.1344782897106
Anonymous: ^don't spread..1344782968607
Mackan52: welcome to the internet1344784452119
Gaylord McFaggotson: This is how the nazis work out to say "heil hitler"1344812594594
Anonymous: Typical white british male1399682152325
Wanka: RIP SkinHeadsAgainstRacialPrejudice™ aka ReggeaSkins1399753114753
Anonymous: I'd bum him hard !1399829561399
Anonymous: MEANWHILE IN SOVIET RUSSIA1592077742693
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ALLAH-CHAN: Easier to catch a fucking unicorn...
Allah allah-chan muslim burka hijab allah (9) , allah-chan (1) , muslim (92) , burka (4) , hijab (2)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 87 Kbytes (750x588) Added by: 127.0.* (Jan 17, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Anonymous: trade these for electric1245016371933
Anonymous: sauce?1248443688251
Anonymous: привет суки1250393351666
Anonymous: i wish i was muslim :/1251281057706
DutchGuy: i've dated one muslim girl in my whole life. incidentally, she was the biggest whore i've ever met... true story.1251281401675
Hughbie: ^ can pretend ok. Just go blow yourself up.1251281647946
TASTYbacon: I dated a mosslimb for years but we broke up cause I met a real girl,,no more moss on my limbs thank you very much I said........true story1251496304696
Anonymous: I wana do her1252427588611
gack: i declare jihad on that ass.1260830223459
crackerkiller5: ^lol^1260833467281
Anonymous: my fleet of camels for that whore1260835847607
Anonymous: Fuck you nigger1261699306138
Daddy: muslim men must be fags, making such hot women hide their faces1261713803175

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Boxxy swimsuit
Boxxy swimsuit boxxy (115) , swimsuit (7)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 26 Kbytes (443x599) Added by: * (Apr 18, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Anonymous: boxxy would get it1240165608871
Anonymous: get what1240166338147
Anonymous: Get my dick. It's slang for "I'd fuck her".1240283620393
Anonymous: her hair isfucked up1243213916785
Anonymous: yummm1244371250728
Anonymous: keep 'em coming1244382462557
Anonymous: Too Old1244404065968
Anonymous: 1243213916785 - your spelling is fucked up1244404374485
Anonymous: man i love her.1244935719500
Anonymous: Boxxy is so hot - but her ADD is so fucking annoying1245271511607
Anonymous: I would so fuck her1245372273711
Anonymous: me too1245948034780
Anonymous: ZOMGWTF*boom* HOT1245951284561
Anonymous: omg - she should post nudes1245953437284

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Midget chain piercing bdsm couple wtf
Midget chain piercing bdsm couple wtf midget (56) , chain (33) , piercing (138) , bdsm (13) , couple (86) , wtf (513)

Source: SUBMIT / chan4chan URL: Info: JPG, 73 Kbytes (960x640) Added by: SOPA (Mar 16, 2012) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Ceesaurus: Mini Me might just get lucky..1331918319799
Russiandick: like a boz!!!1331919544787
Anonymous: tssss, soviets...1331938361988
Anonymous: Down Spike1331941791604
Anus: Montel, you too short to be a Viper Pilot1332017884846
SOPA: Gimp da Pimp is da shit1332049878638
Anonymous: id bang that chick1333067029598
SOPA: but she would never bang you1333639639437
Anonymous: i need a BDSM partner: curiousqueen2012 add me on skype1341198642764
Itzcuintle: =) I guess she's his care-taker.1341199056748
Anonymous: What happens in central aussie stays in central aussie1341199117864
Anonymous: what a fag1342189175406
randy the rat: FLEISCHPENIS !1342220441295

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Sign laugh indian warning Sign (281) , laugh (51) , indian (23) , warning (27)

Source: SUBMIT / chan4chan URL: Info: JPG, 47 Kbytes (585x385) Added by: ManWhore (Feb 19, 2012) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Anonymous: lulz lulz go in there with a pa system with trolololo, overlaid with more laughter and all mixed and then reverb echoed to death1329617451212
RiddleMeThis: It'd be funnier if it was written in blood, though ;)1329617711106
Hughbie: cause dem natives gonna git all mighty peeshed off if youse be maken foon o dem.1329617806792
fiveby5: the amish here will draw and quarter you if you make fun of their rediculously funny accent, but srsly, they're good people that talk like they're chewin' marbles.1329629213543
Quantum69: that's some sound advice if i do say so myself1329638984147
Arschloch33: Meanwhile in the UK1329650337500
Anonymous: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA1329659798236
Anonymous: i'd come by, laugh at them whilst driving there - and crash my car into their turf, get out of the burning vehicle, get a taxi and let them take care of the debris whilst laughing my ass off whilst being driven away1329659983944
RubberG: If the Indians didn't live like niggers they wouldn't get laughed at.1329662459816
whitesarepussies: its for your own protection so they dont beat the shit out of you and bury you up to your neck next to a fire ant mound and slit your eyelids and slather your face with honey...pussies1358630180415
Anonymous: ^ wigger wannabe savage is mad, LOL1358635781283
Anonymous: it does't say anything about shooting at the natives tho ....1358635833493
Anonymous: passneger arrivals in africa1358646079690
Arschloch33: Only in America …1358894347884

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Gay party fairy
Gay party fairy gay (466) , party (201) , fairy (12)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 41 Kbytes (453x604) Added by: jjs1188 (Nov 3, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
FalzeProphet: What a fuckin fairy...1257206854482
peni5: I am pretty sure that fairy got fired after he dressed like that. Something about facebook and lying to his boss.1257220709860
Hughbie: I'd fire him just for dressing like that..1257221498213
FalzeProphet: I'd keep him on to decorate the place.1257221840236
Pyro: id keep him so i could laugh when im high1257225278772
Anonymous: and he couldn't remember a thing the next day1257243785183
1488: MUST SHOOT DOWN WITH .40 CAL1260147061434
crackerkiller5: fagdrag?1260150843202
akingu: kill it with fire!!!!1260219080813

^ ready
Anonymous: only gays drink bud light pfft1260224354356
ImaD00d: Get the rope and the truck...1260225736643
ImaD00d: Time for a good old-fashioned FAGDRAG!!!1260226528440
Pyro: And if we find an old car hood and a muddy dirt road we are gonna go mud sleddin1260503919386

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Nazi swastika ad
Nazi swastika ad nazi (174) , swastika (83) , ad (211)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 218 Kbytes (827x1184) Added by: Anonymous (Feb 12, 2011) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Westin: Trap...1297479212769
Anonymous: man mickey has a nice ass1297489249668
Anonymous: ...AAAAND thread kill!1298253355806
Anonymous: stfu1299248418488
Weed: Apparently, it's the Capital of World Art.1299248699732
Anonymous: That in Poland and Im Polish, and Polish are obviously very fucked up! lol1299465422328
Anonymous: surely you Poles are fucked1299465503352
Anonymous: up1299465510968
Allah the cockroach: at least polacks have a homogeneous country.Read no niggers no muslims no hindus no mongols unlike the rest of EU1305066704524
Anonymous: Mickey's has tits.1305071718306
Furore23: ^^ Not even niggers want to live there.1305137374714
Anonymous: ^agreed1305138093772
Anonymous: ^^ disagreed, there are more and more niggers even in Popoland. Probably because that ass-headed ZOG-mouse lives there now.1305138787613
Furore23: ^ lol1305217239556

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Japan pedo balloon wtf
Japan pedo balloon wtf japan (344) , pedo (205) , balloon (47) , wtf (513)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 46 Kbytes (396x398) Added by: jackfrosty (Oct 2, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Hughbie: I have no comment. Absolutley no comment whatsoever. Yup, nothing, nada, not a thing.1254466889950
Pyro: Uhhhh i got nuthing. Kinda looks like a weed but taking revenge for its burned brothers1254467009233
ooshna: Balloon tenticle porn?1254670434776

I am 12 and what is this?
jackfrosty: Only children can see through the evil vageranium's clever disguise...1254721356134
Larissa: Hello1254724300355
jackfrosty: Hello larissa... Welcome to teh internet!1254725852432
Anonymous: best baloon animal ever, hands down!1255413673827
Anonymous: nice legs!!1257421418507
Anonymous: hi1258052974672
4chansucks: that monster has nice legs...1258056481553
Anonymous: Hentai.... lolicon..... all im going to say....1263369030308
Limerick: Petey Piranha!1266539184691
DropkickMurphy: Omnomnomnomnom1266539397239

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Africa piercing ipod
Africa piercing ipod africa (216) , piercing (138) , ipod (13)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 57 Kbytes (640x410) Added by: * (Jul 1, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Anonymous: its a solar plate1246472885560
Anonymous: whatever u say, u DO NOT WANT TO FUCK WITH THIS iPOD ZULU1255545474875
donaldd: primitives will never be humans1255545653828
texan: hlly sht! ak-47s? what happend 2 the spears?!?1255556669788
Anonymous: You guys turn every image into double the information. I was kind of distracted by that saucer in Obama's mouth.1255556999230
Anonymous: cracker_killer IRL1255558899144
Anonymous: All that nigger needs is some kfc and he will quit that tribal bullshit1255566501136
Hughbie: ak-47 and an ipod....yup, thats one really advanced primitive. Love the face decor...needs more shells though.1255568566818
crackerkiller5: i think he needs a bigger lip plate1257397592349
Tznu: Wtf. lol1257427318506
Anonymous: what is it?1257450015365
BeaversNDucks: AK; ancient tribal tradition (i.e. necklace, facepaint, bracelets, and that hotplate in his mouth) and then an ipod. Apple should put him in a comercial dancing around!1257450379908
aNOMynous: ever seen a bushman with britney spears?1257453059256

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An hero nevar forget an hero (26) , nevar (1) , forget (2)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 102 Kbytes (350x416) Added by: * (Feb 11, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Anonymous: For the last time, it's "A HERO" you limey douchebags, not "AN HERO" because there's a fucking "H" in "HERO"!1256672442668
Anonymous: ^ you should an hero1256672491795
Bubble: lol, i trolled with this once,1256673215947
FalzeProphet: 2668, You're new around here, huh?1256674322492
Anonymous: Okay. Now I know.1256674885471
Anonymous: Technically speaking, it is AN HERO; just never sounds right.1256681772525
Anonymous: its also never not nevar1256694703757
Anonymous: also it should say forgot, not forget1256718972958
Bubble: never as well u fag but jus STFU1256720087944
Hughbie: Surprised they managed to spell hero and forget correctly. That must have hurt their brains.1256723256902
cracker_killer: 7944.....freedom of speech jackass1256744887142
Hughbie: ^freedom of speech but at least learn to fucking ain't hard.1256745064122
uncle_ruckus: ^get your head out if its ass^1256745670334
Bubble: Freedom of speach i agree with, but it is spelt how it's spelt, if you don't like it FFFUUU off. it's the way it is, shit my speling on here is unbalievabul...1256749906803

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Westboro baptist church kanye west protest sign westboro (9) , baptist (6) , church (21) , kanye west (19) , protest (194) , sign (281)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 562 Kbytes (1600x1200) Added by: Choadboy (Apr 27, 2010) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
darkstan: LMFAO1272393033569
Anonymous: win1274352302305
CerealKiller: epic win1274363682747
Purplekush420: hahahah1274377645434
sick bitch: Mel Gibson is a cocksucker, everybody nows, that he loves men. it´s not a rumour, go google it!1276721568347
ElCapitan: ROFL. that's fuckin' priceless1276732929554
beepb00p: faggot liberals1276904820621
Anonymous: Ohh look at me I'm a attention whore I protest for a cause Becuase I have nothing better to with my time.1276918404614
crackerkiller5: you sir win all the internets1276926467394
Anonymous: how is this gay fish?1278620135140
Anonymous: Lay off the road warrior - he kicks ass! We all say stupid sh*t when we drink1278789647553
Grave: Priceless1278790227965
Anti-PC Hero: Yeah, the Road-warrior would kick libtard-marxist asses.1278807067158
Anonymous: I'm telling Kanye!1281854974222

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Military weapon air force C-130
Military weapon air force C-130 military (118) , weapon (106) , air force (6) , C-130 (1)

Source: SUBMIT / chan4chan URL: Info: JPG, 3079 Kbytes (3008x1960) Added by: concordnhguy25 (Dec 17, 2011) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
PervertiusPrime: AC-130 FTW1324159728887
Lolusername69: take that 9mm nigga!1324160478574
fiveby5: closer to 90mm, but i would love to see a pistol that clip would fit in...1324166414931
Vincent859: WHOA ---- Is that airborn artillery in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me???1324166903492
concordnhguy25: It is spelled "Airborne" for the record.1324169790297
Oldandevil: For the record... who gives a fuck how it is spelled?1324173542244
RubberG: 40mm Bofors.1324179128547
Vincent859: Whoops... yes, you are correct about that spelling, Concord. =)1324239812977
concordnhguy25: 4 years as a paratrooper, you kinda hold that spelling to heart.1324248915919
Vincent859: ^ Sure. I noticed the capital "A" too.1324248993647
Vincent859: And, although I was just referring to things in general that are up in the air, they're spelled the same.1324249052193
Lickathesplit: Ah, the suppositories you've ordered have arrived...1324250371870
Vincent859: ^ ⓞ○ⓞ THERE MUST BE SOME SORT OF MISTAKE!1324252588283
Anonymous: That looks like RKB1327345380628

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Silver car
Silver car silver (5) , car (385)

Source: WEB / apina URL: Info: JPG, 267 Kbytes (1024x686) Added by: Ghostoftime (Feb 23, 2012) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Greeft: I wish I could afford one of those...1329973099794
Greeft: ...rickshaws are AWESOME!1329973105386
Quantum69: It's only gay when there's two men in a 2 seat supercar.1329979123961
spz557: Yeah, it's the typical Sand Niggers driving these around the block at Harrods. Meh......they might have money, but shit for brains......
Lexicon: No gunrack.1329985200776
Anonymous: Mr. Bean wrecked his recently.1330056082565
Greeft: ^ It was Atkinson's Mclaren F1 that he crashed into a tree last August.1330056705211
RubberG: Hitler couldn't take London even with heavy bombing but the niggers just walked right in.1330078926974
Quantum69: ^Does that mean that niggers & paki's were smarter than the nazi's?1330079024890
Anonymous: ^ it actually tells a lot about the smartness of the brits....1330086703465
Anonymous: Sloppy job on roof! Money does not a smart nigger make!1334923507976
Anonymous: BEHOLD!!! i COME FROM THE FUTURE!!!1334971697218
Anonymous: very "classy" indeed... pfffff1335751495338
dicko: MAN---thats a piece of shit1335790818711

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Face skin faceoff
Face skin faceoff face (904) , skin (49) , faceoff (1)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 142 Kbytes (798x765) Added by: * (Feb 8, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Anonymous: wat? :O1251803840526
ThrillBilly: another on of anon's tricks1251869081582
Gorygames: Uhm, did i have something in my face?1251876489478
TASTYbacon: wut?!??!1251898886430
annon: hannable was here1251911681457
Anonymous: faceoff!1252179129150
jackfrosty: Oh yeah in china its a fuckin delicacy... Sposed to give you super penis magic.1252228437475
CK: okay so let me get this straight, i cut off someones face and wear it my penis gets magical powers? tell me more about these magical powers1252293187116
robohitler: what are you, about a size 14?1252299932928
ImaD00d: PUT HE FUCKEN LOTION IN THE BASKET!!!!!1252300736516
Anonymous: niggaz stole my face, my beautiful face!1252304830512
Anonymous: ow there it is! i have been looking for that an hour!1252948222387
DutchGuy: when DIY circumcisions go horribly wrong1252950866496
cracker_killer: 7116......nice1253082016356

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Bus photoshop
Bus photoshop bus (40) , photoshop (445)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 840 Kbytes (1920x800) Added by: anonymous (Aug 24, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
tuggernuts37: shes hot1251534805776
Anonymous: what's her name again?1251621782523
Drilldo!!: Mom?1251643357382
superanon: eer definately fake.1251643660658
ceon: zoey deschanel her name?1251657707730
Anonymous: Rod, tell'em what he's won! "A BUS FULL OF ZOEY DESCHANEL"1251658354391
Anonymous: I can think of a lot worse things to be stuck on1251691070345
ThrillBilly: weird..1251691811793
Joker961: With that many Zoeys, at least one will put out!1253793759619

With that many Zooeys, at least one likes it in the pooper!
Anonymous: Its from a movie...1254601556898
Anonymous: fucking creepy1254609570613
Anonymous: this is the only bitch i'd ever marry1262741061168
nonamous: she is goddess1262916518630

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Yo dawg we herd u like children so we gave your child a child so you can grandparent while you parent
Young family pimp my ride child parent grandparent xzibit young (90) , family (207) , pimp my ride (11) , child (38) , parent (5) , grandparent (1) , xzibit (31)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 66 Kbytes (380x431) Added by: * (Feb 15, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
turtlemonster: wtf?1241178509272
Anonymous: Lol.1241203222853
Anonymous: haha xzibit makes this picture1243732524736
Anonymous: that crazy nigga be EVERYWHERE these days1243767324750
Anonymous: didn't they find out that the boy isn't the father?1243911712841
Anonymous: Yeah. I lol'd hard1244038587169
Anonymous: didnt know that lol1244084921163
Anonymous: Such a small dick to go in such a big cunt.He must have thought he was playing in a fucking cathedral!1252194394305
roflz: DAT BABY DON'T LOOK LIKE ME.1252206483819
Anonymous: it was all a lie1252293616452
Anonymous: pwnt1255492446273
Anonymous: someone left that horse out of the stable.1255817648746
cracker_killer: i think its mine1255818954482
T-Money: nah this shits real seen it on the news when it happend thats lil muh fuhkas baby and his nasty ass baby momma12592847131000

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Fridge is protected
Dog fridge dog (516) , fridge (17)

Source: SUBMIT / URL URL: Info: JPG, 168 Kbytes (750x538) Added by: * (Mar 18, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Anonymous: oh this is the habitat of those dogs O.o1254613227889
Anonymous: huskies are awesome1254626713183
tobasco: :D1256788460505
cracker_killer: "Im just chillin.".......i suck1256791438354
Anonymous: Ewww...meat product and juice in the same drawer?!1257100935519
Anonymous: ah, a korean refrigerator1257113001992
Tznu: ^ lol1257119752403
Anonymous: Yummi!1257134464363
Anonymous: saving that one for dinner1281376750153
crackerkiller5: did i win?1281378347732
Anonymous: lol1281378439634
Anonymous: dog get out of the fridge.. "just chillin1281991412983
Frauenversteher: fail dog - in a chinese fridge1283904031680
g-man: chilly dog1283949143679

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Jew wall glasses nose religion
Jew wall glasses nose religion jew (191) , wall (74) , glasses (158) , nose (70) , religion (396)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 125 Kbytes (960x631) Added by: anonymous (Mar 4, 2010) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Anonymous: SHOPPED OR NOT????1267716454574
kinganonymous: ^ me too ask, SHOPPED OR NOT???1267717511393
robohitler: so thats what happened to humpty1267733267376
Anonymous: Doing the humpty dump!1267761728116
Sparty: shop or not whatever, KILL WHIT FIREEEEE1267955851830
Juggle91: holy mother of god!!!!1273497304934
mh: Shopped. The nose looks like it's in the sun whereas nothing else in the photo is. It's also VERY crooked1273497551139
grv: ^"the nose... very crooked." you know nothing about jews, right?1273797162720
Anonymous: That wall needs to shave.1273895952640
slikwilly: My god, if that is real, then that is the Jewyish Jew nose EVER! His nose is so Jewy, it makes money all by itself..... I mean, it steals money all by itself, since it is a Jew nose and all that jazz1273900927473
Anonymous: FAKE1274234199799
Anonymous: SHOPPED, HATS ARE WAY SMALLER!1274288170787
Glasya: thats too much jew1274893042963
Andywho?: fake nose .. but still funny1274901859692

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Ring astronaut space aldrin
Ring astronaut space aldrin ring (22) , astronaut (10) , space (94) , aldrin (1)

Source: SUBMIT / chan4chan URL: Info: JPG, 104 Kbytes (818x663) Added by: * (Jun 3, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Anonymous: Yeah, so the second man on the Moon was a Mason...1244317836854
Anonymous: fukken empire of lies1244318421388
Anonymous: celebrating communion on the moon1244331579777
Anonymous: Orion/Osiris ISS/Isis - - - Apollo ... Horus1244361615890
Anonymous: they're all believing in the old gods1244401969480
Anonymous: JPL = Jack Parsons Laboratory (Crowley)1244402059305
killzMinuz9: yawn... fuck we go through this shit all the time, take off the tin foil hats and chill the fuck out1267638925651
anonymous: ^ lol'd1270351093608
Anonymous: go back to sleep killzMinuz9 the grown ups are talking This shit is way over your head any way You should be watching sponge bob while eating sourpatch kids instead of commenting on shit that is way out of your range of thought1270357252221
wupme: ^ The only thing out of his range is your guys stupidity. While reality is way out of your range teenager.1275733940843
slikwilly: ^coming from a dipshit who watches FOX news for information and American Idol for entertainment....... No you silly queer, you are the one who is out of touch with reality1275869718634
ALex Jones-Cult: anyone who believes in Illuminati NWO are crackhead niggerfags1275927663538
Anonymous: is the fuckin prom next???1292164852718
Anonymous: so what, who gives a fuck everyone is a mason1292165728697

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Wizard oz pulp fiction
Wizard oz pulp fiction wizard (7) , oz (2) , pulp fiction (15)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 153 Kbytes (600x828) Added by: * (Mar 14, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
ANNONAMOOSE: "the wizard...DOES HE LOOK LIKE A BITCH!?"1266345194910
Thanatoxin: say what again, I dare you. I double dare you!1266353617877
OmenKun: The One That Says BAD MUTHA FUCKA ON IT1266398151855
Anonymous: HAMBURGERS?!1266480818300
Narlodapanda: SAY WHAT AGAIN! I FUCKING DARE YA!1266556839486
SexKiller: ^read the thread first newfag1266563024401
ANNONAMOOSE: ^lol1266970022682
ANNONAMOOSE: ^^wait...this isnt a thread.......1266970158137
Anonymous: "Have any of u seen a KFC nearby?"1266981702562
SexKiller: true1266994363446
Anonymous: You know the funny thing about the land of oz? its the little differences...1266994814277
SexKiller: they rape children in the land of oz. Thats the funny thing.1267018485930
ANNONAMOOSE: except they dont call it cp. why not? they dont have the alphabet. well what do they call it then? "le child porn"1268255002798
Archadae: quaterpoundah wik chezze1268262153852

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Japan want japan (344) , want (40)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 134 Kbytes (450x503) Added by: * (May 2, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Anonymous: I do.1241359152872
Anonymous: poor guy1243295454924
Anonymous: It's [Japanese] Pat!1243296829401
Anonymous: definately a Nigel no friends...needs a mouse in one hand and a cosplay website to get off...1243308772986
Anonymous: He's gay1257215639732
DrZoidberg: NOOOOOO! You're not animated! GTFO!1257269098215
TT bwoi: "Me a don't likee, me a wanta rice"1257302089766
Anonymous: man whats wrong with this foO!1262727837851
Anonymous: man! bitch on the left mmmmmmmmm1262727882598
salman: impotent1266434211160
Anonymous: Yep extreamly gay1266754092586
Anonymous: asshole...just hand me over those hot asian chicks and I´ll show you1266926716648
Anonymous: He's no asshole, even an asshole is of value.1266944981953
Anonymous: i want my pillow back!!1271750677691

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Art building
Art building art (1151) , building (74)

Source: SUBMIT / chan4chan URL: Info: JPG, 479 Kbytes (1280x1280) Added by: Zobinsky (Jan 8, 2011) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Nono7000: FAIL!!!!1294599425186
Anonymous: Legos?1294599601703
NSFW: They should build a monorail through there to make use of that stupid architecture.1294599675818
Anonymous: Madrid's Edificio Mirador by MVRDV and Blanca Lleó and awarded - so no, no fail.1294678851181
Nickeh43: This picture reminds me of burrgeezy. Heh.1294683397427
Malacath: damn that long piece...fuckin tetris blocks and their fuckin shit...fuck!1294737720440
Anonymous: Lol, It is in Madrid... near my place XD1297118439223
MACKY83: lolz @ Malacath1297137362397
Anonymous:  ∆ 1297137555471
Anonymous: ∆ ∆1297137569120
Jesus: Alas not lined up1297137823485
InjectableMonster: Ugly and Stupid much like Rosie O'donnell1297138424976
apocalypsepast: This is what Tetris is like IRL.1297166106234
Anonymous: Lame1297166364572

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At my school: Not blocked - Blocked
Religion censorship atheist christian religion (396) , censorship (26) , atheist (50) , christian (50)

Source: WEB / reddit URL: Info: JPG, 354 Kbytes (3000x2000) Added by: Khalthar (May 24, 2012) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Arschloch33: What did you expect in the Promised Land? You can't have your cake and eat it, too.1337833106119
SLIPPY!: I'm sure that your school's math and science scores reflect this. God bless.1337886451737
WillieBillBob: ^^ Actually, you CAN have your cake and eat it. What you can't do is eat your cake, and have it too.1337890710418
AZO: medieval morons1337903399878
Anonymous: Khalthar: feel free to post the school's name.1352603656635
dinosaursarenotreal: yep looks about right.. Religion us hope for people who can't handle the truth about how bad this world is.,.. (my spelling too)1352665244624
Anonymous: land of the free, eh?1352667504400
Anonymous: Typical 4 christians...1352772104221
Anonymous: cry some more Kalthar...unless youre gonna name names and let the games begin.1354015668513
Anonymous: Yep, american religiousfags, retarded from birth.1398371621956
liplocker_code3: Enjoy your fine education, you know, bible studies, and shit like that. The rest of the world just laughs at your dumbness.1398458208747
Bulbasaur111919: Hope those satanists don't try to tell you that the earth is round either.1398553798642
Anonymous: Woah! I'm really loving the template/theme of this blog. It's simple, yet effective. A lot of times it's difficult to get that "perfect balance" between usability and visual appeal. I must say that you've done a very good job with this. In addition, the blog loads extremely quick for me on Internet explorer. Outstanding Blog!1398614747474
Anonymous: Fucking Christian cunts.1398624527330

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DRILLCAT: It will kill your family
Drillcat cat drillcat (1) , cat (895)

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Anonymous: this cat is very dangerous!!!hell yeah.1249777440867
Anonymous: I lol'd and then I ran...1262004147981
Hughbie: fucking cats I tell gotta watch 'em....1262007652264
Furore23: Before all these cat posts, someone had to drill the post holes.1277734890323
KillitWithFire: hes gonna penetrate ur mom!1277747936250
Grave: ^and your safe1277750596189
Quasimodo: and your anus!1291719859844
Banshee5: and the girl you kidnapped and has been residing in your basement for 24 years1311108342979
Gantzkas: Its looks like my cat1311272263264
Anonymous: Chan4Chan users/comments: NEVER FUNNY1322259915748
BogFlogger: reminds of TheBall from Phantasm!1322356675852
Quantum69: Could use that fucker to dig a borehole for me!1351948946200

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Nude ride photo bicycle
Nude ride photo bicycle nude (979) , ride (48) , photo (1844) , bicycle (84)

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joker1969: how she pedal?1329321970576
The_GOoD: the bike is pedaling for her1329323813483
Anonymous: Lance Armstrong never looked so good1329324659257
SwissGuy: Lance Armstrong did much more drugs1329326370229
Lexicon: Eww, it's already eaten holes through the seat.1329343939591
StormTrooper: Desktop wallpaper! Thanks, Ghost1329373487965
Ghostoftime: Any fucking time1329383706504
greyhoundpaul: can i have the saddle when she's finished?1329389971113
bigT95: I wanna be the saddle...^1331258112612
Greeft: ^ So, you're saying you wanna be sexually molested by greyhoundpaul?1331258194882
veranet: I wanna be drafting1333237956123
Arschloch33: Why would she need an armcooler?1333304039863
Anonymous: 10 man pet. Canny.1333304314143
The Original Spoon: Lower your seat, stupid. You'll hurt your back riding like that. And you'll lack control of the bike. Jeez, what a n00b.1333328558299

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Cat head eating wtf
Cat head eating wtf cat (895) , head (183) , eating (19) , wtf (513)

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Tissie: Fester DOWN !!!1276855944294
Anonymous: EATING PUSSY- you're doing it wrong !!1277107232164
Anonymous: bet he drinks piss as well1277125111640
Anonymous: damn chinese1278676065805
cliptoe: Ozzy?1279043134620
Solomon Grundy: Oh stop ......... you idiot! it wasn't THAT pussy you were told to eat.1285005465527
Bigfrank: No no no! Garfiels EATS lasanega, Not tastes like.1285007544174

LeizurrTACO: He uses the Intervention. So its all good1285036772639
Anonymous: Catshi1287086282551
MrPerspective: See, Hermione? I TOLD you Voldemort was behind the disappearance of Crookshanks.1304641919792
Anonymous: now THATS! how you eat PUSSY!1305450272303
MrPerspective: Ozzie Osbourne's cousin.1305510845511

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Cern tech science super collider
Cern tech science super collider cern (6) , tech (2) , science (149) , super collider (1)

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DutchGuy: I SAID I DON'T FEEL ANYTHING!1265412237302
DutchGuy: WAIT!... nah, still nothing1265415339148
Anonymous: goatsie1266064218919
llamados0: Whoosh!1270409468394
marcelocent: fap fap fap fap fap1272407431482
anonymous: Swiss Subway...US-Fags can't mess with us....1272446438936
Burrgeezy: They're waiting for you Gordon.....1304144025325

hes on the way
Anonymous: step in to the octagon!1304150206609
Furore23: I'd super collide her amirite.1304169340622
Aganonymous: the GOD PARTICLE1304172575676
Anonymous: it's the large hardon collider.1304185422291
Anonymous: Jefferson Avenus in Newport News VA. Jefferson Labs. Dark matter has been harnassed ALREADY. I should know. I am ANON1304224714911
Weed: Our Death Star is fully operational.1307568967300

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Fat blood imf africa rich poor art IV money politics analogy
Fat blood imf africa rich poor art IV money politics analogy fat (581) , blood (160) , imf (1) , africa (216) , rich (41) , poor (44) , art (1151) , IV (1) , money (145) , politics (124) , analogy (62)

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kirbylore: _1322615910372
Epic Win: weird.1322635968196
Anonymous: One percenter1323183026982
fiveby5: balthazar gets upgraded1323198723720
Anonymous: looks like typical republican to me.1323408306890
Vincent859: Michael Moore became a Democrat? Interesting.1323408684897
Anonymous: Accurate.1327323941493
Anonymous: חרא של שמאלנים צבועים1327328589557
m4k3k3: Enjoy aids1327338835502
insidejob: ameica1327359043315
InjectableMonster: Damn right America1327359111562
Decorum: Would that really work?1328228648462
Anonymous: niggers always blaming the white man.1328232518582
Hughbie: well I guess that's one way to get back a little bit for all the $ that are wasted on them...1329371430632

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Photoshop freak tattoo amputee
Photoshop freak tattoo amputee photoshop (445) , freak (71) , tattoo (269) , amputee (43)

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robohitler: let me use mah strong hand1265053335111
davidg2006: on the plus side his cock looks absolutely massive when he's holding it...1265238289144
kinganonymous: ^ Roflmaoshit1265245153556
Anonymous: shooped1266439420953
Captain Obvious 2: He looks a little dead to be honoust...1268659207399
Sparty: wat? is an new stuff? short hands?1268689077500
Hughbie: you need a hand with that?1268692800244
Greeft: WHO'S THE DADDY - It's Ray Winstone!1271014835348
AmericanTool: His face is saying "Now how am i supposed to fap"1271022389415
melboy: oh come on, he's totally 'armless1271032708666
Anonymous: This isn't photoshop, this is real... Guy is a known sisdeshow attraction called penguin boy1274284584323
levy: holy hell1277491145881
Moongrim: Mr. T, Thalidomide.1277508096668

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Jay leno george clooney handshake
Jay leno george clooney handshake jay leno (1) , george clooney (2) , handshake (19)

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Anonymous: what a fuckin faggot.1241196869777
Anonymous: ^and that turns you on?1262463196558
Anonymous: I wouldn't fap to that, to each thier own Anonymous1262463222288
Anonymous: George Looney1400215491169
Anonymous: illuminatti1400376465267
Anonymous: Clown Posse1400377099335
Anonymous: Clooney a faggot?1400396343990
Anonymous: Corony.1591723474633
Anonymous: the Fucker!!?? last 10 years for covid-19!?1591767820338
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I am a Motherfucker CHAN4CHAN.COM
Chan4chan lolcard chan4chan (343) , lolcard (6)

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Anonymous: mighty fine molestache you have sir.1319401226455
Anonymous: occupy trollstreet ?1319404955664
Munchdog: RIP, Cheech!1343409777914
Gunman Cunt: Reputation believed to gunman. Cunt users rip it apart? Useful if the threads keep growing. Tour in the deal is? Half mad and then sighed. Another trip to space!1591753191855
Anonymous: Awkward poor guy has a fedora1591767728957
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Torture chart sodomy anatomy flashlight rectum privacy freedom torch torture (30) , chart (156) , sodomy (2) , anatomy (42) , flashlight (2) , rectum (3) , privacy (26) , freedom (57) , torch (6)

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djh123: i miss you, mr p. lol1333578358955
Greeft: Yes, we must not break the Gevena Convention, whatever that is???1333578600850
HWood: wats with the flash lite? U are not lightin up my life, Mr. P.... lol1333590534219
MrPerspective: Well, djh, for a good while I couldn't understand why my own contris were invisible... and I just noticed that "SFW mode" had turned itself on! @#$%&!1334024857717
MrPerspective: Come on, HWood, don't tell me you're unaware that this here flashlight model is part of the standard security staff's equipment! ;-)1334024937895
Anonymous: aids in cavity search1337032143100
MrPerspective: ^ yeah, should've wrapped it in a condom1337052537416
munch347: Umm.., is that from my last TSA screening?1342680853172
MrPerspective: TSA : Testes-Scrotum-Anus?1342727931844
Anonymous: It's rubbing the prostate, it should be having a boner !1342754581655
MrPerspective: Nah! Touching the prostate, that would be gay. While torture is meant to be SAD. Not to mention sadistic. ;-) 'nuff sad!1342917245295
dragonmyballz: little generous on the rag head dick aren't ya1344916614820
MrPerspective: Where do you see a rag on the head of that dick??!??1345219731910
Little0Wicxa: Lol wtf1539492016942

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Kari cute eyes red
Kari cute eyes red kari (8) , cute (408) , eyes (484) , red (335)

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Anonymous: you've been winning since long time ago Kari1240535805295
Anonymous: Cuter than a jailbait1240862806540
Anonymous: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ !1240906674550
Anonymous: aaaaah...Kari sexy and so cute!!! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥1244745975181
Anonymous: O_o1245038216168
Anonymous: Her stylish belts cost on average $300.1245044166844
Anonymous: so?1245045303753
Anonymous: bush on fire!! yum1245079637778
me: seh haz a baby now.. srly..1246198500232
AdamTheSavage: Kari is one of the red heads that I would plow/. She's hawt1249357985267
Anonymous: I wanna be the bun in her oven...Kaaaarrrriiii....*drool*1249422425648
Anonymous: nothing cute or hott about this girl....1249801599741
DutchGuy: heeb nose1249801736889
Cheesetrap: fapfapfapfapfapAUuugghhhh... Busted one. Kari would be a useful partner, I wouldn't have to be the only person fixing stuff around the place. There'd me more time for 'experiments' too - you don't need your woman making sammiches when she can make a sammich-making machine!1249822434539

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