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(get in here, faggots)

At first I was like.. but then I was like...
Iraq hospital iraq (58) , hospital (20)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 105 Kbytes (1119x589) Added by: bella (Aug 21, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Fastlube5114: cant get a job a walmart1250918730231
Anonymous: thats fuckin wrong...1250921916899
Bubble: HA! i hope they all end uplike this, or dead, every cunt who went to war, english, french... everyone!1250928018999
Anonymous: i hope our leaders end up like this1250928109147
TASTYbacon: noot cool1250936557226
Anonymous: Hey Bubble, I bet your a real pussy. You know I'm right.1250936874894
Anonymous: lol!1250938513281
jackfrosty: Wars are bad... Mkay?1250946649673
lordroy: Arent we out of Iraq yet?1250971888256
Anonymous: no but at least in Iraq the muslims are butchering muslims for us so it's mostly a win1250974838125
Fuckamerica: i hope it hurts very fucking much fucking oilthirsty bitches!1250993423425
Anonymous: and what kind of fuel do you use for your car?1251004900137
PUSSYDESTROYER: He uses calories to move his bare feet.1251009921888
Anonymous: Those calories get shipped in using oil, dumbass hippies1251011246453

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Gay pink hitler
Gay pink hitler gay (468) , pink (74) , hitler (142)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 2046 Kbytes (1708x2126) Added by: bella (Oct 18, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
DutchGuy: shit was so camp.1255906762761
Anonymous: if nintendo started ww21255915183765
ddonald: Ghey-dolf Shitler1255923663562
Jewboy: Did he write mein camp? the big ol' book of gayness?1255924697836
Anonymous: mine camp rock1255969374392
cracker_killer: adolf supports breast cancer awareness1255980303444
Squirrely1: What a disgrace to a wonderful person.1255983675298
Anonymous: Lucas gets ahold of the rights to WWII....1255991396635
PlaugedByLife: no longer enthused with "juden" hitler now spends his time on the road with gianni versace.1255993914153
jackfrosty: Wash: "A man walks down the street in that outfit, people know he's not afraid of anything."1256015362311
AO47: Mmmmm...... Strawberry!!1262677221264
Anonymous: fail!1262709653226
Bubble: HAIL!1262709996581
Squirrely1: Bubble congrats on being the first person to be registered here... :))))1262717504484

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Baby jump elvis
Baby jump elvis baby (246) , jump (151) , elvis (4)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 97 Kbytes (483x450) Added by: bella (Jul 29, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
CK: i think your 3 babies to short. and 3 more retarded people in the world1249594242559
Anonymous: lol elvis came BACK BABY1249640454692
Anonymous: kill baby bill1249682516708
whitehead: Wana see the aftermath.1252013191758
Anonymous: sorry, I tripped, I'll get you another baby...1281384652509
Anonymous: That baby was like: Oh shit1281384692928
OVB: Nice tradition. Last year were killed 45 babies only.1281386852394
torker: baby jumper1281387544794
Penis Mc penis: He's not gunna make it!1281391303502
EX: WHERE IS HIS SKATEBOARD!?!?!1285438829500
YuLiekPicturz: please fail...! :D1285440829714
sickfuck88: their parents hate them1290022670222
Superhuman: Elvis is clearly an angel now, flying over babies and working in churches in Las Vegas1290023309501
Fuckasaurus: White people risk their babies to Niggers every day. Thanks hippie generation, now we're all fuckin' stupid!!!1290025735356

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Police black boy
Police black boy police (264) , black (389) , boy (103)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 45 Kbytes (524x474) Added by: bella (Jul 31, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
BuggerChan: Little Rodney King rides his first bike.1249153967409
Bubble: Little Rodney King steals his first bike.1249160131229
-.0: sure he behaved suspicious...1249247487711
Anonymous: can i check your licence and registration! Fuck he has a gun shoot shoot shoot!1249249746845
DutchGuy: alright steve, strip his vehicle and look for any conceiled drugs and weapons.1249650583818
l33t: KFC? anyone?1249651938951
Hughbie: they look a little under manned there. Better call for backup.1249652355160
DutchGuy: fucken air support XD1249652559428
Anonymous: "Hey where you goin' little man?" "Please, sir, can I get home? My mother is ill." "What'd he say?" "GUN GUN GUN SHOOT"1249661956774
ARRRGGG: Great just great,after this, he will grow up to kill 10,000.....1249672577975
Anonymous: where is his seat????1249672663951
batcave31: the seat is still connected to the bikerack with the lock1249672752980
Bubble: ^lol1249673728517

years later

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Things Meat Loaf would do for love (Anything, That)
Stats diagram meat loaf love stats (85) , diagram (14) , meat loaf (1) , love (176)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 15 Kbytes (471x344) Added by: bella (Jul 21, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Anonymous: HE1248540227632
Anonymous: i lol'ed1248550860692
BeatsOnLosers: Nice.1250061898866
Bubble: Poo in a cats mouth then lick its face untill he thru up onto a bowl of cocopops and then feed it to his kids?1250070310215
Bubble: I thort i was sick, meat loaf must a fuckin lost it bigtime.1250071056313
Moongrim: He still ain't got any1271511523943
Anonymous: Love? Meat Loaf? Alien concepts. I do not speculate.1271521073687
DhonkyU<32H8: tiresome song, very funny meme1274345003379
Anonymous: epic song1274364668109
Anonymous: I never could figure out what "That" is1274371370299
Decorum: Is Meat Loaf another name for E.D.1330640975147
Anonymous: 'That" was finding she was a pre-op tranny!1343016379936
The Original Spoon: Two out of three of these ^ comments ain't bad.1343091915158
GibblesNBits: this is so retarded its amusing1352526339712

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Fat dance
Fat dance fat (581) , dance (104)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 238 Kbytes (666x540) Added by: bella (Sep 13, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Anonymous: would make a good advert for whoever builds the flooring1252798392990
DutchGuy: earthquake!!1252799515834
ThrillBilly: looks like the hippos from fantasia1252823114597
Anonymous: make mine a coors light1252826400435
Khalthar: "On the count of three let's all flop on our ass, and knock the planet out of orbit! THAT will solve the global warming problem!"1252844080477
jackfrosty: Dance of the megaton fairys...1252850809723
Bugger Chan: They took off their "This is what a feminist looks like T-shirts"1252877728209
Anonymous6: i would fuck every one of them1252888428428

Hughbie: Where the hell did they find 6 hippos that could dance?1252891187380
Pyro: Hungry hungry hippos covers 4 of them but the other 2 i has no idea where they came from1252891398498
Anonymous: Feed the hippos with c4 and cyanide!1253286154299
Anonymous: This was taken by Leonard Nimoy. srsly1253302048526
cracker_killer: fat bitches need love too1253337774559

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Stairs stairs (45)

Source: SUBMIT / chan4chan URL: Info: JPG, 50 Kbytes (640x480) Added by: bella (Jul 25, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Landlord to tennamen: Fix the porch white honkey ......Naw I don't think so nigger1248642661577
federalfugitive: Hughbies fucked up house...1248678365373
Hughbie: HAHA.....ah federal...sorry dude..I moved outta there last month. Some of your relatives moved in and ithe neighbourhood hs never been the same since.1248681455943
crackerkiller5: haha!1258074124829
DutchGuy: fail. tennamen is a square in china1258074249343
4chansucks: nice1258100279938
Furore23: This is a Polish wheelchair ramp.1277471597822
Möhring: ^ haha, so true. fucking pole smokers and their bumbling incompetence1311762085890
Mota: Looks like my old step1350852870706
RubberG: A classic case of afro-engineering.1350866836895
Ghostoftime: Land lord must be a jew.1350867712562
Anonymous: precast stairs...$900, concrete block...$1.19. i wouldve done the same...1350874064190
RubberG: Use the concrete block to hold a piece of scrap plywood against the step. Mix and pour concrete into hole. Remove plywood when concrete hardens. I think a bag of concrete is around $5 at Home Depot.1350936900284
Anonymous: those precast stairs are hollow, need more then a bag.1350954384251

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Anime loading anime (162) , loading (2)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: GIF, 332 Kbytes (800x600), Animated: 6 frames Added by: bella (Sep 30, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
battlestar: nice1254326107536
Anonymous: I've played that game...1254343197675
Stu: he he - I like that gif !1254344370780
DutchGuy: lovin it1254344826592
Anonymous: Link to game plox?1254692861684
Anonymous: can't remember, google it1254693133589
Anonymous: google what? 'loading' ?1254696541323
Anonymous: yes1254696656444
jackfrosty: Comedic genius... Bravos dev team!1254697005709
Anonymous: oh god this is taking forever ..... :/1254912809653
toxic: kinda old but still funny1254918558745
FalzeProphet: Bitch's ass runs DEEP. You could park a super stretch in there..1255068957204
Zathazar: What game is it?1264556733364
Youngin: When you google "anal bead "loading screen" hentai game" one of the top results is "Splinter Cell Conviction" i lol'd1278072543927

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Wall pole women
Wall pole women wall (75) , pole (13) , women (377)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 28 Kbytes (441x441) Added by: bella (Mar 13, 2010) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Hughbie: ooookkkk...1268459868795
Anonymous: Chick on a stick my kinda popscicle1268622829267
Anonymous: She calls her sex-toy Horace.1273432509921
Anonymous: her brother is a doormat1295235454687
Anonymous123asd: possesed?1295287324519
Anonymous: That bitch has a stick up her ass.1295370902783
BnSneky: ^and i think she likes it1295371020813
Anonymous: Needs to get rid of blouse and skirt.1295373194399
Anonymous: POLL-CAT1295388083767
cliptoe: wait till she slides all the way down1295391937764
Anonymous: shes tryin to lose her virginity but its very tight1295396936690
Mankind Sucks: ^Someone needs to shove down on her head until her Vag pops1295483626550
blackal: Impaled.1295484007133
emcee1: wish I had seen this back when I had a friend named Walpole.1295484831265

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Car paint women car (386) , paint (85) , women (377)

Source: SUBMIT / chan4chan URL: Info: JPG, 46 Kbytes (640x485) Added by: bella (Jul 31, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Anonymous: id buy another can of pait and write in red "she was"1249017797284
Anonymous: and this is the car you are going to get off me when you take all my shit in court1249652622307
FU: I'd beat that bitch into a Coma! This is the 21st century, Slut, don't be surprised when you wake up to find your car on fire.1249720256323
madhat442: YEA! cause in the 21st century we have just discovered fire!1249741845118
ThrillBilly: ask her yourself, shes your mom..1249769919890
swhite: ^ lol, nice one1249770013924
Anonymous: clear coat. its a thing of beauty. you just.. buff it,, and even spray paint will come off.. add new lawer of clear coat if done often.1250730406447
lastwinj: what a whore.....1250785042498
DutchGuy: man, i'd totally go for a ride through town in that, windows down, music full blast1250789600129
Anonymous: great gag, i think i'm gonna do this to my boss' audi A8.1250789864647
jackfrosty: Hmmmm... The tractor beam suction of the big P... what man can resist those pink rays?1251283831751
Hughbie: ^wat?1251284270937
DutchGuy: i hope you mean the big P of Pussy and not Penis1251286603154
TASTYbacon: OHHHHHHHHHH she was...........1252034106933

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Japan birds shit
Japan birds shit japan (345) , birds (67) , shit (239)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 115 Kbytes (500x939) Added by: bella (Jul 24, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Anonymous: wat1254442102617
Hughbie: oookkk...well thats something different for today.1254442450828
HornyBear: splat1254830551811
Anonymous: XDDDDDDDDDD!1259804671134
anon: fffft!!! ffft!!!! fffft!!!!!1259805045177
lonerstoner45: those things fly with their legs1262908936536
Anonymous: LOLLLLLLZZZZ1265668619324
Anonymous: why1266063283489
Honda: you need unbrella when it rains1266303717264
Anonymous: Hallelouia1266381200112
Anonymous: what1266755710708
Anonymous: the1266755716248
LeashedHate: Saw the original, there was actually a bird swooping in and intentionally shitting on the little twat.1269564095981

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Hyper hyper (1)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: GIF, 735 Kbytes (320x240), Animated: 57 frames Added by: bella (Sep 30, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Anonymous: lol, LSD is nice1254692929257
Anonymous: So are springy horses1254692986578
Pyro: i like lsd1254693066698
cracker_killer: ????.......what's the point of him doing that?1254730450187
jackfrosty: ^Teh lulz mah negroe... Nothing more...1254731713581
cracker_killer: what? speak english.1254760113101
Pyro: I'll translate for him....He said " He did it so that others may laugh at his randomness and find enjoyment from his actions"1254760217844
cracker_killer: ooooooooooooo1254771868241
Anonymous: DAT NIGGA CRAZY1254776701303
TASTYbacon: I can’t seem to face up to the facts. I’m tense and nervous and I... can’t relax. I can’t sleep, cause my bed’s on fire. Don’t touch me I’m a real live wire.1254778210631
ǝsnɐɹqןǝɯɯıd: cracker_killer, STFU and go back to work. cotton doesn’t pick itself on its own *crack*1280013059953
Anonymous: wtf?!1280018627601
crackerkiller5: dont even get an A for effort1280030154405
MR.FAMAS: WTF is this??1280067694638

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Face fat photoshop
Face fat photoshop face (904) , fat (581) , photoshop (445)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 194 Kbytes (400x675) Added by: bella (Aug 5, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Anonymous: Lol, wtf lolwut1250742019254
Samps: It's actually an improvement.1250744819450
bbbeccaaa: OMFG LOL. i peed a little.1251230283749
Mitsay: FUUUUUCK!!!! ROFL DUDE ROFL!!!1266858026241
The Irsh Guy: And they named it ...the queen of england1266871071213
Anonymous: hahahahahahahahaha1266873090485
The Irsh Guy: great pic... MOAR?1266874066335
Anonymous: fap fap fap fap1267024305911
Anonymous: fucking fat tit bastard1267058904414
scrin: he looks like a pig ha1273426485749
the7rafe7: i wanna tittie fuck his face1273451539285
ImYourMomBIATCH: He's a jew.. fucking disgusting..1273454602915
rubberduckazilla: JAR JAR BINX!1273506280830
Furore23: What's with those flippers? Is he trying to grow gills as well?1278528558874

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Radical islam skateboard
Radical islam skateboard radical (1) , islam (102) , skateboard (18)

Source: SUBMIT / chan4chan URL: Info: JPG, 34 Kbytes (384x396) Added by: bella (Jul 31, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
jackfrosty: INSOLENCE! Moohamudd does not skatah the board. (He suckah the cock)1251283901346
Anonymous: @jackfrosty: Your mom suck cocks for crack!1252549914279
Anonymous: islam sucks donkey dicks -- when they are out of goat dicks1252551381883
BuggerChan: @anonymous: she sucks crack for cocks?1252781884997
Anon: GOD DAMNIT i HATE muslims1272535987457
El Capitan: ^That's awesome...then I want to be Muslim1272605039208
Anonymous: 12512839013461288123581973
Anonymous: Lets be honest, no muslim can get off that ramp to begin with without driving the skateboard into a crowd of people and blowing up.1288130692148
Lizard: ^ HAHAHAHAHA (exterminate islam and piss on muhammed)1288152000518
Anonymous: ^^ lol1288380066263
Anonymous: :)))))1288433346618
Anonymous: Pharell Williams can't skate !1288443637165
BnSneky: towel heads..........geeeeeeez1288443736449
Anonymous: Also other sects: "Toobular" and "Bitchin.'"1288670102832

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No Country for Old Man
No country dialogue no country (6) , dialogue (2)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 74 Kbytes (651x857) Added by: bella (Jul 24, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Anonymous: Win, friendo1263694635998
iArrBaboon: well played...1271898089499
Anonymous: Well said sir1271908696936
Warg: Fucking corpses is AWESOME!1271975714150
MrShey: "Did I studder Mutha' Fucka'?"1271978979991
PedoBear: isnt that the set of tremors?1272517683260
Furore23: His Troll Face is also his Raep Face.1278425945961
Anonymous: He's like: Yeah so?1278791711718
ElCapitan: ROFL1278803116462
BigRussDaGOD: call it1278894723531
Anonymous: lame1302113150864
Anonymous: he was like : exactly man...1418287110304
Tunces: Gotta run now. I think I hear the anaconda in the kitchen.1418366724182
liplocker_code3: Old man for country fag.1418495487494
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Family photo
Family photo family (209) , photo (1859)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 59 Kbytes (500x678) Added by: bella (Aug 14, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
ThrillBilly: fuckin badass1250556003799
Joker961: Almost "clown car" territory there...1250557444639
Hughbie: Guess who's adopted?1250562296920
Anonymous: the nigger1250567440111
BeatsOnLosers: Just how I feel.1250612701644
Anonymous: Pesky child labor laws are so wrong1250615093969
Acronymous: Boy, who's the black sheep of THAT mormon family?1250616014694
DutchGuy: Axl Rose family photos1250674742758
-.-: ROCK!1250713329488
Anonymous: Rock on!1250755196633
Anonymous: Fucking awesome, haha1250809763882
Anonymous: hehe, kinda reminds me of my fameiliy :31250866939623
Anonymous: This needs to be made into a movie.1250868698923
Anonymous: It's a stage1251178119252

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Vietnam capitalism war
Vietnam capitalism war vietnam (16) , capitalism (17) , war (188)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 54 Kbytes (480x480) Added by: bella (Dec 18, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
HornyBear: Damn right! ill them all!1261672809573
Sinonymous: ^right on! ill them and ill everyone. ill the world111!11261673483775
Sinonymous: nice to see jill in the bottom right corner. That reminds me...1261673588206
lictor: Kim Jong-il ?1283374591307
Anti-PC Hero: Collateral damage.1283375009417
Anonymous: not cool /b/, not cool1283385516240
Anonymous: fap fap fap. i cummed!1283388113564
AnonAnon: why1283388269246
Quadra: We need more napalm here....1283455471781
Anonymous: We bomb your country back to the Stone Age but we bring you soda!!1283459421953
Knome: No need more Agent Orange1286143018234
Anonymous: Fuc America fukin assholes hope theres a 9 12 coz 9 11 was not nuf 4 me1326152923319
Anonymous: " We've, got, BUSH!" Fap Fap1326164678258
Anonymous: Is that a man or woman in the middle?1326197954587

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Will smith sunglasses balls
Will smith sunglasses balls will smith (3) , sunglasses (41) , balls (151)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 14 Kbytes (390x169) Added by: bella (Jul 20, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Anonymous: Is there a diference???1248195554725
Creyson: yeah, the right one is using a condom.1248212966974
Anonymous: that guys balls looke like a muppet.. beaker specifically1248233610439
Hughbie: LOL....classic....and the ^ beaker on...classic...pity the dude though that has this pin dick...1248234810791
Propayne: jeez, Smith is getting old.....1248259366497
Anonymous: i lol'd very hard O.O1248265434585
Anonymous: wow and i thought i had a small cock1248318292882
Anonymous: you do1248335910927
Anonymous: goshhhh1248352572599
Anonymous: hancock!!!!!1250538797374
Anonymous: no hangcock^^1251234141796
Anonymous: yuck!1251350859152
Anonymous: this is what happends when ure a fuckin gooke (asain) ure pee pee sits on ure balls1251403583198
TASTYbacon: FVIBIS1251485833935

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Life is so much more enjoyable now that I've decided I just don't give a fuck
Life life (63)

Source: SUBMIT / chan4chan URL: Info: JPG, 46 Kbytes (326x700) Added by: bella (Jul 25, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Anonymous: Females as Property Movement will straighten out that daffy dame1248585888877
Anonymous: 'least shes honest.1248586281674
Anonymous: as long as she takes a fuck i'm not complaining.1248631647169
Bubble: I don't give a fuck, but i still have a job... English Education, the best your kids can get.1248635740849
BuggerChan: Welcome to /b/.1249157541301
BuggerChan: god bless xanax1252792495763
frede: it's true. it's the new Zen1262022974529
Redrocco: so true, not giving a fuck clears the mind and soothes the soul1318177410321
Arschloch33: Not giving a fuck can be alright as long as you still get a fuck every now and then1318377962812
huck1944: sounds like good advice to me, just have a good time1355501376379
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4chan roman nude model art
4chan roman nude model art 4chan (628) , roman (4) , nude (979) , model (51) , art (1151)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 232 Kbytes (1523x979) Added by: bella (Sep 30, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
jackfrosty: BOOBIES!!!1254731611435
toxic: actually loled1254738706624
UncleStrike: too old1254936770464
FalzeProphet: they forgot "fapfapfapfapfap" and "Pussy or GTFO"1255069038235
TASTYbacon: Fucking epic!1255069824621
Anonymous: Roflmao!1258067536751
Anonymous: Missing "shopped !!"1266473927316
lonerstoner45: WAT1267240462376
darkwing duck 421: lol fat1272594938857
El Capitan: I'd hit it... with a concrete slab1272682912730
Anonymous: Worst magician I ever saw1272704874681
Anonymous: poor girl.1272733833795
Ann T. Christ: I seriously know her. She is one of my cousin's friends at school.1273639634544

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Face eyes doctor lens exam
Face eyes doctor lens exam face (904) , eyes (484) , doctor (17) , lens (3) , exam (15)

Source: SUBMIT / chan4chan URL: Info: JPG, 302 Kbytes (2100x1500) Added by: Bella (Aug 10, 2010) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Anonymous: This must be an American Dog Infidel Spying Gadget - KILL HIM IMMEDIATELY!! - the Taliban...1281480961796
Knome: i agree1285598856326
Anonymous: x-ray glasses...make them available for the masses...!1285601960306
sickfuck88: what the fuck you lookin at1286985279778
Burrgeezy: 1 or 2?1292993850618
Anonymous: System Shock!1293625238716
chrud: umm, i can't tell a difference between 1 & 2. could you flip them again?1294615376980
sohceye: she looks for the trap with kaleidoscope eyes and she's gone. . . Lucy in teh Sky-y with Diaamondzz1294615731699
BnSneky: what am i seeing here1294615893271
Anonymous: I can see what you did there....1294619425567
BlazinWeed: girl or boy? man or woman?1294619471651
Anonymous: masculine facial features = "XY."1294619756935
Stalker: Clockwork Orange.1350851321585
ChimpDaddy: Xerxes LOL Anon.1350851498966

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WELCOME TO THE CARE FACTORY! We make, sell, and distribute CARE. Currently we are all out of stock.
Thread care thread (1021) , care (15)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 203 Kbytes (640x480) Added by: bella (Jul 24, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Anonymous: so we switched to high volume production of grade A 100% pure colombian cocaine ladies and gentlemen, disco shit.1249370606215
an0nymouse: Order over 10kg of cocaine and get free cookie1249386667531
LarvalMota: Burn it!!!!1249452570975
Hughbie: burn it? Don't be crazy...fair enough if it was some weed...then we could all stand around anyhow..1249461736208
sinonymous: so... combining the two... yay, snow cones!1249496359757

this is how they keep track of there 'care' stock
Decorum: ^ That is how funny the photo is.1330639288818
Anonymous: The Give A Shit factory still exists!1343016463950
RubberG: The Big Fucking Deal factory is hiring.1343044504561
Canucklehead: Why would there be a Canadian truck there getting U.S. care? the U.S. only cares about our oil.1343246081916
Mota: HO scale?1350852512207
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Philosophy sheep nietzsche quote corruption philosophy (12) , sheep (19) , nietzsche (3) , quote (122) , corruption (2)

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torker: what about her?1281477492130
Anonymous: "Hers" do NOT need instruction in philosophy; their Fathers and Husbands will teach them everything they need to know - INSHALLAH1281480862216
Moongrim: The Teachings of every religion1281481227764
Wr104Gamma: Nietzsche owns you..1281747058955
ThelemicMage: tldr1281775944712
AlienNation: God owns Nietzsche1281775979251
Wr104Gamma: ^Nietzsche is real the other thing you mentioned is a fictional character.. Argument invalid1281928818656
chrud: nietzshe was the first to notice god died. everybody else just thought he was away on business...1294615315715
Kil0Bite: if you think god is dead, he reall is dead for you, but alive for someone else, if we call miracles by an entity name of god, it's just a way to add logic to the illogical1294615436282
rock: and he wasnt a nazi,that was all a terrible misunderstanding?1294635703747
Wr104Gamma: Did you want to not be a nazi in that era? Sigg Heill I am a survivor1297194524118
Anonymous: That's a good point. However, Nietzsche died pennyless and insane, so what did he know?1325432555167
Anonymous: whatever "thinking differently" means, where there's life there's choice, but still there are base logic rules to consider at all times (if i knew what they were i would lead a happier life)1325432664813

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Hitler smile
Hitler smile hitler (142) , smile (428)

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+.+: bwahahaha1249245903800
BuggerChan: I see what you did there ... to the Jews.1249325609208

All your jewgolds are belong to us
Anonymous: pwnd!!1251024322889
warwulf: toby mcguire is a faggot1251042379142
BeatsOnLosers: No shit.1254084207524
Bubble: lol1254085066961
Anonymous: OH U1279234039324
Anonymous: loled1344916000243
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Cctv camera cctv (2) , camera (47)

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Anonymous: EPIC FAIL!!!1252531902116
TASTYbacon: Bansky1252606433881
TS: Epic win more like, you fool.1255728403716
Anonymous: roflmao i cant stop laught xDDD1255903316288
MILF hunter: ITS BANKSY YOU RETARD1257702184138
Anonymous: It's a spell-check, see....1312322640224
BnSneky: hahahahaha1312322985879
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