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(get in here, faggots)

Obama Democrats politics usa consitution burn
Obama Democrats politics usa consitution burn Obama (227) , Democrats (2) , politics (128) , usa (445) , consitution (1) , burn (66)

Source: SUBMIT / chan4chan URL: Info: JPG, 354 Kbytes (1652x2048) Added by: Anonymous (Apr 21, 2012) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
WillieBillBob: Wrong president. Should be George W Bush, with Dickhead Chaney laughing in the background.1335050108533
Cunt81: ^ Both Obama and Bush, as well as all members of congress on both sides of the aisle would be more accurate.1335050346682
idrankallthebeer: mostly the schmuck before, and the assholes currently in congress. though, i'll give you that teh dems are pussies. they'd have shit right, if they'd have just been dicks about it.1335092810387
Smosh: Stop blaming the president and get off your ass and do something.1335127933505
Queefly: You're right, Smosh. Hopefully everyone will do something in November and vote the cocksucker out of office.1335128451418
spotswood: I bet he gets another term...1335128727367
Smosh: I was thinking more int he lines of anarchy, seeing how the next guy's probably going to be an even bigger cocksucker.1335128775562
Queefly: Anarchy might work.....lol1335128814419
Dogpig: like the word "obey" in the flames!1335235618265
Grund1e: At some point you have to stop blaming Bush and realize that Obama has no clue how to fix anything! Get your heads out of your ass. It's only been 3 years already!!1335236252760
StormTrooper: I'd like to know who the 47% of Americans are that claim to still support this dickhead1335248446359
pepe64: most dangerous person of all times1336495815564
Anonymous: The Democrats are always gunning for our Rights and Freedom.1343586657127
darkstan: Stupid as fuck.1343586747773

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Democrat politics Bush Democrats game democrat (7) , politics (128) , Bush (61) , Democrats (2) , game (185)

Source: SUBMIT / chan4chan URL:,+OBAMACARTOON.jpg Info: JPG, 50 Kbytes (475x440) Added by: LemmyLaffer (Mar 11, 2012) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
darkstan: What a pathetic image. If only you were able to provide a similar image that identified the actual problems that democrats represent instead of your childish perception of an opponent. Get smarter, please.1331479954440
mischievious: come democrats are blue and republicans red. sometimes they are, it's all a conspiracy1331480141873
LemmyLaffer: ^^ Darkstan: There are a lot of images in c4c that attacked the Republican and right wing in agressive way, I click "hate" on them, made proper comments, but I never personally attack the uploader just for uploading that - cause I'm not a fascist, who cannot tolerate other options , like You. Check the word "democracy" in any oldspeak dictionary.1331480732185
darkstan: ^Those images exist because of egregious errors made by the Republican party during eight years of criminal administration, and because the Republicans so often present such easy targets. I welcome all kinds of options, but will always reject those that are based on religious zealotry, war-mongering, and intolerance.1331480976961
LemmyLaffer: ^ But You himself are intolerant. You just said a bunch of rubbish about Republicans, OK, I don't sup, but I will not request you to shut up neither to don't post anti -Republican images, because I am tolerant. And Your first comment here can be translated as "don't post any rubbish or even truth about Democrats - only rubbish about their opponents allowed!" But better don't start a new flame war1331481822930
darkstan: ^I'm intolerant of cruelty and greed, and sins committed in the name of imaginary gods. I am intolerant of Sarah Palin, a mediocre woman who offers nothing but embarrassment and shame for my country. And I am intolerant of you, LemmyLaffer, because you have chosen to support a group that is responsible for the corruption and disgrace of what was once a great nation.1331482482960

LemmyLaffer: USA was once a great nation... Until Obama. BTW I am an atheist.1331483813777
LemmyLaffer: Forgot to say: I'm also not an American, so You musn't hate me for supporting Republicans - if I was an US citizen, I'll sup Tea Party.1331483897841
darkstan: ^Obama exists as president because of a national need to express an act of goodness, following eight years of rank corruption. The Bush presidency was like acid, gnawing at the fundamental truths that made the United States great. And so, buoyed by rabid hope but hindered by the sludge of savaged government, Obama began to rebuild, shocked to discover that some of the damage was permanent.1331484337339
Redrocco: ^^^the US was once a great nation, then we elected Ronnie RayGun and began the long slide into darkness1331484617414
Quantum69: ^America was once a land of greatness, but then the europeans invaded, took over & made it better ;)1331488425605
anonymous: ^^^Obama exists as president because because he's a nigger. Flat out truth. Period.1331496415200
Munster: Anon, the voice of the people...1331572260479

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