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Dennis ritchie
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(get in here, faggots)

Become a Hipster - Sell Stolen Ideas - Praised by Media as Jesus of Computing * Invent C and UNIX - Ignored
Steve Jobs Dennis Ritchie unix idea invention Steve Jobs (20) , Dennis Ritchie (2) , unix (6) , idea (26) , invention (11)

Source: SUBMIT / chan4chan URL: Info: JPG, 50 Kbytes (576x503) Added by: polarbear1488 (Nov 8, 2011) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
polarbear1488: Without Steve Jobs we would have: No iProducts No over expensive laptops Without Dennis Ritchie we would have: No Windows No Unix No C No Programs A large setback in computing No Generic-text Languages. We would all read in Binary.. They died in the same year and the same month but it seems only few notice the death of Dennis...1320773872434
Anonymous: Well, maybe Beardsley McCombover should have worn a snappy black turtleneck and shat all over Flash, too.1320784820360
anonymule: ^^ cool story bro1320787314541
Anonymousme: I worked at BellLabs. I hope they never let those crazy fsckers out. They be weird crazy too.1320789851600
LastResort: Dennis didn't know how to market himself.1320793105560
Anonymous: My guess is that the people who have changed our lives the most in a positive way throughout history are anonymous to most of us1320794250989
SterkOks: Steve is better anyway. And Bill Gates stole more that Steve EVER did. So fuck you Apple is a great company, piss off nerds.1320794346273
LastResort: ^ Real talk1320801426543
Anonymous: Invent brain dead language that takes ages to compile and got tons of side effect - make computer stuff that works more than that gates stuff and is expensive like hell - well at least Linus does not grow a beard and dress in jeans and cheap shoes (sandals and socks!!)1320801602561
Anonymous: He didn't steal anything, jerks.1320804014630
chumpno1: steve jobs had a daughter that he ignored for so long. guys a scumbag1320811733300
polarbear1488: Oh wow oh wow oh wow! even his last words were used to sell his new venture! lol1320851150177
iprobablyhateyou: couldn't care less about your anti-mac propaganda1320851467246
polarbear1488: LIke he was seeing heaven lol1320851484211

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Link to this:*_ Invent_C_and_UNIX_-_Ignored

Dennis Ritchie. Thus guy co-invented the C programming language and the Unix operating system
Dennis ritchie dead computer linux steve jobs Dennis ritchie (2) , dead (135) , computer (149) , linux (17) , steve jobs (20)

Source: SUBMIT / chan4chan URL: Info: JPG, 99 Kbytes (550x936) Added by: ManWhore (Oct 17, 2011) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Anonymous: Your mother is so fat, the recursive function computing her mass causes a stack overflow.1318888312867
Aganonymous: wow he invented Unix, "bow"1318891736147
bloodfart: to bad this happened 6 days ago and I read about it on yahoo but cool try bro1318893785226
Anonymous: It's called "archive" for a reason. RIP Dennis1318900131757
bloodfart: (added 4 hours ago as of this comment) hit behind anonymous pussy ass shit talker1318901204115
bloodfart: hide*1318901467673
Anonymous: ^ Y U Jelli rupturedanus?1318902538353
RiddleMeThis: @Aganonymous: Yes, but then Unix was written in C - devised by Kernighan and Ritchie . . .1318918590758
chumpno1: cRichie > iJobs.1318921653887
Quantum69: R.I.P true innovator of useful shit1318932723842
Captngeetch: Wait...this guy invented penguins ?1318997887949
KofeeAnon: Thanks for all the shit yougave us Dennis1319005458506
Anonymous: so thats the guy who abolished pascal by inventing a better obfu_scat_able language. aha1321985798266
Anonymous: R.I.P. Raymond Burr1321987999489

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