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(get in here, faggots)

I want you to whisper dirty things in my ear... - Kitchen, bathroom, livingroom...
Whisper kitchen bathroom livingroom women dirty whisper (3) , kitchen (61) , bathroom (25) , livingroom (1) , women (379) , dirty (8)

Source: WEB / ircimages URL: Info: JPG, 41 Kbytes (458x700) Added by: Anonymous (Jun 9, 2011) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
YuLiekPicturz: Ahahahhah oh fucking wow this is amazing!! fucken saved1307655653627
copperware: super lol1307656842852
Midgeinc: I Lol'd!1307701751923
Anonymous: hahahahaha1307701911970
Anonymous: ha1307719190959
Furore23: She seems disappointed. Can't think why.1307719389969
Anonymous: It's good too see that good old fashioned values are still being instilled in the young people of today.1307779650139
Furore23: She can still get boned while she does the dishes.1307792368349
Anonymous: You would think, being a woman that having a clean home would be important to her.1308116393721
Aganonymous: HAHHA lolld so much1308121716280
Anonymous: I just slid a log in the toilet..theres a huge skidmark..GO CLEAN IT!1308162917533
MrPerspective: Three guesses who's gonna sleep on the couch without sex tonight...1308772906617
Furore23: ^ That lazy bitch will, if she doesn't get her act together and clean the house.1308822369318
user775: bish clean them! nao1309138963531

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Bathroom fireworks prank
Bathroom fireworks prank bathroom (25) , fireworks (19) , prank (83)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: GIF, 2036 Kbytes (314x208), Animated: 96 frames Added by: Jovi (Aug 30, 2010) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Nickeh43: way to have too much time on your hands to piss your friends off1283224404519
AmusingMuse: Should've used something that lasted longer like an entire 2000 count string of fire crackers.1283238177528
Anonymous: There's some epic frat win in that bathroom1283384647754
Anonymous: The maniacal joy on his face is almost endearing.......1283387170993
Anonymous: ^this1283387950825
vengance: so? i did something like that to my bro when he was 2 and i was 5, I got a firecracker taped it to his favorite toy boat, lit the thing and set it in the water at the other end of the tub, it went *bang* blew it and the boat up, scared the piss outta him and I ran away laughing!1283405324633
Anonymous: pics or it didnt happen you newfag1283405582188
Grave: ^ +!1283423251844
Anonymous: i am vengance's brother. he lies. the toy boat was a dildo. and the bathtub was his anus, and the firecracker was anal-lube, and he was not 5, but 16. i saw it happen!1283424157403
seph: R. I. P. Lou Ferrigno1283434938890
dxc: The sheer enjoyment he is getting from this is manical.1283522919820
vengance: FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11283526282426
snork: Glass should have broke. Fail1283527336791
Anonymous: What a fuckhead.1283527759472

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Fail dance splits fall bathroom
Fail dance splits fall bathroom Fail (641) , dance (104) , splits (2) , fall (60) , bathroom (25)

Source: SUBMIT / chan4chan URL: Info: GIF, 993 Kbytes (470x255), Animated: 40 frames Added by: mischievious (Mar 26, 2012) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Quantum69: Dumb bitch, would still bang tho1332797609152
CrackSnacker: Before she can get up... ButtSecksButtSecks.1346288688923
Thiswillbemyname: I thought that was the girl from the citrus drop it commercials.1346301870686
Anonymous: how to look, act, and get punished like a stupid, retard cunt.1346319200800
BnSneky: hahahaha what a fuckin retard1346334886275
mota: Related to the bowling ball girl?1346335518707
huck1944: if you must look at yourself while dancing, to someplace with a mirrow in the right place1346340298875
druzhnikov: XD fuck you1346361773696
Anonymous: hope she died1349389871851
Anonymous: what a whore, lack of skill VanDamme1454407637545
Anonymous: simply don't be a wigger.1454440478726
Anonymous: A graduate of Walmart Grace and Charm School.1454458687416
Anonymous: Bitches. They need to go back a few steps on the assembly line.1548015024632
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Family morning bathroom shave
Family morning bathroom shave family (209) , morning (5) , bathroom (25) , shave (25)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 39 Kbytes (420x420) Added by: betsywetsy (Aug 15, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Anonymous: wut?1250492491604
jackfrosty: ...errr...i'm 38 years old...and what is this?!1250550996841
BeatsOnLosers: Faggot. You got that one off of me. GTFO. Oh, and, by the way, I'm 45, what is this?1250612656554
Anonymous: It's a white trash family, and the little slut is mad that her brother/daddy stole her pussy razor.1250618559537
FastLube5114: just hang in bro1250660467769
Anonymous: looks like some indie bands album cover1256202429688
Anonymous: ^agreed1262210625767
marine: ^^ win1262220851490
danie: ouch. she cut her leg shaving. x/1262500889865
Anonymous: the family that shaves together stays together1289445258600
Phadrus: One thing I don't do with friends is hang out in the bathroom with them. I can wait until they finish.1289473564567
BnSneky: All TRAPS1289473611581
sickfuck88: the blonds legs are fucked up1290018913408
Furore23: I'm betting this is some homosexual Eurohipster band shooting an album cover.1306427270782

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Bathroom vagina penis drawing sex animation
Bathroom vagina penis drawing sex animation bathroom (25) , vagina (226) , penis (1053) , drawing (170) , sex (489) , animation (5)

Source: SUBMIT / chan4chan URL: Info: GIF, 8212 Kbytes (451x245), Animated: 172 frames Added by: weeone (Dec 28, 2010) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Pyro: MY WORD1293498574962
Burrgeezy: LOL'd1293498642694
Clownichter: Im 12 and what is this?1293505693311
XENU: ^your mom1293505713355
r71: lol :)1293608704167
Anonymous: ^^ What you'll be thinking of from now on...1293623327491
Phadrus: I knew this was going on in the bathroom. Just never could catch them.1293626869386
MrPerspective: So true. So true.1298268277238
MrPerspective: At long last, I finally understand what all those graffiti in the boys' room are about. (It's great to be 13! ;-) Until now, they were too shy to move with me around...1298268356592
MrPerspective: This is actually part of a much bigger film clip: the (naked) penis can't understand why all the pussies it chases run away in terror... until it puts a condom on. And then all the pussies starts running back! :-)1298275296520
Clownichter: MY MOM IS NOT A FUCKNG bathroom vagina penis drawing sex animation1298435075764
MrPerspective: ^ Well, I can easily believe you there. I mean, not even on Jerry Springer has there ever been... :-D1298520883776
antigod: instant win :D i want whole fuckin film !1298529242155
MrPerspective: ^ I should have a gif or a film of it somewhere... but my archives are a mess! I'll think of you guys if I find it again. If it's a gif, I'll post it on the site.1298591493873

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Worst possible "date" ever...I don't even... FML (serios)
Shit piss penis bathroom story FAIL shit (239) , piss (66) , penis (1053) , bathroom (25) , story (203) , FAIL (641)

Source: WEB / apina URL: Info: PNG, 724 Kbytes (857x6533) Added by: anonymous (Jan 5, 2012) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
fiveby5: some people just weren't potty-trained properly...1325741684929
Anonymous: tl;dr1325744561440
Grund1e: I belive the story. I just can't believe you drew it in comic format!!1325760325599
Anonymous: i read this story back in the early days of the internet, the 60's.1325767150702
NotSoMuchAnonymous: This... was a shitty story...1325767303441
Anonymous: I hope that's not legit.1328938001818
Hughbie: pee-bottle? wtf is this utter nonsense?1328938430176
Anonymous: Fun Fact: Wanna know why you dick was erect? Muscle that you use to tighten your anus is the same that let's blood flow in your dick.... It's a bad circle, i've had that SPECIFIC problem, but this entire escapade.....well sometimes you just gotta get your dick wet....1328943236185
Xibir: i laughed pretty fucking hard. possibly the worst situation ever1339312845655
The Original Spoon: very, very cool story, bro.1339345771872
Troyes: you gonna get raped1339346565277
Anonymous: lolol....i woulda realized i was fucked anyway so woulda tried to have some fun with it... i woulda started furiously masturbating as she walked in just to freak her out more.... IF i didnt go to school with her1339362853951
Anonymous: I understand the part about the clogging of the toilet could have been avoided, along with the dumbass taking a shit at the batht tub. But how could he have avoided the shitting, while peeing with a full hard on, without making a mess? Also, how did he manage to sustain an errction while being in such pain trying to stop in the middle of shitting and peeing??1339411736543
Anonymous: incompetence in getting laid = cleansing the gene pool1345012219841

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Link to this:"date"_ever...I_don't_even..._FML_(serios)

Damn, I need to go take a shit. - Yes, Billy? - Can I go to the bathroom? - I don't know. Can You?
School class grammar fffuuu bathroom teacher school (160) , class (8) , grammar (29) , fffuuu (438) , bathroom (25) , teacher (22)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 52 Kbytes (696x527) Added by: Jovi (Mar 11, 2010) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
lonerstoner45: LOL i hate those types of teachers.damn smart mouths1268284134797
Pyro: Just answer yes and leave1268322126637
stureeeds: say no and shit and shit your pants.1271126995745
Greg: ^lol yea1272726132207
Anonymous: funniest ting evar1272774788163
DrFeelGood: go home take shotgun maxe a WC out from her head and use it infront of class1276389380570
vengance: shit right there on the floor then light it and rub her smart-ass-mouth in it!!!1276399111404
robevadar: /hate every teacher who does this1282869815609
ImYourMomBIATCH: lol1284863798670
Anonymous: and we wonder why we has columbine'z?1285633546360
Clownichter: Shit on her desk1285644320279
Infernal: o rly1285644674267
Anonymous: evil teacher :O!1285744359765
Alien31: did anyone noticed that the student is a nigger?1285984060543

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Link to this:,_I_need_to_go_take_a_shit._-_Yes,_Billy?_-_Can_I_go_to_the_bathroom?_-_I_do n't_know._Can_You?

Mario toilet decoration bathroom
Mario toilet decoration bathroom mario (57) , toilet (133) , decoration (7) , bathroom (25)

Source: SUBMIT / chan4chan URL: Info: JPG, 305 Kbytes (433x7000) Added by: Anonymous (Feb 22, 2012) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Shackles: nice job ;)1329938964165
RKB: im not diggin it.1329942964794
m4k3k3: wheres sandwish?1329945174268
Grund1e: I'm impressed! She did a real nice job there!!1329947574728
fiveby5: why don't frames 1 & 10 have tits in them? it's a total missed opportunity to really tie the room together...1329951104329
Anonymous: no go take a shit, i'm watching *fap fap1329964353135
Anonymous: ^Agreed. The sound of the,-kerplunk!, and the nasty aroma. Mmm, fap fap indeed.1383733915326
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Comic art jesus horror bathroom comic (464) , art (1151) , jesus (226) , horror (71) , bathroom (25)

Source: SUBMIT / chan4chan URL: Info: JPG, 187 Kbytes (1234x874) Added by: Vernin (Jul 7, 2010) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Anonymous: no comment here?1280245121793
Nukubu: Jesus Christ superstar, Bad santa, the grudge and...last of the mohicans? am i right?128024628299
the7rafe7: nice^1280251240735
Anonymous: Akira?1280263308770
Anonymous: Niggerfag homosex cockfaced cum guzzlery.1282150257628
Anonymous: clockwork orange duh1283391079544
Grendel: yeah, why not1283641783959
Anonymous: j1zuz on a wc... holy sh1t1283702452664
evilgenius: Tetsuo?1288069887622
Leashedhate: Merry Xmas.1288070789559
Seagull: can't believe it, this is the most disturbing thing i've ever seen on here1288078451552
AwesomeAnonymous!: w t f? lolzwut!?1288571644555
Anonymous: why are all their shadows different?1288572961252
Anonymous: who made this1288583417760

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Bathroom toilet photo
Bathroom toilet photo bathroom (25) , toilet (133) , photo (1861)

Source: SUBMIT / chan4chan URL: Info: JPG, 140 Kbytes (771x1024) Added by: Anonymous (Sep 13, 2010) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
DutchGuy: RIP MIR space station1284465612725
sumdumfuk: lol^1286506106586
Anonymous: a proper european watercloset1290601678874
BnSneky: Nice1290601863321
Anonymous: Toilet or "head" on a ship.1290604661211
Lickathesplit: Yeah, flushing my toilet isn't easy...1290608125846
Anonymous: Gotta love the turbo powered paper dispenser on the left. Even has pressure guages and vlaves to controll the paper. Head clamp looking thing is for when your squeezing out a particularly large piece of timber and need stabilization..1290608899580
Anonymous: The more I look at this I'm thinking U-Boot.1290609163143
fart: long live the wallace and gromit toilet1290622689515
GridLocK: is this a bathroom from Bioshock?1295275576551
blablablue: steampunk brought to the edge1295280046205
Anonymous: U-boat toilet.1295290766264
Anonymous: Thats a toilet from a German submarine or U-boat.1295290918166
sadeghol: special hell toilet1295386474222

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Bathroom rainbow toilet
Bathroom rainbow toilet bathroom (25) , rainbow (112) , toilet (133)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 58 Kbytes (550x823) Added by: * (Jun 5, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Anonymous: That can't be a rainbow, the colors are out of order.1244255065598
My Name Here: Taste the rainbow1244409923799
Anonymous: why so fag?1244761162372
tobascan anon: fap fap fappity fap fap1258087538573
federalfugitive: fuckin idiot...1258089554946
Anonymous: erm...1258227926461
Anonymous: wat a gay lookin crACKER1273084867113
Anonymous: Dad???!?!1275438288108
Anonymous: USA1276464176327
Anonymous: ^is gay.... how many times do i have to post this?1276467280399
Anonymous: why so serious??1276972310786
Anonymous: He looks like he has the shits from eating Skittles.1277037307127
Petty: well that sure looks like your alcoholic dad1277077684995
XENU: careful, son...i just ate some chili dogs1282221199259

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Things Women Talk About When They Go To The Restroom Together
Toilet bathroom women talk itt toilet (133) , bathroom (25) , women (379) , talk (2) , itt (354)

Source: SUBMIT / chan4chan URL: Info: JPG, 101 Kbytes (800x1000) Added by: Grund1e (Dec 28, 2010) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
YuLiekPicturz: What to make for diner1293577148733
pancake: Who's got the bigger cock.1293577457435
azo9swall0ded: Can I say I'm with you when i fuck the other guy1293581038595
azo9swall0ded: i feel nothing that way, me neither!!1293581082240
StormTrooper: How can I admit to my boyfriend I really like anal? He'll think I'm a slut!1293583590979
Clownichter: I have crabs...he told me he liked seafood1293604733932
Anonymous: can you hold my Gucci-Bag while I take a Shit ?!1293623592867
Phadrus: blah blah blah men, blah blah blah purse, blah blah blah "bitch at work"....1293626797721
pocket: "I always poke a few needle holes in them first. Did you watch desperate housewives last night? I didn't either- Tyrone and Jamal came over again since Jim is out of town this weekend."1293634660262
MegaShit: Sammich making techniques... and black cock1293640811430
Nickeh43: Can you BELIEVE she just SAID that to ME? Oh. My. God.1293700212440
Anonymous: lets play battle shits!1293700402427
Nickeh43Fan: ^battle shits FTW!1293746732459
Pyro: AH U SUNK MY SHIT1293933009685

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Tree piss dog bathroom line queue
Tree piss dog bathroom line queue tree (124) , piss (66) , dog (516) , bathroom (25) , line (9) , queue (6)

Source: SUBMIT / chan4chan URL: Info: JPG, 617 Kbytes (1000x1150) Added by: Greeft (Dec 1, 2011) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Furore23: Oh god no, it's the human centipede.1322733289908
Anonymous: Before i looed at the fullsize, i thought it was the doggy train.....1322734303940
KofeeAnon: yeah I totally thought this was the worlds largest dog orgy. Lulz1322778870941
Peckerhead: hahaha...woof1328054221435

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Fffuuu troll bathroom
Fffuuu troll bathroom fffuuu (438) , troll (238) , bathroom (25)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: PNG, 24 Kbytes (966x514) Added by: TASTYbacon (Jan 25, 2010) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Pyro: HAHAHAHAHA1264669301509
Officer: Get the fuck out of the toilet1272725153418
Master Pokerlord Jed: LMAO1272745996404
Squirrely1: Piss in the sink...1272753019997
Warg: This is humorous...1272757900342
Anonymous: Honestly cant see a problem, just piss on the floor.1272758622913
Anonymous: lol hilarious....1272937603453
Anonymous: just piss on the wall, thats what i'd do.1273546064649
Syke: LOL1273830028464
WTFisjuice: i lol'd1274742177420
Samps: Piss under the door crack.1274744487149
Anonymous: Winner winner chicken dinner1274753522984
rnmartinez: I've felt that way before - but I've also been the bathroom troll before LOL1275102882365
GridLocK: was going to make this one, but i was too lazy, glad someone else did lol1296592598560

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Bathroom toilet graffiti
Bathroom toilet graffiti bathroom (25) , toilet (133) , graffiti (95)

Source: SUBMIT / chan4chan URL: Info: JPG, 152 Kbytes (1024x768) Added by: Zobinsky (Aug 7, 2010) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
athiest: ugly fake1281195908433
Anonymous: ^must be1281273694628
Anonymous: Photoshoped1285691760302
rex: ^no sign of intelligent life1285718849739
Anonymous: Badly Photoshopped.1285720538546
big man9: suck my dick1285786275309
Vernichtet den Troll: you wasted your time, OP. and even worse, you wasted mine, too.1290722285774
Vernichtet den Troll: ... my PRECIOUS time!!! FUCK YOU!!!1290722312837
Anonymous: ^your wat?! HAHAHAHA! Time run out for all naziFAG's long time ago, FUCKING FAILTARD.1290728485838
sandmann: ^ ... sprach der judenbengel aus der hinteren reihe. naja, ich wünsch dir noch nen grausamen tod1291325555549
BnSneky: missed a spot1291325750949
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