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(get in here, faggots)

Tie rope to a bullet - Tie other end to yourself - Happy space travelling!
Gun trollface idea bullet rope gun (192) , trollface (105) , idea (26) , bullet (28) , rope (46)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 68 Kbytes (746x618) Added by: Anonymous (Jan 1, 2011) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Anonymous: don't try it, i only got to the clouds. lies.1294245134929
Antiphon: You might be too heavy for this, try tying rope to your dick or balls first.1296482741920
rock: icwutudid1296483446695
TinFoilHatGuy: KaseyKasem sez "Keep yer Feet on teh Ground and Let Yer Dick Keep Reaching For Teh Stars"1296569882252
Anonymous: meh1296916361212
Weed: Please, make the stupid go away!1296919824153

Anonymous: Problem, NASA?1297141700604
/b/: Are you that stupid? The string would either be broken when the chamber closes, if it's an M9... If it's a 1911, it'll be broken off once you insert the magazine... Plus, once you enter the atmosphere without some form of protection, you'll burn up... Fucking 'tards.1297208028996
niXavaL: ^problem?1298206183376
Anonymous: thats impossible, speed of bullet = 320 m/s; f(x) = -4.9x^2+320x=0; f(x)' = 320-9.8x; x = 32.65 m1298209190246
Anonymous: then 32.65s; -4.9x^2+320x = 5222.4; just 5Km ; earth atmosphere is of 11km YOU ARE A SCIENTIFICALLY PROVED IDIOT1298228059137
Anonymous: thats fucking stupid1303855071515
ticklethis: moving from standing to speed of bullt would snap a person in half1303855174816

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SUPPORT OUR TROOPS - Seriously. They need help. Mental help.
Usa army nose bullet usa (445) , army (122) , nose (70) , bullet (28)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 96 Kbytes (750x600) Added by: zoomer123 (Dec 19, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Spiritus: lol1261950435551
4chansucks: fuck em1261984662568
Anonymous: liberals need the mental help1269173326602
zmonster: fuck hadjis1269178397941
mastema: effin retards.1269181717133
Anonymous: They only need to be smart enough to pull a trigger1269183917595
Anonymous: if there were no retards there wouldn't be any wars,only a retard is willing to die for some elected twat1269185319331
mastema: ^ i can get behind that.1269185822696
Akingu: fail! You're a non-servium, pussy cunt faggot1269267587597
Pyro: HAHALOL1272105634587
Philbert: i joined for money. I went from working for BK to owning my store. Fuck yea!1273804711256
boss: There are people praying for your death. They pray fives times a day...for your death! Why is this fact ignored? You may be "anti-war"...but the peaceful religion of islame is not. These "retards" are fighting to keep you alive.1273806581932
Anonymous: i lol'd1273984328231
GrYm: WW3: -brainwashed american retards led by jews- VS -brainwashed fanatical retarded extremists led by muslims-. Should be interesting.1273985860325

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Bullet gun question itt bullet (28) , gun (192) , question (218) , itt (354)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 35 Kbytes (790x655) Added by: n8td0g420 (Feb 10, 2010) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Anonymous: Is this how to kill yourself without pointing at yourself?1266054501320
devshade: fuck no...bullet would still be faster, speed of light is not limiting speed itself1266069070177
Anonymous: devshadde... wtf? The speed of light is the fastest ANYTHING can go. There just is no "faster than the speed of light" it's just impossible.1267467756889
knightofadliya: The bullet is already moving at the speed of light inside the gun. When you fire it' will fly at the speed of light+normal bullet speed. So you won't catch up to it1267472677140
Sparty: u will kill your self :)1267472793297
Anonymous: The theory is that the energy it takes to accelerate any mass going that fast is so high that ist impossible. So things without mass can go faster.... All you have to do is remove the mass from the bullet and your all set to go!1267475324456
Anonymous: ^^you are a retard remove the mass from the bullet? so take the bullet away? have no bullet? you can't have a bullet without mass1267477091703
Anonymous: speed of light DOES limit speed itself...bullet wouldn't change velocity1267478097971
Anonymous: knightofadliya is correct but good luck to the tards on here gaining an understanding of it1267478913475
bils30: there is no way you can travel that fast without being crushed1267495587427
TotallyNasty: Let me give all of you a hint, there isn't a fixed point in the entire universe and speed is only measurable in comparison to other objects (such as source, destination etc.) so there is in theory no limit to speed, thus if the guy was wearing a space suit and travelling in vaccum it would work the same as him not moving at all. Speed is always relative.1267525173671
Anonymous: TotallyNasty got it. Speed is relative. From your perspective, the bullet will be travelling as fast as a bullet does. To an outside observer, it may travel only slightly faster. And it wouldn't be traveling faster than the speed of light, just faster than you-- you can't move at the speed of light (unless, as has been said, you're massless-- e.g. a photon has no rest mass).1267532748351
beepb00p: ^ YAWN - shut blowhard anonfag - tell ya what, let's test a bullet's velocity through your fukken skull :D1267534219868
TotallyNasty: Actually, light can travel faster than the "speed of light"... Turn on a flashlight and walk forward, the light coming from it would (for an observer you walk towards) be moving at the speed of light, plus like 2km/h :P according to Einstein the light should then travel back in time or some shit, but obviously it doesn't. Speed is STILL relative.1267539458641

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Car windshield bullet islam muslim pray religion photo
Car windshield bullet islam muslim pray religion photo car (386) , windshield (4) , bullet (28) , islam (102) , muslim (92) , pray (20) , religion (396) , photo (1862)

Source: SUBMIT / chan4chan URL: Info: JPG, 279 Kbytes (990x649) Added by: Zobinsky (Jan 14, 2011) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
blueburn: you fuckin missed boy!1295038088228
Greeft: <=== Paris is not what it used to be.1295081085488
Allah the fag: Typical muslims .Anywhere muslim animals show up they bring destruction with em ..1304274318816
Anonymous: they truly are less than human1304275374121
Anonymous: put your foot down1308252799492
Anonymous: muslims suck but so do all other religions we just need to eradicate them all1308653761522
Anonymous: Who farted1310331106940
Jimmy Jizz: ^ all of them of course, their god wants it that way1310332624231
Anonymous: that what bugs do to your windscreen if you drive ultra fast1310334902983
Anonymous: they want your dick in their aaaasssssss as long as you are a donkey or goat1314937617808
Burrgeezy: ^6234 Muhammad was the one who was a queer. What other religion (other than catholic) believes that women are for babies and men are for pleasure?1315085937610
Anonymous: Better a gay fucking faggot than ass fucking sand niggers!1317735771631

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Gun zombie bullet guide gun (192) , zombie (53) , bullet (28) , guide (17)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 326 Kbytes (1601x1200) Added by: YuLiekPicturz (Mar 8, 2011) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Anonymous: i think i would rather have the mossberg1299680136306
greyhoundpaul: screw that. if resident evil has taught us anything, then all you need is a handgun and a knife.1299693565566
Weed: Machete is better.1299707845941
Anonymousg of rubber: Old Swiss Schmidt rifle. There are MUCH better choices for zombie culling.1300795641224
Captngeetch: Yep, like an AK-47 on semi, with a few extra banana clips handy1300814207399
anonymule: and a 12 guage pump1300822766216
Captngeetch: According to that manual...a gun would just attract more Weed is right....machette is the way to go1300888067680
Anonymous: Do u turn into a zombie with you rape one? Like do contract Zombie AIDS and shit.1300899758665
Lone wolf: No.. best is a good Katana,silent and deadly,like a bad fart!1300915738175
Distrubi: easiest way to survive:

^^Newfag fail
Anonymous: fuck yeah1301072415677
Anonymous: i want a gun too, in case of zombie outbreak, I live in the netherlands, who can hook me up?1301072641837
Anonymous: USA USA USA (no sarcasm intended)1305186223102

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Cigarette bullet lighter
Cigarette bullet lighter cigarette (45) , bullet (28) , lighter (13)

Source: SUBMIT / chan4chan URL: Info: JPG, 26 Kbytes (500x385) Added by: Anonymous (Dec 9, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Pyro: lol1260336049483
Anonymous: Yeah, I saw this, similar to the other image, which I'm going to look for and link to now....1260336514675
robohitler: that wouldn't work, youd need something to hit the percussion cap. myth busted.1260336582937

PUSSYDESTROYER: I would blow up with a torch lighter on it for about 10 minutes, but the bullet probably wouldn't go far, the shell casing would shoot off because it's lighter and nothing is holding it.1260338500434
Anonymous: Bullshit it wouldn't work. Need to put it in deeper, though. Ha. Deeper.1260703320975
Anonymous: Yeah, like you wouldn't notice the other end is heavier then the filter.1260731582770
Anonymous: The biggest reason why it wou;dnt work is that the brass wouldnt get hot enough. second its a percussion cap shell which means strike the itty bitty circle with a nail and bag. use a rimfire and you get better results1260732674705

chrisy: if it did work, it'1260901377854
chrisy: if it did work, it would sure stop you smoking1260901403601
MANDRAKE: Yes, that would work. It would have to be heated for a minute and the bullet would discharge, and the smoker would be hit in the face. Very nice work.1260909268450
douchenozzle: it's just an advertisement saying your killing yourself when you smoke. notice the bullet woul shoot the smoker.1260914581818
chrisy: could someone try it, and get a friend to post result1260953589148

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Bullet card joker
Bullet card joker bullet (28) , card (16) , joker (49)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 209 Kbytes (1060x966) Added by: LoLex (Jul 18, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Anonymous: awwwww pissss1253938223276


Does Not Approve.
Anonymous: why so serious?1253985892616
Anonymous: Faster than a speeding bullet? I think not...1253989437613
Anonymous: TROLL1254018002678
keithabarron: why soo siriAAAGHK1270784167245
y_no_fap?: this would look alot cooler at a GIF1272489054922
Anonymous: Rip, glue to window glass, and presto.....1293914974715
Anonymous: Wat ze fokk iz jou tallkin abut?1363770425739
lictor: We all know some joker we would like to put a bullet through1368564047584
Anonymous: Some people are alive ONLY because it is illegal to kill them.1368587726502
Aterspurt: source?1368645472557
FeelerDealer: The guy's a real card...he has to be dealt with!1368791966226

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Sniper gore head shot bullet
Sniper gore head shot bullet sniper (17) , gore (630) , head shot (1) , bullet (28)

Source: WEB / tehgiraffe URL: Info: GIF, 4091 Kbytes (411x208), Animated: 208 frames Added by: GTAMGSFAN (Feb 5, 2010) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Anonymous: TOO COOL!!!!!! What movie?!?!?1265381548784
Anonymous: sause?!?1265383006363
Anonymous: I think it's from "Wanted"1265390788221
Anonymous: I thank thee! I though it seemed silly so I never watched it, I was obviously wrong...1265392973504
Anonymous: it is silly. but this < is a moment which makes the whole movie worth watching,1265499239666
fap: yeah its from wanted1272859218819
Schldpdd: Wanted, too bad angelina jolie shoots herself1272976993523
+5 Asshole: One of the best parts of Wanted1273050794368
Stickman: If he miss the bullet travel the world and hits im on the back1273077952523
Sylvester Stallone: **Throws BULLSHIT Flag** - I'm calling Bullshit, 15 yard penalty...repeat the down.1273954213150
Ann T. Christ: "Reach out, reach out and touch someone..."1273954262341
Anonymous: K1279285522756
an0nymouse: gayest bullet ever.1279299264872
Anonymous: ya wanted1282362226629

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Hot bullet shell accident weapon
Hot bullet shell accident weapon hot (7) , bullet (28) , shell (9) , accident (233) , weapon (107)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: GIF, 1573 Kbytes (289x250), Animated: 87 frames Added by: bananaman (Oct 7, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Anonymous: hahaha, well deserved1255231241122
vynl_richi: All aboard the failboat1255474992246
zalzankavol: Fuckety fuck! That has happened to me and it fookin" HURTS! I'm not a Navy bitch tho.1255482093707
Anonymous: i don't even know wtf happened1255488411913
Anonymous: OH LAWDY DAT SHEET BE HAWT1255490260585
Gorygames: hahaha, yes, that makes my day.1255503531980
Anonymous: pretty funny1255510178733
Anonymous: hot.. hoot. h00t. hooot. HOOOOOOOOT1272468242407
Squirrely1: 1255490260585 :)1272484563995
Pyro: truth be told tho, That does hurt like shit1272484618334
Anonymous: lol1272604123124
SE3Pboi: damn i thought that guy was gonna get shot lol1272660927238
Moongrim: Yeah them shells get hot allright1272671057895

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Cleavage tits ammo bullet
Cleavage tits ammo bullet cleavage (77) , tits (2514) , ammo (16) , bullet (28)

Source: SUBMIT / chan4chan URL: Info: JPG, 249 Kbytes (920x1385) Added by: Kiap (Apr 9, 2012) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
MadNiggerish: tits, a spent shell casing and a child, WTF is going on here???1333982361127
Arschloch33: That's the way I like my history lessons1333983221777
Quantum69: ^^Kony 20121333991239547
MegaShit: And this is how we used to kill the Jews before we realised that we could get millions into the ovens if we gassed them instead of shooting them.1333994966325
Greeft: And this is how we used to kill the Jews before we realised that we could get millions into the ovens if we gassed them instead of telling them they'll only get 0.014% on the Deutschmark.1333995785966
Lexicon: That brass is from a blank.1334005625251
darkstan: ^^Ha ha ha... Um, nice tits.1334020023324
Anonymous: so much rape. . so little time1334021165546
chumpno1: sometimes your having a shit day, but then you cop a flash like this, and then everything feels much better1334120785392
anonymule: tbh....I didn't even notice there was a shell casing in this picture1334613987565
RubberG: Spent blank shell casing. Case mouth is crimped.1334627526462
anyoceans: It was a blank, really the casing is from a blank.1339831386344
r120616: a damn BIG blank1339852450416
veranet: WHO GIVES A FUCK ABOUT A BLANK?!!? TITS!1339892984393

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Shoot stop motion bullet money shoot (14) , stop motion (1) , bullet (28) , money (145)

Source: SUBMIT / chan4chan URL: Info: JPG, 32 Kbytes (450x338) Added by: Pyro (Feb 2, 2010) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
keithabarron: NOOOOO1270518784789
whackoguitarriff: oops. snorted too hard1270564313681
Stu: hmmm.... I do believe the tear is looking a bit like a beef curtain1270582240354
spoooks1: I will go with 36811270582937937
Bat-man: i needed paper for my blunt1274688209714
ElCapitan: serial #s still there, keep on snortin!1274823710226
RKB: DANG YOU...I could have used those hundred bucks. :-(1274826088559
fap: you do know this bill is getting shot right? you can clearly see the bullet lodged in Mr. Franklins cranium, and hair.1276831202738
Grave: it's just 100 relax..1276879175490
the7rafe7: i was going to use it as toilet paper anyway...1276879227118
afro'datheist: it's fake, a real bill would crumble or fold. actually i don't know wtf i'm talking about1276916076288
Anonymous: ITS A BULLET!1276949458611
Anonymous: fake the way its kinda burning1277587332504

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Flower bullet rose background
Flower bullet rose background flower (27) , bullet (28) , rose (14) , background (467)

Source: SUBMIT / chan4chan URL: Info: JPG, 836 Kbytes (2560x1600) Added by: djh123 (Mar 29, 2012) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Anonymous: a BB gun? weeeeeak1333033920723
Anonymous: ^ pellet gun dweeb... and BTW, your penis will never be big enough for you... tsk tsk...1333043260326
Anonymous: would be cooler with a real bullet1333128305483
MadNiggerish: pellet through a nitrogen rose?1333130472326
Anonymous: ^Rose frozen in liquid nitrogen.1333498363581
Anonymous: cool pic1333503306889
Queefly: Flower jizzed1333503445175
MrPerspective: That's a male sea anemone ejaculating @ full moon period. Coral reproduces that way, you know.1333748857667
LemmyLaffer: deserved bump1357751562590
darkstan: Scheduled bump maintenance.1403642352504
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X-ray skull bullet
X-ray skull bullet x-ray (35) , skull (78) , bullet (28)

Source: SUBMIT / chan4chan URL: Info: JPG, 59 Kbytes (990x542) Added by: Redrocco (May 7, 2010) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Redrocco: CAT Scan shows the placement of a 14.5 millimeter high explosive incendiary round which was removed from the scalp of an Afghan National Army solder at the Craig Joint Theater Hospital, Bagram Airfield, Afghanistan, March 18, 2011273239345605
Greeft: ^lol know they had didn't CAT scans in Roman times! Sorry, I know it was a typo and boy was he one lucky fucker though!1273239817364
Greeft: ^How did that sentence get so fucked???1273239859591
Tattoos: Direct result of those camel fuckers firing their weapons up in the air in celebration. Stupid shit stains.1312494026114
veranet: would have made a better pic had it asploded1312513523715
MasterM: alalallala!1312513604204
Anonymous: edited - unless he had a hole drilled in his head and a bullet dropped in. For a bullet to penetrate that far but stop, it would cause damage to the skull.1312514020815
#62: :01312698616647
Anonymous: Mortar rounds turn everything in the area into lethal shrapnel, stones, ammo belt buckles...1402473070692
Anonymous: Probably the last thing he had in mind!1403092230957
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VARIETY: The spice of life.
Weapon bullet variety ammo weapon (107) , bullet (28) , variety (1) , ammo (16)

Source: SUBMIT / chan4chan URL: Info: JPG, 72 Kbytes (750x600) Added by: Pyro (Nov 13, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
BeaversNDucks: Tracer, incendiary, nato ball (armor piercing steel penetrator), what a beautiful picture Pyro....thank you very much!1258092240530
Pyro: Why you are most welcome1258092365368
jackfrosty: Over 9000 solid gold karmas to pyro1258470463353
Anonymous: Is this a pic of Oleg Volk's?1265128454399
Pyro: War doesnt determine who is right, War determines who is left1265860913265
Anonymous: How enlightening Pyro. Did you read that cliche attempt at humour on the bathroom wall beside your favourite glory hole?1265865997628
Pyro: Pretty much ^1265866542482
AGENTDORK: war determins...............................Die1265888406172
fap: Props to Pyro1272855735382
Anonymous: Worth more than my 401K. Thanks Obamamamama!1272862122588
Anonymous: The spice of DEATH I would say1274990354371
NigBickDigger: nuts in ya maaf1278179303333
Grave: I have the red and the green... don't own a silver though..1278181897542
Anonymous: Had black tips, but they wouldn't let us bring [any ammo] back with us.1278182340954

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Rose art bullet
Rose art bullet rose (14) , art (1155) , bullet (28)

Source: SUBMIT / chan4chan URL: Info: JPG, 19 Kbytes (450x338) Added by: Pyro (Feb 2, 2010) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
WannEatFud: so that's what happens when roses fart1286298960292
Chucktowndcroz: needs to be hi res.....1286300453607
Anonymous: fud^ ur comment is fail1288000586834
Bongochops: Which sick twat goes around shooting a beautiful innocent rose1288000802728
BnSneky: whoa1288000976368
iStore Guy: isnt this the guy who freezes the flowers in liquid nitrogen before shooting them?1288010784636
darkstan: @6834- Rez makes everything better. No fail. Pic needs MOAR.1288011911386
Chanonymous: Metaphore for valentines day.1386996114546
Name: Comment:

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Gun hi-res photo bullet gold pistol gun (192) , hi-res (738) , photo (1862) , bullet (28) , gold (18) , pistol (11)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 990 Kbytes (2304x1728) Added by: jackfrosty (Apr 22, 2010) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Anonymous: When killing just an't gangsta enough bling that shit up1263992247438
Redrocco: I wonder wtf they call that finish?1263992314422
NiggerHater: looks like something a nigger would do1263995856440
Anonymous: I thought IMI made the Deser Eagle. If having a gun like that is being a nigger I will be a nigger anyday!1264003694345
Anonymous: ^true true banggold1264003861500
Terrorist Hunter: ^^ Custom "Gold Safari Pattern" Finish1264004212709
Redrocco: thnx for the info1264004261509
Anonymous: I'm drooling already gotta have.1270611797790
leashedhate: Ah man, FUCKING sweet.1270612871639
Anonymous: I got a 50cal a.e. Desert Eagle awesome gun and fun to shoot1270699625515
Anonymous: Looks cool, but I´m to pacifist to use weapons, really. but: Dum-Dums, make them fucking heads explode.1273869555111
Anonymous: it also comes in 45 apc and .401275927204886
Anonymous: You're doing it wrong!1275937478470
Assgurl89: Comes in .357, .41 mag. .45 auto-mag and .50 AE only1275937648131

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Gun shell bullet
Gun shell bullet gun (192) , shell (9) , bullet (28)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: GIF, 672 Kbytes (240x101), Animated: 45 frames Added by: * (Mar 7, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Anonymous: ahaha pwned nigra1247115424306
Anonymous: looks like undertakers funtime.....1254613863227
Killion: from the gods must be crazy1254615627309
Anonymous: lol1254615740115
Sinonymous: monkeys are funny1254633397302
TASTYbacon: ^MOJO JOJO^1254633859456
cracker_killer: ^still watches the powerpuff girls......^1254808872977
TASTYbacon: ^Powerpuff girls is fucking insane when your high as fuck .1254809482227
Pyro: Hells yeah and so is Teen Titans and Spongebob (i watch too many cartoons)1263711510943
Redrocco: ^venture brothers FTW1263711573606
Pyro: ^ LOL STONERS love cartoons apparently1272105674952
Anonymous: The Powerpuff Girls is amazing, full stop. Get off your pansy ego and learn to enjoy quality television.1272308077547
Anonymous: it's only amazing because of Bubbles1283938468137
fingerofdoom: ahahahaha.. ahahhahahah.. hahahahahaha1283939403142

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You fire a bullet with a muzzle velocity of 2000km/hr - THE TRAIN IS GOING 2000 km/h - WHAT WOULD HAPPEN?
Question train bullet question (218) , train (83) , bullet (28)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 14 Kbytes (457x402) Added by: sheck (Feb 17, 2010) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Pyro: Something funny1266378296924
KarmaPickles: Send this to /sci/ please. fucks up my buzz.1266379258896
Anonymous: my guess: the excact same thing that happens when you throw something out of a moving car... the principle should be the same... the train will leave the bullet behind, especially since the bullet has been fired in the opposit direction in this example1266380553416
Creepis: Can one stand and shoot from a platform going 2000 km/h? or would your organs explode, bones snap, etc.1266394723211
Anonymous: ^good question1266405865793
devshade: what should happen? bullet is moving with initial 2000km/h to the left side...thats it1266417262173
Bubble: 243 mils per hour you would be fine if you where straped to somthing... but fuck know what would happen, and i don't rly care.1266418067812
Bubble: 1242*1266418133873
aNOMynous: it would be like the gun is shot instead of the bullet, so the bullet falls vertically.1266426856800
aNOMynous: its like, when you drive 80mph and crash into a car that drives 80mph towards you, it's the same as crashing into a parked car with 160mph1266427085782
Anonymous: ^that's true, but in this case the bullet and train would not be moving towards each other but away from each other.1266528271283
Anonymous: You get arrested at the next station !1266535494414
Sparty: the bullet will explode in the gun... huh?1266794272988
Anonymous: It would leave the end of the gun barrel with an instantaneous velocity of 2000km/h according to a fixed reference point on the ground. The train man would see bullet speed + his speed 4000km/h.1266795773148

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.45 Round Through Hand
Hand gore bullet gun shot hand (101) , gore (630) , bullet (28) , gun (192) , shot (8)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 29 Kbytes (600x449) Added by: anonymous (Feb 26, 2010) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
robohitler: left 4 dead1267151291340
kinganonymous: ^ Lol1267157014476
Holtville760: hahahahahahah^^1271455201549
Anonymous: lol1271519059931
Samps: He'll never fap with that hand again.1271521929998
mudspunk: he'll fap like a champ, its half a vagina!1271526624683
slikwilly: next time you think it's a smart idea to catch a bullet in your hand.....Remember1271528968568
ImYourMomBIATCH: Mmm, i could eat it!1271530919837
Anonymous: why use a .45? Because shooting twice is silly.1273517789242
Anonymous: mmmmmeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaattttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!1273561070842
Anonymous: fake1273581647523
RiseN: ^ Retard1273592638186
boss: Now that's an oweee !1273602469896
NigBickDigger: At least it's not his fapping hand.1273602547388

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Bullet car art photo
Bullet car art photo bullet (28) , car (386) , art (1155) , photo (1862)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 168 Kbytes (1280x985) Added by: benji (Feb 9, 2010) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
zodd: nice1265687208340
Pyro: OH SHI-1265687274217
robohitler: new wallpaper, thats fuckin great1265704805165
fap: I came1272856582822
Anonymous: FAKE!!!1272872206725
Anonymous: FFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!1272887272146
Grave: I think it's shopped1272894269539
Stu: if this was your last view, you'd have been black1272982664811
Anonymous: Stupid european cars.1272983819815
Anonymous: Made by a chilean1276145569500
sickalko: ok i just have panic atack so please STOP!!! ....Oh it stops, that's not GIF ??? hehehehe1276573282983
hoden crabs: bad shoop is bad1280883037785
Anonymous: wait, what's he holding the camera with?? ;-)1281549361627
Anonymous: "Fake" no shit sherlock - dumb ass1281549464676

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Bullet lighter cigarette
Bullet lighter cigarette bullet (28) , lighter (13) , cigarette (45)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 19 Kbytes (400x600) Added by: Sinonymous (Dec 6, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Pyro: oooh1260245537126
Adolf28: Loved ths one1260273778847
Anonymous: I like it1260278049841

DarbyCrash: Anhero cigarettes1275778882615
Anonymous: its a newport1290388049439
Anonymous: I would smoke it1290468416679
GridLocK: knew a guy who lived in a shed and he put mini firecrackers hidden in his1294413088734
Anonymous: next nigger who bums a smoke gets this..1294415341708
Anonymous: ^^ yup, you can use ladyfinger firecrackers. Regular Black Cat firecrackers might blow a lip off.1294421778924
Anonymous: ....this is fail unless the lighter has a firing pin....1294427191928
blackal: Hold fire to it long enough, it will explode. Very dangerous.1294427525369
Anonymous: ^^1928^^ Yup... fail1294538764875
Anonymous: thats not how bullets work nigger!1314838553300

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Gun steampunk bullet
Gun steampunk bullet gun (192) , steampunk (19) , bullet (28)

Source: WEB / apina URL: Info: JPG, 99 Kbytes (540x720) Added by: anonymule (Dec 30, 2010) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Phadrus: Giger. Hope he is really back for the new Alien film.1293705218337
Anonymous: This piece of art from Giger is called "The birth machine"...1293719731230
Rex: Genius H.R.Giger ftw.1293729181205
Anonymous: fuck steampunk1304661250577
Glennocide@wrk: The new alien film has been scraped but gigers helping make this "new" modern take it fuking sucks :'(. cool pic tho gta love giger!1304673069564
BnSneky: nice1304679516963
Midgeinc: This is Awesome! nice op!1309870691544
NorwayJunkie: Yeah Giger is awesome.. big fan, have all his artwork, and Giger bio-mech stuff as wallpaper ALWAYS :)1309872112695
djh123: eh1313025026307
Quasimodo: WANT!1326717541426
RubberG: New Giger alien film comes out in June. "Prometheus"1326719073138
Anonymous: Thank you for sharing. You scarred my mind.1328299936910
Anonymous: That is not steampunk,.1329096564117
Anonymous: I have yet to meet man who can outsmart boolet1334086916605

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Weapon cg photo bullet
Weapon cg photo bullet weapon (107) , cg (60) , photo (1862) , bullet (28)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 258 Kbytes (1680x1050) Added by: gmode (Apr 4, 2010) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
sneekyself: got heat?1270447274736
Anonymous: nice bb-gun.1271074834302
Anonymous: lame airsoft.1271307172353
AmericanTool: noob-tube in hd1271316602473
spaz: idk alot of guns are made of plastic now because they need the metal for bullets1273698206488
Anonymous: BFG... Big Fucking Gun1273708347328
Anonymous: Mad Bull XMPB4 Paintball Grenade toys.1273756082648
robertpaulsin: urrsoft1273756331993
Anonymous: i came1273757589302
klabusterberry: CG photo? I thought it was a cat dog!1331553854246
UbinBUSHwhacked: YEAH!!!!! Peace through suppior fire power! HOORAW!1332671180282
RubberG: Madbull=airsoft1332672219262
BnSneky: nice1332673865229
Grave: it's just a M161332709915985

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Bullet crime
Bullet crime bullet (28) , crime (30)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 201 Kbytes (450x2500) Added by: * (Feb 4, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Pyro: Wat?1272105719115
Anonygod420: HA ^ he missed1272235999831
Anonymous: That was over fast.1274885086441
Anonymous: He should have became the bomb, the at least he would have killed one.1316983189372
The Original Spoon: He's a PAINTER!1316983825187
BnSneky: Lame1316984199558
Anonymous: dont get it1331417496919
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Bullet crash slow-motion
Bullet crash slow-motion bullet (28) , crash (59) , slow-motion (3)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: GIF, 1990 Kbytes (326x252), Animated: 49 frames Added by: killzMinuz9 (Apr 10, 2010) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
darkstan: Beautiful. I do sometimes wish that there were captions. What's the surface?1270928720682
Anonymous: i think it's wood. and there are no captions on the original at liveleak. it's silent too1288550362969
Anonymous: awesome1288561154755
Leashedhate: Wood?!? You're kidding right? Concrete, less you think we should be making BP vests out of wood.1288562284197
Anonymous: Thats not hitting wood, its troll hide.1288562324496
Limerick: It's a hollowpoint. It'd splinter hitting a sand bag.1288562404609
blablablue: so, this bullet is totally useless? i mean, it's supposed to go though the wall, isn't it?1288571705115
Anonymous: i know its slowmo but waiting for it to finish is just like the watching titanic.... JUST FUCKING SINK ALREADY!!!1288572510507
Anonymous: It's steel. Concrete would more than likely chip at least and wood would splinter.1288572839409
Uncle Harvey: It's made from the flesh of a Kryptonian, after being bathed in the light of a yellow sun...1288588987582
Ironmikie: Anon 9409 would be correct. Sufrace didn't budge=solid steel1288614487995
Ano: Hollow-point is used to cause extra internal damage, but they won't penetrate surfaces as easily.1292447547130
Anonymous: Its lead core FMJ or hollow point. Jacket is copper and peels back ike a banana. The core is lead and acts like a liquid under impact with steel. AP (armor piercing0 would have put a small hole or crater depending on how thick the steel is.1292448303732
Anonymous: Looks like a pretty flower...1297858195838

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Revolver trollface fffuuu smile meme ammo gun bullet
Revolver trollface fffuuu smile meme ammo gun bullet revolver (3) , trollface (105) , fffuuu (438) , smile (428) , meme (85) , ammo (16) , gun (192) , bullet (28)

Source: WEB / tehgiraffe URL: Info: JPG, 741 Kbytes (2560x1600) Added by: Choadboy (Jan 14, 2011) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Burrgeezy: One for teh lulz, for an hero, to troll a would be mugger, bustin a cap in DAT ASS, for those that FFUUUUUUckin piss ya off, and a bullet for great justice1294447083177
jaybyvan: That smiling bullet is for a nigger1294978924783
anonymule: what the shit bro!1295005052835
pancake: ^ look at the rez. thx choadboy!1295023594324
Anonymous: ^^^theyree all for niggers1300341211413
Armistice: saved, awesome.1300383047169
Anonymous: 2 will misfire1300383504665
GalacticStar: Seriously that's how it works.1300786753981
KriSega: wow thats pretty gfay1300834638228
Anonymous: shopped1303053826830
Anonymous: your all losers1303053984793
Furore23: Makes me proud to be an American.1303056240857
Razor187: Cool1306860317371
Tattoos: Ruger Security Six .3571311806020731
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4chan efg pedobear bullet
4chan efg pedobear bullet 4chan (628) , efg (18) , pedobear (335) , bullet (28)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 715 Kbytes (1941x3717) Added by: WTFisjuice (Apr 6, 2010) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
chemicalmix: Wow.. That Was An Epic Waste Of Time1270737721893
balder: only on 4chan1270765183925
Anonymous: Agree with balder /b/ is full of moron teenagers with the I.Q. of frozen turd1270770582667
KarmaPickles: ^full? wrong. filling up quickly with? yeah. the oldfag force is still present. old oldfags went to /x/ to be all paranormal.1270776669690
Anonymous: 8==D1277268527185
Anonymous: fuck that is so epic!!!! first anon can suck my dick1277269340482
Furore23: No, wrong. This is funny stuff. Anyone not in agreement is only saying that because their mouth is full of testicle.1277288390765
pedobear: MUST KILL EFG1308882914582
Canit: someone owes me five minutes of my life back1308883677404
Anonymous: so much win1309508954981
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