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(get in here, faggots)

Women cheat husband women (379) , cheat (19) , husband (7)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 94 Kbytes (630x538) Added by: 127.0.* (Jan 27, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
danie: even i have to say, white people are fucking stupid sometimes(i'm obviously a cracker myself.). i could totally see this happening in real life.1258277891489
Hughbie: Actually they all sit down together and calmly discuss the finer intricacies of disembowling....apparently there was an odd supply of "white" sashimi meat the following day....1258284087472
Hughbie: lol...correction... *disemboweling ....fuck me...1258284625529
crackerkiller5: post the results1258300351479
anonymous: i would take my chances to fuck that fine asian ass1258306648510
Anonymous: That is why it's good to always use protection ... in the form of a gun.1258316147620
Anonymous: someone gonna get katanaraped1258394903868
Furore23: ^ That's what they were hoping for.1277472681516
ɐʎ puıɥǝq sɯoɯ ɹnoʎ: gay ads are gay. posting ads as "funny pics" is gay. i’m gay. is you gay?1277715287485
Grave: end well for who?1277715578416
cliptoe: end? looks like the beginning to me1277767213813
vengance: why does the asian keep all his weapons by the door? and his bed in his living room?1277768122476
ElCapitan: at least he took his shoes off1277778169423
Anonymous: sauce?1277799853593

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Info sex cheat info (382) , sex (489) , cheat (19)

Source: SUBMIT / chan4chan URL: Info: JPG, 555 Kbytes (700x1700) Added by: Redrocco (Apr 16, 2010) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
NigBickDigger: tommorow, Im gonna have a chance to cheat on my very hot gf of 5 years with another very hot girl. Ill keep this mind.1278919422929
Anonymous: Some dat are just wrong ..1278919899197
Anonymous: i wanna join in and cheat too ! But can you cheat on yourself ? I have never been with a girl, only used my hand. will it still count as cheating ?1278924004326
crackerkiller5: the more you know...1278925071911
Pyro: ^ ...The less you care1278926292131
Anonymous: ever notice its always her callin u for booty call?1278926817934
Oldandevil: Embrace Polyamory1324205724502
Anonymous: ^ And end up like JDR? No.1324219271928
Quantum69: ^JDR?1324219463426
Quantum69: btw i found this most interesting, but none of this applies to me.1324219884810
Anonymous: ^^ Just go to ED and read up on the trainwreck that is JDR1324220005466
BnSneky: ummmmmmm might be1324220957471
Moongrim: Got Newt?1324237415305
huxley: ^lol I see what you did there1324316101836

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School cheat hand
School cheat hand school (160) , cheat (19) , hand (101)

Source: SUBMIT / URL URL: Info: JPG, 165 Kbytes (1168x929) Added by: * (Mar 9, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Anonymous: noob xD1244202588627
Anonymous: ^ wtf1244205897793
Anonymous: ha ha i did that in high school1252605881100
TS: Skillz1254517309937
Anonymous: Way to miss the point. Hint: there are only numbers and letters.1254537411964
DR captaine caos: i did the sames but on my down legs so i just had to put my legs on my other pull up my pant and look the awsner =D now im a doctor!1254971964564
Anonymous: FAIL1254974135358
Anonymous: I would hate to have you as a doctor then...1254982954549
keithabarron: ninja cheat asasin1270783654725
Squirrely1: He must have good eyes and dry hands...1270824227554
Anonymous: 1964: It's numbers and letters, answers to a multiple choice1270851604493
DOGMACHINE: Back in school 2 chicks wrote answers to test on thier legs above thier skirt the teacher busted them and they said he was perving lol fun times1270853819251
Anonymous: Word.1270854729156
Anonymous: I didn't need to do this in high school! Straight A's all the way!! ^.^ Lol except a C in stupid 3-D Design (Not a Computer Class)1285260831548

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Finger nail cheat pen ad
Finger nail cheat pen ad finger (173) , nail (24) , cheat (19) , pen (14) , ad (211)

Source: SUBMIT / chan4chan URL: Info: JPG, 270 Kbytes (1400x962) Added by: RKB (Jan 24, 2012) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Quantum69: Cheater!!!1327444648565
Moongrim: Sneaky1327458090948
Everdark: advertising ... helping stupid kids pass with the power of suggestion.1327468879952
halfmast: i don't understand any of this bull shit1327474580849
boogie9: Pixxals lads LOOK AT THEM !!!1327482539128
Moongrim: Perhaps if you paid attention in class you'd understand it.1327499637442

Anonymous: shopped1327533742766
Moongrim: Vector Rotation1327588595945
Anonymous: bdsm1329252329348
huck1944: some people will do anything1388258436318
Anonymous: Lazy bitch1391225790508
Anonymous: Our physics teacher said we could bring a half A4 paper with anything written on it to the exam. Formulas, info, whatever. Most did, after spending the better part of an evening, trying to fit everything. Nobody used theirs on exam day. My physics teacher is a smart guy.1552799215410
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Exam cheat arm
Exam cheat arm exam (15) , cheat (19) , arm (38)

Source: SUBMIT / chan4chan URL: Info: JPG, 99 Kbytes (610x813) Added by: ajmisback (Oct 28, 2011) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Anonymous: lvl: pro1319775697888
chumpno1: lvl: prostitute / future stripper1319778463175
Aganonymous: lvl: handjober1319779548809
Anonymous: lvl: wut?1319786141426
Quantum69: lvl: over 90001319789174226
chumpno1: lvl: c-c-c-ccccooommmbbbooooo bbbreeaaakkkkkeerrrrrr1319789825562
Anonymous: Shopped ! Right hand is female left hand is male1319913946543
Tattoos: ^ Good eye.1324611712154
Anonymous: Or the arm just isn't in the sleeve. In the full sized picture, it looks a tad flat.1328146187990
Anonymous: lvl: u get caught and expelled from uni1328182569781
BnSneky: hahahahaha1328197126220
Observo: Laptop?1328207262484
Anonymous: Goro???1328488800191
Anonymous: wtf why she have 3 arms1328774606645

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Woman says she became pregnant after watching porn in 3D
Fail stupid news cheat black baby story fail (642) , stupid (54) , news (207) , cheat (19) , black (392) , baby (246) , story (204)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: PNG, 317 Kbytes (632x721) Added by: Anonymous (Jun 6, 2010) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Anonymous: unbelievable....LOL what a Bitch !1273687417774
ghostoftime: repressed genes will fuck up your marriage1273688013404
Anonymous: Oh my fricken stupid.1273695288545
DutchGuy: cool story brah1273695415372
absinthe: I read this and can think I are stupider getting1273705356989
balder: "The film in 3D are very real". Come on, it say a dude who supposed to have a knowledge war technology on planet, hell yes the rest of the world don't compare whit you America.1273724042271
Anonymous: if she was for Avatar in Cinema..what would the Kid be..? Blue like a Smurf ???1273738018233
iprobablyhateyou: i got herpes from watching "A Night in Paris"1273756944296
Choadboy: @ iprobablyhateyou, good one!1273772866856
???: she is too ashamed to admit she fucked a nigger, she wants his army benefits1273773162649
Furore23: Re-post = boring as fuck.1275819867349
Anonymous: lol husband doent know shit1275830707995
cindais1: ^ No, husband is keeping his mouth shut to later claim his "Free Fuck" card.1275875478466
Anonymous: fuckin whore coming up with dumb excuses, looks like she went full retard after being knocked up by niggers1275892748900

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needless to say they'd all die of starvation shortly after
Sims shit experiment cheat wife game sims (2) , shit (239) , experiment (12) , cheat (19) , wife (24) , game (185)

Source: SUBMIT / chan4chan URL: Info: PNG, 49 Kbytes (772x634) Added by: Choadboy (Mar 5, 2012) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Anonymous: i used to kill civilians in might and magic VI as soon as i had the ressurection spell and using save/restore if the game took too long.1330950244802
Everdark: "Wanna play a game?"1330950445163
Tattoos: I used to do similar things. I'd keep creating peoplle and killing them off until the house would be swarming with ghosts.1330950650401
Quantum69: It's a good thing this guy isn't G-d.1330961739386
iprobablyhateyou: if this is possible to do tell me and i will buy the sims right now1330962540425
Deadache: Reminds me of playing Zoo Tycoon years ago. Once I got a nice zoo going, I'd take down the exhibit walls and allow the animals to feast.1330962704151
Anonymous: i wanna buy me that indian guiness book midget lady and put her in a small box and rattle it and hear her high squeaks.1330970568148
Cheesecake: Full of Win !!!1420325850324
Anonymous: ^^FUKKEN LOL!! ¦D1524382728838
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Link to this:'d_all_die_of_starvation_shortly_after

There's someone else, isn't there, Gloria?
Sex cheat stretch question comic vagina sex (489) , cheat (19) , stretch (48) , question (218) , comic (464) , vagina (226)

Source: SUBMIT / chan4chan URL: Info: JPG, 44 Kbytes (450x464) Added by: HornyBear (Feb 7, 2010) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Anonymous: no white guy has a dick that big1276463252718
Grave: ^yeah and a nigger does.1276465527781
Anonymous: I'm a nigger and my cocks tiny, and I've got wirey pubes that make it look even smaller. It's embarrassing.1276546503394
Nigger: I agree, we dirty niggers do have small genitals. kthxbai.1276547118485
Anonymous: im white and got an 22cm cock. Short ? :D1278078075625
Clownichter: ^ eurofag1278089852460
Anonymous: ht tp://www.lage rassas u k/gen/1278089877405
GripX: lol people calling themselves "nigger" are white ho pretending to be black1278107833131
Anonymous: the guy under the bed's cock is too white.1281130701133
AnonymousFR2B: oO1281130860363
Anonymous: fer der grip.. thankyou for your analysis Doctor of retarded uneeded knowledge, we newfags will take it from here.. ;o1281530455358
Anonymous: you could hear the wind howling in her pants1285073612179
Shitskinkiller: @1133: "Too white" for you to have him pounding your ass?! He's probably not a faggot...1285169246668

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Link to this:'s_someone_else,_isn't_there,_Gloria?

Mcdonald's burger king wendy's cheat art
Mcdonald's burger king wendy's cheat art mcdonald's (65) , burger king (5) , wendy's (3) , cheat (19) , art (1155)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 124 Kbytes (780x498) Added by: HornyBear (Sep 30, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Sinonymous: King is King1254504915625
jackfrosty: "Its GOOD to be teh king..."1254728508298
Drilldo!: "Ronald? Shut the door, you fucking clown..."1254738996621
Anonymous: hes the king your a clown ... plus gingers shouldn't be reproducing1254801106889
Pyro: Which would u pick? A king or a clown that hangs around kids allday long?1254801319306
FalzeProphet: Jack in the Box is hiding in the closet fucking the Taco Bell dog1255068669907
Anonymous: Hail to the king baby1267259071677
Captain Obvious 2: kingblock1268478439384
Anonymous: ronald mcgodamneddonald1270925566138
FascistZack182: Wendy knows what's good1270932318413
AmericanTool: Wendy how could you?1271025359394
Anonymous: fucking ass clown! KING ME BITCH!1271032366973
Anonymous: i hit the sac with him too before i would consider a freak clown1271653778323
Anonymous: XD1280730141509

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***asleep in girlfriends dorm room*** - 3AM ***Awoken by loud banging on room door*** DERPINA ITS ME! OPEN THE DOOR!!! - Whos that? - OMG its my ex! He's gonna be so mad at me if he see's me sleeping with someone else. Go get in my roommates bed.
Sex women comic pokerface cheat rage sex (489) , women (379) , comic (464) , pokerface (3) , cheat (19) , rage (44)

Source: SUBMIT / chan4chan URL: Info: JPG, 285 Kbytes (456x4141) Added by: ticklethis (May 12, 2011) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
chumpno1: dude, everyones fucking her.1305185555607
Anonymous: see's ? did monkeys on typewriters make this? the fuck.1305185622248
ticklethis: french monkeys1305345500554
Anonymous: il est vrai. singes français aussi1305352909542
uberbarf: YYYEEAAARRRGGGHH. I'd be soo pissed.1307327929217
Burrgeezy: let your jurisdictions Crime Of Passion Laws be your guide1307328008632
Anonymous: ^ lol1307482402554
The Original Spoon: Dumbass, go get in the roommate's bed already.1341702575806
Bonefish: So what if she's still fucking him? Arrange it so you can watch while they're fucking. Or better yet, join in on the fun with a threesome.1374392583237
Anonymous: ^1374463828428
Anonymous: ^ the problem with cheating it's that somethimes in the hurry, she doesn't clean her holes well... so you may by tasting the others guy dick... think about it.1374463964899
Anonymous: dat realization1406778081769
Anonymous: DERPINA!!!!1406869668313
darkstan: Did I really hate this? I just LOL'd. I must be crazier than I thought. Sorry, Internet, for the random bursts of hate. I realize that it's really the main problem, in terms of interacting with other people.1406869754766

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Link to this:***asleep_in_girlfriends_dorm_room***_-_3AM_***Awoken_by_loud_banging_on_room_do or***_DERPINA_ITS_ME!_OPEN_THE_DOOR!!!_-_Whos_that?_-_OMG_its_my_ex!_He's_gonna_ be_so_mad_at_me_if_he_see's_me_sleeping_with_someone_else._Go_get_in_my_roommate s_bed.

Convicted killer got over $30,000 unemployment while in LA jail
Story cheat benefit article story (204) , cheat (19) , benefit (2) , article (57)

Source: SUBMIT / chan4chan URL: Info: JPG, 125 Kbytes (656x813) Added by: fiveby5 (Mar 6, 2012) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
fiveby5: this is why gov't can't be trusted to manage ANYTHING...1330990244499
fiveby5: & i hate to comment twice on my own submit, but i 4got that on top of being jailed for murder and fraudulently receiving benefits AND having a murder fresco on his chest, the guy HAS TWO GIRLFRIENDS!?! ...livin' the dream1330990454421
Quantum69: ^he's a beaner, what else did you expect from this 'ese'?1331015888652
spz557: why they even bother keeping these cunts, 'convicted of killing another gang member'. Who gives a fuck, do what China would do, kill the cunt and send the cost of the bullet(s) to the family.1331028183818
RubberG: "a tattoo on his chest of the crime scene" Detectives had it easy on this one.1331030345781
Itzcuintle: ^Not only of the crimescene but of the crime itself. Allthough the victim is depicted as a peanutman.1331040486700
Anonymous: it's in comic fucking sans1338499058974
Anonymous: no more prisons. just deep mass graves. gang bangers first. then their families . buried alive1340555172274
Anonymous: What did he spend it on? lol1341115782737
Anonymous: lol WIN i hope he bought guns,drugs and hoes1343656809933
Anonymous: keep allowing garbage into the US. The subhuman spic in the picture needs to be killed and so does its beaner kind.1343707298589
crewsey: look at his pic. he looks like one of those thaiwanese drag queens1343707451885
Derpina: Really? Comic sans was the font choice?1377246780218
Bulbasaur111919: I'm suspicious of his 45 year old 'girlfriend'. Only 2 years younger than his dad was she? Probably a similar age to his mum...1377248724493

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Link to this:$30,000_unemployment_while_in_LA_jail

HER - ME - Nigger she cheated with
Sarah Tudyk facebook nigger cheat story Sarah Tudyk (1) , facebook (159) , nigger (630) , cheat (19) , story (204)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 250 Kbytes (927x751) Added by: StrangerDanger (Jun 13, 2010) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
anonymule: Fuckin look at you dude....U MAD? Lulz....1276394362612
Anonymous: makes one feel quite ill...1276395550593
Whatchamacallit: 1276400781580
Anonymous: I trust you killed him?1276403942578
Anonymous: I trust you killed both?1276406772543
GhostNinja: "I WANNA KILL 'EM ALL" (Dominic Santiago, Gears of War 2)1276407217233
⸨AD⦾LF⸩: Kill Nigger then Her !1276408261249
Dr. Dietmar Posselt: Man, check for for HIV. Damn.1276409773554
Anonymous: Dude... what the fusk is she doing with you. You look like a total retard. Just be happy she let you stand next to her in that picture!1276412351190
TopGun: Post porn pics of her for revenge, NOW!1276413360845
Anonymous: hopefully you don't have AIDS, kill her1276416616531
wyngrc: looks like shes taken herself off of facebook ....lol1276417007918
Dr. Dietmar Posselt: 1190: ^^1276422448990

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Boxing punch foul cheat boxing (15) , punch (55) , foul (1) , cheat (19)

Source: SUBMIT / chan4chan URL: Info: GIF, 2031 Kbytes (480x360), Animated: 57 frames Added by: foojang (Feb 3, 2011) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Günther Wirrkopf: Only Rule...there is NO RULE ! way to go hahahahar1296769533933
Anonymous: every one has a plan until they get punched on the nose...1296770289163
Anonymous: big fat coward1296770403418
Anonymous: Way to go?! Way to go?!?! No. 3 is right. That's a coward's way. Would be like Clint Eastwood hiding behind doors are shooting the bad guys in the back. That's not what we want. We want our face-to-face 'Do you feel lucky, punk?' moments.1296775819726
MegaShit: There are no cowards or heroes, only winners and losers.1296846600577
Anonymous: ^You think they made that guy the winner? LOL1296872481953
chrud: ^but it says in the name of the gif that it's a win... it must be so! at any rate, the d00d in the red trunks lost...1296898813766
aval: Later..1296899243441
Weed: That's not Nicholas Cage!1296935557922
Alkarnur: I hope they DQ'ed him. If not, then they're full of shit.1296956347576
Anonymous: yep he was dq'd1298288275981
crazyassmofo: ^^Ru stoned??1298308531934
Anonymous: this is an automatic dq1298347724668
Anonymous: what a faggot pussy1298352155773

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Cheat suicide story
Cheat suicide story cheat (19) , suicide (93) , story (204)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: PNG, 78 Kbytes (729x1468) Added by: cygnus (Nov 23, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
anon: I don't know mah photoshopz, but this is hardly how it'd actually end if the guy would kill himself; they'd be partying till morning1258999269186
cogent: Nicely done1259375809263
Anonymous: He's doin it wrong, you gotta kill the other dood, then shoot the bitch a few times but be sure not to have it kill her instantly, then shoot yourself in front of her as she is about to die. Or just kill em both and then go on a shooting spree.1259385515175
anonymous: thats not how it would end...1259419843623
dings77: author is a fag. the bitch wouldn't care and the dude wouldn't end up int he psych ward. he'd be stoked and have the best party story ever.1273674226557
angie: 175 is right i guess1273674792289
the7rafe7: fucking faggot get over it1278992256706
Pyro: lulz1278992435664
vengance: dam emo-fag you do-ing it wong you supposed to shoot him not yous-self!1278996015462
Anonymous: i'd be cool about it. then when i have the money from the promotion i'd shoot the bitch and burn the bastard's house down, then make smores over his house. and then i'd probably get on a jet and swing over to amsterdam or something like that1278996240209
Anonymous: I don't think so.1284621192825
Anonymous: Just super glue his dick in her ass and throw them out onto the sidewalk.1287100866954
Snork: The husband only CLAIMS he'll do this. If he was man enough to pull the trigger she wouldn't be fucking some other guy.1287171038437
NORWAYchan: yeah fucking right...the two of them would just resume fucking till they were finished then call the cops. It wouldn't have effected them in the slightest. You just made it easier for them by killing yourself lol.1287189819828

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Sport basketball cheat eyes poke
Sport basketball cheat eyes poke sport (55) , basketball (19) , cheat (19) , eyes (485) , poke (11)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 57 Kbytes (750x500) Added by: maizz (Feb 27, 2010) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
iprobablyhateyou: got your nose1267232746655
RobertPaulsin: ^lole1277312662983
Anonymous: Vulcan mind mel1277320279353
Anonymous: It was just a pinch1286052570685
fav: you sir are obiously an alien, ill take that mask out1293136977434
Anonymous: mrreeowrrr! fsk! fsk! fsk!1293267294674
kermit: dirty!!1293297868462
Anonymous: die mormon die!!!!!!!11!!!1294399294253
BnSneky: i liek this guy1294403992666
foxboy: Good defense is a smart offense.1309798199395
Banshee5: lol moar like got your face1309798392279
Canit: Let's see how the Mormon version of Jesus does at curing the blind1309798943438
Anonymous: OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWW! Jesus fucking Christ that must have hurt1325481106743
Anonymous: Since when does photoshop hurt?1389897732287

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If you cheat in engineering classes, you will kill people later. for your own sake and everyone else, quit or learn the material
Engineering cheat warning sign engineering (1) , cheat (19) , warning (27) , sign (282)

Source: WEB / apina URL: Info: JPG, 43 Kbytes (720x960) Added by: Anonymous (Apr 18, 2010) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Donaldd;;;;;;: Ou est passée Bubble, c4c, sale chinois ???????????1271696632224
Anonymous: hard to argue with this1271710513583
ElCapitan: Can't argue there....btw, wtf is on the front of that page?1274746802170
Furore23: Wait... you get to kill people by cheating in engineering class? SIgn me up!1275061251231
Solomon Grundy: it warrants cheating in other subjects....... like poetry and literature?1283033955176
Anonymous: ^ no, just shows how little they really matter compared to real subjects.1283040339112
castleanthrax: makes me wanna cheat in class, no?1283388290821
Anonymous: lol, I'm an engieer and I design things that kill people, wtf does that mean?1283395782978
Furore23: ^ It means that you are the winner.1283430835169
Solomon Grundy: it's all bullshit! I am doctor and did my MD by cheating in every exam....... now I am a famous doc! pretty famous in all the local coroners . he he he he1285009133679
Bigfrank: That is why im going to contract a cheater to build the projects in the north side of the city. "What happened? It looks like a building collapsed and killed a bunch of niggers. Aw, Shucks."1285009333149
Solomon Grundy: Cheat Doc: I am an excellent doc, none of my patient returned with a complaint after first dose.......1285154149802
Anonymous: Furore23>Solomon Grundy1285156455867
Anonymous: lol its says for your own sake1285162599421

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Link to this:,_you_will_kill_people_later._for_your_own_sa ke_and_everyone_else,_quit_or_learn_the_material

How to cheat on a test
Exam cheat howto coke bottle exam (15) , cheat (19) , howto (118) , coke (35) , bottle (32)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 1770 Kbytes (988x2718) Added by: Anonymous (Feb 7, 2012) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
greyhoundpaul: we were never allowed to take drinks into the exam hall.1328720751254
MadNiggerish: brilliant1328722904119
blueburn: I tried it. All bottles had to have labels removed before entering exam. Some dickhead was caught doing this1328735648146
djh123: dat skill..1369027676625
djh123: OR ... you could fucking learn something be smart instead of fucking cheating your way through life.1369027703366
Anonymous: 'merrukaaah !1369065493128
Anoman: ^^Being smart doesn't get you anywhere in life. So much effort for so little. You get more things done with cheating.1369070345250
Anonymous: We weren't allowed any food or drink in classrooms, exam rooms etc at any time ever. And if you were taking exams you weren't even allowed to make a piss.1369070490260
Gorgonops: That, or just simply stich the cheating sheet between the bottle and the tag, half empty bottle, read through it.1369350594891
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Cat sex cheat
Cat sex cheat cat (896) , sex (489) , cheat (19)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 252 Kbytes (800x534) Added by: * (Feb 23, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Babble: im awn yur roof, peekin at ur seks1250568721549
lastwinj: so, dis what seks be?1250609214239
roflz: Pussy on pussy. What's not to love?1250621588431
randyvanburen: Let there be love....1250623617113
Anonymous: she's cheating on the balck pussy1251024995198
damanc: nigger cat caught fapping1251310837241
Anonymous: i see what you did there....1255981704739
Anonymous: When they're done, i'll show him how to eat pussy!1265462320557
MrPerspective: WTF : What Them Felines?1304891901601
Ghostoftime: BLACK CAT: WHAT YOU LOOKING AT NIGGA?!?1304972988285
BnSneky: i hate catz1304973774664
MrPerspective: LOL, that cat's on a hot tin roof!1304988404385

<--- @ BnSnekyfag: we h8 U 2, so thar.
MrPerspective: ^ Raspu-tin. Nao, THERE was a cat that really was gone.1305079448246

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Cheating - Level: expert
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Anonymous: LOL1298023282678
Rorix: If only I had thought of this, back in school days...1298040291588
lily84: nice1298053731646
Cuntfux: Not expert level...U can still see his other hand.1298053786528
SouthernPride: I used to just text myself notes for math, then just say i was using the calculator on my phone1298081429928
nerdherd: i dont have books to cover my invisible hand1303197618528
ManWhore: Vietnam beat ya to it japan...1306022992929
Anonymous: in japan they dont need to1306032980507
Anonymous: thought he was fappin'1320474343442
MegaShit: You only cheat yourself... The biggest lie of the school years.1320495401722
BnSneky: very nice1320501171480
nigel: win1354852886156
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