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(get in here, faggots)

Westboro baptist church kanye west protest sign westboro (9) , baptist (6) , church (21) , kanye west (19) , protest (196) , sign (282)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 562 Kbytes (1600x1200) Added by: Choadboy (Apr 27, 2010) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
darkstan: LMFAO1272393033569
Anonymous: win1274352302305
CerealKiller: epic win1274363682747
Purplekush420: hahahah1274377645434
sick bitch: Mel Gibson is a cocksucker, everybody nows, that he loves men. it´s not a rumour, go google it!1276721568347
ElCapitan: ROFL. that's fuckin' priceless1276732929554
beepb00p: faggot liberals1276904820621
Anonymous: Ohh look at me I'm a attention whore I protest for a cause Becuase I have nothing better to with my time.1276918404614
crackerkiller5: you sir win all the internets1276926467394
Anonymous: how is this gay fish?1278620135140
Anonymous: Lay off the road warrior - he kicks ass! We all say stupid sh*t when we drink1278789647553
Grave: Priceless1278790227965
Anti-PC Hero: Yeah, the Road-warrior would kick libtard-marxist asses.1278807067158
Anonymous: I'm telling Kanye!1281854974222

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Religion church burn quran religion (396) , church (21) , burn (66) , quran (16)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 52 Kbytes (650x366) Added by: Anonymous (Sep 8, 2010) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Anonymous: If those assholes were burning Bibles this attention fag would be going absolutely fucking nuts!! He probably plans to dynamite his own church!!1283901172648
defeat: Nazi's burned books...just sayin.1283902231820
Anonymous: ^ great observation; he probably doesn't know anything about it - that would require reading something besides the Bible and the Turner Diaries...1283902738829
interwebz: AMERICA: ITS A SHIT HOLE1283906970836
Anonymous: BURN Plz. I mean, its not like we're executing gays or performing honor killing on a 14 year old. Or even the standard beheading. Muslims can suck it.1283908653420
Anonymous: one thing you gotta give em credit for - they know how to keep a Bitch in her place!! We could learn a few lessons...1283910863147
Anonymous: Today is Koran-Burning day. Can we rely on your support?1283920114385
ThayerVanHagar: I really would have no problem with this if he did it on 09/12.1283931775535
Anonymous: So this will piss off the ragheads.. Nuke 'em from orbit.. It's the only way to be sure.1283946279841
Greeft: He's dyslexic, it's actually International Burn A Korean Day!1283946500198
Anonymous: No, it should be burn acorns day, actually.1283955746677
Greeft: 3 hours is a bit of a short day too???1283958146560
Anonymous: if you soak your Quran in crude oil and wrap it in shit smeared Hog skin it'll b urn for 4-5 hours...1283964581841
BriceFxP: Should have to attend that party... lots of easy bitches1283964702310

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Gay church street
Gay church street gay (469) , church (21) , street (111)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 41 Kbytes (450x297) Added by: 78.144.* (Apr 26, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Anonymous: Haha,thats in Knoxville1240898132351
Anonymous: no, it's in nashville, tennessee1243570060284
Anonymous: I thought church WAS gay1243580542277
Anonymous: nashville. lived near by. more on the intersection. not gay and fuck god.1248505865342
Anonymous: It'a in Knoxville TN you goofs!1271120937850
Anonymicus: The gays don't want anything to do with those damned pedophiles.1281283530376
Limerick: They're on the same road.1281285061759
Limerick: And anon is a moron.1281285073684
Anonymous: Choices.128210782899
GalacticStar: Run red light1300838635875
Anonymous: it's in Pedoville TN you trolls. Tennessee IS pedoville1300842286897
BnSneky: what1300843759953
GalacticStar: ^^Going to church and being gay has nothing to do with subject matter posted.1301059751852
GalacticStar: I your salad...:(1301060338850

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Church laptop
Church laptop church (21) , laptop (42)

Source: SUBMIT / chan4chan URL: Info: JPG, 56 Kbytes (700x489) Added by: aKill (Mar 19, 2010) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
fap: hold up, i just got an email from the big man more cheetos1272801579410
chuck churchhoe: that hand knows how to touch a little boy, i know what im talking bout. plus im hungry for shit1272818526355
Furore23: So THAT'S where Saddam Hussein's been hiding all this time.1359891461494
Anonymous: i am not ignucius stallmann but i assure you this computer only runs windows1371051469649
Anonymous: supposedly the version is called x windows or something1371051513700
Anonymous: blasphemy1371053199196
Anonymous: He's performing an exorcism on the soul of Steve Jobs.1371085427213
lictor: That's not the way to erase your browsing history1388071728502
ethelred: You are quite wrong about all priests liking little boys; there are quite a lot of them who prefer little girls1547601427653
Anonymous: Lose the connection he'll forget what he wanted to say1547635886825
Anonymous: Send them the SATAN virus! Oh, and it seems you ^ misspelled HELL.1547671827465
Anonymous: "In the name of the Microchip, the RAM, and the Unix Server, be healed!!"1547833001535
Anonymous: "I will now raise my hand and touch the balls of God! See? They are touching!"1547840393713
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We at the Catholic Church fuck boys all day long. That's all we ever do.
Religion church pedo pope letter religion (396) , church (21) , pedo (207) , pope (50) , letter (24)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 28 Kbytes (350x350) Added by: Pedobear (Oct 30, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
jackfrosty: I think we knew that before the memo...1257230607342
Anonymous: LOL. Sarcasm /detected1257650617264
Johan: SWEDEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1258240468800
spoooks1: Stating the bleeding obvious there..1259713641648
Hughbie: Nice to confirm the obvious...but when will you stop fucking them?1259714696163
Anonymous: and small livestock1277448144315
Anonymous: Girls or boys1283228581255
Anti-PC Hero: Those "Catholics" that fucks boys are jewboys who infiltrated into Catholicism to give it bad image. That's at least what I gather after those jewboy-sounding surnames that those perpetrators often got.1283259004919
Anonymous: anti-pc hero is an awesome aryan specimen, seriously, sieg heil1283300452739
Munster: What a happy family...1290689090703
Anonymous: wrong ...just wrong1301179062436
BnSneky: nice, you faucktards1301179121256
Anonymous: sweden? but where protestant...1339327626843

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Church public penis ass nude religion blasphemy
Church public penis ass nude religion blasphemy church (21) , public (110) , penis (1055) , ass (998) , nude (979) , religion (396) , blasphemy (7)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 91 Kbytes (640x480) Added by: noob2010 (May 27, 2010) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Anonymous: Someone's gonna have some 'splainin' to do on Judgement Day lol1274926537836
Anonymous: holy goatse?1274937978591
cliptoe: So get down upon your knees Fiddle with your rosaries Bow your head with great respect And genuflect, genuflect, genuflect1275000629303
Anonymous: holy asshole1277045426862
veranet: Its communion time, come get your meat!1277062586665
cv0712d: transubstantiation of bread into the body1277063377366
Atheist: "I left my collar here somewhere."1277063562571
cv0712d: He's looking for a prayer book.1277064356343
Anonymous: Hell, if God doesn't exist why did He create choirboys?1277066722358
Anonymous: Someone got fucked over in church today.1279517229410
Anonymous: i might be atheist butt that is wrong asshole1279518025930
Anonymous: another priest looking for his alter boy!1279718406670
Anonymous: i'm all for a good laugh...but desecrating a house of worship is taking it a little too far c'mon guys...this shit ain't funny...have a little faith :(1279720436845
Anonymous: Genesis 2:25: "And they were both naked, the man and his wife, and were not ashamed."1279762636805

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Religion church debate
Religion church debate religion (396) , church (21) , debate (10)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 270 Kbytes (395x2538) Added by: * (Jun 20, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Anonymous: lol wonder if its shopped or real1246331412623
Anonymous: It's lame.1246332891195
Fatonymous: BAHAHAHAHHA!1254319719736
All american: definately shoped but funny1254323118419
Anonymous: Its grate!1254335580621
Bubble: my pet rock is still alive, it's 12 in November1254335677295
Anonymous: ^ /sarcasm1264515544885
gta: gta 25:4 "and photo shoppers will burn in hell"1264515765480
KarmaPickles: LOL, like watching 2 retarded kids argue. Catholic's win but they're still retarded.1264531861177
Anon mouse: This.... this is amazing1264534359208
Anonymous: SIGN GENERATOR1270939171825
Anonymous: hey how can the lamb lay down with the lion in heaven if there is no animals. this church is wrong there be animals there1271656060375
Anonymous: silly church while i at it. he prepares a place in a mansion i think is that stone or what have they been there. no one knows not even the churches1271656276437

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HA HA HA - what happened to Europe? you used to be cool ! - YOU ARE NOW AT GROUND ZERO
Usa europe wtc muslim church usa (445) , europe (91) , wtc (104) , muslim (92) , church (21)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 280 Kbytes (852x1974) Added by: Furore23 (Aug 11, 2010) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Moongrim: Truth1281570418774
Anonymous: We're so fucked!1283439568168
Venator21: fucking arab cunts1283442153391
Anonymous: It's the Plan of the Jews...Let the Muslims fuck the Christians !1283444322620
Anonymous: ^wati i thought America was jew-land?1283445221503
Jesus: ^Not anymore since theres a MOSQUE on ground zero, fucking arab nigger monkey of a president1283446248126
anon: hahahahahahaha1283446881978
Anonymous: America is full of Jews, niggers and now sand niggers ! Muahaha1283672215845
GrYm: This is to put pressure on the people along with the variety of crisis, it will eventually start the war.1283673914704
Anonymous: ^ do it faggot !1283673971322
Anonymous: The Mossad was behind 9/11 to draw in the US.1284356376171
ShitskinKiller: Like there isn't enough conflicts with this now non-homogene Western world, now the'll soon move all the loser-people from the 3rd-world into the Western world...1284367822128
Anonymous: OBAMA IS SO COOL.................I LOVE HIM1284371172195
Anonymous: Amerifags call the french pussies even thought they're lettin camel jockeys build wherever the fuck they want1284499316960

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Link to this:!_-_YOU_ARE_NOW_AT_GROUN D_ZERO

Church xmas god came church (21) , xmas (55) , god came (1)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 53 Kbytes (604x453) Added by: blackboots (Jan 2, 2010) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
rammace: Dirty, dirty maria :D1262685787797
jamieninjasun: ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww1262815091662
ImaD00d: And it was good.1262823742636
Anonymous: As the snow fell silently he... jizzed in his pants!1262882678694
circusmnkee: Wow, the church of Troll. I'll come there. (hehe)1262887818592
KarmaPickles: god came (1), poor god, he must be doing it wrong.1264401422831
Anonymous: thats where snow comes from...the more you know1264412779820
AGENT DORK: lmfao1264564032926
Anonymous: so the snow is god's cum? i get it :-)1264591601164
Anonymous: Hoorah1279775153724
God: *Trollface* problem humanity?1281118322268
GrYm: Second coming... now I get it.1282496506746

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Art religion nun blasphemy peek church jesus
Art religion nun blasphemy peek church jesus art (1155) , religion (396) , nun (15) , blasphemy (7) , peek (16) , church (21) , jesus (227)

Source: SUBMIT / chan4chan URL: Info: JPG, 94 Kbytes (800x600) Added by: Anonymous (Sep 9, 2010) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
chrud: hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!1284067575232
poke: nice teats1284067654468
Anonymous: Well known in France1284067903655
AZO9Swall0deD: carmen cru1284154445408
Anonymous: Sœur Marie-Thérèse des Batignolles.1292225712405
MrPerspective: ^ Exactly, mon ami. Front cover art, to be precise. France (or is it a Belgian comic?) enjoy a far greater freedom of speech than the U.S. when it comes to religion, blasphemy, raunchy, or even plain official porn. "The main difference between Europe and the USA"?...1333836857383
Kuder: What's so special? All nuns are married to Jesus, so we see a wife checking her husband.1333879223224
Anonymous: isnt jesus the death as well as some human?(and then some church codes for their own material) - doesnt matter, i love fluide glacial1333879380201
BnSneky: Damn1333881698424
Anonymous: That`´s Gotlieb1333973664941
Arschloch33: He's just pretending to be dead1333983034990
Crackhead Fez Monkey: Jesus was well hung.1398080698124
Anonymous: o God!1402892414231
Anonymous: ..found a cartoon in one of dads porno mags (about 1984), three fat, ugly cartoon nuns find a young simpleton asleep in country field - and make use of his "waking glory" ......... wow, the faps ive had to this memorized cartoon image over the last 30 years! .... no accounting for sexual tastes eh?1402957234704

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Move road police church relocation
Move road police church relocation move (1) , road (48) , police (265) , church (21) , relocation (1)

Source: SUBMIT / chan4chan URL: Info: JPG, 571 Kbytes (2100x1153) Added by: Zobinsky (Mar 7, 2012) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Quantum69: Lolwut? Is that a synagogue?1336983695868
Shalaschaska: "I pulled you over sir, because your left porch light is out sir... you should get that fixed, have a nice day"1336983899984
Anonymous: ^ Hahah1338102992326
liplocker_code3: And why the fuck would you bother moving that shit all the way to the junk yard? Dig a hole right beside it and push it down.1416339933781
Anonymous: Damn niggers will steal anything !1416421997525
djh123: no shit ^ are you new1416422643551
Anonymous: Why doesn't god move the church for them???1416438819353
Anonymous: fairly1416446597284
Your Lawyer: Excuse me god, do you realize you were speeding back there?1416521964957
Anonymous: only in Florida1416583544633
JimmyHat: these mexican RV's are getting gaudy...1469450761910
Anonymous: easy job for Kenworth w9001477774417909
Anonymous: ^I reckon a suzuki swift would do just as good a job1477785029881
Anonymous: your cross kissing sorcery is not wanted here - GTFO of our twon1478106513749

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House cliff building church
House cliff building church house (74) , cliff (35) , building (74) , church (21)

Source: SUBMIT / chan4chan URL: Info: JPG, 1336 Kbytes (1680x1019) Added by: Zobinsky (Jan 25, 2011) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Anonymous: The Hermitage of St. Columban - Trentino, Italy.1295938887786
AZO: Zob definitly doesn't want his house just anywhere. much more thrill risking falling in the water or get crushed by a rock.1295950795306
AlienNation: EARTHQUAKE!1295950874936
Anonymous: all those interesting lines. thank you, Zobinsky!1295982679840
Zobinsky: @AZO - Unfortunately not a house but a church.. anyway yes, looks like a nice final destination.1296005777503
Zobinsky: *or hermitage as you can see..1296006823234
AZOwontsignintoday: definitly puts relationships with God on a test1296037724605
AZO: i imagine I wasnt being accurate either thinking you'd live there whatever this building was meant for.1296038732842
nigel: i want1315794306512
Anonymous: Why? Just fukken WHY???1319312943490
user775: fucking Catholics!1319312979102
Anonymous: ^ a lot of pedo cock sucking behind those doors.    you'd love em catholics, user775, you'd FUCKING LOVE 'EM.1319325112227
pedobearVer2: shop1319327559131
Anonymous: ^ no shop, it's a church. you idiet1319534218734

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Church window pedobear glass church (21) , window (34) , pedobear (335) , glass (49)

Source: SUBMIT / chan4chan URL: Info: JPG, 437 Kbytes (1680x1050) Added by: djh123 (Apr 4, 2012) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Choadboy: He is everywhere!1333518958479
djh123: ^ur everywhere1455772228734
Anonymous: ^in ur head Tok is everywhere :p1455784137795
Name: Comment:

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Group church mosque religion islam
Group church mosque religion islam group (274) , church (21) , mosque (7) , religion (396) , islam (102)

Source: SUBMIT / chan4chan URL: Info: JPG, 369 Kbytes (1024x768) Added by: Zobinsky (Oct 27, 2010) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Dreitzler: Hysteria!1288198630514
pancake: this reminds me of several american TV shows on sunday morning, bringing together sometimes far more devout christians. most of them are peaceful believers in god, but some of them are extremists as well, who beat up their wifes and children or dream about blowing up their offices and beheading their bosses or to massacre their teachers and blow up their schools. some individuals are really sick!1288207952465
Anonymous: be afraid, very afraid...1288208234192
pancake: islam itself IS the religion of peace (or one of many as it is). neither is the qu'ran the seed of evil, as the bible clearly is full of violence as well. anyways. that picture was taken in bangladesh and as the URL says came from a UK website, so my argument is invalid and oh... btw, you just lost the game. ;o)1288208444274
Anonymous: hey pancake, the Quran may well be a book of peace. But it does advocate some pretty diabolical treatment for minor transgressions, like cutting the nose and ears from women, stoning people to death. It is as fucked up as all those other supposedly religious tatxs.1288208767244
Anonymous: texts...1288208794701
anonymule: someone could just set off a "device" of some kind and solve all the world's problems all at once.1288213130896
Anonymous: Extreme afraid...allah than Jehova's1288213389388
pancake: come on anonymule... seriously? don't u think blowing up the whole US wouldn't be a bit drastic?1288214307997
pancake: ^would I mean1288214645441
anonymule: yeah.....probably1288214934920
gookheadcrusher: pancake you need to live in islam the middle east for awhile, you'll change this "they're just like us" black & white logic1356845929753
SarahSwiss: bomb goes here.1356869044551
Anonymous: Islam means submission not peace! take your shitty backward Islam an shove it right up your gay faggot dads ass!1356954669654

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Abortion kills babies - Then we put em on sticks in the front yard
Abortion religion church abortion (34) , religion (396) , church (21)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 336 Kbytes (767x692) Added by: Sinonymous (Aug 27, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Bubble: Then stop him... he can't be hard to find if he does that many...1251397339809
jackfrosty: YES! EPIC WARS! Fighting a desperate battle against impossible odds!1251959835283
BuggerChan: They abort babies by shoving a stick up their ass?1252137039291
Anonymous: weeeel pay for them, rais em up etc. oh? that was not in ur mind. -.-1253735193123
Blazin crack: Coat hanger style giez1253763937524
Hughbie: Churches, always crying poor, telling you what to do and how to live your life. And buying shitloads of plastic babies...good to see donations put to good use.1253775598350
Anonymous: no pedobear?1255581889557
Beavis: Who would blow up the Baptist church?1255590358508
Circusmnkee: It's like Vlad the Impaler Day Care1256868079320
Anonymous: Maybe Alabama should teach people about birth control.1260142426461
Pyro: lulz1260142824684
Anonymous: alabama's state flower is the satelite dish1260145292512
Anonymous: i <3 abortion1261367371574
absinthe: bump from pg 1121265420618486

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You Can Build a Mosque at Ground Zero when we can build a SYNAGOGE IN MECCA
Protest islam muslim sign church wtc protest (196) , islam (102) , muslim (92) , sign (282) , church (21) , wtc (104)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 92 Kbytes (660x396) Added by: Choadboy (Aug 14, 2010) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
RKB: Ya this is freaking scary, I read that the Muslims wanna buy and build a Mosque (Place of Muslim worship) on Ground Zero. That would be fucked up if the United States would allow this to happen.1281796247899
Choadboy: ^ Most of the legal hurdles have been cleared. Probably gonna happen.1281796689512
NSFW: Furthermore, Obama supports it. Not on ground zero itself, but just two blocks away.1281796910121
Choadboy: ^ As does the mayor of NYC and most other local leaders.1281797049389
RKB: Just goes to show everyone: WHAT A SELL OUT THE UNITED STATES has become.1281797313719
Anonymous: somebody should fly a plane into it1281797914999
RKB: ^Thats not funny 4999. But I'm still giggling here. Hehehehe1281797983760
Moongrim: Near ground zero. Not on it. And it's bullshit to even want one there.1281802226882
XENU: i support it. Why not? Are americans really that much o a group pf xenophobic faggots?1281802282487
Anonymous: obama supports it not the people what gose will come dowmor be a place to kill them who knows maybe a coffin1281802402409
XENU: speak engrish much?1281802428245
Holzkopf: Show the muslims what tolerance is meaning, let them build the Mosque.1281829113287
NSFW: 2409 Wat1281831481373
Anonymous: it's a monumental slap in the face to the families of the 9/11 victims. had this tragedy occured in Saudi Arabia it is highly unlikely that they would handle it this way.1281832001170

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adam mclane - When your kids hate church - My kids don't get excited about going to church most Sunday's. That's putting a nice bow on it, isn't it? Let's take the pretty bow of for the sake of this post. They hate going to church.
Religion kids jesus church advice religion (396) , kids (13) , jesus (227) , church (21) , advice (281)

Source: SUBMIT / chan4chan URL: Info: PNG, 31 Kbytes (579x592) Added by: Anonymous (Nov 16, 2010) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Cuntfux: Obviously your child is smart enough at that young age to know that 1: Religion is BULLSHIT and 2: Not to go anywhere near the priest for fear of being anally raped.1289898956535
chumpno1: ^exactly1289900074234
Warg: I still have nightmares about going to church. And I wasn't even molested... physically, I mean.1289908700230
Anonymous: Your children obviously have a minor possession in progress. You must dress them in white cotton robes and purge their demons by glorifying their purity with prayer. You must engage in prolonged periods of prayer and fasting. during moments when your children falter, you must beat them to refresh their vigour and faith in Jesus. Several days of fasting, prayer and physical chastisement should work1289913775184
SLIPPY: ^I agree with all above posts, but ops kids are spoiled. If you need them to go for some reason, beat them before and after church and they will learn to like it. I did. Give your children to the LORD.1289918142530
Munster: You should educate your kids and quit the religion bullshit...1291805666445

all comments win

thoughts about religion..
Anonymous: Media teaches values - on the other hand if the Church doesn't bring a sense of community it has lost it's meaning - family too1292226410199
Munster: Cool story bro...1292228436362
Anonymous: your child is one of us.1292237449381
onlylogical: When your kids are getting molested and you hand them over to the abusers..............1292915694803
Anonymous: Take heart, your kids are smarter than you are!1293486765425
NotSoMuchAnonymous: Every sane individual aleays stay the hell out of church..1331452819412

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Link to this:'t_get_excited_about_going _to_church_most_Sunday's._That's_putting_a_nice_bow_on_it,_isn't_it?_Let's_take_ the_pretty_bow_of_for_the_sake_of_this_post._They_hate_going_to_church.

Lego jesus church
Lego jesus church lego (37) , jesus (227) , church (21)

Source: SUBMIT / chan4chan URL: Info: JPG, 300 Kbytes (500x800) Added by: Pyro (Nov 14, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Pyro: Oh how i miss legos1259725199935
Anonymous: What a waste of lego. Couldn't they build something productive like Tits?1259756982535
crackerkiller5: good question1259799665240
Samps: Look at it this way: build giant Lego Jesus, sell it to church for $, buy more weed and beer. Repeat as necessary.1259813864526
Hughbie: even better...make it drip blood from head, palms, feet...etc....sell to church to $$$$$$ and also laugh at all the fucktards saying its a miracle and that it heals sickness, cures aids, removes unwanted relatives etc etc...1259814211165
goatman67: god bless legos1259826805434
CaptainPlanet: And Jesus spread his arms and said unto them " Lego your fears and follow me."1267444970812
Ishkabibble: cooolest dead god evar1297142678342
Anonymous: i only believe in raptor jesus1297142810457
Anonymous: Where did they find a set that's all white?1297149436491
Ranxerox: Pyro, why do you miss Legos? You can buy them just about anywhere quality toys are sold. Butt-sniffer.1298077613327
Pyro: yeah but my coordination and attention span is like..... hey thats shiny1298084195449
TitsMagoo: Terry Tate. Calling Terry Tate. Office Linebacker.1298124150985

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Chainsaw art church nun
Chainsaw art church nun chainsaw (14) , art (1155) , church (21) , nun (15)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 153 Kbytes (1280x720) Added by: HornyBear (Nov 1, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Anonymous: braaainzzzzzz... oh wait itsa nun1257110271992
FalzeProphet: Those Christians know about dealing with zombies. Their entire religion revolves around one.1257110641905
Tznu: Awesome.1257117910964
Pyro: epic1257117969482
jackfrosty: Heee hee heee... I lol'd @ 1992... Btw bravos drawer!!!1257152635762
brutalninja: i think it's safe to trust her.1257164010646
jackfrosty: Btw.. Are those zombies? ...or NEGROES!!!1257310480983
Anonymous: that's why u don't go to church1257319984383
Zombie Hunt: love the saints who have saws of babylon1257358480690
Limerick: I used to have a Frets on Fire neck of this. I miss that game. : (1262913941201
Anon: Reminds me of World War Z, except with a candle stand instead of a chainsaw.1263542396910
anonymouse: chainsaw, art , church? church? but not nun? tagging fail.1263586099954
Anonymous: ^ whinefags posting irrelevant statusinfo. GTFO1263587123507
Anonymous: brainz or GTFO X)1266645589215

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