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Diagram survival zombie howto diagram (14) , survival (3) , zombie (53) , howto (118)

Source: SUBMIT / chan4chan URL: Info: JPG, 649 Kbytes (1280x1024) Added by: Pyro (Jan 22, 2010) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Pyro: Says do not guys are better off without me in this fight.....ill just be over here...NOT burning zombies...DONT LOOK1264141325935
KarmaPickles: Ok, toe tag all zombie you've terminated. I'm all out of form 2BD tags (he said tossing the ones supplied) so fuck that.1264143784893
Pyro: 1264215208745
santa: so thats how to do it hmmm1264233347462
Anonymous: chain mail armor and knight armor. then just get a sword and go old school1265179453174
Anonymous: the more you know1268491399694
TotallyNasty: Acually just hours ago saw a Real zombie survival strategy by some scientists... It said the zombies needed to be killed immediately, nothing was more important than killing them because containment and evasion will fail with time...1268574275905
Anonymous: Ah han haz manbargar?1268586838293
Bat-man: find the first zombie kill hippies ,protestors with zombie love,and kill spread until rosieo donell feeds off internet hate when she dies1274688420619
Pancakesex: feed zombie pancakes, have sex with random stranger. porblem solved1288792294557
/5: ^ True1288792848976
Armistice: so much things to learn, such a small amount of time1288808237845
Anonymous: let it happen1290649513615
Anonymous: leave it to the government to put red tape on the zombie apocalypse1298352723793

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Gravity Bong - version #2
Gravity bong diagram howto gravity (8) , bong (43) , diagram (14) , howto (118)

Source: SUBMIT / chan4chan URL: Info: JPG, 22 Kbytes (300x363) Added by: Pyro (Jan 22, 2010) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
KarmaPickles: I have a mission! Where you hit that, Pyro? I'm thinking 40 foot of tubing , 4 holes at top for tubing and happy guests staying in their chairs. Moocho Appresheauto1264136573245
KarmaPickles: Unscrew the lid, duh. Studying it made me less re tarded. Crackerkilller, help me nigga rig this into a vaporizer.1264136915496
Pyro: LETS MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!!!11264136979870
iprobablyhateyou: if you didn't already know then you shouldn't be here1264174949923
Anonymous: Been using these for about 12 years.. they are so hardcore.1282587730220
Pyro: G-bomgs and Lungs oh wat a life1282783247753
Flarp: This is so fucking stupid. You CANNOT smoke gravity :))1282795549846
Flarp: Fuck this kidding shit; isomerize. Use a vaporizor. If you use extract one hit is probablly about all you'll be able to retain voluntary muscle control for. And, try JWH-018 kids1282795644547
Pyro: ^ Has experience1283151899954
Anonymous: That's a simple Bucket-bong. Used them many times !!1286355588414
Twinchlian: To advanced. Just make the pipe from aliminium foil. Shape it round the bottleopening, make sure you can take it on and off without ripping or tearing. Pierce it thouroughly with a needle or pin. Remember to burn the pipe a bit before the first time you use it - theres a lot of stuff in there you don't want to smoke.1286362891202
Twinchlian: Cheapest way to keep high all day. Although don't disregard Flarp; it's hard on the lungs and all the cool people use vaporizer anyway. The bucket bong is frowned upon in polite drug-addict society.1286363070173
Anonymous: nope, as Twinchlain wrote, use tinfoil instead. When done properly, it's the most economical way to smoke - nothing wasted, less 'product' used. And it's not harsh on the lungs. Use a 1.5L bottled-water bottle, cut a hole in the bottom. Sink the bottle up to the neck, then attach the foil top with 'product'. And make sure everything is crumbled first. Enjoy.1286372400991
Anonymous: JWH will fuck your shit up if you use it chronically. Cereal.1286374713497

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Diagram thread venn women vs men diagram (14) , thread (1018) , venn (10) , women (376) , vs (105) , men (54)

Source: WEB / apina URL: Info: PNG, 128 Kbytes (315x750) Added by: mischievious (Mar 8, 2012) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Quantum69: FUCKING LULZ MAN!!!!1331162595445
oldandevil: Hey, What do you know... I am gay.1337927157310
Everdark: ^you heard it here first1337940707871
Banshee5: look like I"m gay too... I think a lot of people will turn out to be gay... Well, not on C4C in particular of course.... The weird thing is that judging by this pic user isn't gay...1337942771159
Reverie: I'm not handsome, smart... or nice.1337954997166
Grund1e: ^ Then you might be a nigger. :-)1337955674193
Quantum69: ^^^User doesn't qualify to be on this chart, he's neither handsome, smart or nice, he needs a category of his own & just call it user.1337956365816
Anonymous: so much win!!1337974922124
Anonymous: Truth1405530567100
Anonymous: Image archive - Chan4Chan1521003402989
Anonymous: Overview1521044951584
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Ship: Principal Ropes, Spars, ETC.
Ship diagram rope sail info ship (42) , diagram (14) , rope (46) , sail (2) , info (382)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: GIF, 905 Kbytes (1200x1650) Added by: Redrocco (Feb 22, 2010) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Anonymous: three sheets to the wind and i'll show you the ropes.1277790020510
Youngin: ^ fuck showing me the ropes, i'll walk1277800262586
Furore23: Bloody hell. Wooden ships and iron men, indeed.1277811743764
Anonymous: Nigger ships1277811904939
Anonymous: Youngin : on water ?1277812454734
Anonymous: @Anon1 I'm Bikki the Pirate I'll put a hook in your throat.1285967661953
Anony-me: learn your shit if you wanna be a real pirate1285969598956
NORWAYchan: NOY JITAT!1285974400736
Flarp: There will be a test tomorrow at 10am1285998557741
Limerick: But how will they find noon without their sextants?!1293000987895
Anonymous: #40 spanker boom and #131 futtock shrouds LOL!1293012905830
Anonymous: lol #48:dolphin striker1313628167852
Crackhead Fezmonkey: Yargh! Bite my crank, matey!1433967941299
Anonymous: ...and as you see in this simple diagram...1451968684857

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Link to this:,_Spars,_ETC.

Diagram female clit vulva info diagram (14) , female (12) , clit (44) , vulva (5) , info (382)

Source: SUBMIT / chan4chan URL: Info: JPG, 60 Kbytes (800x600) Added by: Harvey (Feb 14, 2011) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse

Cunt81: fap fap fap fap fap.........1297720454819

Kcsapper: Fucking FOX is in everything!1298045720160
Anonymous: To sum up: Stank hole.1298128555479
chumpno1: rubiks cube1298176135659
SickNote: Cock goes where?1298281937305
Anonymous: Gate to Mordor1298287109714
aval: Where to hit again?1298655375544

Anonymous: That Hubblescope is always finding cool stuff.1298697118116
Anonymous: Outer pussy & inner pussy, that's all that matters. The rest is unneccesary knowledge....1312146445289
BnSneky: where's the anal cavity1312146551139
Anonymous: ^ Doesn't belong to pussy...1312146760237

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Diagram of Geek Culture
Info nerd diagram geek culture info (382) , nerd (17) , diagram (14) , geek (80) , culture (9)

Source: SUBMIT / chan4chan URL: Info: PNG, 1030 Kbytes (930x1003) Added by: Redrocco (Mar 22, 2012) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Quantum69: I LOVE taking things apart.....putting them back together is another story....1336982342623
Anonymous: ^be careful when fapping1422744738745
Anonymous: Damn. Almost thought that said "Diagram of Greek Culture"1422749476683
AnonymousRedName: Many of these apply to me, but not enough for me to be called a Geek. Good? Bad? Eh, who cares.1422750195591
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XBOX360 Zephyr, Falcon, Opus, Jasper, SPI (LPT), & JTAG diagram by sandungas
Mod hack xbox zephyr falcon jasper spi jtag diagram info howto electronics mod (3) , hack (72) , xbox (15) , zephyr (1) , falcon (9) , jasper (1) , spi (1) , jtag (1) , diagram (14) , info (382) , howto (118) , electronics (6)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: PNG, 1232 Kbytes (1136x651) Added by: Anonymous (May 27, 2010) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Furore23: Man, the New York subway is confusing.1275237864147
Anonymous: it's central park, dumbass.1276131489372
Anonymous: Cool story bro!1276360488998
Anonymous: taco pussy1286920722276
GoryGames: who cares about xbox?1286929094913
Squirrely1: All I want is one that never getts the red circle...1286935201792
Ditch: Weak, going to go watch a Bluray on my PS3.1317310756911
Anonymous: whats an x box ??1317328637162
Anonfag: so whats it fucking do?1317366571457
djh123: takes you over the rainbow ^1317366633648
m4k3k3: ^been there1317599123428
Anonymous: Poop1317636661239
BnSneky: Lame1317638032905
Poopalotacus: Yes Anon?1328275767137

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Link to this:,_Falcon,_Opus,_Jasper,_SPI_(LPT),_&_JTAG_diagram_by_sandungas

Water vapor - Containment building - Steam generators - Uranium fuel - Reactor vessel - Cooling water
Power energy electric nuclear diagram info power (26) , energy (7) , electric (8) , nuclear (18) , diagram (14) , info (382)

Source: SUBMIT / chan4chan URL: Info: GIF, 204 Kbytes (2468x1416) Added by: Redrocco (May 1, 2010) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse

Thanks for the technology lesson, RR.
Anonymous: Very basic stuff.1294270889573
Anonymous: The way things don't work1294271898883
BnSneky: what no magnets1294272526901
Greeft: The generator will have magnetic coils in it.1294284073945
BnSneky: ^how do they fucking work?.......... :-)1294284606109
Anonymous: wtf. I came here to see blood and gore and porn! Not science.1294286730925
Anonymous: anyone heard of thors hammer?1294286883402
Jesus: ^^blood and gore and porn is science it are fact1294288357878
Greeft: ^^Yeah, it killed Goa'uld in Stargate SG1.1294289190640
blackal: Cheap, reliable, safe energy = Win1294289540789
Anonymous: ^ I agree. Every city should have one.1294318630759
Anonymous: And not one mention of the leftover radioactive shit that is dangerous to be around for a quarter of a million years.1313367949387
Anonymous: The leftover radioactive shit can be used to power more nuke plants. Also, this is an ancient picture, or is just intended to show the concept. All plants use secondary cooling sources vs having coolant driving the turbines.1313372975641

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Things Meat Loaf would do for love (Anything, That)
Stats diagram meat loaf love stats (84) , diagram (14) , meat loaf (1) , love (176)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 15 Kbytes (471x344) Added by: bella (Jul 21, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Anonymous: HE1248540227632
Anonymous: i lol'ed1248550860692
BeatsOnLosers: Nice.1250061898866
Bubble: Poo in a cats mouth then lick its face untill he thru up onto a bowl of cocopops and then feed it to his kids?1250070310215
Bubble: I thort i was sick, meat loaf must a fuckin lost it bigtime.1250071056313
Moongrim: He still ain't got any1271511523943
Anonymous: Love? Meat Loaf? Alien concepts. I do not speculate.1271521073687
DhonkyU<32H8: tiresome song, very funny meme1274345003379
Anonymous: epic song1274364668109
Anonymous: I never could figure out what "That" is1274371370299
Decorum: Is Meat Loaf another name for E.D.1330640975147
Anonymous: 'That" was finding she was a pre-op tranny!1343016379936
The Original Spoon: Two out of three of these ^ comments ain't bad.1343091915158
GibblesNBits: this is so retarded its amusing1352526339712

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Diagram god vs devil diagram (14) , god (79) , vs (105) , devil (27)

Source: SUBMIT / chan4chan URL: Info: JPG, 211 Kbytes (1042x724) Added by: Redrocco (Oct 31, 2010) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Pyro: HA1294133952586
BnSneky: nice1294134707943
Anonymous: lols1294134891812
Quasimodo: TRUE!1294135762897
Anonymous: OMG this is soooo epicly good !1294138645181
Anonymous: All Seing Babby..1294138767313
Anonymous: "letting the devil do pretty much whatever he wants" ftw1294148525216
Anonymous: ^^fucking true!!!1294896864405
Furore23: I guess this makes as much sense as anything else.1307795465244
Lickathesplit: This CANNOT be relative to anybodies interest -> Imagine how a imaginary god spends "his" imaginary time!! To who has reacted ITT, you are as dumb as ass !! You should be stripped of your internetz !! Personally it shall rust on my ass before i give a fuck about you guys, but if i was you i'd make the apointment at your local retard center for a thorough braincheck, (post results on /b/ plzz1307815374574
Grave: how god is illuminati?1307815481193
Lickathesplit: ^ How illuminati is you ?1307815533939
Demiurge: "Being needy and asking for constant reassurance he exists." and thus, we were created "In his image." so this is not sarcasm, and only truth as we as mortals also need reassurance of our existence.1347469450475
Anonymous: I hear the flying spaghetti monster spends most of its time eating itself.great skill if you ask least allah is doing something good with his time.he visits the gloryholes in london and new yerk sucking jewish cocks or getting assfucked by mohammed(when his loli is too sore)1347480778212
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Info diagram umbrella ricin poison assassinate
Info diagram umbrella ricin poison assassinate info (382) , diagram (14) , umbrella (13) , ricin (1) , poison (8) , assassinate (1)

Source: SUBMIT / chan4chan URL: Info: PNG, 5 Kbytes (771x286) Added by: Anonymous (Feb 10, 2012) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
RubberG: Georgi Markov.1328879327905
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• = Male - • = Female - Internet = •
Diagram internet women men diagram (14) , internet (173) , women (376) , men (54)

Source: SUBMIT / chan4chan URL: Info: PNG, 92 Kbytes (640x480) Added by: dralfa (Dec 22, 2010) Category: lolpad NSFW: no Report abuse
dralfa: sad but true1292974281614
Pyro: looks like..... a sausage fest in here1294042702613
chrud: it looks like someone thew a hard dick party...1294071816452
Anonymous: Looks a bit ANAL to me!1294078473940
Anonymous: That bitch is about to get gangbanged1294693143629
Anonymous: That bitch is about to get gangbanged.1294693159474
eXcellently: That bitch is about to get gangbanged!1294693388518
Anonymous: Garry Glitters wet dream1294693436597
Nickeh43: I notice all the males in this picture are male in color, everyone knows the internet is full of niggers.1294714642463
anonymule: ^ I resemble that comment....well, half anyway1294714758709
Kennedy: and thats why I'd arther be alone1295389439566
lily84: ^^^Niggers can't use computers, silly1295840673652
AUDICIDE: Niggers gotta walk on the other side of the interwebs1299056470684
Anonymous: ^agreed1299078583679

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Link to this:•_=_Male_-_•_=_Female_-_Internet_=_•

Divorce flowchart diagram howto divorce (7) , flowchart (23) , diagram (14) , howto (118)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 64 Kbytes (450x601) Added by: NSFW (Jan 22, 2010) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Ares: its very accurate.1264194954221
HappyGoLumpy: lol1271882864263
Anonymous: It's a good thing whoever made this flowchart isn't a programmer.1276364935215
Furore23: Also, it's wrong. A more accurate chart would be a blank page with massive text saying YES.1276368835919
Anonymous: stupid. right side paths are wrong1277188803968
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