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(get in here, faggots)

Deer car accident double
Deer car accident double deer (28) , car (386) , accident (233) , double (39)

Source: WEB / apina URL: Info: GIF, 2047 Kbytes (450x271), Animated: 45 frames Added by: GibblesNBits (Nov 7, 2011) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
vincent859: FUCK! That's a double!1320657311742
Tres: The second driver begins to stop as soon as he sees the first impact - if he had only kept going, the deer would have hit the road behind him - no damage to his car.1320662390298
Tres: Oh yeah, and I forgot to add: Deer today, gone tomorrow.1320662427733
greyhoundpaul: ^^ good point, but i think he/was just so shocked that instinct kicked in.1320662935479
RubberG: An hero deer.1320665012772
chumpno1: deers weren't meant to play frogger1320666605529
MrSandynigger: The result.1320673226839
LastResort: The Brad Pitt of deer?1320685076204
Greeft: X2 combo activated!1320690078152
Anonymous: ^^ more like the Lindsay Lohan of deer...1320695806986
Anonymousis: Doe, a deer, a female deer.1320697029488
Greeft: Finally a worthwhile use for those G activated video recording dashboard doohickeys.1320697660344
Anonymous: ^Tres, or it would have landed in his windshield...1321641245205
Anonymous: Doh!1321641339123

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Double penis microphone
Double penis microphone double (39) , penis (1055) , microphone (4)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 50 Kbytes (600x450) Added by: * (Feb 11, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
sunseterat: Dick head1261727789991
Anonymous: ummm??1262134337148
star master: o.O1262242235594
extr3mer: AWESOME.1265031915978
anonimous: mustage1265053512453
JeepChic: I need to invite this guy to my next party.....1268438739833
MsRaverFox: orgy!!1272674139490
MsRaverFox: double the fun1272674157774
alkolol: 100% PORNO GRIND1272799247172
Synonymous: redneck1272800054635
Anonymous: porn metal \m/1272808543936
Anonymous: I BREATH CUM!1272817053216
Anonymous: That seems like enough penis... but could we get more penis in there possibly?1272839570531

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Weed double joint
Weed double joint weed (325) , double (39) , joint (43)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 135 Kbytes (1024x768) Added by: benji (Mar 1, 2010) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Anonymous: make a wish!1267410876791
Pyro: Daaaaamn thats a good idea1267414622490
Anonymous: looks fun, but why the extra effort? why not just one fat joint?1275601486844
Anonymous: Bragging rights, I suppose... "Yeah, that's a nice joint... but look what I MADE!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAhHA!!!!111!!"1275605614690
Anonymous: thats a piece of art sir1275710571755
Rorix: Lungsbreaker!1275741709680
Anonymous: ill take the low road while u take the high high road1276932042552
Leezus: Nice!1283338116297
asp: might have one meself1283341754776
Anonymous: Whole new meaning to double jointed O-o1283464718545
Venator21: had a windmill joint before =P1283464967602
Anonymous: give me the instruction manual to this one1283859222199
thegreatone: no way...1283957962655
Furore23: Ugh Jesus Christ. I only just got it. HURP DURP!1283958260220

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Space planet star astronomy orbit double
Space planet star astronomy orbit double space (94) , planet (33) , star (10) , astronomy (11) , orbit (5) , double (39)

Source: SUBMIT / chan4chan URL: Info: JPG, 1459 Kbytes (8000x6000) Added by: Xenu (Feb 8, 2012) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Anonymous: Fantastic!1328726231571
Anonymous: Awesome !!!!1328726277270
Anonymous: Do you like anal Xenu?1328743955763
Lexicon: Solinari, Lunitari, and Nuitari1328911062859
RubberG: 8 ball, 3 ball and cue ball.1328918270853
darkstan: Actually, the first circum-binary system ever discovered, a planet (Kepler-16b) that orbits two stars. Also known as fucking sweet.1328918739541
Hughbie: balls aren't touching...1328940466780
KyyGoaty: hey,,,i can see my house from here1330888394486
Anonymous: A zit with a wart on it..1332332219289
Quasimodo: great!1332515726835
BnSneky: no way1332599909437
Anonymous: Sauron?1333568506680
Chanonymous: Balls are orbiting but not touching.1422970125279
Anonymous: burn it... doh!1423073706661

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Double blonde
Double blonde double (39) , blonde (379)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 175 Kbytes (900x770) Added by: nazilint (Apr 10, 2010) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
nazilint: i'd hit that.... twice.1270887525116
aannuuss: yes,, yes I would.1270937963182
Salty: I bet they could suck a mean dick1270938026607
Greeft: Put your head amongst all 4 of 'em and go blubbalubbalubba.1270938047806
vergetta: oooh shit why 2 heads....1271190388811
Anonymous: lol samefag1271267262306
Moongrim: Marriage- Bigamy?1272594149270
Anonymous: Sauce/1311069049876
Anonymous: some sort of trap...1311069329772
Anonymous: chormondor1311069541759
Anonymous: you dont just walk into chormondor1311069582385
BnSneky: no way1311069984904
djh123: ^yes way1311070001618
Captngeetch: It's a trap !1311081531684

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Don't you hate double standards? - If a girl sleeps with a ton of guys she is a slut, but if a guy does it, he is a homosexual?
Gay double standards question itt gay (469) , double standards (1) , question (218) , itt (354)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 38 Kbytes (645x351) Added by: Anonymous (Jan 23, 2011) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Anonymous: No, not really1295753936925
Greeft: No he isn't, he's a fag.1295755005323
Anonymous: hahahhahaha1295781717188

If a lock can be opened by a bunch of keys, its a shitty lock. If a key can open lots of locks, its a master key. Rubbing two keys together is gay, only if keychains are touching.
Anonymous: ^Interesting theory, except it doesn't really say much about the key's ability to open locks when most locks have been opened by other keys already.1295807975494
Greeft: ^I love my set of bump keys and my padlock shims.1295808240366
Anonymous: Sluts and Fags are like piano players; they need 88 keys, both black and white to make music...1295813038523
chrud: lulz1296340022997
NSFW: I lol'd. Wrongly predicted what it was going to say.1296340156930
Anonymous: depends on if the balls were touching...1296340414373

Anonymous: Don't steal stand up material1298604781920
Francesca: How lame.....1303320153490
SyrupAndRofls: LoL.1303414218763

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Link to this:'t_you_hate_double_standards?_-_If_a_girl_sleeps_with_a_ton_of_guys_she_is_a_ slut,_but_if_a_guy_does_it,_he_is_a_homosexual?

Son get in here and show me how to get this video to play
Youtube father double click fffuuu youtube (55) , father (14) , double (39) , click (2) , fffuuu (438)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 108 Kbytes (696x618) Added by: Anonymous (Jun 7, 2010) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Anonymous: don't get it but lol...1275909817577
TotallyNasty: I get it but it wasn't much of a lol...1275924431228
HappyGoLumpy: people who unnecesarily double click totally suck1276485524787
Anonymous: Nope, just dead stupid, like 99% of the FFFUUU shit.1276485706919
Anonymous: I get it and I lol'd (been there). Anon above can lick my balls if he doesn't like FFFUUU's.1277385349641
Anonymous: Let's light 919 on fire. Then he'll get the FFFUUU's.1278614213704
Anonymous: true1278867065907
Grave: GOD DAMN YOU OLD PEOPLE!1278867543418
Anonymous: always1278886864412
Anonymous: i'm confused about whether the double clicking got him mad.. Or was it the fact that apparently his dad went on to play nothing put classic rock vids (witch would be fucking annoying)1279077039818
Anonymous: double click1285204719737
Anonymous: SON. I AM DISSAPOINT1285205542477
Jesus: *Double Click*1285215900591
JewFag: DAD. i am dissapoint1294414290308

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Double head
Double head double (39) , head (183)

Source: WEB / apina URL: Info: JPG, 60 Kbytes (505x474) Added by: kingkey77 (Apr 17, 2010) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
chicosantana: im tired of these whores..they didnt accept my myspace friend request1271460995247
Santa: one is stuck up the other is a loner how does that work?1271497141949
Anonymous: so, are you heading up this trail?1271530188517
DutchGuy: i heard it has four butts... can anyone back these rumours up?1271530269631
DutchGuy: CONFIRM PLZ1271544891722
pocket: lol... its dad said on TV that it lives a "normal life" and he hopes it will one day get married... sets the imagination running, doesn't it?1271545279965
KarmaPickles: Their babies will have 4 heads! and their babies will have 8!1271554691574
snickers: fuckin losers. IM is okay but myspacefaceass is so gay1271618428717
Anonymous: someone needs to axe a bitch1271619975647
Anonymous: RIP Hydra 3000 bc - 2010 ad1271668660782
Anonymous: one spits, but the other swallows1271712302687
Anonymous: Dad?1272788181803
cheesecake: really nice girls , from my hometown1272929712537
xsafetypinzx: i feel sorry for their mother during birth1272930246590

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Double ass
Double ass double (39) , ass (998)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 30 Kbytes (302x474) Added by: Sinonymous (Dec 6, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Sinonymous: You shold see her toilet paper bill1260108827811
bananaman: ^ she doesn't use TP she uses pages from your shitty joke book, lol1260161273773
Anonymous: ^Fukkin lol'd1260212256770
Pyro: lulz1260334260293
Anonymous: Wrong. Just so, so wrong.1260703395590
Anonymous: shopped?1260749555295
Joalmo: STOP RAIDING 4ET1260749578636
Daddy: twice as many holes1260752616209
anonymous: i go left, you go right, on the count of three...1260770470370
Anonymous: you can park a tandem in there1260821989854
chad: hmm, something is not right here1266042345742
Jackster21: Chernobyl queen1266691428942
DropkickMurphy: Whats worse then having an ugly ass, having 2 of them!1266697811347
Narlodapanda: perfect! Now I can fuck a girl with my two mighty cocks and not feel akward!1266716849678

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Double cat
Double cat double (39) , cat (896)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 208 Kbytes (639x2927) Added by: weeone (Apr 22, 2010) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
weeone: Too cute1271952507334
Anonymous: samecats1271999073454
yetnotdead: <31272054467518
kinganonymous: :3 ;31272154086209
Furore23: Aww!1274040538383
SickNote: C'mon... nobody said it yet! COPYCATS!1274041146817
Anonymous: mmmmmmmm cat pr0nz1274337096862
Nonblackguy: I love these kittys! :31274518937510
darkstan: Ha ha, Copycats. Sicknote, FTW.1274543118689
Furore23: I see my kitten doing this to the old mog all the time. "Oh you clean your paw I clean my paw" "Oh you sit on chair I sit on chair".1275068236597
Gantzkas: naaaawwww1309971347900
Iheartkittehs: Cuteness!!!!!!!!!!!!1310018572753
Anonymous: one has slightly diffrent coloring?1310022227209
Furore23: Ah bloo bloo bloo bloo bloo bloo! Ah woojie woojie woo!1310039272381

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Head twins baby Freak double
Head twins baby Freak double head (183) , twins (19) , baby (246) , Freak (71) , double (39)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 153 Kbytes (874x659) Added by: Captngeetch (May 27, 2011) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
AmericanSpirit: This almost made me barf...1306518852995
fiveby5: ^really? cuz it made me shart a little...1306910541419
MrSandyNigger: Fucking dissolve it in HCl.1307362870296
Lickathesplit: Grows up to sucking your balls and dick at the same time ..!1307378942555
EpicWin: they say "2 heads are better than 1", I say fuck you!!!1307389528356
Anonymous: awwwww isn't that just the sweetest thing1307389863629
Anonymous: Quit while you're a head, or two.1307397926731
froggy Wentacourtn: Ha !1307403763755
Anonymous: fffffffffuuuuuu1307409054285
Anonymous: radiation is at safe levels in fukishima.. I repeat...1307720958511
MagnaPedo: Yeah! two heads! double fun!1307813432925
Anonymous: only in INDIA1307927598767
Anonymous: fucking sick1307931646488
Anonymous: kill them now! save them the pain of growing up as a fucking freak!1307939773702

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Kayak rowing india double
Kayak rowing india double kayak (3) , rowing (2) , india (65) , double (39)

Source: SUBMIT / chan4chan URL: Info: JPG, 533 Kbytes (663x1024) Added by: Kiap (Jan 21, 2012) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
ohnohedidnt: on their way to europe1327107189148
MrSandynigger: ^I imagined you as this when you said that.1327130171556
Ghostoftime: On their way to New York1327137990728
Quantum69: Iranian warship1327171704942
fiveby5: the jerk in the back is getting free ride. lol1327176487404
Anonymous: nah, he's selling ice cream...1327176850650
MACKY83: On their way to Australia.1327312922197
Cornelius: That's right, it's an Iranian warship. Blow it out the water and say we thought it was an Afghani aircarft carrier1330330548805
bshaun2: I bet they can haul ass pretty good in that thing1334095441630
huck1944: they should get there in a hurry, lol1389136319367
Anonymous: that's a lot of angry, ugly niggers1389150817744
Anonymous: Row you fucking filthy cunts.1404748867372
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Double sheep head eyes
Double sheep head eyes double (39) , sheep (19) , head (183) , eyes (485)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 63 Kbytes (682x400) Added by: anonymous (May 5, 2010) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Anonymous: Ewwww, That shit looks almost evil.1273093197826
DutchGuy: fallout 3 irl1273099636340
sapperlot: USA-FagLand-sheeps1276197480913
HornyBear: I didn't know we allowed British women's pictures on here1276197843922
Anonymous: I think thats actually a calf....1276251370174
Anonymous: Carpenter's The Thing irl?1276254172816
crackerkiller5: wheres your god now?1279876823721
Anonymous: ^ in the sheeps face1280490094346
Anonymous: it is evil.1280492867380
weeone: that is mega creepy...1294763237440
BnSneky: wait.........what the fuck1294763474269
MrSandynigger: Dont just stand there! Kill it you buffoon!1295170589309
crazyassmofo: Awesome!1295195971357
Weed: "I don't know if I'm coming or going".1295196264336

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Double truck
Double truck double (39) , truck (50)

Source: SUBMIT / chan4chan URL: Info: JPG, 52 Kbytes (700x525) Added by: eXtr3Mer (Dec 26, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
NSFW: /incoming1261834355405
Sinonymous: 341261834364657
LittleDemon: that's like Knight Rider - I bet he drove it in there and was all like "KITT, I can't get the F* out"..1261854982189
santa: im confused unless theres something in front of it that they dont want us to see1261865175736
yetnotdead: shooped1261875604120
DutchGuy: i herd u liek trucks so i put a truck in yo' truck so you can truck while you truck1261936148872

Terrorist Hunter: Dutchguy..That's funny man!1262626029273
Anonymous: That's a pregnant truck giving birth!!1277109281388
Anonymous: YO DAWG, I heard you liked trucks, so I put a truck in your truck so you can truck while you're trucking!1284135110221
Furore23: TRUCKCEPTION1364810492491
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Nature photo rainbow double
Nature photo rainbow double nature (313) , photo (1862) , rainbow (112) , double (39)

Source: SUBMIT / chan4chan URL: Info: JPG, 473 Kbytes (1920x1080) Added by: Furore23 (Nov 15, 2011) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Anonymous: At the end of the rainbow, you'll find Curly's gold.1321376773113
Capeta: and at the end of my cock you'll find your mon1321377320457
MrSandynigger: ^calamari?1321381759173
Furore23: ^^ Poke?1321427508934
Anonymous: want1321441569706
ripspique: John Wayne is that U?1321444357865
Vincent859: WHO SAID THAT!?1321444381105
Flarp: Said what?1321453249884
Vincent859: Who the fuck said that? Who's the slimy little communist shit, twinkle-toed cocksucker down here who just signed his own death warrant? Nobody, huh? The fairy fucking godmother said it. Out-fucking-standing! I will PT you all until you fucking die! I'll PT you until your assholes are sucking buttermilk!1321453364765
Leptoid: Isn't that where they keep Airwolf?1321676280737
Anonymous: I don't get it1321699851225
Anonymous: Temple of Acropolis on a cliff in Greece.1352231851702
huck1944: strange place for a rainbow, it must mark Curly's gold1352232433628
NotSoMuchAnonymous: Curly, who?????????????1352232593534
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Rainbow double
Rainbow double rainbow (112) , double (39)

Source: SUBMIT / chan4chan URL: Info: JPG, 2884 Kbytes (4800x1200) Added by: Furore23 (Aug 29, 2011) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
YuLiekPicturz: all the way.. woah1315855904550
Piratebob: WHAT DOES THIS MEAN!?!?1315869445948
LastResort: Not one but TWO pots of gold1315870397340
djh123: ^^it means we can still eat unicorn meat bobby^^1315883113639
Anonymous: its starting to look like a triple rainbow!!1315883361802
CockAsian: The end is near.1315883510761
Anonymous: hey bro wher da poniez at1317052030321
HWood: the reds are alwayz opposite on a double rainbow... just sayin...1317057524763
Furore23: ^^ Mod is too gay to withstand the badassery of MLP.1317728121223
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