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firefox - Internet Explorer - Safari - Opera - Chrome
Browser explorer firefox chrome safari vs browser (7) , explorer (5) , firefox (8) , chrome (3) , safari (4) , vs (105)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 79 Kbytes (610x680) Added by: Anonymous (May 27, 2010) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Anonymous: ^ google and I use all except Safari :P and Opera is the only Browser not made in the US ;)1274990516884
Anonymous: Firefox & Google1275009331641
balder: Firefox!1275102283663
Malacath: i'd say it sums it up about right, except for all the toolbars and plugins and all that useless shit people never remove that slows you down...and for search engine...torrent engines really, why look for a few when you can just rip entire sites :D1275104121821
Anonymous: nearly useless? that vehicle could handle anything!1275106117624
Anonymous: same as 16411275133760383
CHANmh: It's a motley crew1287834900485
SouthernPride: i use SeaMonkey, its the only internet browser that youtube vids dont lag on. fairly good imo1287983271701
SouthernPride: Also Opera is the Only new browser (new as in still updated and supported) that supports windows 98 WHICH IS THE BEST MOTHERFUCKING OS IN THE WORLD1287983373325
Alkarnur: "Nearly unusable because of all the add-ons"?! That is so stupid on so many levels. Anyways, Firefox is still king. Runner up (far behind imo) is Chrome. Others don't count as they're closed source.1287991832828
Bongochops: Yet another boring anal browser discussion. Why don't one of you smart fuckers write a new browser instead of bitching like.... Bitches1287993416284

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Performance Comparison of WEB BROWSERS
Internet comparison firefox chrome explorer opera safari info browser internet (173) , comparison (48) , firefox (8) , chrome (3) , explorer (5) , opera (2) , safari (4) , info (382) , browser (7)

Source: SUBMIT / chan4chan URL: Info: JPG, 188 Kbytes (1000x1151) Added by: XENU (Sep 2, 2010) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Anonymous: Thank you XENU. :)1283398837168
Anonymous: Spying activity: Chrome 90%1283414233123
Anonymous: chrome need too much more work before it can contend with either firefor or for that matter even internet explorer1283761971601
crackerkiller5: chrome is alot faster than firefox but firefox is more secure1284126750955
Anonymous: chrome is a lot faster but firefox is much more usable1284127435291
Boreece: Didn't need this one to know IE is complete crap, been using Firefox for years now1287489469823
BnSneky: Firefox only1287489653964
Anonymous: When I give a fuck about the difference of a page loading 1/3 of a second faster, I'''change my browser1287490737589
Anonymous: When I give a fuck about the difference of a page loading 1/3 of a second faster, I'll change my browser1287490754454
Phadrus: Aren't most of these browsers out of date, except for Chrome?1287491247422
Grave: ^ker-ching! we've got a winner!1287493079459
Anonymous: I'll change to chrome when A) It's as good as Firefox B) it stops spying on me and profiling my every move on the internet so that Google can sell fucking targeted advertising1287497973365
vhgtftftchchgcgc: chrome wins also in terms of private data collection1291685222965
Anonymous: chromifox :D1291685285357

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Fffuuu cave explorer school
Fffuuu cave explorer school fffuuu (438) , cave explorer (2) , school (160)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 99 Kbytes (683x589) Added by: * (Mar 8, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
skinner: lolz1251309415711
Anonymous: i dont get it1252263330917
Bubble: coz your 2 and not going to school yet, or your a nigger, or a Jap.1252263660205
Anonymous: definitely the lulz on this one1252265710766
rubberduckaziller: LOL!1254367129814
Anonymous: T_T Bubble. I r disappoint.1262736633685
Anonymous: The Perry Bible Fellowship FTW!1263735138388
the7rafe7: lul1270496678829
An0n: ow shi- epic remake XD although i also liked the original one1273257144625
vengance: poor kid really didn't want to go to school!,look he's crying!1276632781727
Anonymous: wut1277112462508
PettySHAYT: No, Daddy, NOO!1285443953711
Anonymous: dad is traitorous bastard, wtb new one, non-Jewish, like Hitler1285460589488
Anonymous: happens all the time1285465970789

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Ready for School? - No! - How about CAVE EXPLORER - YEAH!
Cave explorer anal cave explorer (2) , anal (146)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 91 Kbytes (605x545) Added by: * (Mar 17, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Anonymous: lol1250872771375
mattmgk: i lost :(1251729951761
Pyro: ^ me too1251849211186
Matt: ^ same.1251854628557
fattyyy: ^ same1251855242787
DutchGuy: i bravely struggled for 3 seconds, then lost.1251856434715
randyvanburen: lmao!!1251864799161
FastLube5189F: Land HO!1251869082287
skinner: fuck. i always lose1251894009182
cracker_killer: now that shit was funny!!1251956961819
Pyro: DAMN IT i just lost again1252040734750
BeatsOnLosers: Lasted about 10 seconds, then chuckled a bit. >.<1254252448576
Anonymous: I'm a loser!!!!1254254008806
cracker_killer: i lost a long time ago1254257723818

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Welcome to - Microsoft Internet Explorer
Computer browser messy explorer plugin toolbar computer (149) , browser (7) , messy (1) , explorer (5) , plugin (1) , toolbar (1)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 157 Kbytes (801x603) Added by: nick101010 (Aug 27, 2010) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
ThelemicMage: fuck1282969890889
Limerick: Download opera and deactivate IE. Now! DO IT NOW!1282969991338
BriceFxP: Toolbar hell. Firefox FTW1283209990965
XENU: lol, you got Bonzi Niggered1283210052185
Anonymous: NUKE 'N' BOOT1283217523258
Anonymous: Why is there some sort of purple ape juggling coconuts?1283220955335
Anonymous: GOD DAMN IT, MOM!!!1283241731712
Anonymous: first, teh paperclip, now, a gorilla? God We're dommed!1283372886531
Anonymous: Firefox FTW!! Yeah baby, even Chrome sucks compared to MFF!1283376603604
anon: ^1283376713426
Quadra: "Uncheck box if you do not wish to download our search bar."1283461168927
Grave: It's called Safari/Chrome.. get one. and firefox sucks, it begins to crash now like hell.1283464720145
seph: FUCK IT'S MY FLAT MATES PC!1283468680140
Anonymous: friends don't let friends use internet explorer1283541879577

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Beauty contest explorer
Beauty contest explorer beauty contest (2) , explorer (5)

Source: WEB / tehgiraffe URL: Info: JPG, 140 Kbytes (533x800) Added by: * (Jul 4, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Muchert: nice,,,,1263632472579
Anonymous: stfu bitch use firefox.1278970011371
#ankfest: Sponsored bt the Internet?..1283329919982
Alexboy: Google Chrome!1314281834332
Alexboy: ...or Safari.1314281847741
DarbyCrash: ohh baby I will teach u the secrets of google chrome1336765920708
ernestoslime: ohh baby I will browse your pooper hole1336803165264
Anonymous: if she uses internet explorer she must be retarded, the perfect woman1336820703541
Quantum69: ^Why is the perfect woman retarded for?1336821374302
Buster Hymen: Goober's dead? Wanna do anal?!1336825104805
Anonymous: I'd tap that1336854244735
oldandevil: Hawaii... I have some good memories of Kauai but I would like to explore her too.1337923170107
huck1944: she will do well1373487556966
Anonymous: why do a lot of hot model chicks have buck teeth but its hot1373598655565

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Firefox explorer logo
Firefox explorer logo firefox (8) , explorer (5) , logo (72)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 38 Kbytes (517x500) Added by: semami (Aug 19, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
jackfrosty: NARNG NAN NAN NOM NANG...1251079550537
randyvanburen: Google Chrome Kick Ass!!1251085708808
Anonymous: Google Chrome... Firefox is fucked1251097958887
Anonymous: tear that shit up loke kobiyashi!1251101307558
Anonymous: I switched to Opera, but for some reason Foxfire loads chan4chan faster1251101968187
Anonymous: latest version of firefucks sucks cock, ima give google chrome a try1251238432835
Anonymous: Firefox = memory leak for months, no help from tech support :-(1251253591803
DutchGuy: opera mobile 9.5 ... that's right folks, i'm posting live from the crapper ^^1251273811134
Judas: keep firfox 3,61303615361607
MAELSTHUR: my story, my first browser was the IE, 15 years ago was the most easy to use, some years ago I have to choose between fire fox and safari, well I choice safari (grave error) bc this have a good interface, that shit safari always crash on my PC, then I've change to firefox some crashes there too, slow to browse images, then some friend told me about chrome I have to seen chorme publicity.....1303763169147
MAELSTHUR: ^.... dowload that chrone and now I love it, is faster simple , cool just like a perfect gf without shitties updates and more bc the is google chrome,1303763296287
Anonymous: ^^ da fuck?1303763550977
Anonymous: firefox is so slow it's unbelievable1303764379311
John135: This is my Avatar whenever a website askes for one1303792321117

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