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(get in here, faggots)

At first I was like.. but then I was like...
Iraq hospital iraq (58) , hospital (20)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 105 Kbytes (1119x589) Added by: bella (Aug 21, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Fastlube5114: cant get a job a walmart1250918730231
Anonymous: thats fuckin wrong...1250921916899
Bubble: HA! i hope they all end uplike this, or dead, every cunt who went to war, english, french... everyone!1250928018999
Anonymous: i hope our leaders end up like this1250928109147
TASTYbacon: noot cool1250936557226
Anonymous: Hey Bubble, I bet your a real pussy. You know I'm right.1250936874894
Anonymous: lol!1250938513281
jackfrosty: Wars are bad... Mkay?1250946649673
lordroy: Arent we out of Iraq yet?1250971888256
Anonymous: no but at least in Iraq the muslims are butchering muslims for us so it's mostly a win1250974838125
Fuckamerica: i hope it hurts very fucking much fucking oilthirsty bitches!1250993423425
Anonymous: and what kind of fuel do you use for your car?1251004900137
PUSSYDESTROYER: He uses calories to move his bare feet.1251009921888
Anonymous: Those calories get shipped in using oil, dumbass hippies1251011246453

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Mr. President! I look forward to pretending to care in 20 years about all the Iraqis you're slaughtering right now, so we can replace you with some guy who slaughters even more Iraqis!
Saddam rumsfeld handshake usa iraq saddam (6) , rumsfeld (2) , handshake (19) , usa (445) , iraq (58)

Source: SUBMIT / chan4chan URL: Info: JPG, 49 Kbytes (480x320) Added by: Anonymous (Oct 10, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Anonymous: it's funny because it's true1255229182486
cracker_killer: settle down fuad.....1255235903941
jackfrosty: Aint politicks fucking grand?1255310227257
Samps: I'm no fan of Rumsfeld, but I've shaken hands with plenty of people who turned out to be assholes.1255318988511
Bratfett: a constant in U.S. foreign policy since the early 20th century!1311193410996
DriftRocket: The image “” cannot be displayed because it contains errors.1311264518864
Anonymous: Saddam Hussein was supported by US Gov. so was Osama ! Al Queida = CIA1311272642871
MarkosT: huh, looks like a red X to me....what a fuckhead you are, Rummy1311273566933

MarkosT: Faulty logic, 1st anon..."My dick is semi-erect": that's true, but is it funny?1311346406189
MrPerspective: ^ This comes from the same reason why his hands are soft : hand lotion!1311358898277
MrSandyNigger: Saddam didn't slaughter Iraqis! He slaughtered Kurdish rebel bastards. All hail Saddam!1311375431643
MarkosT: Make me a saddamwich1311398306879
Anonymous: Gotta Love Republican Two Facedness!1316826746634

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Link to this:!_I_look_forward_to_pretending_to_care_in_20_years_about_all_the_Ir aqis_you're_slaughtering_right_now,_so_we_can_replace_you_with_some_guy_who_slau ghters_even_more_Iraqis!

Iraq war dead soldier army cry
Iraq war dead soldier army cry Iraq (58) , war (189) , dead (135) , soldier (57) , army (122) , cry (63)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 112 Kbytes (1024x681) Added by: Hughbie (Mar 2, 2010) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Anonymous: CP BAN NOW!1267544580765
greyhoundpaul: suprised to see an american soldier who actualy cares. maybe i've been wrong about them.1267545743352
Anonymous: cares? Hes raping that kid, how is that caring?1267546796955
Hughbie: I thought I'd add this. Actually took some thought. But....those poor little bastards didn't ask for that shit. I'm not getting soft but cmon...yes fuck the muzzies who can think for themselves, but what the kids they end up fucking up with what they create. is a US ranger giving a shit. Kudos to them. He could have just shot the kid or let it die.1267547308498
greyhoundpaul: ^^ he's not raping the kid, he's talking to it.1267547800581
Phalanx: Goddamnit, I've been out of the US Army infantry for about four months now. I trained to kill evil motherfuckers all day long. At no time during that training did they ever train us to not care. Get off your ass greyhoundpaul and do something to make a difference before you judge.1267559231373
greyhoundpaul: ^ who says i havent.1267564828283
Phalanx: I do1267572733160
greyhoundpaul: shows what you know then.1267623786689
Dr. Dietmar Posselt: KIlling children is not wrong.1267638716110
Phalanx: No, If their wearing bombs, spotting for IEDs with cellphones, or about to shoot you, it sure as hell is'nt1267651453809
Redrocco: too late to hug him after you've shot him1267653334104
bnsneky: Kill em all1267653697231
Anonymous: ^jewimuslim1267655957461

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Key Iraq
Key Iraq key (4) , Iraq (58)

Source: SUBMIT / chan4chan URL: Info: JPG, 202 Kbytes (990x631) Added by: Redrocco (Jul 21, 2010) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Anonymous: OH GREAT - The Fucking Key to Baghdad!!1279743976896
Uncle Harvey: Too bad there's nothing left standing to unlock with it1279753567822
ajmisback: i'm pretty sure that goes to rosanne bars chastity belt1279754520390
Anonymous: pandora don't go back in the box1280569766473
precious: he must have a big asshole1299691068349
Anonymous: i could break that with my dick1299747863339
rock: $200 a barrel you say...1299751153351
DarbyCrash: here's the key to the country...u can have all the oil u want as reward for bringing us McDonalds and Mtv1336563993335
RubberG: Why would some one put a set of brass knuckles on a hockey stick?1336592376163
Anonymous: that key cost a million peoples lives1336596943599
spotswood: This key will open a portal into Iran...1336597793877
Anonymous: U.S. Major General Jerry Cannon dedicates a giant key to Iraq's Justice Minister as a symbolic gesture during a ceremony marking the transfer of Camp Cropper, the last U.S. detention center in Iraq, to the Iraqi government in Baghdad July 15, 2010.1354853207144
Spartak: gay gey1354876676543
Anonymous: he got a key that unlocks all iraqi prisons where he can participate on gay activities with prisoners and dogs1365007006884
Name: Comment:

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"You should drop this class before the deadline" - Submitted to the Office of Strategic from reader Bradley Barrett, a student at Tri-County Technical College in Anderson SC
School iraq exam school (160) , iraq (58) , exam (15)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 422 Kbytes (600x794) Added by: * (Mar 1, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Anonymous: i'd really like to know which dumbfuck corrected this...1238437118410
Anonymous: Probably someone with strong republican ties1243658946918
Anonymous: ^ ^^ Ignorant *rolls eyes*1243664670331
Anonymous: I mean the teacher.1243664828351
Anonymous: wow so it turns out that this teacher is a total dumb fuck1245001394404
Anonymous: Student is an idiot1245065292163
Anonymous: Ignorant, and uneducated GOP stance by teacher.1245457976763
Anonymous: actually this is the stance of both the left and the right ^^1245460491295
Anonymous: tard student1245462091904
Anonymous: lol, Brad rules, the teacher seems like a neo-con fucknut. he didn't even care about the troops1247245949464
Anonymous: fuck that little fag punk ass bitch of a student.........1248382916509
Anonymous: this is fake...i beleve that some of you are this retarded but those writings from the teacher are fake...the last one i read about jimmy seemed fishy...this one confirmed it1248397531773
Anonymous: Although not everything the student said was correct, most of it has some real merit to it. The teacher on the other hand seems to be under the influence of the george bush drug. You can tell their political stance just from their comments. What an idiot. If I were the parents I'd get that war mongering "neo-con fucknut" teacher sacked.1250439147218
Sinonymous: And that is the teacher, teaching the next generation of Ameriscum!1250441785622

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Link to this:"You_should_drop_this_class_before_the_deadline"_-_Submitted_to_the_Office_of_St rategic_Influence.com_from_reader_Bradley_Barrett,_a_student_at_Tri-County_Techn ical_College_in_Anderson_SC

Usa military Iraq
Usa military Iraq usa (445) , military (118) , Iraq (58)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 58 Kbytes (320x450) Added by: 78.133.* (Apr 20, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Anonymous: ROFL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111oneoen!!!!!111!1241210361129
mingebag #1: Another one bites the dust ^_________________________^1253096666290
Anonymous: fuck you think thats funny?1253147824251
Anonymous: Send all federal politicos to the front lines1253158414644
TS: Not funny.1255038066711
cracker_killer: salute those brave men1255042436864
LittleDemon: ROFL ????? fuck off.1255043244539
Anonymous: I salute those guys who gave their lives for our country!!! the only reason europeans dont like the US is because we kick the shit out of them in the 1700's in the revolutionary war!1255049386604
Anonymous: no mate the only reason us europeans dont like you wank yanks is coz the majority of you are cunts1255052793927
TASTYbacon: ^Don't forget ingnorant sandbagging assholes. I bet most of of you Americunts couldn't point out Afghanistan on a world map but still talk sh!t about it.1255059093119
ImaD00d: While I completely disagree with US involvement in Iraq, I would never laugh at soldiers who died there, American or otherwise. Let us not forget that the UK as well as 20 other countries currently have troops stationed in the middle east and have all suffered casualties.1255059999106
TASTYbacon: ^But why do any of those countries have troops their? Because they do not want to piss off the big bully of the world that is "America". Let not forget what they have put France though for not sending any troops. I am not laughing at any of those poor soldiers who had the misfortune of dying in a resource war.1255062270701
ImaD00d: I highly doubt that the UK is afraid of pissing off the "big bully" of America. It was British intelligence that fueled claims of Iraq having WMD's in the first place, but I digress. ANY of those countries could have refused to send troops - they didn't. You act as if they actually feared US military retaliation. Get real, and STOP generalizing entire groups of people out of ignorance.1255064013980
Bubble: You Laught, you Win. I laugh at all soldiers English, spanish, russian, american, everyone who signd up to the army... it aint no fucking floweraranging job... YOU are going to get shot at and die... fuck em, they don't jknow what their doing over their, yet they still fight, i have nothing to them, i wouldnt give ANY soldier the time of day.1255064716577

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PALIN ON IRAQ: "Our national leaders are sending them out on a task that is from God... That's what we have to make sure that we're praying for, that there is a plan and that plan is God's plan."
Sarah palin iraq religion sarah palin (30) , iraq (58) , religion (396)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 88 Kbytes (600x750) Added by: drake1156 (Jan 1, 2010) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Wr104Gamma: Seperation of church and state at it's finest.. This bitch needs some cum1262368819539
Markus Hunsalz: em, not mine.1262378904250
Anonymous: Patriotism, religion, etc. Magic cards to pull out to get voters. Why would you take the energy to convince a few smart people when you can get a shitload of voters just saying 'Jesus' or 'God' ?1262618333873
Hughbie: OK...Religion (man made) + war (man made)....omg....a monster....1262620102512
Anon physician: John Lennon was so correct. Imagine.1262644161134
Wr104Gamma: Kill it with McDonalds1263543246465
Anonymous: she needs a good pumping!1264153929209
ghostoftime: Cum Shot!1264156679275
akingu: fucking kike whore!1264187103837
Anonymous: How about some Palin on Palin?1264271431804
nothing: Stinky pussy,1264282249165
Anonymous: i'd love to shoot this bitch in the face with my cum and followed by a shotgun1264372956180
Anonymous: She needs more penis.1264377416641
KarmaPickles: Leave her alone, she's hot and a real fucking dumb cunt.1264377641629

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Link to this:"Our_national_leaders_are_sending_them_out_on_a_task_that_is_from _God..._That's_what_we_have_to_make_sure_that_we're_praying_for,_that_there_is_a _plan_and_that_plan_is_God's_plan."

Bush shoe throw iraq
Bush shoe throw iraq bush (61) , shoe (22) , throw (22) , iraq (58)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: GIF, 1854 Kbytes (340x240), Animated: 49 frames Added by: 127.0.* (Jan 26, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Anonymous: to bad he missed... would love to see that nose bleed1245018044781
Anonymous: ha ha thrower gets five mins of fame, 5 years getting cornholed in Iraqi prison. Bush goes fishing Who got the win?1245083468977
Anonymous: The Guy who makes the shoe's, people are buying them from all over.1245084694191
Anonymous: lol that guy is my hero!1245088249847
Anonymous: God Damn It! Never in my life did I want an extra inch or two more than at that moment!! Fuck Fuck Fuck!!!1245097355290
Anonymous: 8977 the shoe thrower wins hands down. Bush is still a fuckwit, this guy is a legend.1245110884934
Anonymous: shoe thrower getting anal herpes in prison, Bush kicking back fishing and enjoying retirement.1245139434555
Anonymous: 4934 such a legend nobody knows his name without google1245164600121
Anonymous: thrower: o shit not again, my asshole hurts & it's bleeding:::: Bush: looks like a nice spot to cast over there :-)1245177238135
NT: lol he dodged it and smirked like " haha! im superior to your foolish efforts....oww"1245198306235
Anonymous: 0121 so? He's still a legend. You however, are a major fail. Might I suggest suicide?1245217522817
Anonymous: w's smartass grin was priceless. probably his greatest achievement in 8 years1245218591464
Anonymous: quicker reflexes than the Axis of Assholes1245233222717
Anonymous: i was always impressed by his reflexes. i hate him, but damn, he can dodge well.1245293200855

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Iraq usa army
Iraq usa army iraq (58) , usa (445) , army (122)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 58 Kbytes (404x319) Added by: bobo (Nov 11, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse

Anonymous: America! Fuck yeah!1257960889668
Anonymous: Ahh, that's why... I was wondering... it all makes sense now.1257967707433
scottie: I'd fuk her.1257968848993
Anonymous: just following orders1257975977634
Redrocco: yeah she got prison time for this while the ones that ordered it got off scott free. Ive got no doubt that the orders came all the way from the top ie: the office of dick cheney1257979650672
Anonymous: ^ ah yes, acusations without proof = fact. Welcome to the new america, where Liberalism runs rampant1257982475180
Anonymous: ^^ Goes to porn sites and then points at everyone else for not having morals1257984973844
Anonymous: ^ Goes to porn sites and then points at everyone else for not having morals1257985727716
Pyro: < Gets high and sets fires1257986490208
absinthe: I think you're a quart low buddy1257988055531
pedo: she turns me on.1258062102737
lastwinj: fuck em1258414156409
Muchert: hahaha i would do the same.... untermenschen1263158488626

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Army iraq army (122) , iraq (58)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 39 Kbytes (768x510) Added by: Hughbie (Oct 29, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Anonymous: haha1257277110761
Anonymous: haha thats funny but probably true1257298427829
cracker_killer: that's me with the towel on my head1257298533384
Tznu: ^ I lol'd, but fuck you.1257343956166
akingu: better than fucking little children like the goddamn kikes!1257347406561
The Thruth: us and uk worst army ever...1257871855190
BeaversNDucks: ^^on the contrary young one US and UK are most powerful and influential nations at present=best military strength........for now^^^1257872114312
Anonymous: Both of them fucks a sheep? theyre both holding sign1258494702601
Anonymous: ^^only one of them is mortaring the US base that the sign is talking about you dolt^^1258497809508
Anonymous: i dont see US on sign. and the american guy is the one who can use mortal nigger uses catapult1258539808338
Hughbie: ^nigger? Where? Sand nigger yes if thats what you mean....anyhow...Mary had a little lamb, its fleece was white as snow but her father sold it to a brothel, and Mary followed in tow.1258540670531
Anonymous: USA FUCK!!!!!!!!....... I AM ARGENTINIAN1261189188322
Anonymous: uhm i think if that dumbass soldier had flipped the cardboard over before writing it would completely blank and not have that stupid seal on it.1269842125208
Anonymous: 5208 - thanks for your two cents.1269895402453

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Road bomb hummer iraq
Road bomb hummer iraq road (48) , bomb (57) , hummer (4) , iraq (58)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: GIF, 2041 Kbytes (250x193), Animated: 121 frames Added by: GibblesNBits (Mar 3, 2011) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
StormTrooper: I know how to fix this shit. One giant nuke on beautiful downtown Kabul1299124803975
chumpno1: then you can rebuild it and make the us corps even richer (again)1299128995430
StormTrooper: ^ I like the way you think.1299136817388
Anonymous: definitely the reason nuclear saturation bombing is needed across the middle east, mexican border, africa, asia.1307047081430
BnSneky: ^amen brother1307047589161
Anonymous: wonder who was filming lol1307049240817
Anonymous: excellent1307050148467
Last_Resort: "....nuclear saturation bombing is needed across mexican border" Where do you think the fallout is going to drift you stupid shit?1307051531683
Anonymous: ALLLAAAAH ACKBAR !! BOOOOOOM !!1307056678230
Coolindian: oh shit, that is just sad ;(1307061607707
MrSandyNigger: ^Fuck you its hilarious watching americunts being blown up into very small pieces.1307064285256
GirlSoldier727: :c I find this sad1307064437678
MrSandyNigger: Look at the level of stupidity here. It's ok to watch any random person being blown up but its not okay to see Americunt soldiers meeting the same fate. Same thing goes to you furfags who cry when you see animals in gory situations.1307066256346
Froggy Wentacourtn: Ha !1307072534927

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Kill shot sniper scope iraq war photo
Kill shot sniper scope iraq war photo kill shot (1) , sniper (17) , scope (1) , iraq (58) , war (189) , photo (1862)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 98 Kbytes (1600x1200) Added by: Captngeetch (Feb 7, 2012) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Ceesaurus: Here comes easy, easy sniper, hiding behind the four wheels of his viper. He picks his targets through the scope of a rifle, trying to take out his targets alone...1328622271536
greyhoundpaul: this was my desktop for ages.1328721328965
Ghostoftime: Boom!!!!! Headshot1328736607513
Anonymous: up a little, then boom1328736699179
Anonymous: M24. Great gun.1328771566727
Captngeetch: ^ Weapon, great weapon1328790856519
Anonymous: Do it faggot1336219197302
Anonymous: he shoots, he misses, he gets noobtubed!!!1336253220193
Chicagosox23: this is now my well as one too1336272442403
Anonymous: go for the headshot1336315748445
Anonymous: Going to meet those 72 virgins in 3.....2......11336341062740
Anonymous: No more camel fucking for THIS haji....1336352678326
savage warrior: totally fucking amazing!!1344446625156
Anonymous: And nobody said the virgins were women.1344449984473

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the main difference between Europe and the USA
Hungary iraq usa hungary (110) , iraq (58) , usa (445)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 76 Kbytes (800x600) Added by: Anonymous (May 13, 2010) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Anonymous: so true1273763693366
anonymule: whatever faggot, I'd love for a hungarian to find Kentucky on a map....1273766776791
Anonymous: ^not the same... a hungarian would know that kentucky is a state in usa, so he would know where to look for it... an american wouldn't even know that Hungary is a country... he'd have no idea where to look, and he'd probably have a hard time finding usa too...1273774874876
argentos: ^win1273840536897
greyhoundpaul: Hahaha. you got told mule. lol1273841446894
#1 Fan: ^ Laugh all you want! hate what you can't have Eurotrash.(Now get to the Mosque! Prayer time!)1273867154346
anonymule: fuck that, faggot didn't tell me shit. My mom was born in Hungary, I'm American and I know where the fuck it is. 4876 didn't prove shit. On a map, without the words on it, the average eurofag WOULDN'T find Kentucky on a map...promise you that shit.1273872663862
absinthe: ^lets ask c4c....hey c4c, can you find Kentucky? Put this shit to bed already1273878957188
Anonymous: If it was an un named map of the U.S.A. I'm sure no Hungarian would be able to pick which one is Kentucky1273879259867
Anonymous: ooooooooo someones getting their arsehole in a twist.1273880253407
Anonymous: 4346, excactly what is it that we can't have?1273882369911
Anonymous: mule, on a map of usa without the words the average american wouldn't find kentucky...1273882516748
Anonymous: ^^ So shamefully true 67481273884905498
#1 Fan: 9911 ^ what cant you have? Your own country, instead of a group that will never unite (E.U.) Hell, you guys cant stand EACH OTHER! So, yeah...Hate US!1274029328707

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Explosion mortar fail terrorist Muslim iraq
Explosion mortar fail terrorist Muslim iraq explosion (65) , mortar (4) , fail (642) , terrorist (25) , Muslim (92) , iraq (58)

Source: SUBMIT / chan4chan URL: Info: GIF, 1486 Kbytes (294x240), Animated: 41 frames Added by: LemmyLaffer (Mar 7, 2012) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Sinonymous: love it1256495075666
Pyro: ME TOO HAHAHAHA1256495098609
bonkers: LOL!1256500319226
Bubble: classic1256500455833
Anonymous: grenade isn't eve exploding it happens left to terrorist1256821635326
DutchGuy: yep, also he looks up before it happens... prolly a US mortar or even some good ol' air support1256824088274
Hughbie: whoopsie there ahmed..looks like you're going to need a few band aids ya dumb fuck.1256825078812
cracker_killer: band aid? try a mop1257015085703
Tznu: .lol1257063248139
Anonymous: its a us mortar. Before the he let off like 2 rounds.1257404517130
Anonymous: ^*that not the1257404559158
Anarchist: just gotta love sand niggers!1259299639332
Anonymous: I still say in order to win a fight with them, sabotage the weapons you sell to them..1259728492766
Anonymous: 5326 it's not even a grenade you STUPID FUCK1259938495723

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Sign iraq iran middle east politics usa comic obama sign (282) , iraq (58) , iran (24) , middle east (4) , politics (128) , usa (445) , comic (464) , obama (227)

Source: SUBMIT / chan4chan URL: Info: JPG, 82 Kbytes (599x407) Added by: Anonymous (May 7, 2012) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Anonymous: democrats want to invade iran? are you high?1336424308521
pepe64: what a load of junk this is1336426066103
Anonymous: bomb every one. we need to space.1336674602112
Anonymous: we need to obliterate all al qaeda forts with cruise missiles to say fuck you terrorism1342415134878
Anonymous: "Weapons of Mass Destruction" part II. Different players, same game.1342589032528
Anonymous: Yup. Pretty much.1342589910576
Anonymous: Why are certain missle eastern coutries permitted to retain their nuclear weapons?"1342590028822
Anonymous: Weapon of mass destruction = Your TV set1342590064916
Anonymous: missle eastern?1342590202100
Anonymous: D O I T N O W b4 to late1342605550380
randy die ratte: the jew holding the strings1342611890833
Anonymous: 100% true1342620722188
Holy Troller: Weapons of mass distraction1342655711881
loggerman: ^ And fast!!1348460049454

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Kitten cat army iraq kitten (18) , cat (896) , army (122) , iraq (58)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 995 Kbytes (1300x1112) Added by: Squirrely1 (Sep 3, 2010) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
anon: dayum1283516456629
lolbot: lol look at that ugly cats face. kill it with fayah!1283548749822
AlienNation: Captain Awesome1283549203890
Anonymous: poor kitty :(1283584850909
Craphere: pussy lol1283683627578
Flarp: Cat successfully freed.1283949401142
Anonymous: Watch out mate, it will return with an IED strapped to its collar1283949473343
Anonymous: its Osama Bin Laden's cat , its the only thing they found LOL!!!!!1283958112845
Furore23: Of course anyone called AWESOME would like cats.1283958209430
Flarp: Improvised Explosive Diarhea. Poor kitty. Sgt AWESOME. Because FUCK YOU SGT SLAUGHTER. And, now you know, and knowing is the half of the battle that you wont get blown into meat confetti.1283959342928
Flarp: Comment wasn't about the US; just war in general. Many friends and family overseas. One friend came back with one kidney and the biggest scar I have ever seen. Bastard went back for 3+ more tours. Possibly the meanest SOB I have ever known in my life. Cat, the people looking after you are AWESOME. I sorry. Couldn't resist. :)1283959467218
BriceFxP: Glad we are over there helping the kittens into a better life.1284497140701
Flarp: These pictures are taken to show the soft side of the guys over there. But, remember the picture of the three nazi soldiers with the kitten? Same song and dance. But, that doesn't mean Awsome's tenderness is any less genuine. As much as you might want to be, we are all the same.1284499847393
deathdivine: kill it! poison it!1284500033510

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Internet 4chan iraq analogy internet (173) , 4chan (628) , iraq (58) , analogy (62)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 25 Kbytes (370x278) Added by: wichser (Nov 29, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Pyro: lol1259726048465
Anonymous: ^^ Yes Pyro! Lynndie is cool. I like her.1269292659137
jothepopo: lol too good1269401320900
Anonymous: This is one of the coolest pics ever!1269462001695
Anonymous: Pungent Stench wrote a song about this bitch, a very high honor in metal.1269468080857
Radada: > You call that a penis ?1274289096204
Anonymous: wtf is this1274482053218
darkstan: Fuck that. Stupid bitch and her idiot friends made us all look bad, and confirmed that we have no moral authority at all. Retarded.1274491704772
Anonymous: bothered? im not1274509643565
Anonymous: stupid bitch, she put the lives of coalition troops at risk of retaliation.1274514293757
minuteman: army is shit from every direction u look at it1274523255799
Anonymous: poor girl..!!!1274528627742
TwoFaced: pew pew pewpew peww!1274530842792
marsapple: just sick needs psycho1275427414951

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Iraq barbie doll rape
Iraq barbie doll rape iraq (58) , barbie (22) , doll (109) , rape (209)

Source: SUBMIT / chan4chan URL: Info: GIF, 780 Kbytes (445x269), Animated: 12 frames Added by: HornyBear (Dec 7, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
pocket: WIN= Watch It Now1260201110638
HornyBear: Mmmmm. Gang rape Barbie!1260318809253
Anonymous: too much time on sbdy's hands.1260742440848
SickNote: Those sick plastic fucks1260742980942
Pyro: wow1260936858626
crackerkiller5: how much does it cost?1260939543696
peteyfu: does this come in a set?1260939836783
lonerstoner45: does it bring friends?1262673431920
The_Creeper: Blow your load and blow her brains out at the same time! Always wanted to try that...1262681098854
lonerstoner45: this is so fucking retarded..rape is isin;t funny..who ever had the time to do this is mental...and ass should be kicked..rape is the worst thing in the wold!!!1263711147373
kaz: no it aint. theres alot of shit worse than rape. ever heard of haiti?1263713768916
Anonymous: Plastic scumbags... I'm sick of them. It's about time we rounded up all the plastics and sent them back where they came from.1263740491202
kaz: and do, praytell, explain specifically what you mean by plastic?1263799506897
kaname: ...........................1267997915411

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Army halloween face iraq young children game
Army halloween face iraq young children game army (122) , halloween (14) , face (904) , iraq (58) , young (90) , children (29) , game (185)

Source: SUBMIT / chan4chan URL: Info: JPG, 638 Kbytes (1516x1153) Added by: Choadboy (Oct 13, 2010) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Choadboy: Good kids!1286760289948
Anonymous: Merry Christmas1286764394318
Anonymous: WIN1286771532895
Kib420: thTS GAY1286802823937
Phadrus: We need a high res pic of this. It is awesome.1286806010112
Choadboy: ^ Done: hi-res version is
Choadboy: The girl just nailed her part perfectly.1286995573674
Kib420: DUPE!!!!!1287006197606
Phadrus: Yea, but what the hell.1287009785834
Choadboy: ^^ Yeah, posted a high-res version after being so requested on the low-res version.1287013693833
precious: they never grow up, just give them guns and they obey1299003850110
Anonymous: this seems normal1299007300313
MrPerspective: Most tasteful.1299843562377
anonymous: focking brilliant1317318169873

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If you spent a million dollars a day...
Iraq war money calculator iraq (58) , war (189) , money (145) , calculator (4)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 48 Kbytes (600x402) Added by: * (Jun 29, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Anonymous: kinda depressing1246383544614
Anonymous: that calculator isnt as tilted as the others i dont get it1246689125844
Anonymous: calculators don't say TILT, they say E1246705620957
Anonymous: pics or jesus didnt happen1247016501299
Anonymous: 29375200000001254043046850
Anonymous: There IS a class war going on1254126672793
Samps: Yeah, yeah...doesn't change the fact that the stimulus didn't help.1255062928787
redrocco: it hekped if you were uber-rich.. not so much if you wre one of the other 99% of the country. trickle down again in that they give the money to the ones at the top and piss on the rest of us1255095413671
whisperinghero: This is bullshit by the way. Getting close to 1 times the stimulus, but nowhere near 4 times. costofwar.com1255164131971
Nickeh43: It's kind of like dividing by zero, it's just better not to think about it1279052359614
Anonymous: This will end when the Dollar is not the world reserve currency, then it cannot be printed out of thin air.1322706404840
The Original Spoon: Uhhhh . . . . . . anyway, BACK TO BONDAGE VIDS fap fap1322707694251
liplocker_code3: Jesus who?1414687460989
Name: Comment:

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Free speech Iraq protest porn sign free speech (6) , Iraq (58) , protest (196) , porn (500) , sign (282)

Source: SUBMIT / chan4chan URL: Info: JPG, 45 Kbytes (430x526) Added by: spoon (Feb 5, 2010) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Anonymous: YEAH!1265362078361
KOAL: bunch of opressed motherfuckers1265362423964
kinganonymous: Roflmao, Yes welcome internet.1265376767269
TerroristHunter: SO Do I !!1265387849225
Spiritus: vote now!1265449815239
Mooselem Stud: Women in Iraq just need to ditch the beekeeper suits and show off a little. Female virtue is found in making the world a happier place..1265517699230
DannDruff: Allah is much pleased young bomber1265540867585
Aalfred666: LOOK at his face He's not JOKING!1271906943276
Anonymous: Well said sir, well said1271907190475
Warg: Dude, they NEED porn. BADLY.1271911622191
Anonymous: @Aalfred666 I can get all the porn I want, yet I look way worse, so...1271916107126
Anonymous: 10 minutes later this man was executed1275177505999
Anonymous: ^ you're IRAN aren't exaclty porn, so Get the Fuck Out.1275209027256
anonymous: For Gods Sake ..give them some pRon ! everyone needs some Fapping !1275209261861

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Iraq explosion boom trap
Iraq explosion boom trap iraq (58) , explosion (65) , boom (5) , trap (121)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: GIF, 2045 Kbytes (314x222), Animated: 62 frames Added by: Bubble (Sep 27, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Bubble: WTF!?1254075800808
Anonymous: It's too far to notice, but there's clearly something on the road. Why the guys on the car decided to just go through amazes me lol1254078747491
Bubble: ^FAIL, BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!1254078942626
Anonymous: 1254078747491..I think those are trees1254152999591
Bubble: 1254152999591also^ i think this comment is boring...1254156959278
Anonymous: All comments are boring...we only here for teh images mang1254158460829
Anonymous: Comments disabled due to AIDS1254164151600
Bubble: "we"? GTFO you prick.1254164441705
Anonymous: Yeah, what do you mean we? This is a site created by a lunatic that has hundreds of personalities and posts different stuff under each one, engaging in a delusional dialogue with himself. No one else visits the site but him... I mean, me (moment of clarity there)1254175910342


and1: badaaaaaaaaaa baaaam badaaaaaa buuuuum1254244016310
Lelu: Big bada boooom1254244511768
Anonymous: i hope some fucking americunts died there!1254296001930

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Usa iraq war usa (445) , iraq (58) , war (189)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 90 Kbytes (438x720) Added by: * (May 29, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Anonymous: lolz1243635922896
=D: I lold1245983406362
Anonymous: im american and i still loled1245983584773
Anonymous: ^ Ditto. World domination isn't freedom...1245987773568
Anonymous: i cant beleive i lold1246166840182
Anonymous: I'm american and I lol'd.1246224862822
Anonymous: I lol'd1246363908853
Anonymous: LOL1246365959258
GOD: not funny1251945431916
whitehead: I think it's soo fucking sad !!!!1251945613286
Bugger Chan: As you reap, so shall you sew. Sound familiar, god?1253147345669
cracker_killer: those men died for our country, how the fuck is that funny?1253168301337
carponymous: do not want1253591289330
Bubble: you desirve it, fuckheads.1253595805154

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War military photo iraq
War military photo iraq war (189) , military (118) , photo (1862) , iraq (58)

Source: SUBMIT / chan4chan URL: Info: JPG, 326 Kbytes (2100x1358) Added by: Furore23 (May 2, 2012) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
spz557: another day at the office.....1335963533662
AZO: I'll teach you to love it and die for me1335966566745
MACKY83: Battlefield 31336226944859

MrSandynigger: ^Lulz1336306684515
oneandonley1: Dam, why are there even soldiers out there. There is no righteous reason for u.s troops to be in the Middle East. And sadly the only victims in this situation are the innocent civilians. I pray for those souls1345509024366
Anonymous: USA ! USA ! USA ! USA ! USA ! USA ! USA ! USA ! USA ! USA ! USA ! USA ! USA ! USA ! USA ! USA ! USA ! USA ! USA ! USA ! USA ! USA ! USA ! USA ! USA ! USA ! USA ! USA ! USA ! USA ! USA ! USA ! USA ! USA ! USA ! USA ! USA ! USA ! USA ! USA ! USA ! USA ! USA ! USA ! USA ! USA ! USA ! USA !1345509832655
RubberG: Bring the soldiers home and commence concentrated high altitude carpet bombing. WWII style. Problem solved.1345515805559
Anonymous: Now send these drug addicted savages to mexico to fight the drug cartels1345515940796
Anonymous: Yes of course. Because zombie muslims.1349729368359
Ghostoftime: Bad ass!1349740903537
Anonymous: these are real men you MOH X box cunts1351328558830

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School slap analogy taliban usa iraq
School slap analogy taliban usa iraq school (160) , slap (35) , analogy (62) , taliban (2) , usa (445) , iraq (58)

Source: SUBMIT / chan4chan URL: Info: GIF, 1769 Kbytes (270x270), Animated: 75 frames Added by: UriAr (Apr 6, 2010) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
pikel: WTF, Guy. You already added this one.1270591314701
Jro: fucking love it :D1270660732541
iprobablyhateyou: lol'd1270666132701
Anonymous: I lol'd brix1273562621878
Anonymous: loool awesome1273581446402
Who Me?: Not true ~ Iraq fuckin' jumped Kuwait and was about to jump Saudi Arabia when the USA and UK and others knocked Iraq back to their desk. Meanwhile the UN repeatedly told Iraq to sit the fuck down and behave, but Iraq gave a resounding "FUCK YOU !". Meanwhile the Taliban bitch-slapped the USA, and the USA turned and took on the Taliban, and then turned back to finish dealing with Iraq. The war bet1273589394906
Who Me?: ... The war between the USA and Iraq started in 1991, - the USA and UK didn't invade to finish the job until 2003. The alleged peace between those years failed.1273589635612
Who Me?: Great school prank cought on camera though !!!1273590078213
mirmydone: finish him1273602400604
Anonymous: high school dip shits showing their faggotry1273604675926
Anonymous: why would you take off your shirt? dumbass1273609576444
Anonymous: and why is there a t-shirt add below?1274179820488
Anonymous: when are t-shirts?1274499256132
Arsonist: PWNED!1279346702432

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Iraq usa war
Iraq usa war iraq (58) , usa (445) , war (189)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 333 Kbytes (928x754) Added by: * (Jul 1, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Anonymous: thats fucked up, atleast we bury our dead, they throw them in a hole with some rocks1246500006858
Anonymous: Yeah , obviously you're winning ......... </sarcasm>1246835258399
Anonymous: ^ they'll find any reason to think they are superior. Yanks, ego and attitude even in the face of overwhelmingevidence to the contrary.1246842200396
Anonymous: how many US "soldiers" have been killed in iraq? 2000? 3000? 4321 (according to official casualtiy counts) now really, how the fuck did you manage that?1246846294929
Anonymous: vs a million dead muzzie faggots, good ratio1246887872722
Anonymous: friendly fire lol US army worse enemy!!1246888189936
Anonymous: British soldiers are both cowards and useless1246984833576
Anonymous: don't pick on us,it's not our fault u went to to war against a 3rd world country an lost.1246986528408
Anonymous: Something like 15% of British soldiers killed in Iraq were by the American air force. One tank even hung a British flag out before the blew it up.1247002002762
Anonymous: At least our soldiers are supremely fuckable.1247069689543
Anonymous: i like how we have people willing to die so we can continue our empire1247148047112
AnonAnonAnon: who lost? Saddam hanged, al Sadr doing homework in Iran while mehdi army in hiding giving 5$ blowjobs to camels1247175701380
Anonymous: America is "winning", they kill a lot more then they get killed.... But what is the point? They aren't winning anything except in kill/death ratio. It's not a video game, so I don't see how you're really winning..1247198267869
Anonymous: *raise hand* can we go home now?? seriously though we bombed that country so bad we improved it1247863547804

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9/9/10 C4C 14:39 For Nickeh - Still suckin in IRAQ! It's Fucking HOT!!!
Iraq chan4chan army sign timestamp nickeh43 weapon ammo message iraq (58) , chan4chan (343) , army (122) , sign (282) , timestamp (15) , nickeh43 (41) , weapon (107) , ammo (16) , message (37)

Source: SUBMIT / chan4chan URL: Info: JPG, 2150 Kbytes (3264x2448) Added by: savageman69 (Sep 9, 2010) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
chrud: takin time from the fappery and faggotry to salute savageman. thank you for your service and sacrifice, dude. i mean it.1284056509322
Robbatan: heil hitl... äh ... savage!1284056564935
AlienNation: That is a very very nice picture! Thanks Savageman! I appreciate it.1284056611590
savageman69: thanks chrud takes a lot to be serious on /b/ lol1284056909570
iprobablyhateyou: this looks shopped... but in all seriousness take care of yourself1284057054581
savageman69: hahaha shopped lol1284057123696
Anonymous: IPHY = King of the Shop-fags!1284057444524
Robbatan: dont look shopped1284057553561
beepb00p: cool pic1284065534753

Anonymous: nice! could you write : ksx im fighting for you. ?? // hugs and kisses1284071313964
Nickeh43: Thanks Savage, cool stuff1284091646539
NUCK FIGGERS: Keep up the hard work savage, it's very appreciated.!1285737145192
Anonymous: troll sum sandniggers for me1285739231532

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Iraq tank
Iraq tank iraq (58) , tank (49)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 84 Kbytes (900x470) Added by: * (Feb 19, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Anonymous: It's not Iraq, it's Gaza Strip1250269441610
God: He is holding Osaka Shoe!1250272744512
Anonymous: brainwashed lil asshole thinks he's protecting Hamas hiding in the hospital basement1250274231294
DutchGuy: I would have jumped on, climbed on top and stole one of those machine guns...1250293066749
Anonymous: Rock and roll and reactive armor1250313973128
UncleStrike: Get em Aziz!1250321665674
DutchGuy: how long does it take to peel the remains of a kid out of tank tracks?1250341054906
sinonymous: Niggas and Sand niggas. Will throw rocks at anything!1250367682744
rubberduckaziller: I WANT ONE1254373762377
Anonymous: More guts than American politicians scrwing over the populace1254376878868
Hughbie: and just as stupid....1254378488203
Anonymous: yeaaa...noo1255326876984
Swiney: ¶▅c●▄███████||▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅ ▅||█~ ::~ :~ :►1256413716371
Swiney: ▄██ ▲ █ █ ██▅▄▃▂1256413730301

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Hostage gun iraq Kids play
Hostage gun iraq Kids play hostage (4) , gun (192) , iraq (58) , Kids (13) , play (16)

Source: SUBMIT / chan4chan URL: Info: JPG, 599 Kbytes (1752x1168) Added by: Redrocco (Nov 7, 2010) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Anonymous: is there any reason we shouldn't nuke them? honestly why are we wasting our time. Fuckin Pakis1289185533265
al: Nuke the whole Middle East.1289185604372
chumpno1: 2 way crossfire, all 3 pwnt, ftw1289206937525
Sickogore: Poor little kid!!1289216568608
Anonymous: Nuke teh WHOLE AMIRICA1289226521396
Flarp: Middle East?! I thought this was the doings of the Mexican drug cartells (btw - thank you cartells. We appreciate all your hard work and sacrifices to do what you do best: Get drugs to US!)1289300277748
Anonymous: do it then blow your self up1289333560846
Flarp: 72 virgins don't mean shit to a kid that don't use his dick for nothing but pissin!1289342663655
lordroy: NUKE THE WORLD!1289361649951
Anonymous: i suppose if it was a nigger, in a dark alley pointing the gun at you asking for your watch and wallet .. you can relate to this a bit better?1289791318761
Rorix: "Now it's my turn to play the terrorist!"1291254322123
ImYourMomBIATCH: Kil it!1291254351587
ImYourMomBIATCH: Kill it! and than kill your self, niggers!1291255638625
BlazinWeed: ^ HEY!!! Watch it you unhuman monkey... They arent niggers, they are kids ffs! Shove it you n00b1291255692629

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Car iraq junk wreck street
Car iraq junk wreck street car (386) , iraq (58) , junk (2) , wreck (3) , street (111)

Source: SUBMIT / chan4chan URL: Info: GIF, 2505 Kbytes (300x191), Animated: 106 frames Added by: Bubble (Feb 15, 2010) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Bubble: I thort my Feista was bad...1266250280460
Redrocco: I had a Plymouth once that had so much body sag the doors wouldnt open. never had anything that sketchy tho1266250508451
zbloh: kuddo's1269736328780
Anonymous: Who's kuddo & what's his?1269736680981
Furore23: Dude's wife must be a whale.1278703541364
boss: Great car for a "Run what you brung" race.1278704452651
Sir Phobos: They See Me Rollin...1278708435485
DutchGuy: so you wanna be a playa... but yo' wheels ain't fly...1278719547470
Anonymous: its good - you never need to lock it, its like a convertible but you dont get rain on your head, lots of space even it you can't fit it all in the car, they should build them like this1278723836912
Snork: You expect him to use a Rolls for a car bombing? No you take a wreck there.1278773384271
Anonymous: THIS IS RUSSIAN LADA !!!!1one1279696718734
TitsMagoo: "You were only supposed to blow the bloody doors off..."1279721906188
mkvette: Not in Iraq, it seems more like Turkey from the plates and the hightway signs (served in Iraq)1312343734863
MrPerspective: Actually, this might very well be Lebanon1312345382588

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Perspective On 9/11 And The Invasions Of Iraq & Afghanistan
War terror death graph chart info usa iraq afghanistan war (189) , terror (36) , death (91) , graph (31) , chart (156) , info (382) , usa (445) , iraq (58) , afghanistan (19)

Source: SUBMIT / chan4chan URL: Info: PNG, 186 Kbytes (839x4498) Added by: Redrocco (Sep 13, 2010) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
AgentR: nothing represents the ugly truth like powerpoint1284749373942
sumdumfuk: one dead american is too much in the attempt to help the retarded dirty freaks in the middle east.1286503633642
rock: In this ättempt to help" I'm curious of your definition of "Help". Is this the same "Help" the usa gave to the Nicaraguans when you blockaded their harbours? or Chile when you overthrew their Democracy and installed Pinochet? Perhaps this is thesame help you gave Iran when the Cia overthrew their elected govt and installed the Shah?I find this all a little confusing please explain?1292033523795
Anonymous: Pull troops out, saturation bomb both Iraq and A-stan until every last motherfucking diaper head is dead. Done.1292033901777
Anonymous: ^^agreed 150-200%1292189948478
Uncle Harvey: I think the message here is clear... are you getting the message, Iran?1292209165659
blackal: No, they do not.1292209691345
sumdumfuk: america, helping those who wont help themselves.1292239044947
Anonymous: Unless it isn't obvious, this was supposed to represent the amount of civilians killed BY THE US.1304278668831
Captngeetch: I call BS1304281969978
Anonymous: ^ and why exactly?1304284831730
Anonymous: Not One WMD found in Iraq. Way to go Republistooges.1315013267461
Anonymous: Perhaps sand niggers will think twice before trying another 9/11. But don't hold your breath.1317735447221
Korzo: It's called assured destruction.1317756166965

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Iraq usa war identification ambush
Iraq usa war identification ambush iraq (58) , usa (445) , war (189) , identification (1) , ambush (1)

Source: SUBMIT / chan4chan URL: Info: JPG, 200 Kbytes (780x1156) Added by: * (Jul 22, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Anonymous: and they still fuck it up1248388001542
BuggerChan: World of Warcraft: iraq1252187706805
Anonymous: People just stuff these cards into the seat pockets, which is why we have the stewardesses giving the presentation.1263693224381
Anonymous: Thats not an identification chart, its to allow local nationals who dont speak english to point at something they want to report that they have seen.1271581965278
Anonymous: ^^ and in that light it is very clever, must be a British invention.1274947314184
Anonymous: ^^ cept it doesn't have an icon to show where to get good cup of tea1274947379560
Anonymous: thread1296422590764
Anonymous: Nigger icon is there. Thats all thats needed.1296427508792
MrPerspective: Gee, how come it took 8 comments for the N word to appear?1298945315383
Anonymous: ^ N word? LOL! Its NIGGER.1298945659339
GibblesNBits: NIGGER NIGGER NIGGER NIGGER NIGGER NIGGER NIGGER NIGGER NIGGER there I made up for lost time1298945914952
MrPerspective: ^^ Well guessed, now buy a vowel. ;-) Heck, every time I see that word, it makes me wanna jive with ebonics to look cool, so I really don't mind. Mind? Mine rotted away from too much TV decades ago! "I pity da foo'! Lucy, I'm home! WIIILLLL-MAAAAAA! Meddling kids." B-)1298994246815
RobertPaulsin: c-c-c-combo breaker?1298994499503
Anonymous: cha-cha-cha-chia!1299001859266

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War Iraq army hi-res
War Iraq army hi-res war (189) , Iraq (58) , army (122) , hi-res (738)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 258 Kbytes (990x777) Added by: c00livato (Jan 31, 2010) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Anonymous: Bad Company 2 will rock!!!!1264968395420
Anonymous: ^ agree 100% That game is going to be fucking amazing1264971581371
Anonymule: disagree's bad company sucked balls, BF2 sucked balls, EA sucks balls. you suck balls.1267630337480
Phalanx: WTF, this is a picture of an RPG impact. They're Marines in the middle of a firefight. lol1267651760290
DutchGuy: time for my snickers1267653489847
Anonymoist: SAME TEAM, SAME TEAM!!1267655286239

^ @ 5420: Ok they're going
DropkickMurphy: Haha missed me bitch1267656714116
Anonymous: kinganon: LMFAO wow captain!1267657149389
Anonymous: where is his hemmit? he should wear a hemmit,1267661243477
Phalanx: They were getting attacked, all you got time to do is grab your weapon and fuckin rock. The faster you gain fire superiorety the faster you end it1267760546880
ValeriZentsov: @Phalanx: Not RPG. 7.62.1270739827660
Anonymous: When is this game out? graphics are sweet1270740491334
Redrocco: ^they will let you play if you wanmt to, go for it. Server addy --->

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Hotel Two-Six. Crazyhorse One-Eight. Oh, yeah, look at those dead bastards.
Iraq civilian war fail massacre Iraq (58) , civilian (1) , war (189) , fail (642) , massacre (12)

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DutchGuy: guts and camera bits EVERYWHERE!1273669776205
Anonymous: and they act like they screwed up a round of CS or something... not like they tore innocent people apart with fucking bullets or anything like that.1273672425345
DutchGuy: i think they were banned from the server after this1273672674278
DutchGuy: i mean, 5 kills... probably cheaters1273672703730
Redrocco: camping1273672725115
Wenker: Team America - Fuck Yeah !1274268942607

Grave: ^lol's1276874972328
Anonymous: didn't kill enough of 'em1276883330189
Anonymous: ^^loot lol1276890880428
Anonymous: fuck those iraq fucks we all shoud go over there kill the men the women and the fucking kids1277627840913
Anonymous: No! That's ignorant!1277628032527
Anonymous: another example that us army its the most stupid army aroun the world they has not the guts to engage body to body...1277794620867

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Blackwater Iraq helicopter
Blackwater Iraq helicopter blackwater (1) , Iraq (58) , helicopter (24)

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anonymous: roflcopter !1262750516488
santa: ahah wtf?1262768923794
iaksakkak: he should have taken the gun...1262773992983
Anonymous: is that a training?1265061667965
fap: thats a huey, mostly known as a littlebird1272861653997
Anonymous: hey that dude fliped me off!!!1272866829163
MP SGT: huey's arnt called littlebirds, littlebirds are Kiowa's cuzz there much smaller1272897176226
El Capitan: Blackwater fun time1272928963386
Anonymous: lol1272930361527
Anonymous: you just got served...1274590315992
Anonymous: for fuck sake, little birds are the Hughes/MD 500 - Loaches1274592560429
Anonymous: What the fuck?? Why didnt he pull a split and blow them the fuck up?1274658043705
Anonymous: My roflcopter goes soi soi soi1274807526555
Anonymous: team america fuck yeah!!!!!!!!!!!1277629988669

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Iraq bomb smoke war
Iraq bomb smoke war iraq (58) , bomb (57) , smoke (108) , war (189)

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neopoliticus: I love the smell of burning newspaper reporters in the morning.1273485586791
Pyro: U aint the only one1273605797709
Anonymous: pussy desk jockey job. all they do is drink all day.1273606254383
Furore23: ^ So it's only natural that you're jealous.1278529639304
Anonymous: @Neo: LoL ...1278556739692
Pumpkin: Omnomnom smoked journalist meat1278559697966
djh123: scary stuff.1313126212807
Anonymous: breath that depleted uranium smoke in and expect cancer.1334357565108
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01 Call Missed
Iraq war bomb phone army fail Iraq (58) , war (189) , bomb (57) , phone (75) , army (122) , fail (642)

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Anonymous: lol, guess he called to late.1267135072219
cypher: bomb FAIL1267152370711
Anonymous: missing with bomb fire....1267156857902
kinganonymous: ^ Lol "Call missed Pyro"?1267158655470
Pyro: Oh hey my phone1267158700165
kinganonymous: ^ Lolmao1267158876305
anonymous: niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice1269011105509
BeaversNDucks: The remote for a command detonated IED, LOL guess they shot him before he could get away.....hopefully before he could set off the IED.1269011289573
f9287: stupid jamal forgot to answer1271284528456
fastamasta: ^That bitch!1271288305315
fap: You know its not hard to make a cellphone detonator.1272746413272
Anonymous: dont worry ... wrong number :P1272753214236
Anonymous: Fogot to turn the phone on = Fail1273015505517
naterls: lmao1273020938549

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Robot Iraq Army robot (57) , Iraq (58) , Army (122)

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nigel: the kids gow updont they1270259722987
Gonzo: that's a nice murse.1270610210556
Ferrum: Looks like the (new) Batmobile1270614644509
Anonymous: It's a land mine sweeper people1270699554320
Anonymous: oh noes! and i though we would build there little roads n stuff for ze kids...1271260445211
Grave: EVOLUTION.1271260570645
Grave: CHECKMATE THEISTS!1271260579195
I fuck you!: -.-1272849177280
DireWolf2012: Mine finder?1331848898721
RubberG: ^ mine exploder. The heavy rollers set off pressure mines.1331850056596
veranet: ^ I guess you'll be ordering the "number two" then.1331874664470
BnSneky: Whoa1331896647642
Hughbie: nice handbag...1331897157248
Anonymous: That was on Camp Leatherneck. I was there when Eva got blown up1332266636937
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9/9/10 C4C 14:39 For Nickeh - Still suckin in IRAQ! It's Fucking HOT!!!
Army iraq chan4chan soldier nickeh43 message army (122) , iraq (58) , chan4chan (343) , soldier (57) , nickeh43 (41) , message (37)

Source: SUBMIT / chan4chan URL: Info: JPG, 2081 Kbytes (3264x2448) Added by: savageman69 (Sep 9, 2010) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Robbatan: hes still alive!1284055681150
AlienNation: What's that picture behind you? I hope it isn't some top secret stuff1284055793337
NSFW: Wow Ok stop right there. Someone fill me in.1284063813514
Nickeh43: Awwww this one's cute too, thanks Savage!1284091817251
LeashedHate: Hey, least you have all your limbs..........?1284091938717
Anonymous: Way to show your sector of fire and primary weapon asswipe. Opsecmyou dumb ass1284092116476
Nickeh43: Riiiight, this coming from the anon. Keep trying, tool.1284093090422
Limerick: Anon has a point. Savage sucks at watch.1284094177427
Anonymous: Stay safe, Soldier (not all Anons are assholes).1284094256360
Anonymous: Just compromised your TRP on route Arnem knucklehead. Haji is on here too you know!1284123062130
savageman69: ^holly shit small world. but fuck u rookie bitch it makes no diff if haji know are TRP's. thnk about it. try to sound army smart some were eles. and this is no opsec faggot motherfucker we have been here 7 fuckin years they fuckin know wat we got dumb fuck.1284131790340
savageman69: i see ur not on G.O. u saw the route by zoomin on map.1284137261803
Anonymous: still sucking Iraqis1284190791451
Anonymous: Iraqis sucking still1284191142725

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Iraq oil squeeze pinch Iraq (58) , oil (40) , squeeze (7) , pinch (9)

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AlienNation: This image is so epic1285171028444
chrud: sqeeze it!1285183217566
Merrimon: What's so epic about this pic? It's gay as fuck and something a high school student would doodle in an attempt to be "active and intelligent" Tools.1285210796858
aPPLEkACK: Iraq is old news ! We need to move forward ! To Iran1285226133673
AgentR: Oh, our government had much bigger reasons for infiltrating Iraq than you know. The oil only sweetened the deal.1285637799275
sickfuck88: whoo hoo that sweet oil call the soldiers1285638927142
Anonymous: good shit red1290696740118
djh123: interesting1315952341931
Anonymous: It is Epic! How are the WMD working for ya Republican Retards? Not one found, 2 Trillion dollars in the hole and how many thousands of Iraqis killed for no good fucking reason.1318102840916
Flarp: I wonder if the remnants of Jesus have been burned in a tank of gas?1318371977965
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War iraq pikachu pokemon gun
War iraq pikachu pokemon gun war (189) , iraq (58) , pikachu (36) , pokemon (38) , gun (192)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 46 Kbytes (518x389) Added by: Sammiches (Mar 15, 2010) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Anonymous: camoflauge, your doing it wrong1268698985902
Hughbie: hangs his head in shame..1268699076691
BeaversNDucks: That lil fucker needs to learn some muzzle awareness.1268699078289
robohitler: squirtle is my battle buddy1268703590131
Anonymous: the gay one needs to learn that you cant shoot jets with a redrider1268735442836
Anonymatt: You're all stupid they're gonna be looking for army guys1277008692281
Squirrely1: Needs moar pokemons!!!!1277014570154
INEEDMOAR: Lulz1277423072665
Squinky: To catch them is his cause...1277425025463
Flarp: ...Never Forget1277601239164
GeneralPepper: Why would pikachu need a gun?1277606394178
Samps: I didn't know Japan was sending coalition troops to Afghanistan...1277619601321
Anonymous: niggers shit out more niggers from a vagina that has usually been pounded into having a clit swolen to the size of a dick, that in turn can also sum like a dick, seeing as it would be bleeding, YEAH! THRASH!1277619808496
Anonymous: i had meant to say cum* but the word sum* works too because the sum is an end result if used in that context1277619891725

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Crosshair iraq
Crosshair iraq crosshair (2) , iraq (58)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 128 Kbytes (2048x1536) Added by: * (Apr 11, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
battlestar: the awesome! the win! the gore...1248657706754
battlestar: the irony,.. the cost effectivness... the clairity... the...1248662440316
bluemax: the satisfaction!1248663988287
Anonymous: I'd pop one into the back of his right knee so he can't walk, then one into is right shoulder so he drops the rpg..leave him to suffer a while then when he makes a move one in the head. But that is being too nice ins't it?1248666235500
Anonymous: Shooting a guy on the back, that's honorable and brave...1248799596871
battlestar: so is flying jets into civilian targets and denying education to women I'll wager... dumbass..1248801688630
Anonymous: sweet!1248836449531
AnonYmoosE: turn his face into dust!!!!!!!1248856696472
battlestar: do ya' think those RPG rounds if hit will explode?..1248898287892
Anonymous: Modern Warfare 2 graphics1248915813897
FalzeProphet: BOOM! Headshot!1254979954510
Anonymous: that is anothwe Brit or Yank terorist1259045579894
bib: awesome pic1259070752726
Anonymous: " Take the shot!"1259087373773

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I like where this thread is going.
Iraq war tank thread iraq (58) , war (189) , tank (49) , thread (1022)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 192 Kbytes (960x630) Added by: * (Feb 22, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Faso: hitler 4ever1262344175550
Anonymous: team america fuck yeah!!!!!!!!!!!1277629270640
Anonymous: were going to school, u know.. its faster that way1277633644370
Anonymous: hitler had only 1 egg1277901932689
Anonymous: God DAMMIT! Looks like the party's already started.1277972506237
Furore23: Nice of the koranfaggots to lay down smoke on their positions for the good guys to find them.1277986027442
Anonymous: baghdadsniper is watching them1280035057442
Knome: BOOM !1285626926723
tomas: The US of A, bringing Freedom and Democracy to the poor benighted Muzzlums1285659484499
Flarp: Looks like they freed the shit outta you1285687335209
Anonymous: They're Brits - it's a Challenger 2 near Basra.1289039478558
BnSneky: ^agreed1289040949964
ElCapitan: They liked where they were headed until they blowed all ups1289046173470
Anonymous: Me too1309838263168

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