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Kanye west
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(get in here, faggots)

Lincoln kanye west drawing nigger slave choke thread lincoln (13) , kanye west (19) , drawing (170) , nigger (630) , slave (51) , choke (10) , thread (1022)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 47 Kbytes (625x448) Added by: Choadboy (Apr 17, 2012) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Anonymous: tap out kanye!1342404280496
Anonymous: I'M HAPPY FOR YOU AND IMMA LET YOU FINISH .....1342404720654
Anonymous: stupid Lincon!! The worste shit He did!!! give'em freedom,,1342496863751
willy Nilly: and we thought A.L. only whacked vampires.1342502503332
NonComposMentis: ^No now he whacks negros and zombies.1342502552248
Anonymous: Free to all nigs, a boat ride back to Africa. Any takers? C'mon, it's free.1342537851990
Anonymous: the emancipation proclamation actually allowed for slavery, Lincoln was a Tyrant, one of the worst presidents of all time1342572235344
djh123: this is happening right now1342572275770
Anonymous: all countries around the word that abolished slavery in the 19th century did so without murdering its own citizens.... except lincoln's tyrannical america..1342572276647
anon-lincoln: The constipation declaration. Come on mister lincoln. Free the kids at the pool.1342572335666
Anonymous: Lincoln was a FILTHY MONSTROUS TYRANT
Anonymous: ^low iq nigger alert1342588381432

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Westboro baptist church kanye west protest sign westboro (9) , baptist (6) , church (21) , kanye west (19) , protest (196) , sign (282)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 562 Kbytes (1600x1200) Added by: Choadboy (Apr 27, 2010) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
darkstan: LMFAO1272393033569
Anonymous: win1274352302305
CerealKiller: epic win1274363682747
Purplekush420: hahahah1274377645434
sick bitch: Mel Gibson is a cocksucker, everybody nows, that he loves men. it´s not a rumour, go google it!1276721568347
ElCapitan: ROFL. that's fuckin' priceless1276732929554
beepb00p: faggot liberals1276904820621
Anonymous: Ohh look at me I'm a attention whore I protest for a cause Becuase I have nothing better to with my time.1276918404614
crackerkiller5: you sir win all the internets1276926467394
Anonymous: how is this gay fish?1278620135140
Anonymous: Lay off the road warrior - he kicks ass! We all say stupid sh*t when we drink1278789647553
Grave: Priceless1278790227965
Anti-PC Hero: Yeah, the Road-warrior would kick libtard-marxist asses.1278807067158
Anonymous: I'm telling Kanye!1281854974222

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Yo Rainbow Fish, I'm really happy for you, imma let you finish, but I'm the gayest fish of all time.
Kanye west kanye west (19)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: PNG, 276 Kbytes (480x360) Added by: Steve86 (Oct 25, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
poop: im a gay fish1270849895583
Anonymous: i remember this book back in kindergarden. never understood the moral though. stupid fish -_-1270880627724
the7rafe7: ^ yuh1270891867281
Tommeee: lol he must like fish-sticks ;) lol1270940165228
ǝsnɐɹqןǝɯɯıd: what's happening here?1280417089357
Anonymous: its ron paul1288554904297
Anonymous: :L rainbow fish is in the back round we use to play that at school when i was like 6 :L1288629973897
djh123: lollolol1314863462494
Anonymous: true story1314878432888
Skiddlydoop: Do you like fishsticks?1316463244612
BnSneky: fucking Niggers1316463691889

Niggers like this are the reason why people hate niggers.
Anonymous: (jus'sayin') Kanye should be running for Prez1590636354888
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Link to this:,_I'm_really_happy_for_you,_imma_let_you_finish,_but_I'm_the_gaye st_fish_of_all_time.

yo crab, I'm happy for you, imma let you finish, but lobster is one of the tastiest crustations of all time
Kanye west crab lobster kanye west (19) , crab (21) , lobster (15)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 153 Kbytes (450x300) Added by: bonswizzle (Oct 14, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Pyro: Hit it at its weak point for massive damage1255832574656
Anonymous: Crustations? Quite a representacean.1256760360579
Anonymous: I hate that nigger. The crab is on thin ice too.1257101421387
TheTruthOriginal: lol1266631443129
MEagain: How's you're Mom, Kanye?1266634144523
Amonynous: KANYE is retarded, and he got a Ghostwriter for his Raps !1266652862822
iprobablyhateyou: ^only a nigger would care about something as stupid as thatr1266679689673
The Irsh Guy: wat1266762375935
Anonymous: he is the biggest fucking racist.......................1271300647246
Anonymous: fuck nigger1278176285844
Anonymous: gay fish1278620061557
Anonymous: Crab needs some rope...1287370527551
Sex as steel: A shockstalker looks like a pitch-black humanoid, although it is incapable of any intelligence other than basic instinct.1584666619146
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Link to this:,_I'm_happy_for_you,_imma_let_you_finish,_but_lobster_is_one_of_the_tasti est_crustations_of_all_time

MY MIC - Nigga done stole it
Kanye west kanye west (19)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 71 Kbytes (750x600) Added by: SirRichard (Sep 22, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Anomolous: Would somebody please slap the ever livin' shit out of this stupid fucking nigger?!?!?!?!1253635731761
Bubble: i would if i could but i can't, one - i hate them and don't want AIDS, two - he lives far away1253640338352
Anonymous: ^lol1253685928435
Anonymous: ima let u finish1254126275303
Anonymous: get your filthy black hands of my propertah!1262952302622
Anonymous: The best day of my life = Killing that dirty nigger, and filling Taylor Swift full of my manseed. oons oons oons1262977644523
Anonymous: kill this ape, somebody1264504251215
dude: TACo1270564069651
WHite PRide: Gentleman Nigger !1270573408518
Anonymous: karnay fuck face1270813800176
Juggle91: she is hot but damn it he sucks1273253368374
anonymous: goddamn Nigger ! primitive Ape !1273263815410
Crazy8s: wheres that snipper when you need him1273266194400
Warg: Damn you, Kanye!! Taylor Swift is white America's sweetheart!! How could you??!1273300906321

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EPIC WIN - When trolling takes new levels.
Kanye west troll kanye west (19) , troll (238)

Source: SUBMIT / chan4chan URL: Info: JPG, 205 Kbytes (750x600) Added by: c4c (Sep 21, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Anonymous: Thats not trolling, thats newfaging1253512266420
FalzeProphet: Kanye's next album should be titled NewFag1255071106487
Squirrely1: He is just another no class nigger...1255099458194
you: "when trolling takes new levels" is grammar trolling1255099809999
Anonymous: stfu he is a lyrical wordsmith1255146695339
Anonymous: stupid fucking nigger1255146976830
chen: hahaha its donkey kongs taunt 4rm super smash bros! xD1255152064685
Pyro: lol1255152515519
Anonymous: what do you expect, chen, niggas always got to steal somthing1255153280780
Anonymous: Hey nigga! She ain't ugly and fat so find another white whore to fuck!1255260529162
donaldd: why speak for speak nothing about a bad picture ?1255263294876
wat: the future of trolling......expand your horizons...1260642667749
shineypeople: fail1271989923784
Anonymous: i loved it when obama was caght off the record calling him a jackass for doing that1271999576932

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SPECIAL TREATMENT - Remember how white people used to get it?
Kanye west treatment kanye west (19) , treatment (2)

Source: SUBMIT / chan4chan URL: Info: PNG, 633 Kbytes (960x720) Added by: pocket (Nov 7, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse

Anonymous: Shoot that fucking nigger.1257636818354

4chansucks: lol you guys are hilarious1258018643717
sh76at52: Fashion tip: TAKE THE FUCKIN SHADES OFF, NIGGER, YOU'RE INDOORS!!!!1258046711385
Pyro: ^ have u ever been high? sometimes u wear shades to hide your bloodshot eyes from others that may get you arrested1258077902217
anonymous: i dont wear sunglasses when im high indoors... noone can arrest you for having bloodshot eyes1258084083192
Pyro: true dat but round here the cops run there own program1258084252401
Hughbie: plus the smell of weed kinda gives away the bloodshot eyes. Oh yeah, and someone dropkick this clown into the next galaxy please.1258086390864
Pyro: i would but i cant get up right now except to go piss1258087719671
anonymous: doesn't matter if they know you're stoned as long as you aren't in possession1258088780742
Hughbie: whats that Pryo? You've got a wood? But your stoned?1258089014141
BeaversNDucks: ^^^bullshit....I knew a guy who was trippin balls and he got arrested for "intoxication in public" that allowed them to take a piss test, they found cocaine and ketamine......he was charged and convicted even though he was not in possesion.1258089110604
Pyro: damn that sux1258089191172

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Kanye west gay fish
Kanye west gay fish kanye west (19) , gay fish (1)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 28 Kbytes (400x300) Added by: gateway85 (Mar 25, 2010) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
poop: just get it maaaan1271416041707
Anonymous: Hey Kanye, do you like eating fishsticks?1273344147642
Kanye West: Yeah I like eating fishdicks.. I love putting them in my mouth1273346191869

anonlolwut: fail1281828086254
crackerkiller5: epic fail1281842957681
Anonymous: Gayfish, Faygish, Fayg, Fayl, Fail.1288677413504
Clownichter: ^^I dont even...1288754129363
Anonymous: HAHA1289264409210
Arschloch33: That one will go up North1428170423810
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Kanye west taylor swift kanye west (19) , taylor swift (5)

Source: SUBMIT / chan4chan URL: Info: JPG, 230 Kbytes (600x401) Added by: c4c (Sep 21, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Anonymous: Actually it's Kanye West who doesn't care about any people. No matter what color they have.12535028761000
wudgar: he's all about the fish dicks1254127669118
Squirrely1: The asshole should of been strung up like his ancestors...1254132831281
fuck u: FUCK NIGGERS1254250414931
Anonymous: Who does?1254254257766
FalzeProphet: Someone needs to break this niggers jaw. I normally don't do the racist shit, but his guy is the poster boy for NIGGER1255372609401
Pollo: Kanye West likes to stick fishes in his asshole1257083140649
cracker_killer: i agree with you fake prophet, thats fucked up what he did to taylor1257088488966
pocket: ^ I agree too. He invents his own drama. Neither George W. Bush or Taylor Swift are conspiring against blacks/Kanye West. get over it1257092494802
Anonymous: Ladies and gentlemen....the most hated nigger-faggot ever.1257097701834
Anonymous: Typical self-centered Negro behavior. Support the back-to-Africa Movement1257099396294
PlaugedByLife: VIVA LA DAVE CHAPELLE....1257099892575
Anonymous: Finally! im not the only one who sees kanye as the nigger he really is!! ^^and hell yeah! back on the ships!1265250969980
bccorrupt: not the richest black person in america, but definitely the richest nigger1265257362359

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South park gay fish kanye west
South park gay fish kanye west south park (38) , gay (469) , fish (118) , kanye west (19)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 15 Kbytes (450x299) Added by: * (Apr 19, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Omen kun: lame1265028941591
Lunchbox: gay fish yall1265051306207
Anonymous: mother fucking gay fish1278620040968
Anonymous: He loves him some fish dicks.1278804614223
Anonymous: KANYE = GAYFISH1278830099700
the7rafe7: im disapoint at the number of pics tagged gay..1278833318894
Anonymous: fuck kanye west so very hard. stupid moron.1280417460476
Anonymous: Schwulfisch1280422208526
NORWAYchan: homsefisk1280426001566
ǝsnɐɹqןǝɯɯıd: schwuchtelniggersau?1280665472158
Anonymous: promineger = schlimmer als die Oelpest1280682936271
ajmisback: gay fish getting slurpin down some fish dicks1280699078306
Anonymous: this nigga is a gayfish-1280733964696
Anonymous: G ∀ ⅄ F ⃒ $ Ḥ1280766142819

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Patrick swayze kanye west
Patrick swayze kanye west patrick swayze (1) , kanye west (19)

Source: SUBMIT / chan4chan URL: Info: JPG, 59 Kbytes (500x326) Added by: c4c (Sep 21, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Anonymous: kanye west is a douchebag1262276645192
Ironmikie: Swayze was a pedo in Donnie Darko and M.J. was a pedo for realz... Coincidence? I say nay!!!1262279877991
Squirrely1: 1262276645192 yes he is...He needs to be shot and if that doesent work shoot him again!!!1262302452655
Swiney: Who the fuck is Patrik Swayze???1262303387456
crackerkiller5: ^ha!^1262322868333
4chansucks: swiney your such a twat........1262325430152
Anonymous: SHUT THE FUCK UP SWINEYYYY!!!!1111one!!11 YOU FAGGOT MEXICAN1262354728332
Squirrely1: Swiney is cool...1262391494959
Riffz: Swiney's mum makes clothes and stuff.1262434687827
Furore23: I found an article about Swiney's mother.
Furore23: ^ Goodnight sweet prince.1303217408229
MAELSTHUR: fuck you Swiney!!1303240806294
Anonymous: kill kanye now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1303340402467
Anonymous: I hate GAYFISH !1303340901134

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Yo, Forsaken and Pimpinjg. I'm really happy for you and I'mma let you finish but colored squares was one of the best raids of all time, of all time.
Kanye west raid kanye west (19) , raid (7)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 91 Kbytes (600x600) Added by: nvidia (Nov 11, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Anonymous: douche1262741850470
4chansucks: wat1262758456639
Anonymous: nigger!1262791868681
kinganonymous: AH.... right pic: "KISS" band, LoL1262794367154
Anonymous: gayfish1278620263388
Astral being: nuf said1295005200539
TinFoilHatGuy: 48 rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr AIDZZZZZ1295607777376
Squirrely1: Get a rope...1295624172621
BnSneky: ^agreed1295624515391
Anonymous: That is one dumb fucking nigger. He needs to spend some time in a wood chipper.1295634078288
blackal: He's the best they have to offer.1295634758505
Anonymous: Guy's a fucking epic dick1358035634208
ROFLROFL: 〮〮〮〮〮〮 ☛ GAYFISH !1358041770253
ROFLROFL: 〮〮〮〮〮〮 ☛ GAYFISH !1358041809715

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Link to this:,_Forsaken_and_Pimpinjg._I'm_really_happy_for_you_and_I'mma_let_you_finish_but _colored_squares_was_one_of_the_best_raids_of_all_time,_of_all_time.

Yo Hank, imma finishing dis for you!
Hank nigger king of the hill kanye west hanging comic hank (2) , nigger (630) , king of the hill (5) , kanye west (19) , hanging (24) , comic (464)

Source: WEB / apina URL: Info: PNG, 41 Kbytes (500x997) Added by: Anonymous (Aug 11, 2010) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
iprobablyhateyou: if only1281536339466
Anonymous: win1281540831541
Limerick: Check his head in the second panel.1282941479988
feralcoonslayer: Thats what that animal gets for crashing Hanks cousin Taylor's moment.1283103058284
Anonymous: anyone notice the tic tac toe?1283119639525
fingerofdoom: hahaahahaha1283128618660
Some Japanese Guy: Who won Tic-Tac-Toe?1283137076445
Anonymous: dale's pants are the wrong color1288163220463
Anonymous: O's and X's1288171177970
BnSneky: hahahahaha1288171243612
Anonymous: Fucking gold! HAHAHAHAHA!1288171346238
cybersinner: Fucking EPIC!1288405468585
Oberst Knut: Wunderbar !1288407468396
FlARP: I'm watching that show right now. One of my favorite. Gonna miss it.1288430370695

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Link to this:,_imma_finishing_dis_for_you!

Kanye west vuvuzela thread kanye west (19) , vuvuzela (23) , thread (1022)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 90 Kbytes (348x347) Added by: bananaman (Jun 15, 2010) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
NEGERHASSER: LOL1276636506158
Anonymous: mother fucking gay fish1278620147475
the7rafe7: ^ likes fish sticks1279286327954
Anonymous: ^ROFLMFAO!1279296056764
Anonymous: LOLLLLLLLL ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????/1279674007678
Anonymous: Lolololololol karma much?1279943637990
Anonymous: GAYFISH1279972954682
sickfuck88: FUCK KANYE WEST1280040453866
Anonymous: ɠɐɣʄıʂʜ !1280045668771
Anonymous: ҂҉ GӐӰҒЇѮԋ ҂҉1280045909516
crackerkiller5: 3866.....why would you want to fuck kanye west?1280076907263
Anonymous: ƓĀΥƑI1280081840256
sickfuck88: because he looks like your mom1280097687936

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Yo Liu I'm gonna let you finish him but Reptile had one of the best fatalities of all time
Kanye west mortal kombat kanye west (19) , mortal kombat (13)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 59 Kbytes (500x375) Added by: Filraen (Nov 5, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Anonymous: hahaha1257889604206
ThePolice: lol1260667869131
DSS: lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol1260691273500
woman: fukin LOL'd1260696496430
Anonymous: XD1260740395841
Anonymous: KANYEALITY1277723932448
Anonymous: Excellent! Flawless Victory! lol1277796936856
Furore23: Best ILYF ever.1277812081408
Anonymous: gay fish1278620079327
crackerkiller5: epic win my good sir1278631901326
KamiKinKaid: Please finish him!1294044867236
MrSandynigger: I lol'd1294087956215
Spectre: hahahahaha veeery good one :D1294088852252

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Link to this:'m_gonna_let_you_finish_him_but_Reptile_had_one_of_the_best_fatalities_o f_all_time

Kanye west thread kanye west (19) , thread (1022)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 55 Kbytes (306x402) Added by: bobby90 (Sep 21, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Tznu: Umm...Thanks1256279909106
Samps: *cocks shotgun* You better.1256280000639
FalzeProphet: Fuck that... *curbs the nigger*1256280087908
PUSSYDESTROYER: 1256280592373
Anonymous: PISS1264739460162
Anonymous: Fucking Nigger!!!1264888662430
Anonymous: hes a fucking lyrical wordmith motha fuckin GENIOUS1264889875163
\m/: But beyonce had the best video of all time!!!!!!!!1264896955850
Anonymous: Butthurt ass honkeys...ha ha! that cracka hu-oor got pw3nd1264901451253
Anonymous: fuck niggers1264902238182
ironmikie: Gayfish!1264970582612
lonerstoner45: the fuck you are!1267293033886
Anonymous: Yeah, he's going to let her finish. As if it's up to hime. Fucking nigger.1309652280409

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Yo bud, i'm happy for you imma let you finish. But Hitler had one of the best suicides of all time
Kanye west suicide interrupt kanye west (19) , suicide (93) , interrupt (1)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 32 Kbytes (227x277) Added by: thexxx (Sep 20, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Anonymous: haha, this is a meme now1253485017945
ImaD00d: It was a meme less than 24 hours after it happened1253500870108
Pyro: is that a new record?1253501024652
Kanye West: I'm no gay fish! I'm a motherfuckin' genious!1253501110545
cracker_killer: did you see the blood coming out of his nose?1253508614513
Anonymous: I fucking lol'd1253567632610
akingu: Kanye West is a fucking nigger cocksucker with NO talent!1253631042343
Hughbie: Kayne West. An eternal fuckup...way to go numbnuts...1253631289747
ceon: hitler didnt record it so his suicide never existed1253631710847
jackfrosty: Kanye teh dark douche.1253712682802
Anonymous: Full of winzz1253765214917
bananaman: President Hitler doesn't care about black people1253855176640
Anonymous: Ah, Kanye...douche...1255901696822
Anonymous: yeah hitler was actually hired on to give leadership seminars in the US1259271735720

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Link to this:,_i'm_happy_for_you_imma_let_you_finish._But_Hitler_had_one_of_the_best_su icides_of_all_time

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