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(get in here, faggots)

Punch nigger headshot tall fall knockout
Punch nigger headshot tall fall knockout punch (55) , nigger (630) , headshot (24) , tall (19) , fall (60) , knockout (2)

Source: WEB / ircimages URL: Info: GIF, 1020 Kbytes (300x240), Animated: 56 frames Added by: Anonymous (May 14, 2012) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Quantum69: I wonder how much money he paid him to take the fall so he could look good infront of his GF?1336993712593
Grund1e: ^ It is a little hard to believe that roundhouse left took him down.1336996320871
iprobablyhateyou: they were arguing about who has better capris on1336999352727
KofeeAnon: ^fuckin lolz iprobablyhateyou1337021596148
NobbyNobbs: ^^^^ It's all about the speed. Speed x Mass = Momentum. Swing a punch quick enough, carries a lot of power1337025318393
Epic Win: that's all it takes... a well placed power punch to the jaw just below the ear, and a pretty white flash of light and they wake up in a ditch somewhere! hahahaha!1337030951998
spotswood: oh yes, nice one. POW right in the kisser...1337031741299

Greeft: ^ Has it been locked yet Grund1e? Cos I searched for both left and punch seperately in fresh mode and the archive and came up with zip, oh well.1337223537981
chumpno1: not locked.1337225799739
zd92655: All talk, as usual...1337256568272
Anonymous: So, on those boxing machines I do around 200 on my headbutt and 900 on my limitbreak-punch. And any girl who is not retarded can do around 300 minimum - and I've headbutted people to the Kingdom of the Sandman on several occations. Pussies are easier to knock than you'd think.1337353557975
Anonymous: ^ woah internet tuff guy un wad those panties stupid fuckstain1337372538156
CockAsian: Dropped him good job.1337527409142

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Nigger Fight Kick knockout mortal kombat Nigger (630) , Fight (83) , Kick (51) , knockout (2) , mortal kombat (13)

Source: SUBMIT / chan4chan URL: Info: GIF, 2047 Kbytes (410x318), Animated: 86 frames Added by: MadNiggerish (Mar 13, 2012) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
RKB: faggot punch1331642294118
Poopalotacus: shouldn't have your hands at your side, negro1331642646399
oooEYEooo: ^..."Muhammad Ali was the only one who could do that"...^1331739798197
RubberG: Dress like a nigger, get knocked out. I see no problem here.1331749152257
anonymule: faggot punch? says a dude prolly never threw a punch....that shit had some stank on it. dude's head snapped around....that's how you punch a mofo1331770061757
Anonymous: lold1331825620923
Poopalotacus: I agree oooEyeooo, he was the bomb shit for a negro1331862259822
Quantum69: KTFO chinky eyes!1331900928347
Ceesaurus: Round One. Fight !1331910468139
Anonymous: neegros will neeg1331910736861
Bunglicker: ^^^^^ RKB, faggot punch? Bullshit, that was a lightning fast knockout punch. That guy was going down even if he hadn't got kicked.1338191063325
danono: yeah, that was an excellent punch. no doubt,he was going down regardless1338210042823
Adolf Hipster: flawless victory1338216625571
Anonymous: its ok thats how they greet each other, it just looks violent to us whiteys1338327971430

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