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(get in here, faggots)

Analogy macintosh windows linux
Analogy macintosh windows linux analogy (62) , macintosh (16) , windows (42) , linux (17)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 41 Kbytes (937x522) Added by: JKoob (Sep 22, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Anonymous: Why isnt windows depicted as a dildo with nails in it?1253647761955
Pyro: Becos that would be too sharp1253725149466
Anonymous: high five for top comment.1254126237340
Anonymous: windows > mac = fail1254144697589
Anonymous: Not a thing you can do on Linux that you can't do on a Mac.1254147019980
Anonymous: You can do everything on all of them - worst case scenario is you virtualize the other OS. It's about how effective you can do it and what you're going for. Stability? Support? Security? Speed? Fuck you 7589.1254153621350
UncleStrike: SuSe1254172341689
Anonymous: @1254147019980 - Except install on anything.1254298821880
Sarah: Linux > Mac < Windows.1254318931706
Anonymous: I want that swiss army knife.1256507068891
Anonymous: i agree with Sarah.1256552926153
warrriorkid1: With that one blade you can do at least half the shit they packed in the swiss army knife. Plus the blade looks more badass.1256582881397
warrriorkid1: Mac = Noobs, PC = Pros, Linux = Nerds1256583077425
Bubble: = Mexican1256584366105

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Linux apple computer retro vintage geek linux (17) , apple (62) , computer (149) , retro (3) , vintage (58) , geek (80)

Source: SUBMIT / chan4chan URL: Info: JPG, 230 Kbytes (573x768) Added by: ksx (Aug 1, 2010) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Anonymous: Whoa! Sweet system! I hope that isn't too much machine for you dude!1280633163389
Nickeh43: Cans I plz to play Oregon Trail?1280633326710
Anonymous: 2.66ghz? Thats more then I have now...1280633453599
darkstan: Apple II was awesome. Rescue Raiders, anyone?1280642937684
Anonymous: Three apples are even awesomer if you're hungry.1280646616921
Anonymous: its got a core 2 duo in it wtf1280657369692
AlienNation: This is cool actually1280665982914
athiest: This is fake actually1280668051706
crackerkiller5: upgrade or GTFO1282637991365
Anonymous: <31285896461944
Anonymous: fucking oldfags and their bullshit1285925586488
Grave: ^+11285925734279
Bongochops: Was there any porn available for this1286046640316
AGentR: Goddamit, run me some Leisure Suit Larry!1286063162588

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From the point of view of a...
Linux windows OSX macintosh linux (17) , windows (42) , OSX (3) , macintosh (16)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 71 Kbytes (576x498) Added by: Pedobear (Oct 5, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
SwineFlew: LOL!1254794426110
Captain England: despite the fact i love macs and i use them every day, i have to commend you on this, it's a brilliant graph, it's hilarious!1267477107290
Anonymous: genius. one free internet coming up1267545420885
HappyGoLumpy: oh man, so true1273260204993
Anonymous: srsly1285280292985
Anonymous: why oh why didn't i take the blue pill1285282619291
Jesus: Linux has windows about right1285303346614
Anonymous: LOL "You", "Microsoft"1285439111422
Anonymous: linuxfag pov is about right1285439411223
YuLiekPicturz: very well done.. now lets all agree to be win fags and move on with our lives1285440780757
ANNONAMOOSE: why is mac osx on a pc. thats not even osx.. wtf?1300812778319
Anonymous: Lame1300813532275
Anonymous: lol OSx for Win Fags1306073238591
Anonymous: lol, I'm so Linux fag then1348762864213

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Windows: Fun but prone to crashing. Linux: reliable but boring. OS X: Looks nice but is useless. FreeBSD: Meek and goes unnoticed.
Os windows linux osx freebsd os (4) , windows (42) , linux (17) , osx (3) , freebsd (2)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: PNG, 358 Kbytes (730x598) Added by: * (Jun 2, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Anonymous: my windows crashes like... two times a month :P1251407956581
randyvanburen: my linux is useless :(1251429029533
TheTruthOriginal: I FUCKING HAVE PEDOS: FULL OF CP HELL YEAH!!!!!!!!!1266452663951
iprobablyhateyou: OS X crashes like... never1266452829706
Anonymous: Ah, this is so true.1266466874682
Anonymous: Ubuntu FTW!!1268025221984
Grave: mac forever.1268336466934
Anonymous: ubuntu ten oh four thx1274697203328
ElCapitan: Windows is for the adults who know what they are doing. Might be a hassle at times, but then again anything good is worth it.1274831421978
Anonymous: windows 7 crashes like... never1282065678236
Anonymous: Which anime is dat?1282139962333
submergedincmen: My windows have never crashed before. But one time I shot them with a gun and they shattered!1282201938753
Wr104Gamma: So negative... What do you like dos 6.22?1282695952485
Anonymous: ubuntu is linux, retards1282704777339

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Link to this: _but_is_useless._FreeBSD:_Meek_and_goes_unnoticed.

While you're doing the surgery, can you also implant this in my arm? - A USB port?
LINUX USB doctor comic LINUX (17) , USB (12) , doctor (17) , comic (464)

Source: SUBMIT / chan4chan URL: Info: PNG, 69 Kbytes (740x191) Added by: Anonymous (Jan 14, 2010) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Redrocco: I laughed, I wouldnt bet against a 'nix system being the first to run on wetware tho1263488076264
Furore23: This thing here:
Anonymous: If i wanted to read stale xkcd comics i would go to xkcd dot com.1280457828748
crackerkiller5: thats kinda funny....anybody got a copy of jugs?1280458041306
darkstan: I LOL'd. Linux rules.1333589885201
huck1944: there are those that would want one1389045619801
IplaywithMyself: Lol1414160534672
shitnig: niga by the time people are able to build that they prefer to implant a RAID 0 ssd drive1420463565790
Anonymous: ^no, by then there's something even newer, faster, and more modern1511681157623
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Link to this:'re_doing_the_surgery,_can_you_also_implant_this_in_my_arm?_-_A_USB_por t?

/ I'd just like to interject for a moment. What you're refering to as Linux, is in fact, GNU/Linux, or as I've recently taken to calling it, GNU plus Linux.
Linux OS GNU kernel geek Linux (17) , OS (4) , GNU (1) , kernel (2) , geek (80)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: PNG, 16 Kbytes (626x629) Added by: Anonymous (May 22, 2010) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
zbloh: blablabla1274561909524
Furore23: Shit NOBODY cares about.1274571626833
Anonymous: Debian cares - that's enough1274575501490
Anonymous: tit or gtfo1274913674891
FAH-Q: zzzzz!1275017288602
cybersinner: Fucking Linux freaks have a hangup with G-words; GNU, Gnome, GRUB, etc.1275355709542
Anonymous: Must be an M.I.T. Graduate. They all specialize in splitting hairs...1277183798129
Anonymous: cool XD1285896951978
Flarp: Linus Torvalds would be proud of you1285898256696
Anonymous: maybe pars pro toto is a rethoric fail, anyways the kernel can be used on its own for firewalling (setting stuff without additional software like a shell wont work easily though)1323801585659
HungLoh: Stallman, stay the fuck off the boards.1323803225267
GNU is so cool: Trisquel,Parabola,BLAG: always use such FSF endorsed OS. Only Idiots give up their freedom by using Ubuntu,Arch,Fedora1355244240237
Anonymous: Ubuntu spyware sux! Every key you press in its app search, goes to ubuntu servers & amazon servers.1355493081677
Anonymous: 9542: Well, do you know the difference?1428695084522

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Link to this:'d_just_like_to_interject_for_a_moment._What_you're_refering_to_as_Linux,_is_ in_fact,_GNU/Linux,_or_as_I've_recently_taken_to_calling_it,_GNU_plus_Linux.

Dennis Ritchie. Thus guy co-invented the C programming language and the Unix operating system
Dennis ritchie dead computer linux steve jobs Dennis ritchie (2) , dead (135) , computer (149) , linux (17) , steve jobs (20)

Source: SUBMIT / chan4chan URL: Info: JPG, 99 Kbytes (550x936) Added by: ManWhore (Oct 17, 2011) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Anonymous: Your mother is so fat, the recursive function computing her mass causes a stack overflow.1318888312867
Aganonymous: wow he invented Unix, "bow"1318891736147
bloodfart: to bad this happened 6 days ago and I read about it on yahoo but cool try bro1318893785226
Anonymous: It's called "archive" for a reason. RIP Dennis1318900131757
bloodfart: (added 4 hours ago as of this comment) hit behind anonymous pussy ass shit talker1318901204115
bloodfart: hide*1318901467673
Anonymous: ^ Y U Jelli rupturedanus?1318902538353
RiddleMeThis: @Aganonymous: Yes, but then Unix was written in C - devised by Kernighan and Ritchie . . .1318918590758
chumpno1: cRichie > iJobs.1318921653887
Quantum69: R.I.P true innovator of useful shit1318932723842
Captngeetch: Wait...this guy invented penguins ?1318997887949
KofeeAnon: Thanks for all the shit yougave us Dennis1319005458506
Anonymous: so thats the guy who abolished pascal by inventing a better obfu_scat_able language. aha1321985798266
Anonymous: R.I.P. Raymond Burr1321987999489

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Understanding Debian - The universal operating system
Computer programming info flowchart linux debian process os computer (149) , programming (2) , info (382) , flowchart (23) , linux (17) , debian (2) , process (1) , os (4)

Source: WEB / tehgiraffe URL: Info: PNG, 2576 Kbytes (4083x2250) Added by: huxley (Jan 28, 2012) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
djh123: too retarded, can't understand1327742456227
Greeft: What does incopored mean?1327750080985
Greeft: Sorry incorpored, but what does it mean?1327750698246
fiveby5: because everybody wants OSs named "potato" and "woody"1327768015649
Redrocco: does anyone truely understand it?1328020333787
Gabriele: Incredible points. Outstanding arguments. Keep up the amazing spirit.1380420059921
Anonymous: לא הבנתי כלום1380481026884
Anonymous: Here, djh, I'll explain. As you see by this simple 3-dimensional, 20-sided dice chart, men on chan4chan flirt with you... :)1493869644202

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sudo rm + rf *
Linux sudo rm advice comic linux (17) , sudo (1) , rm (1) , advice (281) , comic (464)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: PNG, 10 Kbytes (550x500) Added by: Limerick (Feb 6, 2010) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
timborixos: haa1265415757382
Anonymous: It would have been fun if he had said "sudo rm -rf /*" why would he need root to delete the content of ~? (Where he prolly is)1265456845619
Furore23: Okay, this makes no sense, but I love that little guy. Is there sauce?1277912218484
mardicas: that's just plain stupit taging, this has nothing to do with math. This is a linux/unix command that erases everything from your storage.1280866792606
Pyro: DELETE SYSTEM 321280871863667
Furore23: ^ Dammit, I did what you said and now my computer doesn't work and I can't get any internets. Curse you for tricking me, Pyro!1280916817524
Hellcat1138: it got me more free ANAL PRON1281261503963
Anonymous: sudorm1287783431445
Anonymous: the linux version of del c:\*.* then hitting the ENTER key twice :)1493869772495
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An Update Is Available For Your Computer
Linux update windows mac difference linux (17) , update (1) , windows (42) , mac (15) , difference (143)

Source: SUBMIT / chan4chan URL: Info: PNG, 76 Kbytes (520x339) Added by: YourChan (Feb 26, 2011) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
YourChan: so true!1298739618800
UriAr: nice1298757132743
Anonymous: but an iUpdate is so much cooler than a regular update1298758423324
Anonymous: the last mac os upgrade was only $30, take that win fags!1298758837118
An0nymous: yeah, only 100% more expensive1298769896996
Sparty: ubuntu is very nice distro... whit linux can run win and mac appz :p1299614455175
DogPig: Exactly!1299615287516
Raven's Wing: Apple sucks. As a former IT agent for Apple, everything they make is broken and terrible and prone to glitches. When you buy Apple, you're paying for a name.1300256169839
Anonymous: no, apple works you pole smoking winfags1300257898200
Seagull: Anonyfag does not want to be associated with apple by naming himself1300263114287
Squirrley1: So you have to pay for updates for apple computers???1300264830695
poisonivy350: Damn penguins....1300273267637
Raven's Wing: Apple computers blow1300336605634
Anonymous: and why the fuck they put an "i" before each product name???1307011254776

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Linux body paint tits
Linux body paint tits linux (17) , body paint (29) , tits (2514)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 46 Kbytes (715x719) Added by: FrozenWonton (Dec 30, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
klausotto: Kleider machen Leute1262250944306
The_Creeper: Since when do Penguins have belly-buttons?!?! or erections for that matter...1262251125296
Anon: Linux!1262264398851
Anonymous: i love penguins!1265890176938
Anonymouse: Pingu porn1265892541637
That one guy: im gettin me one of does shirts1270421479977
Anonymous: 4306, time to abandon the moonspeak and learn a civilised language.1271089360671
crackerkiller5: epic!!!!!!1271216039855
darkwing duck 421: epic........yett not jus paint sum apples on ur tits hehe1272869898155
Anonymous: like how the one on [our] left is looking straight down1274990205523
Anonymous: Did they choose a penguin for the linux mascot because the OS is always freezing? I am happy to see it works on her nips the same way!1275200853744
John.dounut: What would have been better if the nipples were suppose to be Penguin's cock, that would be better.1275234311136
Homer: i'd fuck her1278034994109
srp1lw: Talk about a powerpoint presentation...1281320109223

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Linux geek hack ps3
Linux geek hack ps3 Linux (17) , geek (80) , hack (72) , ps3 (2)

Source: SUBMIT / chan4chan URL: Info: JPG, 130 Kbytes (1024x573) Added by: * (Mar 4, 2010) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Anonymous: fap fap fap1267668278126
robohitler: i love text adventures.1267680633283
Anonymous: PS3 console?1267703197341
Anonymous: indeed.1267712120834
PS3: playstation home region item hack1274009338313
Anonymous: so what did you achieve by this?, you had root to begin with1288207392710
Romancylvania: Patched1291084583922
al: too much reading.1291084937828
Anonymous: Breasts1309987224343
anonymous: fuck this nerd shit1309988527242
Anonymous: TITS OR GTFO1310005026731
Anonymous: Fuck your Mother =D1421858666862
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GNU/Linux distro timeline
Linux chart timeline distro info geek linux (17) , chart (156) , timeline (31) , distro (1) , info (382) , geek (80)

Source: SUBMIT / chan4chan URL: Info: PNG, 807 Kbytes (2248x3761) Added by: Redrocco (Aug 5, 2010) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Grave: get the fuck out of here.1282761616574
Quadra: Not funny, not racist, not sexy... where am I ... ?1282805049853
Anonymous: FUCK OFF LINUXFAG!1282887323788
ThelemicMage: <<-- Still thinks you're cool, Redrocco. Now get back to making porn to entertain us.1282895463355
crackerkiller5: op needs to get laid1282896165932
Anonymous: Linux rules you stupid fags... you are all just to dumb to use it.1282902900226
Grave: ^seriously, go fuck yourself.1282906123870
Anonymous: I like Lyin' Nex' to ma baby1283316178690
Anonymous: trap1283316257915
darkstan: Without this kind of variety, this site would get boring fast. Keep up the good work.1283406928482
Anonymous: Ohh.. I've still got my '92 Yggdrasil distro CD/floppy boot set. Close to the start. Detractors can take it up the ass. Pick your blinders and STFU.1285268630808
Anonymous: I use debian to surf the web (no viruses!!)1308850891668
Anonymous: intense geekyness detected1309648089789
Anonymous: install gentoo1382006863683

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Linux posix unix
Linux posix unix linux (17) , posix (1) , unix (6)

Source: SUBMIT / URL URL: Info: JPG, 103 Kbytes (1000x647) Added by: * (Feb 24, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
ANNONAMOOSE: wat?1266337182441
timborixos: ^window fag1266347515213
Anonymous: linux is for virginfags1266357561233
timborixos: ^mac fag1266431390733
Dr. Dietmar Posselt: where to store my cp on my pc?1266623954957
Anonymous: /temp1266788342980
Anonymous: ^lol1275694971149
Anonymous: This is by far, the most useful thet on c4c. Thank you OP.1405571926837
Anonymous: ^You lie. Nothing is useful at all on the internets.1405572048946
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Lol linux trash lol (62) , linux (17) , trash (19)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 7 Kbytes (145x251) Added by: * (Mar 29, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Anonymous: let's burn all linux books and cd/dvds1251408163325
Anonymous: Then quit using the internet as 90% of it runs on Linux servers. Even H0tmai1.1251426717969
Anonymous: hotmail runs on bsd (At least it used to)1251427117783
randyvanburen: Hotmail runs on IIS servers you idiots... Kill Linux!! Kill it with fire!!!!!!1251428763423
Anonymous: oh yes, hotmale. vevvy vevvy important service. It'd be fun to see an IIS vs nginx serve-off on on a busy day.1251448078435
Hughbie: ^puter nerd needs to get a life, a wife/girlfriend and a hobby (not fapping to cam whores)...1251458365585
randyvanburen: ^ oh snap....1251468205772
jimmyspitz: You're an idiot and an ignorant ass. Linux & Unix are just beyond a piece of shit like you1262040266648
Sinonymous: I prefer kleenex myself, after a good fapping.1262096951617
jimmyspitz: don't need, yo mama will clean that up1262105216606
nothing: OP: Tell us why.1264220246611
jimmyspitz: afraid of something beyond his puny brain's capacity... must hate naturally!1264790047762
Anonymous: Don't hate 'cause you're too stupid to use it1265428277451
Anonymous: you don't need a cd to install linux, just open your god damn terminal!:D1274697239530

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Usability by Operating System (Playing Games, Hacking, Video Production, Watching Porn)
Linux windows osx operating system linux (17) , windows (42) , osx (3) , operating system (2)

Source: WEB / tehgiraffe URL: Info: GIF, 31 Kbytes (500x505) Added by: * (May 7, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Anonymous: So damn true.1245175954522
Anonymous: go buy a new iphone, fanboy.1245176497116
o_o: ^1st: agreed.1245179806591
Anonymous: pure porn is my life fun... Ha!1256634450649
Anonymous: 50% usabilty for playing games on OSX... LIES!!!!1256635916652
Anonymous: Linux got more and better Games than OSX1256635936546
randyvanburen: ^ true and sad....1256656455277
Anonymous: macs are easier to hack than pc's? Are you joking? This person has obviously never been on a mac or a pc. Um...duh, people don't have macs for games fool! Anyone who buys a mac and wants to play games on it is an idiot.1260390759220
Anonymous: not being an expert but just trying to think of what could a mac possibly do i cant do with win vdub1260413073453
Anonymous: Honestly, Mac's game graphics are awesome though, and it runs them smoothly. They need more games.1272013272612
Limerick: Shit, osx wins overall. Asign values to how many bars each bar beats and osx gets one extra.1272018086263
Anonymous: hey, not true. watching porn = linux ftw! it has all this cool stuff like wget and hacking shit, which let's not to pay for paysites1285350978548
Anonymous: i resent the idea that linux is equally good for watching porn as windows or mac, flash don't work on linux nor does real media, these are the two most common technologies associated with porn1285712061474
Mike13815: A mac may be equal to the other two for doing anything. It's all about what specs you get and software you download. The only problem you have with Macs is that you're paying twice as much for the same thing rather than getting something twice as good. That's why if you like mac, you have probably been penetrated by more than one person at the same time.1285767761140

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Link to this:,_Hacking,_Video_Production,_Watchin g_Porn)

Empire Of Microsoft
Computer apple linux info computer (149) , apple (62) , linux (17) , info (382)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: PNG, 96 Kbytes (1022x767) Added by: Redrocco (Aug 8, 2010) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
AlienNation: Resistance is futile. You will be assimiliated.1281296567778
Nickeh43: You are now part of the collective.1281297912126
savageman69: gotta add in the military side of that all military software is microsoft. even the missle guidence software1281300148178
Uncle Harvey: Battle Of The Bulge II1281316721642
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