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Car history evolution mechanics russia lada fail
Car history evolution mechanics russia lada fail car (384) , history (112) , evolution (36) , mechanics (2) , russia (88) , lada (5) , fail (639)

Source: WEB / apina URL: Info: JPG, 278 Kbytes (750x1125) Added by: ManWhore (Nov 13, 2011) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Anonymous: Russians are about as bad as niggers.1321199960945
MrSandynigger: Russians don't need cars, they have these.1321200526365
iamthewalrus: im russian motherfuckers1322179058965
RubberG: T90 tank would have been better for Russian pic.1322182123852
Anonymous: americans cant talk, their cars are fucking terrible1322183881960
Anonymous: japanese car is fuckin meh1322184236859
Anonymous: Idiots! It not the Russian car, it Fiat!!!1322335297313
clownichter: ^I can smell ur accent from here1322379324226
darkstan: Problem?1322417253550
Anonymous: ^ built with a 3 hp lada motor1322422898119
koda12: hey clownichter, it isn't the accent, its the vodka.1322452175275
SirBit: American cars suck1322459768286
Hughbie: ^cmon....even sucking means they are good at something...1322480213538
Anonymous: whatever the fox cannot touch she say they are for decor1324742257877

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Gun mechanics
Gun mechanics gun (191) , mechanics (2)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: GIF, 659 Kbytes (150x113), Animated: 93 frames Added by: 127.0.* (Jan 17, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Adam BBB: so good they didn't change it since 19471257325071635
Hughbie: Gotta love it...I do...1257333289912
Tznu: Cool.1257333816322
bib: I prefer the AR-15. Every time I take it to the rifle range, there's about 8 rednecks with an AK. The funny thing is, they would rather watch me shoot my AR than actually shoot their AK.1257464569856
BeaversNDucks: well the AR is really easy and fun to shoot, but the 5.56 just doesn't have enough wallop to put these crazy arab's down, unless you put like 7 or 8 in them1257467750886
TASTYbacon: Sweetness!!1257468551962
Anonymous: did anybody else notice swiney is in need of assistance?1266217821587
Anonymous: but thats the shit! it fires more........because it just fired! FUCK SWINEYS MUTILATED NUTSACK!1266217880376
wupme: The AK was changed, just the old model still exist. It's anyway just a copy of the german StG44 from WW2. It was actually the same german who helped creating the AK47 and the StG441272139597793
yetnotdead: 9856 that's because they're just waiting for the bolt hit your face1272139920976
uriar: M4 - best one ever!1273503746290
Who Me?: wupme^ you are mistaken. The StG44 was an influance for the SKS. The Klashnakov was an entirely new design. AK's are good enough to kill men at less than 300m, but i can still consistantly hit man sized targets at 600m.1273505183733
Redrocco: yeah the AK was designed by a ruskie tank mechanic IIRC1273505627351

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