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(get in here, faggots)

Acdc Metallica beavis butt-head
Acdc Metallica beavis butt-head acdc (1) , Metallica (4) , beavis (12) , butt-head (1)

Source: WEB / ircimages URL: Info: JPG, 54 Kbytes (960x643) Added by: Captngeetch (Jan 20, 2012) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Kiap: Uh huh huh huh1327067561263
Moongrim: Still against Abortion?1327067883803
bananaman: no need for abortion if you stick it in her corholio1327070946289
RKB: I need Tp for my bunghole!1327074033833
Peckerhead: Nice work1327074781319
Anonymous: thats a butt baby right there1327080990246
Ghostoftime: Beavis looks like a pedophile1327088706789
fiveby5: RIP Noomi Rapace & Lyle Lovett1327113802734
bshaun2: i needs cornholio for my bunghole1327114777418
StormTrooper: Too fucking funny1327117498670
Anonymous: lmao1330826709223
Tattoos: I went to school with these 'tards. Kevin Burton and Ronnie Wisecup. They both turned out to be cock-smokers.1331598308455
BnSneky: hahahaha1331598405871
NoTouching: I hope they make one of Hank Hill, Now that would be awesome.1331600956493

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Metallica shopping
Metallica shopping metallica (4) , shopping (11)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 118 Kbytes (342x500) Added by: * (Mar 2, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Anonymous: LMAO! yeeeeeeees1262889173827
pocket: Armani? And he cries about downloading?1262906325849
wr104gamma: He just got done with a facial and pedicure... Skeevy dirt rockers ae not amused1262915329955
crowTrobot: LMAO.1263004463947
Anonymous: metallica fucking blows1263122410131
bshaun2: So does your mom but you don't see us crying about it1263268444286
circusmnkee: What's funny is all the dirt poor white trash fans who buy into their "heartfelt rock anthems". Cha-ching! Hey Lars pass me that Wall Street Journal and another seltzer water lol.1265266990925
Anonymule: bah, if i had as much money as them i wouldnt care where i buy my clothes. or what people think of me. and dressing like an old dude? not sure if youve noticed but he is old. now im not a massive metallica fan. but i do stand for his right to age.1266919538614
O1010101: Wow. Well done1266929436926
Anonymous: So?1266929661384
SUH: none of that bullshit is the point. the caption is just funny. quit bitching faggots.1266947102354
wupme: @pocket: You still didn't get that metallica was pissed off that napster made money with the illegal downloads do you? Listen to what they say, they are fine with people sharing bootlegs. As long as they don't make monye with it !!1275954915511
Anonymous: I still like Metallica! They've done their time with the grunge look. (Of Robert Trujillio is still in jeans and a T-shirt)1275990432119

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Metallica grave dead clifford lee burton metallica (4) , grave (10) , dead (135) , clifford lee burton (1)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: PNG, 504 Kbytes (476x529) Added by: NiggerHater (Feb 24, 2010) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
NiggerHater: RIP Cliff.1267043730998
Anonymous: he will live forever on 4chan now1267043975687
bshaun2: I guess you should have taken a plane eh cliffy boy1267150786607
Anonymous: ^ he died in a plane crash dumass1267154222516
Anonymous: ^^^ gtfo1267161012817
Anonymous: Who is this? Some banjo player?1267188987752
Anonymous: Why do ppl who listen to country never have all their teeth?1267189021144
JustAnotherDemon: ^^ Are you fucking serious? He was the bassplayer in Metallica, died in a tourbuss crash.1267203823105

Bubble: Niggers postin in a troll thread?1267210753675

Anonymous: Metallica suck. Lamb of god 4tw1267334481391
Anonymous: I heard he sucked dick for a living1269879923443
Choadboy: He was married to Elizabeth Taylor.1269882680782

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