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(get in here, faggots)

Microwave oven smile
Microwave oven smile microwave (9) , oven (8) , smile (428)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 79 Kbytes (375x500) Added by: * (Mar 9, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Anonymous: I lol'd1264497808467
KarmaPickles: I got veritgo1264517970395
Anonymous: i lol'd a bit too1264520579141
Pyro: DUUUUDE pass that blunt1264536843286
kinganonymous: "Awesome Wink"1264553304744
Anonymous: I've got the same one home !1290721269255
Anonymous: "I am giving you cancer! I am so happy!"1371915099269
Anonymous: Ah ha1537936126898
Anonymous: ;D1542957986151
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Microwave oven cry baby
Microwave oven cry baby microwave (9) , oven (8) , cry (63) , baby (246)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 28 Kbytes (480x360) Added by: * (Mar 30, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Danie.: just the thought of this is sooo fucked up.1244773427759
Anonymous: now remember for well done set it for 15 mins on high then turn half way tehn set for 45 mins till golden brown1245037486427
Anonymous: I never get to see what happens... too... busy...fappin...1245044417486
Anonymous: that prick needs to have his ass kicked... bad.. that shit isnt even funny1248987514681
Anonymous: serve cold.1249039432490
Cartman: Mom, could you make me another portion of those babyribbs?1249042362692
Bubble: this hapens all the time, but i rember a storie about a boy in the states i think it was where he was playing hide an seek... and he managed to get in a microwave, but noone found him for 9 days...? dead obviousles...1249049717131
Propayne: ^^ok, I´m thru dissing you, but a kid plays hide and seek in a microwave??? the baby doesn´t even fit. I mean come on, don´t believe everything you hear. Sorry for my bad behaviour earlier(spank me?)1249050867306
SLIPPY: DO A BARREL ROLL!!!1249052127510
SLIPPY: * DO A BARREL ROLL!!!1249052153823
Bubble: fuck you Propayne, and yes it's true i'll try find a link!1249052539552
Bubble: ok, may be not 9 days... 2 hours, but he sufercated, lol.1249053014149
Propayne: learn to spell, (without dissing ofcourse)1249055129579

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You want us to do -what- with them? - All of them??
Oven jew nazi fuck yea fffuuu oven (8) , jew (197) , nazi (175) , fuck yea (24) , fffuuu (438)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: PNG, 106 Kbytes (936x803) Added by: Jovi (Mar 11, 2010) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Creepis: Not a Jew YET FFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!! This is why NAZI's should have their cell phones, or long-range radios crammed up their asses.1268282942371
anonymous: ^ Lmao cellphone?1268283224990
Creepis: hehe who knows if these stick men are in WWII? Could be backwoods of West Virginia for all i know.1268283619826
Pyro: LOL1268322180544
marcelocent: cellphone fail ...1272917772371
wupme: Also fail because hitler actually didn't knew about what was really going on in the KZs.1278171791225
Anti-PC Hero: Holohoax1278251919986
NewsForNatives: Hitler had a cordless phone? awesome...1278414168536
Anonymouse: whos hitler? i dont get it...1278414237673
no fail: ofc had hitler a cordless phone...1291681432680
Fuck Judah: this is the jewish version that made their imperialistic jewish state possible after 1945 AGAINST ANY INTERNATIONAL LAW.1303152685900
MAELSTHUR: omg1303154343508
Anonymous: kss kss, kikes....1303176931689
Anonymous: hilarious and truly offensive. good job sir1303281942612

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Link to this: did all these Jews die? Wasn't ovens
Captcha Hitler trollface oven captcha (11) , Hitler (142) , trollface (105) , oven (8)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 74 Kbytes (1000x800) Added by: Anonymous (Nov 29, 2010) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Anonymous: Maybe it was the Romans?1292648801331
Finest: it was the fuckin mexicans1292649592302
Aryan mama: What jews, where? I didn't see anything.1292650105249
Anonymous: ovenb? wut?1292655301298
Burrgeezy: It had to be faulty wires in the saunas1292655373508
Aryan mama: I don't know.....we just asked their stinking asses to take a shower.1292660563682
Anonymous: No retard they were gassed, then their bodies cremated in ovens.1371970196455
Anonymous: um, guess. lol.1371970404833
Anonymous: What Jews? International organizations(including JEWISH ones) monitor the World Population of Jews. The number of Jews in the world in 1938, and the number of Jews in the world in 1948 is nearly identical.1371970695466
Bulbasaur111919: ^ really? So taking in to account births, they must have lost quite a few in those showers. That was your argument right?1371987494743
Anonymous: Hitler was the best thing that ever happened to Jews, they got their own country and so caused many conflicts world has to deal with now. If only it was the ovens.1371989240470
Alkarnur: In 1939, there were 15M jews. After WW2, there were 18M. According to the Holocaust story, Nazis killed 6M Jews. 15-6=9M. So Then in the space of 5 years the world Jewish population rebounded and doubled to over 18M - an astronomical feat, which astounded biologists and baby doctors everywhere.1371995134498
Stahlhammer: ^ THIS ! Le happy Merrchant has no Explanation... he just screams ,,ANTISEMITES''1371997526248
Anonymous: @4743. Are you a troll? Or just a retread?1371998346243

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Bacon oven food nativity xmas jesus
Bacon oven food nativity xmas jesus bacon (42) , oven (8) , food (247) , nativity (1) , xmas (55) , jesus (227)

Source: WEB / apina URL: Info: JPG, 150 Kbytes (1024x768) Added by: Choadboy (Dec 1, 2010) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Choadboy: A manger scene made of meat and bacon!1291205773203
Miro: 1291207660922
Anonymous: Pretty inappropriate for a Jewish child being born.1291209273609
Anonymous: ^Fuck you! Jesus wasn't a dirty Jew, he was a Christian!!!!!! Fag!1291209335916
Furore23: Still belongs in the oven, though. Best part: you can eat this every three days.1291210357807
Quasimodo: Jesus is a mexican...any fool knows that.1291210509816
GMS: gaye.1291210519455
Quasimodo: wanna see it cooked tho!1291210540745
Anonymous: Jesus was American! That's why The Bible was written in American!1291226373797
Anonymous: 5916: Joseph and Mary were both Jewish, that means Jesus was Jewish at birth.1291868927813
TITS: gzuz haz lag took him 3 days to respawn1291869292234
Franz: OMG, I love sauerkraut!1291900178341
Anonymous: @7813 - Fuck you! Mary was a virgin and Joseph was a carpenter, not some filthy Jewish bankers or jewellers. They were chosen by God to be Jesus' earthly parents BECAUSE they were Christians. God wouldn't choose Jews to look after his only son!!!! Jesus was given the name Jesus Christ after his parents' religion (CHRISTianity - the clue's in the name, dumb-ass).1291904456857
Anonymous: ^Proof that America has a problem with inbreeding.1291904740506

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Nazi oven Swastika heil
Nazi oven Swastika heil nazi (175) , oven (8) , Swastika (83) , heil (12)

Source: SUBMIT / chan4chan URL: Info: JPG, 87 Kbytes (681x1024) Added by: piggyslasher (Feb 25, 2010) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
piggyslasher: "dat's racist"1267146060400
bshaun2: try that on my block you kraut piece of shit. our grandfathers got to kill these fucks, why can't we ?1267149170515
piggyslasher: bwahaha Nazi Jew bwahaha1267168027232
piggyslasher: *Jew Nazi1267168576923
anonymous: does it gas your food before it cooks it?1267168826437
devshade: ashkenazi jew1267180213719
anonymous: Classic...1267196417397
killzMinuz9: classic trash1267196820255
Adolƒ the ThiRd: sell it on Ebay !1267205304948
Anonymous: if you see kyle, tell him I found his microwave1267207396773
anonymous: awesome on so many levels1267231614654
anonymous: WIN1267231973769
anonymous: is that the same one?1267673678103
anonymous: where even a fat hippy can join the fun1267673927562

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Push up fail fall oven kitchen
Push up fail fall oven kitchen push up (1) , fail (642) , fall (60) , oven (8) , kitchen (61)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: GIF, 2047 Kbytes (450x359), Animated: 58 frames Added by: DriftRocket (Jul 17, 2011) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Lickathesplit: School fail in not properly instructing what to do in the kitchen..1310917953758
Anonymous: Brilliant, totally cracked me up ...1310918221885
Anonymous: niggers always overchallenged with technique !1310918724904
RubberG: New stoves have an anti-tipping device to prevent children from getting hurt.. This is a house of niggers so its no surprise theirs isn't installed properly.1310920104318
Anonymous: Can we have one pic or gif of a black person where you all don't say nigger. Fucking racist bastards1310920711173
RubberG: ^ Sure.....NIGGER,NIGGER,NIGGER, NIGGER....see its easy.1310921435706
Zorro: LOLLOLOLO1310921485541
Anonymous: ^^^ angry much Nigra ?1310930609800
NigKiller: Anon1173, Get the fuck out nigger1310931262768
Anonymous: perfect time to slip one in her black ass while she is all bent over broken down with the stove on her back1310931431412
Anonymous: WTF you be doing shit colored person ? (Is that good enough for you Anon1310920711173 ? I didn't say nigger.)1310932364630
Kirk Diggler: Now she can get a handicap plate and be like all the rest. That's some crazy math shit that happened.1310933155479
Anonymous: bitch ruined dinner1310933952582
MrPerspective: Dinner's on her this time. Hurray for feminism!1310937204624

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Kitchen oven head sylvia plath suicide women
Kitchen oven head sylvia plath suicide women kitchen (61) , oven (8) , head (183) , sylvia plath (1) , suicide (93) , women (379)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 112 Kbytes (1000x805) Added by: Anonymous (Feb 21, 2012) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse

Quantum69: ^HAHA1329808557223
StormTrooper: ^^LMAO1329848320442
Furore23: And her fucking poetry is a bunch of shit. There, I said it.1329851372777
darkstan: ^Now, for 10,000 Internets and a slightly used Hyundai Sonata, how does that remarkably subtle joke connect to 'The Iron Giant', a film I feel you must know and love?1329853388135
Furore23: ^ I gotta plead out on this one, I ain't seen it in over a decade. I think I'd be scared to, I'd just cry the whole time.1329916675236
darkstan: ^Sylvia's husband, Ted Hughes, wrote the psychedelic novel, a strange, slim volume that adds an interesting dimension to the remarkable animated film. And shit, you'd better cry; that bitch is sad as fuck.1329957221287
Imma Watson: She was a basket case anyway..1330102818219
Hughbie: Is she doing jewish role play?1330149347177
Furore23: ^^^ Aha! I knew I had the book on my list, I'd just forgotten about it. I'll have to bump it up, bump it up, yo bump it. Thanks, dogg!1330211707924
Furore23: ^^ Also, Hughbie is a loveable cunt.1330211722916
Prime11: I'd tap that right there so hard1330229258723
trollll: is that Grettle?1330230706894
Anonymous: ^^ Wait... you would tap... Hugbie? Okay, I guess that makes sense. I mean... so loveable!1330267247835

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