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(get in here, faggots)

Scientology skeleton
Scientology skeleton scientology (11) , skeleton (40)

Source: SUBMIT / chan4chan URL: Info: JPG, 851 Kbytes (2592x1944) Added by: naairuj (Oct 14, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
anonymous: This is your brain on Dianetics1255475485353
FalzeProphet: Fucking Scientoligists...1255509009694
anonymouse: Xenu make him do that.1257040018954
Anonymous: In SOVIET RUSSIA, you defraud SCIENTOLOGY!1260996782670
Anonymous: Is that what you mean by "boning someone" ???1271560721754
PdeoBear: Is this technically necrophology in the making?1272679273592
Anonymous: this is sooooo hubbard1300496119549
Anonymous: My penis is a skeleton. Your argument is invalid.1300497098215
Aganonymous: boned1300501445803
Ghostoftime: Boner1300513640377
Anonymous: The book is somewhat convincing, no mentioning of Xenu or other stupid things, not until the end are you even told it's a religion (at least the copy I read, some 35 years ago). When I learned it was a religion was when I tore it in half and threw it in the bin. It's pure bullshit, not worth the paper it's printed on!1593160615280
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The head of the Galactic Confederation
Scientology xenu scientology (11) , xenu (15)

Source: SUBMIT / chan4chan URL: Info: GIF, 40 Kbytes (500x832) Added by: Xenu (Aug 19, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
jackfrosty: So where are the fuckin layzers huh?1251080000806
ImaD00d: I lived and worked in a scientology center called narconon for eight months in 2003. These people are fucking nuts, and L. Ron Hubbard was one of the worst people ever to live. Bravo to Anonymous for exposing them.1251087228436
Anonymous: and wtf is this shit? Tits or gtfo1251104437931
Anonymous: The picture named "Xenu and Pedobear" depicting our founder L.Ron Hubbard having intercourse with Crowley, it's a violation of our trademarks and copyrights and it's hereby requested to be removed.1251639568210
ImaD00d: ^LAWL1251674015440
Hughbie: xenu? Wtf? Is that near Ork where Mork came from? Lol @ people so serious over something made up by a science fiction writer...people are so gullable. Ol dingbat hubbard sure got u good. There is more money in religion than books! 8210, grow up ffs.1251680091483
Anonymous: Scientology has no chance!1252547416751
Anonymous: Chan4Chan Scientology Deprogramming Unit1272762762334
AlabamaSlamma: Scientology has a great chance,6751. Remember,there's a sucker born every day.1272772548517
slikwilly: What asshole would believe in a church made up by a sci-fi writer? Probably a bunch of Trekkies and Star Wars nerds. Aren't you people tired of getting beat up for your lunch money? Now you go and start a religion? How about you start a religion that focuses on getting you laid instead, that way you don't have to die a virgin1272781358746
crackerkiller5: cool story brah1272784552344
Xits: Truth_is_true.1305445662263
Glennocide: 8746 dude i think you missed the point its basicly a huge cult i doubt any treky or starwars fans are actualy involved they know that its fantasy but wen you lack pussy like that you might aswell embrace it, scintoligy VICTIMS are cought at bad times in there life then brainwashed into giving then there monies. FUCK HUBBARD!1305733698581
Anonymous: yeah, what he said1305734020746

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John travolta scientology
John travolta scientology john travolta (3) , scientology (11)

Source: SUBMIT / chan4chan URL: Info: JPG, 40 Kbytes (334x442) Added by: * (Mar 29, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Anonymous: balls are touching under the table....look how happy he is1260523262394
Scarhewf: im touching his nuts under the table ... fap1260523375172
DutchGuy: crank it up to 10.000 volts plz1260539604246
Anonymous: Travolta is badass1260742658412
Anonymous: ^^dumbass1278535493492
Anonymous: He turned to scientology cuz he cant act his way out of a nut sac!1278535702474
Moongrim: Still can't act worth a damn.1278548445911
BigBootay: Yeah, but he could buy and sell your broke ass before breakfast, dick-breath.1278548630663
Anonymous: "aww man they greased my dawg!"1278587915978
nukubu: scientology church: another obnoxious way of taking people's money, killing their kids and rejecting the socalled unwanted, i thought we had enough religions in the world to kill everyone?1278592712405
Anon_Казак: Those things he's holding are such bs.1288710198504
Anon_Казак: Those things he's holding are such bs. Natural tendency is to squeeze something you pick up then asshole behind the desk tells you some bs about relaxing, grip decreases and "that's the power of Scientology my friend."1288710270372
Anonymous: he had many problems in his life. he could have turned catholic but he prefered really magic devices (walking on water is very old fashioned nowadays)1288744539173
Anonymous: Lord Zenu: How dare you mortals defame my servant John.1288744880944

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Stop scientology sign stop (29) , scientology (11) , sign (282)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 537 Kbytes (800x801) Added by: Anonymous (May 12, 2010) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Anonymous: people are busy laughing @ that cult as they gain influence. meanwhile, l.a. cops won't fuck with 'em. these cult-cunts scare me.1273644834393
CreepisKryp: Religion = Ancient Lies...Extra Terrestrials = Modern Lies...Religion + Extra Terrestrials = Scientology...Two wrongs don't make any fucking sense.1273646553923
Anonymous: Yes the extraterrestrials created religions. Imagine this. Most people in the world worship little green men.1273646684564
Redrocco: scientology is the result of a drunken bar bet between L. Ron Hubbard and Robert A Heinlein1273646938280
Anonymous: ^and got rich1273647116274
CreepisKryp: HELLO, 4564!! No cold, hard proof of GHOSTS, SKUNK APES, LEPRECHAUNS, SPACE ALIENS, GODS...NONE OF THOSE! Jesus was lounge magician played by many ancient actors. "Most people in the world" still think that a tomato is a vegitable and BOOBS CAUSE EARTHQUAKES!1273647760801
Anonymous: ^But boobs do cause earthquakes? Experience it for yourself. That's your hard proof.1273647948914
Anonymous: hammertime1273679533142
M.C.: Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh....Cant touch this!....Break it down!1273680777905
Furore23: My, my, my...1303047090279
Anonymous: Stop..... HAMMER TIME1303088961556
Anonymous: I HATE SCIENTOLOGY1303174744347
Anonymous: heathens1303198223729
Pedrobear: Tom Cruise's 3 y.old Daughter walks in High-Heels, you gotta love the crazy Scientology !1303209436138

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Tom cruise oprah scientology happy
Tom cruise oprah scientology happy tom cruise (4) , oprah (4) , scientology (11) , happy (110)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 32 Kbytes (500x350) Added by: * (Mar 31, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Anonymous: WHOA!!! I nailed you bitch! Got that booty good didn't I? Hahahaha1245444989739
Anonymous: rarrrr1245832081832
beepb00p: he should kick nigger oprah's teeth down her throat, then gouge her eyes out1266756237460
Anonymous: Fuck your couch!1266823851390
kinganonymous: "Ball lightning"1266826220406
aNOMynous: Wouldn't that be scientologly happy?1266826702484
Anonymous: i see the aidsfactor is high1267125880789
Spermany: attention whore...1267127936746
Bestrea2002: Not happy, crazy.1294753485885
Anonymanx: Hoooooooooo!1294755160325
Anonymous: tom cruise is still .. in the closet1294774564467
BnSneky: ^agreed1294775073866
Rumorluvr: That's crazy white people1294779716248
Anonymous: "Scientology! Yay! Fuck yeah! Woohoo! Top Gun!"1294788763541

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Xenu orders scientology helmet xenu (15) , orders (1) , scientology (11) , helmet (31)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 85 Kbytes (800x600) Added by: * (Feb 11, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
God: I command you to spread the blood of the innocent.1255164546220
Anonymous: ^ fag1255165842245
Anonymous: Little Nicky reference, so win.1257576551110
Pyro: Oh Xenu wanted me to tell you to bathe, get a job, take off that....thing on ur head, and to maybe shave a lil bit. Luckaly you can still smoke pot1257576677484
crackerkiller5: ^lol^1257608158520
Furore23: That's Drew in a Faraday cage.1277463730985
ThelemicMage: This guy is so desperate, I bet he fucks his mom1277504959968
Anonymous: So yesterday. He's still using 4:31277564003704
so_what_if___: go outside and stand ontop ofa building, during a lightning storm. please?1280682326153
Xenu: Xenu here. Go to Sector 34 and wait for the Archangel Micah... he'll be wearing a police uniform. Kick him in the balls and tell him to report back to me. Then go to the Greyhound Bus Station and plug your helmet in.1280704195646
ThelemicMage: This guy looks Amish. All he needs to complete this picture is a huge black dick in his mouth.1280716701940
crackerkiller5: xenu says to murder, kill, and eat young boys like dahmer1280735342451
xenu hodenbengel: i command you to spray the internets with your blood. use your technical knowledge to broadcast your death to as many countries a s possible. you fag.1280960690449
ANNONAMOOSE: seth rogen has deffinately gone down hill since the release of paul....1300374770298

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There was an intergalactic alien ruler named XENU
Xenu scientology alien xenu (15) , scientology (11) , alien (85)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 27 Kbytes (408x400) Added by: * (Mar 7, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
God: UNEX, Next a movie staring Nicolas cage, EGAC, THat's the answer it's all bullshit.1255164480748
Drilldo!!: Nice forehead...DICK!1255193139492
Anonymous: He has no body :O lol Scientology Scamming Tom Cruise since the mid 60s' hehe1257798984274
lonerstoner45: that is a pretty nice forehead1268092385591
Anonymous: Wait a minute! I smell David Icke and Zecharia bloody Stitchen1272763006420
TikiTime: Xenu? Looks more like the Martian Manhunter1272864765331
Warg: ^BWAHAHAH!!! TikiTime hit the nail on the wide green forehead!!!1272946874264
Anonymous: wtf1293697356788
OFWGKTA -I-: No, you smell L Ron Hubbard.1299160419947
Greeft: This is the sexiest alien ever. ====>
NorwayJunkie: Semjase and the federation kicked his ass thousands of years ago1320361020861
Anonymous: Those Pagan gods all look the same to me, made up by adults with child's mentality, published into numberous books for mentally handicapped bisexuals and even if you read those books for 9 years you still wouldn't know jack shit about what the fuck is you believe in.1381943189943
Hughbie: ^angry much lol!!!1381943406981
Bulbasaur111919: "The whole universe was in a hot, dense state..."1381960748103

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OH FUCK - The internet is here
Internet scientology anonymous internet (173) , scientology (11) , anonymous (111)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 70 Kbytes (500x411) Added by: * (Apr 2, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Anonymous: normal day in the hood1252967126297
Anonymous: scientology makes me a sad panda1252976811520
Anonymous: Pools closed!1253059342698
jackfrosty: NO ONE EXPECTS TEH INTERNET!!!1253065068559
Anonymous: <------------- Expect us1253134015449
Anonymous: We are legion. We do not forgive, we forget. Expect us.1253496683691
Pyro: We DO NOT forget1253496855740
anonymous: .......this one tiem you did1263186384181
royrogers1: incest1265784346586
Anonymous: We are Legion.1278535460617
Grave: ^except you.1280491834562
cliptoe: what did we not forget? I forgot1280515356627
RichardRaper: Scientology proves that you can invent your own religion and deceive millions. Wonder what this 'church' will look like in 2000 yrs!1280524252864
Grave: ^like any church?1282146365960

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Lol xenu anonymous protest scientology lol (62) , xenu (15) , anonymous (111) , protest (196) , scientology (11)

Source: SUBMIT / chan4chan URL: Info: JPG, 100 Kbytes (500x334) Added by: * (Apr 15, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Anonymous: Xenu for president!!!1252854703958
Anonymous: Why choose a lesser evil?1253659305563
Anonymous: ^^^ its better than what we have now1253854592586
Anonymous: Xenu brings Order. ALL HAIL XENU!!!1277141826895
Anonymous: so am kinda new here,nongay,but i still dunno what the xenuthingy mean,anyone?1278629737125
Anonymous: L2internets newfag1278630293208
Nickeh43: Look! Xenu has his own sign! Bastard.1281866249630
Fingie: lol1329174938987
lol: 1253659305563 you ok?1330385445374
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Anonymous mask scientology protest
Anonymous mask scientology protest Anonymous (111) , mask (82) , scientology (11) , protest (196)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 433 Kbytes (3160x2244) Added by: Anonymous (May 14, 2010) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Anonymous: yea man, we are everywhere1274891463123
Anonymous: We are anonymous. We are legion. We do not forget. We do not forgive. Expect us.1278535385610
Und plötzlich… Wut: ^ fag1293494704118
Kil0: an whore1293494735312
Weed: F*ck Anonymous! I'm not afraid of Scientology. I face these f*ckers every damn Saturday making sure no one buys into their bullsh*t.1293495046934
chrud: you're not my buddy, guy!1294695287451
nicaris12: he's doing it wrong his mask is slipping!1295491730474
Jesus: Chanology went from lulz to shit to gay to this1295493456458
Anonymous: Bring Catholocisim back to England! Fuck yeah!1297026872510
Anonymous: Scientologists control hollyweird. Why do scientologists endorse black baby adoptions. Sick fuckers they are1297046572176
Anonymous: And yet Scientology is still here. Good job, Anonymous.1314240966237
arrogantgirl: omg he's so hot, <31314399981518
Anonymous: I thought there was more important things than scientology. Is it something to complain about just to make nerds lifes more interesting?1314404840922

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Scientology anonymous
Scientology anonymous scientology (11) , anonymous (111)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: GIF, 356 Kbytes (550x400), Animated: 12 frames Added by: * (Feb 1, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Anonymous: scientology sux1247347415347
Mingebag #1: party hard!1253240674807
Pyro: I LOVE THIS GIF1253241254392
ThrillBilly: pants off dance off!!!1253258629647
Hughbie: where's tom?1253264077866
Grave: WIN.1253264229172
Anonymous: we are legion.1278535508231
vengance: FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!! Do not insult the movie V for vendette or I will find and kill youz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1278535609774
Anonymous: Church sucks! Religion sucks! It all sucks!1278535616838
Grave: Party hard /b/ros.. party hard..1282146894649
Anonymous: fuck scientology - psychiatry helps people you fucktards1283030310685
Anonymous: Where is your science now?1283076316513
Anonymous: Heh1285907006767
Anonymous: Hey /b/ tards Panda Software is a Scientology company. Why are they interested in Anonymous DDoS attacks? I thought Anonymous hated Scientology?1285907152982
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