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(get in here, faggots)

Skate punch accident sport

Source: SUBMIT / chan4chan URL: Info: JPG, 55 Kbytes (700x482) Added by: unununu (Feb 20, 2010) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
skate (13) , punch (55) , accident (233) , sport (55)

­Anonymous: ah she made him smack a bitch1266646002467
Anonymous: ha ha!1269907530539

ha ha!
brunzedickenson: get me samich now1269919325273
slideon01: "DowngGoes Frazier, down goes Frazier down goes Frazier"1269975455232
shooptrooper: thats what happens when you refuse to make me a sammich BITCH1270183846593
Anonymous: Falcon PAWWWWNCH1270228094537
Anonymous: I'LL TEACHE YOU RESPECT BITCH!!!!1270308804538
Anonymous: Falcon punch!!!1271371715421
MR. Arson: no accident you can see the expression on his face1275364301301
Anonymous: Facepalm1276584979423
Snork: For make'n me wear pink1276620213285
Anonymous: She obviously failed and he didn't like it.1290799565706
crackerkiller5: bitch got owned1290805349930
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Falcon punch skate solves teen pregnancy
Falcon punch skate solves teen pregnancy

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 90 Kbytes (750x590) Added by: * (Feb 5, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
falcon (9) , punch (55) , skate (13) , solves (1) , teen pregnancy (1)

COOLBOARDER141: That looks like it hurts...1253303457582
rawrzrawrz: Saved about 2 grand for the A--O--T--O--N (fill in the blank. (ABORTION!)1265003751736
Anonymous: saves teen pregnancy. true dat1265273523968
kkk: yo fuck the niggers the white man rises1270779204391
Anonymous: Man1276283878239
Anonymous: Porn????1295637234616
BnSneky: drop her1295637331193
Anonymous: pillow1295729185321
loggerman: Also take it in the ass prevent teen pregnancy much more enjoyably way!!!1373250513840
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Accident skate

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 44 Kbytes (440x298) Added by: BeaversNDucks (Feb 25, 2010) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
accident (233) , skate (13)

killzMinuz9: i want to see spine fluid on ice1267108377970
KarmaPickles: yours cunt.1267115748481
Olri: Tombstone Piledriver?1267927385518
kinganonymous: Owch. I will see vid of youtube.1267932938920
BeaversNDucks: FATALITY!1274966389466
Anonymous: SKATALITY1275003944366
savageman69: iron lotus fail1281273918283
Greeft: I want to see a vid of youtube too.1281278799628
Anonymous: TEST YOUR MIGHT1281285678949
Anonymous: OOORRREEEHAAAAAA by ryo1283661750792
Anonymous: this is funny1283664512502
hellion83: Jackhammer1283665832543
crackerkiller5: tombstone piledriver FTW1283668801510
thegreatone: WOOPSEEE1283970622766
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Wheels skateboard skate car ad
Wheels skateboard skate car ad

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 345 Kbytes (1440x900) Added by: Anonymous (Apr 29, 2012) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
wheels (3) , skateboard (18) , skate (13) , car (386) , ad (211)

greyhoundpaul: why?1335722648484
spotswood: different I suppose...1335723113634
Anonymous: Nascar race just ended, one of them won..1335723115322
Anonymous: kit for improved handling...1335723998147
MadNiggerish: French idiots1335790761447
ColdIce: Is this shopped?1345323058566
Anonymous: up or down ???1351495101117
Anonymous: how stop?1351525156160
Hughbie: strongest skateboards ever....they should build planes outta that shit..1351548429217
obadiah: typical yankees - "hey, we killed some old hag but what the fuck?"1544576518368
Anonymous: ۩<———saved to my iPhone ???? ????XLDS 20231544579648381
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Cut penis skate

Source: SUBMIT / chan4chan URL: Info: PNG, 68 Kbytes (640x480) Added by: Anonymous (Jan 21, 2011) Category: lolpad NSFW: no Report abuse
cut (81) , penis (1053) , skate (13)

anonymaus: the chick needs a dick for this to be entirely accurate1295591950999
Anonymous: give that guy a LOLcard1295592450493
anonymaus: what makes you think I want one?1295592715460
Anonymous: ^ not you the drawer1295609388543
Dr Pwn: Take the rinse.1303740670639
Anonymous: MIERDA1305236060623
Anonymous: mucha mierda1306133169690
Anonymous: Tits or GTFO!1307021817889
Anonymous: derp tits1312703058826
Anonymous: hey thats dora, boots, fox, and that squarl1349302752358
Anonymous: faceplam1354957577642
Anonymous: 1KaHdHYgYUDUYuMYCXLu83gXuniZMiSMhb1515485910704
Anonymous: ^Go fall of a cliff.1515768946776
ethelred: I prefer little ones - more than a handful's a waste.1538707598826
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Fail skate ice fall pain
Fail skate ice fall pain

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: GIF, 2045 Kbytes (305x179), Animated: 69 frames Added by: balls420 (May 18, 2010) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
fail (641) , skate (13) , ice (51) , fall (60) , pain (112)

BasementKing: Did she died?1274215497291
SickNote: AWESOME!1274228648446
Mork: RIP Olivia Elton John1274233809641
Anonymous: lol1274238134508
rubberduckazilla: snap!1274238797149
Youngin: must be dead, source?1274242098732
Warg: I laughed hard.1274245599856
Furore23: RIP Christopher Dean.1274280682565
Redrocco: well she looked happy1276730247765
ElCapitan: epic suplex1279427973310
Anonymous: looks like wrestling on ice1279479860100
NSFW: I would so pay to see wrestling on ice.1279479925524
Jaydeezee: Brett Hart quality Pile-driver!!1279481741894
Anonymous: shes going to need to ice that1279534436376
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Mascot skate fail
Mascot skate fail

Source: WEB / tehgiraffe URL: Info: GIF, 1794 Kbytes (400x295), Animated: 38 frames Added by: Choadboy (Jul 1, 2010) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
mascot (5) , skate (13) , fail (641)

Santa: hurr durr hurr durrr woops!1278120472366
motorboatingsob: lmao1279645150726
NSFW: LOL!1279648826945
Anonymous: he fucking ate floor!1281382199870
Grave: lol the tail1281532809535
Anonymous: PYPF1282861339655
Anonymous: OHINEARLYPISSEDMYSELF mouth and tail, mouth and taaailll1283450316385
Hayvan: om Nom nOAM1296949938933
Anonymous: fuck my asshole hurts from laughing so hard1296969884433
Anonymous: That is hilarious!1300758708915
Anonymous: I am crying, so funny1307440459745
Anonymous: loooooooooooooooollllllllllll1307445523184
djh123: ate the blue floor1307445698103
Focktor: fuckin drunk-o-zaur!1307445814835
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Nigger skate dance
Nigger skate dance

Source: SUBMIT / chan4chan URL: Info: GIF, 4071 Kbytes (420x228), Animated: 133 frames Added by: zbloh (Mar 29, 2010) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
nigger (630) , skate (13) , dance (104)

Anonymous: Obama?1269835925429
CreepisKryp: How he gone shoot his tac-9 on skates? tee hee1269840083461
kinganonymous: << click (Gif action)1269868678529
Anonymous: I chuckled1269877761190
nazilint: heheheh... first i was like.. pfffft.. but then I was like.. haha.1270301044812
bshaun2: dance monkey dance1270365893476
Anonymous: who the hell comes up with this shit?1270495334689
nawaras: pretty nice movements1270495616788
Omni: Fwhahaha... so gay it's "gangsta"1271217893586
I fuck you!: so apes CAN skate...1272849935550
Anonymous: They're very musical people1276204958281
Remote-A-Troll: I think that guy tried to sell me his CD last time I was in NYC.1276232790972
Anonymous: "Yo! my homie nigger-bitches. We be, the nigga-faggot three, and we're here to spread our AIDS over all of thee. Peace out muh niggers, now go rob somebody"1276234933707
sick bitch: is he gay? i mean the singer... he kinda shakes his booty...lol1276720836293
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Night lonely ice skate photo city background
Night lonely ice skate photo city background

Source: SUBMIT / chan4chan URL: Info: JPG, 552 Kbytes (1920x1200) Added by: djh123 (May 22, 2012) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
night (38) , lonely (22) , ice (51) , skate (13) , photo (1860) , city (115) , background (467)

AZO: I love you again1337794918709
Anonymous: Reykjavik, Iceland1348773317332
fiveby5: that's hawt.1348793042160
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Skate jump photo
Skate jump photo

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: PNG, 1536 Kbytes (1366x768) Added by: snickers (Apr 27, 2010) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
skate (13) , jump (151) , photo (1860)

snickers: is this a frontside flip? looks really epic1272554503548
boris_sklep: na mate, 360 flip...i think thats zered bassett, not sure1272570751793
snickers: this or varial kick i think1272835182726
Greeft: It's a man floating in midair wow.1272919076945
Anonymous: then do this too you idiot this is not as easy as it look like1272973895952
Greeft: ^I can't float in midair, that's what makes it impressive.1272977906604
Anonymous: Ollie Nuts kiss the rail1272990515205
Anonymous: Mad Skateboard Skilllz = Skills that are completely useless in the real world1277472266193
HappyGoLumpy: ^you really think running old ladies over is a useless skill?? I gotta admit, im a little disappointed anon.1292787045539
BnSneky: you're doing it wrong1292787313362
Weed: Impressive 'fro in the back.1292787884378
Anonymous: Why the hate? He figured out how to get paid while doing what he loves. How many of us can say that. Now if I only had a nickel for everytime I fapped......!1292797483843
Anonymous: id have easly 300 bucks.1293014444491
tj: y'all done did comment on dis here post...y'all wrung on dis wune1293031307643
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Fail skate loop
Fail skate loop

Source: SUBMIT / chan4chan URL: Info: GIF, 1016 Kbytes (400x230), Animated: 37 frames Added by: AnotherAnon (Mar 17, 2012) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
fail (641) , skate (13) , loop (60)

Furore23: Profound.1331991494460
Everdark: Enlightening.1331992417262
Anonymous: full retard1331993025102
Oldandevil: Physics, what a bitch.1331994749950
oooEYEooo: ..."dupe report"...1331995502679
spotswood: ooops...1331997109448
Grund1e: Epic Fail!!1331997285235
Anonymous: success!1332094599938
Anonymous: Ha ha.1342060758963
DermottX: : Ah, gravity - thou art a heartless bitch.1342062100571
The Original Spoon: Lean back, dumb ass.1342116128566
i'llKILLyouALL: Quite1342128387513
Arschloch33: Gravity: it's just a theory1342128507325
darkstan: LOL1342128578324
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Skate shoe fail
Skate shoe fail

Source: WEB / apina URL: Info: GIF, 1988 Kbytes (267x208), Animated: 105 frames Added by: mischievious (Apr 25, 2012) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
skate (13) , shoe (22) , fail (641)

Bunglicker: Ooo ouch. Broken back maybe.1335316235653
Poopalotacus: sick air bro1335317008262
fiveby5: that safety equipment works great flying off your body @ high speed like that...1335327238196
Greeft: ^ Aaaahhhhh, I see, I thought it was his arms and legs flying off.1335327376185
mischievious: i like how someone takes a picture after he loses control in mid air1335333339731
NobbyNobbs: It's on youtube....he was knocked out, but recovered just fine1335380220728
uriar: did he died?1337642762137
MidgeInc: Lucky Bastard1337649313375
immadragon: was that supposed to happen? I dont get went fucking flying lol1337658909427
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Interracial skate friend
Interracial skate friend

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 91 Kbytes (720x540) Added by: iown3hookers (Apr 27, 2010) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
interracial (178) , skate (13) , friend (56)

bigmanhand: i see 3 niggers.... anyone else.. ???1272371628636
snickers: you idiot those are some BOONERZ some skaters you fucking idiot1272554757628
Anonymous: ^ no you idiot those are some fucking nigger scumbags1275587333560
Anonymous: Not "niggers"...Gnarly Gniggers1275588165415
slikwilly: nigga stole my kickflip!1275595222268
Anonymous: obey!1276628590392
Lumpy: Skatenigs!1276630848182
crackerkiller5: nigga stole my ollie!1276645288715
ElCapitan: Obey my Authoritayyy!!!1276672267319
GhostNinja: any one realize the Ice cream Sandwhich!!!1276765635263
Your Momma’s Crotch: nigga stole my black skin1277077385828
Anonymous: I hope he isn't defiling my Technoviking with that shirt.1277078545207
Anonymous: i see 2 niggers and one faggot1280112603894
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