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(get in here, faggots)

Christian Fire Mud face tar religion
Christian Fire Mud face tar religion Christian (50) , Fire (261) , Mud (18) , face (904) , tar (3) , religion (396)

Source: SUBMIT / chan4chan URL: Info: JPG, 104 Kbytes (1200x957) Added by: Kiap (Jun 4, 2011) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
RiddleMeThis: Now bring me another cigarette and a *lighter*, not that fucking torch!1307212097737
Tres: This is the very definition of evil, to hurt others sanctimoniously in the name of their god. It is too bad there is no hell for this man. In its place, I will have to be satisfied ripping him apart, piece by piece, for days on end, in the most painful ways imaginable. For the safety of the rest of humanity, self-righteous idiots like him need to be expunged from the gene pool.1307212551376
Anonymous: ^ yup. < wtf is this anyways1307229928810
Tres: name of file is wrong. That's not mud. That's tar. This girl is about to go up in unquenchable flames over some religious meme.1307237365832
Tres: oil tar is very, very flammable.1307237456611
veranet: Why haven't I heard calls to Anonymous to find this fiend yet?1307336754342
Tres: There are too many of them, too few of us. How can Anonymous deal with all these goons? They probably have to pick and choose. If I were there in person though, I would not hesitate to pull any trigger I had. IRL, I try to do something about this by writing. Anonymous, maybe you can't fight all the fights, but religious extremism is one of the important ones. I am glad to help where I can.1307339887149
Anonymous: suddenly.. zombies1307719605241
BnSneky: making Niggers? you're doing it wrong1307720297781
Anonymous: Srsly, WTF is this?1307754405888
Anonymous: "I kill you!!!!!"1307758492127
muztashflex: sssshhhhhhh........1310102372580
Pyro: YES MOAR FIRE1310292222399
Arsonist: burn baby1310292233898

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Nigger tar soap nigger (630) , tar (3) , soap (11)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 50 Kbytes (450x303) Added by: 77.86.* (May 4, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Anonymous: hahahaha, WTF1245676333454
Anonymous: niggers don't bathe... come on.1245790657584
Anonymous: hahahahaha1245791557257
Anonymous: is this real?1245808511688
Anonymous: ha. next thing you're gonna tell me is there's a thing called JEWCAKES, amirite?1245834137638
Anonymous: urrite1255308791738
Swiney: 7638 u are correct there is something callled "Jewcakes".... her is UrbanDictionary's definition "The round natural plumpness of a Jewish girl's breasts"1255309266334
Comedy Writer: Buy two of these and we throw in a bottle of Honkey Cream.1255376716195
Anonymous: ^ N i G g eR1255480535935
Skeletor: ^SaTaN \m/1255484423944
Anonymous: 7584 wins1255490409961
cracker_killer: how much for the honkey cream?1255499946148
Pyro: i dunno but pick me up sum too would ya? kthx1255500067419
Jewboy: I use Jewshampoo.1255508590975

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Oil baby tar art
Oil baby tar art oil (40) , baby (246) , tar (3) , art (1154)

Source: SUBMIT / chan4chan URL: Info: JPG, 143 Kbytes (1200x750) Added by: Redrocco (Dec 1, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Hughbie: creepy but different..1259708372384
pocket: Tar baby?1259726625585
Wr104Gamma: The new spokesperson for Exxon1259747546860
Brutal yeti: hehe lol1264653512920
Gorygames: Moooore braiiiinnnnniiiieeessss1264658245560
ImaD00d: Tar bab- oh... fuck you pocket!1264658521517
Pyro: Lol Why do i know that name?1264658611158
Anon mousee: what the fuck is this 4 comment per picture shit1264659559950
Anonymous: So Condoleezza Rice is a mother now.1264679038916
robertpaulsin: ^fail^1273158686803
Anonymous: Alien + Human = thiiis ?!!1280615019105
catcall: that is fucking horrible!!!1282146942565
Anonymous: bp just keeps fucking up.1282150307747
Anonymous: we'll get a super human thx to BP1284994390993

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