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(get in here, faggots)

You know how I define the economic and social classes in this country?
Carlin quote poor rich society taxes money carlin (2) , quote (122) , poor (44) , rich (41) , society (6) , taxes (2) , money (145)

Source: SUBMIT / chan4chan URL: Info: JPG, 694 Kbytes (2841x2673) Added by: Anonymous (Oct 3, 2011) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Banshee5: agreed.1317678996904
secretsquirrel12: I do belive you may be correct1317679161527
Quantum69: R.I.P Colonel Sanders1317679951821
mischievious: a street wise smart bomb1317696100684
John135: I agree as well1317696728158
boogie9: Toledo windowbox, bitch!1317697857868
boogie9: "Class warfare".... Where do you get your 'news'? How many 'sources' can you find? Who owns them?1317698219709
LastResort: This guy was such a kook. Good riddance.1317711540995
spz557: true.1317728442215
Anonymous: Class warfare, when folks underneath demand the same rights that the overclass has.1318512586679
NorwayJunkie: Who's face is this?1318514405350
Anonymous: learn to size an image you fucking loser1318516642453
DoDo: R.I.P George Carlin1318516691351
InternetH8Machine: R.I.P. Peorge Harlin1318518347785

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DESTRUCTIVE SPENDING : The missles your 2005 taxes will pay for, and how the money could be better spent.
War taxes bomb info war (188) , taxes (2) , bomb (57) , info (382)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 885 Kbytes (2376x1080) Added by: Omaha (Jan 12, 2010) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Anonymous: I'd rather have missiles than police officers :)1271901344111
Noend: Let's use one of those missles to wipe out the useless teachers and they will pay for themselves 10x over.1271901570164
Anonymous: WTB Russian/Chinese Missile Expediture Equality Poster1271981432912
Anonymous: Nice examples. Every one of those non-destructive alternatives is a complete waste of money. College students are worthless...1271983212458
robertpaulsin: MOAR1273236431975
Anonymous: boofuckinhoo, make more missles1273242749956
Anonymous: nuke a gay whale for christ1273295282278
Anonymous: LIBERAL GARBAGE1273576990455
Anonymous: Capitalist Scum!1273577154686
Anonymous: Noend: Let's use the missiles to wipe out rich, white people who are bleeding our country dry!1273585185529
boss: Ok , I'll give up the missles . If we can drop collage students and teachers on the enemy.Better all the way around.1273603741891
Anonymous: Or we could stop development of missiles and let ourselves be blown up. Genius.1273603806602
Anonymous: and by missiles i mean FIRE ZE MISSILES1273603837987
Anonymous: Cool! We got 4091 paid psychopathic bullies off of the streets!1300244847425

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Link to this:,_and_how_the_mon ey_could_be_better_spent.

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