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(get in here, faggots)

Couple jailed, lose custody of daughter, over stolen sandwiches
Jail sandwich thief news story

Source: SUBMIT / chan4chan URL: Info: PNG, 62 Kbytes (683x883) Added by: Anonymous (Nov 2, 2011) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
jail (12) , sandwich (31) , thief (8) , news (207) , story (204)

Anonymous: Chop off their hands! fuckin thieves1320199261476
chumpno1: 50 lashes1320234620944
chumpno1: each1320234628846
Anonymous: Well they won't 'forget' to pay for sandwiches in the future now will they?1320240755731
Tres: Safeway is - not safe1320322278779
koda12: whats wrong with stealing?1323381636238
Gifmaster: Stealing's bad, mkay.1323381694589
Vincent859: ^^ There's nothing wrong with stealing, in fact, it's a pretty good way to get free room-and-board, and lots of free sex.1325087275244
Hughbie: gotta love the US...1335339120609
Anonymous: $5 for a sarnie in Honolulu? She should have come to the UK-She could have had a sandwhich, a house, a job (or benefits) and still have change for a cupboard full of vodka.1335394036759
halfmast: hawaii is full of island niggers1335423697822
Bunglicker: Actually, Hawaii has very few silly negros compared to the rest of the U.S.A.1335424274888
Anonymous: ^ Might be true, but they have thieves.1394136806726
Anonymous: fuckin murricans fail even at justice1394898972689
Link to this:,_lose_custody_of_daughter,_over_stolen_sandwiches

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I am a thief. I stole from WALMART.
Thief walmart sign

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 53 Kbytes (625x471) Added by: billabongskater (Mar 4, 2010) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
thief (8) , walmart (3) , sign (282)

Redrocco: see the problem is you didnt steal enough, if you had stolen $50 million it would have been time served and 4 hours community service1267683989813
Anonymous: The CEO of walmart should wear one too. I AM A THIEF I STOLE JOBS FROM HARDWORKING AMERICANS1267721668325
Casper: Wal Mart....Helping China get ahead.1267782634362
Sparty: oh idiot bich1267790267131
marshallovemd: Sign on store: I am WalMart. I stole from EVERYONE.1267797057381
Poopalotacus: weak sauce, i bet she wanted some toof paste1270574683775
ArmsReach: usual and uncruel punishment.1270611998670
crackerkiller5: wow, a white person stealing1270622463102
Sylvester Stallone: ^^She learned it from a black janitor at her school.1273728655301
Anonymous: I found a new role model1275361759343
Anonymous: lemmings..1278023902132
Twinchlian: I pity US americans.1282308196861
so_what_if___: i am a walmart, i stole from thief.1282767084331
Link to this:

Dovahkiin's Day Off
Story skyrim thief fail

Source: SUBMIT / chan4chan URL: Info: PNG, 59 Kbytes (611x781) Added by: enoeew (May 31, 2012) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
story (204) , skyrim (3) , thief (8) , fail (642)

Anonymous: FUS RA DOH!1338446894804
Hughbie: DOH?1338450887240
Anonymous: If you have to explain the punchline, the joke is ghey!1338465463282
r120531: "At least half a meter"?1338486223276
enoeew: If you have to point obvious shit out, does this make you ghey?1338486622776
Anonymous: A thief is a thief is a thief. So FUS RO DAH him.1404681803760
Lavalancer: Well, that's 23 seconds of my life I'll never gat back!1404688151260
Reep: If you steal one dime or if you steal one million dollars1404691644790
Anonymous: "At least half a meter" = "very nearly 18 inches". Epic story, bro.1404711514461
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Link to this:'s_Day_Off

Bicycle nigger thief story
Bicycle nigger thief story

Source: SUBMIT / chan4chan URL: Info: JPG, 41 Kbytes (498x365) Added by: * (Jun 30, 2010) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
bicycle (84) , nigger (630) , thief (8) , story (204)

Youngin: Nigger nigger nigger my nigger nigger1277884213129
Anonymous: O f course it became about white vs. black. They guy sure was annoying as fuck though. Between the fixed gear bike and the douche voice I smell hipster. When it comes to nigger vs. hipster, who the fuck do I root for?1277884896609
Anonymous: LAWL!! dude tries to steal a bike, then tells the owner to bugger off or else? dear god. camera guy had every right to beat that useless crook til he was on the ground in a pool of blood1277885311347
Anonymous: Anon2: No. It's nigger vs white. No problem with black/yellow/green/whatever. That's just a color. This on the other hand is attitude.1277885427651
Anonymous: so why dosen't this dude post it on youtube and then all the security officers get fired1277888593125
Anonymous: bill cooper.1277889353414
the7rafe7: dat nigger stole his bike!1277890778917
candismaw: I hate black people1277898378340
Cunta: Niggers spoil EVERYTHING1277899774338
Poopalotacus: Goes to show niggers have bad taste, look how shitty that bike was.1277908534378
Anonymous: Welcome to America. Land of the theiving black scum1277909212986
Anonymous: SILLY AMERICUNTS1277910217376
Anonymous: Nigga stole my bike!1277910422166
Anonymous: sadly security can really do shit1277910595911
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Animal thief
Animal thief

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: GIF, 724 Kbytes (170x141), Animated: 44 frames Added by: * (Mar 10, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
animal (66) , thief (8)

spoon: I know lots of people like this, who just don't pay attention to shit. And i'm not saying that they deserve the shit that happens to them, but shit tends to happen to them. And then they're like, huh?1263509470142
Squirrely1: Fucking bird!!!1263514400997
Anonymous: Oh god yes. You see it all the damn time, people wandering around crowded public places with their head jammed up their iHole. If it was just them getting flattened by a train, no loss, but they gotta hold up everyone else too the selfish cunts.1263517354280
Hughbie: The BASTARD!1263525582680
santa: oh nice day to eat a apple nom nom nom * bird comes and steals it* Awww fuuuuuuuu1263533420612
santa: fucking bird must be black if he steals that kangaroos food1263533461192
snatchsquatch: i feel bad for the kitty cat1263892404194
drlaura: on the 99th loop show porn - forward to all christian friends lol1263925500189
prophet5548: Bird was black. There are no surprises left in the world.1263929119795
Squirrely1: ^ You are a Prophet... :)))1263944364905
Anonymous: jack move1264913165336
kinganonymous: Hahaha, I love it the Raven!,1264914025568
fap: fucking niggers1272924603505
Warg: HAHAHAHA funny bird!!!!1272940885317
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Car thief trick
Car thief trick

Source: SUBMIT / chan4chan URL: Info: GIF, 2288 Kbytes (322x208), Animated: 170 frames Added by: Kiap (Mar 12, 2012) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
car (386) , thief (8) , trick (56)

Anonymous: clever.1331529030275
Grund1e: He's white! Not a nigger or a spic.1331544714594
Rorix: Boss level: giga1331555497217
Furore23: "I need that shit you drive."1331555610240
Munster: Fuckin spaguettis, they rule the world...1331568471846
Anonymous: nigger would have used a cobblestone1332259804307
Hughbie: yeah a cheap piece of shit car...what car's use locks like that these days?1332259985491
RubberG: ^^ nigger would have just waited for the owner and carjacked him. Adding a commision of a felony with a firearm charge. They are too stupid to use a string.1332260466196
Smeggy: That would work well in the 70's when cars used locks like that.1345291579757
halfheat: hey quite a few car's like that are still around, last time I checked they seem to be mostly driven illegal mexicans and who else better to rob, its not like there going to go the cops if you rob them. with the whole deportation thing .1345302834645
SLAVE45: fuckin Shit!!1357126500516
SLAVE45: @smeggy there are anough cars round here which have locks like that... at least 15-20%1357126618969
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Opportunity party drink thief ninja
Opportunity party drink thief ninja

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 43 Kbytes (463x435) Added by: * (Mar 11, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
opportunity (2) , party (202) , drink (44) , thief (8) , ninja (26)

Anonymous: Fucking sand niggers.1247091732416
Anonymous: Dude.... ^^^ how bitter is this guy?1250522982996
Anonymous: Real bitter.1250523067622
TASTYbacon: Overly bitter1250615742477
Anonymous: ninjas are everywhere1250928777578
jackfrosty: Its a total setup... The dancing dude doesnt EVEN love her... Tragedy!1250949206865
Drilldo!!: If that guy in the blue shirt farts, it's all over for the other fucker...1250975310607
Anonymous: FTW!1259658096696
Anonymous: i dont think i would stick my face so close to a chubby dudes ass to steal a sip of a girly drink1259674964551
Anonymous: hahaha1270727734585
Anonymous: Very very smart1270735252995
ToolShed: XD pretty fuckin funny XD1270735359730
Anonymous: Free online dating tringuladating1272445999887
uriar: EPIC!!!1278253357318
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Seagull ice cream thief
Seagull ice cream thief

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 51 Kbytes (500x364) Added by: 81.88.* (Jun 24, 2009) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
seagull (7) , ice cream (23) , thief (8)

Anonymous: seagull out of nowhere1245951342619

i fucking love ice cream
Furore23: When Stephen Seagull wants your ice cream, you better just give it to him.1277302902177
Anonymous: YOINK1280833440308
Anonymous: Seagull is like: 'Fuck yeah'1280840191181

ThelemicMage: He should have raped it to death1280964425517
HeizerNummerEins: two minutes later, the Seagal shits the liquefied cone in the guy’s mouth1282956758805
Last_Resort: "Let me remove that from your hands."1308294194309
Weldox: Seagull steal n' I scream.1314885512119
Quantum69: Niggers of the bird world.1314887886571
sumdumfukr: martin sheen has no ice cream1314928411929
anonymous: I hate when birds shit on my head...reminds me of bad beach moments.1314929544150
anonymous: I wouldn't be as calm as him.1315420900885
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