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(get in here, faggots)

PUSSY ASS CRACKER - #JusticeForTrayvon
Nigger trayvon racist Nigger (630) , trayvon (9) , racist (35)

Source: SUBMIT / chan4chan URL: Info: JPG, 231 Kbytes (465x669) Added by: springer (Mar 26, 2012) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Quantum69: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, i like that!1332797635339
PogoNoGo: Not as classy as my "Stinking Nigger" shirt.....1332799326603
Anonymous: Attention niggers. Zimmerman is a spic, you retarded motherfuckers.1332799770255
mischievious: obama is half white but is considered black, zimmerman is half cuban and is considered white.1332799935256
RubberG: I see a stink ape nigger who probably has never held a job and lives on his moms welfare money.1332802939181
ThreeCamels: Nigger is racist.1332806979554
DickGazinya: Zimmerman for President! maybe we'll get rid of more niggers!1332807167350
bshaun2: I wonder how much damage that monkey would do to the grill of my truck ?1332808434930
CockAsian: IQ just went down looking at this. HA HA Minorities. Cool Cuban's are crackers now. LOL Obama is not black he hangs out with Banker Billionaires.1332812459500
Cunt81: Stupid niggers calling a Cuban a cracker, priceless.1332812891538
Anonymous: would love to put a .45ACP slug in that fucking face, if it was legal of course. Maybe one day...1332813269165
Anonymous: and its the whites that are racist? hmm imagine that1332814603929

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George Zimmerman vs Trayvon Martin
Trayvon skittles mortal kombat trayvon (9) , skittles (8) , mortal kombat (13)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: GIF, 1839 Kbytes (434x254), Animated: 130 frames Added by: mischievious (Apr 11, 2012) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
bshaun2: Bet you wish you woulda paid for them skittles now don't ya boy ?1334106098789
djh123: niggers gonna nig1337751577263
Francesca: LOL, wtf is this?1338306874686
Anonymous: it's truth!1374038955605
Anonymous: just another crim off the streets....but the niggers still gonna riot1374049096812
Anonymous: Niggas and white trash -- two sides of the same coin...1374052011853
Anonymous: if you look at the pic of TM dead, there is no way you would think he was a punk.1374111345386
Anonymous: RIP Jaxx1374113177579
Anonymous: Zimmerman not guilty. Martin was just another thug coon.1374155215933
Anonymous: nigger1374468834622
Anonymous: Funniest thing i've seen today, just brilliant1374489058579
cybersinner: lofl!!!1374504483232
Anonymous: that's truth1374641077319
Anonymous: Don't bring skittles to a gunfight.1378062209381

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Trayvon Martin: New Black Panthers offer $10,000 bounty for capture of shooter George Zimmerman
News trayvon zimmerman news (207) , trayvon (9) , zimmerman (2)

Source: SUBMIT / chan4chan URL: Info: PNG, 243 Kbytes (707x1756) Added by: Redrocco (Mar 25, 2012) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Grund1e000's of nigg: Niggers kill 1000's of niggers (and whites) every year and not one nigger says a word!! But as soon as a white guy kills a nigger; all hell breaks loose, Al-fucking-Sharpton shows up and the niggers want 'justice'.1332697243321
Quantum69: ^feels good man, YOU MAD YT?1332697449488
Grund1e: Niggers kill 1000's of niggers (and whites) every year and not one nigger says a word!! But as soon as a white guy kills a nigger; all hell breaks loose, Al-fucking-Sharpton shows up and the niggers want 'justice'.1332697933361
Lexicon: It wasn't even a white guy doing the killing.1332734826551
StormTrooper: ..the fuck kind of name is "Trayvon"?1332738421746
RubberG: ^ signing your name "Trayvon" on a job application virtualy guarantees that it gets thrown in the trash. Not thatTrayvon would apply for job to begin with.1332753648934
DickGazinya: One less welfare case. Who cares? George Zimmerman for President!1332755417872
AnotherAnon: ^Trayvon Martin's Family is rich. You don't live in a gated community by being on welfare.1332790689176
HWood: ^ So, Trayvon wouldnt have grown up to amount to anything other than being a nigger...1332790992355
Lexicon: NO_LIMIT_NIGGA1332810693540
confucsus says: spic killed a nig who cares ?1332850450786
Anonymous: Apparently, things might not be quite as they seem...1332864914636
bbd: black kid started it, meican dude finished it. case closed. niggas get back to collecting welfare and killing each other1332877286394

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Link to this:$10,000_bounty_for_capture_of_shooter_G eorge_Zimmerman

MEDIA BIAS - Because nothing says fair like putting a mugshot looking photo in "county orange" next to a 5 year old picture of the victim as a child.
Media trayvon ITT bias media (14) , trayvon (9) , ITT (354) , bias (3)

Source: WEB / 4chan URL: Info: JPG, 155 Kbytes (547x410) Added by: DickGazinya (May 28, 2012) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
DickGazinya: So tired of hearing about this. George Zimmerman did the right thing so let's just drop it!1338202972265
darkstan: ^Bullshit. The dude chickened out, apparently couldn't fight worth a shit, and pulled a gun on an unarmed man. George Zimmerman did the cowardly, racist thing, which should never be confused with the 'right' thing.1338232344100
binx2: Just another nigger crime statistic, let em role.1338234008547
KofeeAnon: ^ how was it racist? Did he say "die nigger die" while he was shooting the nigger who suckerpunched him? You're fucking retarded lol1338234052530
RubberG: One useless nigger dead. Absolute, fucking, WIN!1338235959100
mischievious: again i must say. minors involved in the crips and bloods murder each other everyday and are PROUD of it. where is Al Charlotin and Messy Jackson on those issues?1338236088229
idrankallthebeer: sucker punched?? he followed the kid around behind a row of houses. can't wait till there's that all white nation, and you still won't be able to stop crime. stupidheads.1338238735167
ThreeCamels: Zimmerman will get his day in court. Just like OJ, Robert Blake and K.C. Anthony.1338240236883
binx2: Basically they are too scared to say Nigger boy was a thug and he deserved it. We know what happens when Niggers get upset now don't we?. Yes they burn and pillage their own neighbourhoods. Then when it's all died down and the place is a burnt out third world shithole, they'll just say as usual 'It beez not ma faltz mister Whitey made me do it'. And like magic everybody backs down to the Nigs1338240670262
idrankallthebeer: ^scared of his own shadow.1338242138113
Anonymous: unarmed? oh so he was an amputee too/ sorry, ass but one things gutter-ass nigs have in common is they like to chimp out when shit gets too complex, like a neighborhood watch whatever watching you. monkeys cant fuckin think but they can beat shit all day long1354013830737
Anonymous: ^ If the neighborhood watching me they're going to get bored very quickly.1354014078847
Anonymous: Hero on left, worthless piece of dead shit on the right.1354031014599


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Link to this:" county_orange"_next_to_a_5_year_old_picture_of_the_victim_as_a_child.

Trayvon Martin Nigger middle finger difference media
Trayvon Martin Nigger middle finger difference media Trayvon Martin (2) , Nigger (630) , middle finger (66) , trayvon (9) , difference (143) , media (14)

Source: SUBMIT / chan4chan URL: Info: GIF, 271 Kbytes (500x375), Animated: 2 frames Added by: Lexicon (Mar 30, 2012) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Grund1e: Note to Trayvon: I'm tierd of hearing about you being dead. There are only two pieces of good news: 1) You're dead. 2) It's now easier to count how many niggers are out of work because they're all outside protesting about you being dead.1333071183720
Anonymous: yeah it's. funny how the media keeps showing his school picture from 3 years ago...1339941929513
funky winkerbean: Good riddance! That Zimmerman fellow should get a key to the city or something!1339945309398
Anonymous: FUCK YOU NIGGER1339949114305
Anonymous: Obama's son so proud !1339953604871
RubberG: Would loved to have seen Nelson Muntz standing there pointing at him and saying "HAAA,HAAA!"1339957389900
Anonymous: RODNEY KING DEAD LOL1339957729426
RubberG: ^ Yeah, found dead at bottom of a pool. LOL! I bet an OD on drugs.1339958047556
anonom: ^Sad day for black community1339964991965
Anonymous: DEAD NIGGER STORAGE lol1339967602967
Anonymous: Let's see, a 17 year old nigger smoking marihuana, not in school, tattooed, posting gang signs and being a useless piece of crap criminal. Good fucking riddance. Zimmerman needs an award for killing the monkey.1339982213868
RubberG: ^ I would like to subscribe to your newsletter!1339984039559
Anonymous: made good1339988498563

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Trayvon candy skittles trayvon (9) , candy (46) , skittles (8)

Source: SUBMIT / chan4chan URL: Info: JPG, 324 Kbytes (814x612) Added by: Quantum69 (May 28, 2012) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Hughbie: lol...trayvon got skittled...1338197172285
darkstan: Is this supposed to be funny? What a flat fucking joke.1338232651924
RubberG: LOL! Fucking funny !!1338235898154
Chicagosox23: ^^nigger/nigger lover detected1338248281565
Anonymous: ^^^GTFO nigger1338251420903
sickfuck88: LOL! nigger nigger nigger1338997033864
SLIPPY!: Its really not funny, but nigger anyhow1339007536325
Anonymous: the number of times the news SPECIFICALLY said skittles must mean they were part of the goddamned killing, so yeah, this is pure lols1354013588978
Anonymous: Who ever made this THANK YOU1354252228855
Stalker: New Chinese production contract, lead added free of charge.1354255973418
Anonymous: associate a colorful chocolate with black hate & murder, who will buy this now: black or white?1354284281883
Anonymous: ^ LULZ chocolate?1354345594932
ᴳᶦᵇᵇᶫᵉˢᴺᴮᶦᵗˢ: ^^somebody never hadz them some skittles....1361947988995
adamlanza: trayvon was a pathetic lowlife gangster wannabe. i would shake the hand of zimmerman and pay for his lawyers if i could1361994441560

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Link to this:,_NIGGER

Trayvon! Trayvon! Baby I know you out there! I know you can hear me..
Thread nigger antenna trayvon afterlife thread (1021) , nigger (630) , antenna (4) , trayvon (9) , afterlife (2)

Source: SUBMIT / chan4chan URL: Info: JPG, 320 Kbytes (1280x913) Added by: HungLoh (Mar 30, 2012) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
Quantum69: That's fucking vile Loh, what did i do to you to deserve this? I just ran out of Eyebleach as well....1333121117117
Anonymous: you are fat and nasty nigger1380399573867
Anonymous: all niggers are nasty. worthless scourge on society.1380456917843
Anonymous: I'd hit it... with an RPG...1380457689405
Anonymous: that's michelle obama before the diet1380499419252
Anonymous: that's a nigger and it's niggering.1380617191520
MethHead: Animalistic, subhuman nigger is subhuman.1380680150808
Anonymous: that is bizzare and actually funny WTF is it?1389105426986
Ghostoftime: Meta Humor ?1389136516167
Anonymous: RIP Ghostoftrayvon1389178289253
Anonymous: Michelle? Michelle Obama? My gawd lost some weight!1389384527294
Anonymous: LOL1389386065223
Anonymous: typical obama voter1389414844704
Carol Beer: average US citizen1389803426831

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Link to this:!_Trayvon!_Baby_I_know_you_out_there!_I_know_you_can_hear_me..

I'm Suspicious - the Trayvon Martin killing is really affecting me
News hoodie perception black thread trayvon News (207) , hoodie (4) , perception (5) , black (390) , thread (1021) , trayvon (9)

Source: SUBMIT / chan4chan URL: Info: JPG, 131 Kbytes (681x1657) Added by: Redrocco (Mar 21, 2012) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
zorro: what is this nigger up to?1332363765269
Anonymous: Dude has a weird shaped head. I can see why he wears a hoodie.1332364816600
Grund1e: Another dead nigger. How is that even newsworthy?1332365755684
anonymule: ^ ffffuuu man. That was someone's son. I have a son. Fuck what his skin color was, nobody deserves to be sized up and shot down like that......especially by some self-appointed neighborhood watching fat taco bell eating fucker like that guy.1332369146129
bshaun2: Did they squeeze your head alot when you were in Guantanamo Bay Achmed ?1332369895553
RubberG: Another nigger with "mah baby dint do nuthins" syndrome. Zimmerman shot a stupid nigger that was prowling. Good shoot !!1332370896428
Captngeetch: Peanut head admit just wanted an excuse to miss work1332371150714
Lexicon: Sounds like the Zimmerman dude was a dick, but that didn't give the kid the right to (apparently) attack him physically. I foresee a fat civil suit being filed against him for wrongful death, even if he does escape criminal charges.1332398689109
idrankallthebeer: ^funny, cause, he was on the phone with his girl at the time of the attack, the kid was. 911 calls clearly make it known the dude was following him. he was in a car. got out. followed the kid on foot. he hunted the dude, and shot him when the kid fought back. fuck zimmerman, fuck florida.1332403368491
Bunglicker: Did someone squeeze his head in a vice? Don't post a closeup pic of your head on the net if it's shaped like a giant peanut.1332404496363
anonymous: ^^ enjoy your niggers. Idiot. Any nigger shot dead is a good thing.1332417345987
MadNiggerish: KILL THAT FUCKING NIGGER!!!!! Doesn't matter what you wear you're still a subhuman nigger!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1332417553939
iprobablyhateyou: niggers gonna nig1332419425703
iprobablyhateyou: niggers gonna die1332419529263

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Link to this:'m_Suspicious_-_the_Trayvon_Martin_killing_is_really_affecting_me

To: Chief Bill Lee - Surrendering my weapon. Deputy Zimmerman might be out there.
Letter skittles Death Trayvon Letter (24) , skittles (8) , Death (91) , Trayvon (9)

Source: SUBMIT / chan4chan URL: Info: JPG, 248 Kbytes (625x1113) Added by: Redrocco (Mar 23, 2012) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
RubberG: Zimmerman is a HERO!1332458523188
Mr.Anon: Zimmerman makes niggers good.1332459423256

^ ^^
Grund1e: If his parents had made him stay home, he'd still be alive.1332467029268
HungLoh: It's a good ole mob lynching for the poor Zimmer. Irony abounds.1332467276100
SOPA: worst skittles ad ever1332479342308
Anonymous: that nigger got what he deserved.1332512415553
darkstan: ^I wish I could give you what you deserve.1332529478121
MrPerspective: ^^ And some ppl say America doesn't have enough love?1333760820141
Anonymous: ^ USA is a shithole. Exept NYC and CA1372836715782
Anonymous: that ugly fat spic jew should have died too1372838459502
Name: Comment:

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Link to this: .

BILL MAHER:..if i had a son he would not look like Trayvon Martin, but i hope he would act like him.
Trayvon martin bill maher opinion quote trayvon martin (2) , bill maher (1) , opinion (21) , quote (122)

Source: SUBMIT / chan4chan URL: Info: JPG, 42 Kbytes (568x431) Added by: Lexicon (May 19, 2012) Category: random NSFW: no Report abuse
fiveby5: i've never liked bill. ever.1337403075342
Cunt81: Trayvon Martin was a nigger, there fore he desrved to die. Bill "I'm a liberal cunt who needs a foot up my ass" Jewer seems to forget that1337404003360
Queefly: The only way Bill Maher could ever have a son is if his husband grew ovaries in his ass.1337404570184
RubberG: So he wants a son who is a wigger. My son would shoot him.1337404879117
RubberG: That " wannabe cop loser' was trying to protect his neighborhood from high on dope, hoodie wearing niggers who prowl around at 3 A.M. Good shoot! '1337405188724
Redrocco: except it was 7pm and still light outside, try again1337405266621
Redrocco: 1337405446767
mischievious: since this whole story began i wonder how many black 17yo murdered other black 17yo for their gang or whatever. the news or al sharpton dont give a fuck about that senseless violence1337405809668
fiveby5: ^it's because she was suspended from school, and hung out it the snooty country club neighborhoods, got involved with an asshole who killed her for inability to make a decent sammich. do i win?1337405914653
Macho Grande: Seriously...who cares about a dead nigger...1337424177685
Lavalancer: If Maher had a baby, it would smell like shat.1337863403980
Anonymous: so it looks like black fucktard chimps out on concerned citizen carrying legally. if i had a son he wouldnt look like a negroe, and if he acted like one, i'd put him down myself.1354018665742
Anonymous: Maher: zionist stooge1354024186477
Anonymous: Bill Maher is the biggest idiot douche on the planet.1354030793230

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Link to this:,_but_i_hope_he _would_act_like_him.

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