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What is a LOLcard? Why get one?
The LOLcard is a piece of graphics with an embedded code that certifies your support of the Chan4Chan website. If you have a valid LOLcard, you may access various parts of the site that are resource intensive and provide a great surfing experience. Chan4Chan is a human edited image archive with hundreds of millions of image hits every month. It takes a lot of time and effort to maintain it, and the hosting isn't cheap either (more than 200 GBytes transferred every day). Without your continued support, it would not exist today. The pages are NOT stuffed with advertisements. There are no pop-ups, pop-unders, banners with underage girls, links to scam sites, e-mail ads, you don't have to fill out surveys to enter the site and your privacy is protected.

Terms and conditions
- The LOLcard expires in 30 days after its creation along with any benefits that may come with it.
- If you order a LOLcard on Fiverr, you agree to Fiverr's terms and conditions as well.
- To get a free LOLcard, your T-shirt purchase has to be at least $15, your stickers at least $20 in value.
- If you order an item from any of the partner shops that appear on Shop4LOL, their rules and conditions apply.
- Whether you buy a LOLcard directly or an item from the Shop4LOL partners, you have to enter the order's ID on this page in less than 10 days after making the purchase.
- The LOLcard is just a piece of graphics. It does not guarantee any special access to the site. Benefits may change at any time without prior notice (for better or worse).
- The same rules apply to LOLcard owners as all other users of the site. If you break the rules, you will get banned.
- Chan4Chan has been very stable eversince it got its own server (back in April of 2010), but there are no guarantees made for server uptimes, availability or the integrity of data.
- The price of the LOLcard is non-refundable.
- If you are unsatisfied or if there is any problem with your order, you will do your best to reach out in e-mail to Chan4Chan/Shop4LOL to remedy the situation in a friendly manner as soon as possible before contacting any of the partner sites.
- If you submit your photo to get a free LOLcard, you agree with it being used for promotional purposes. The same rules apply as /submit: you are OK with it being archived.
- We reserve the right to refuse a submitted LOLcard photo for any reason.

Please only make a purchase if you understand all of the above and agree to these terms.